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									                                            The AsseT Triple A AwArds 2012

         Securities and Fund Services
Category                                                     Winner                     Nominated
 Best Securities and Funds Services Provider                 J.P. Morgan                BNY Mellon, Citi, Deutsche Bank, HSBC
 Best Global Custodian                                       BNY Mellon                 Brown Brothers Harriman, J.P. Morgan, HSBC,
                                                                                        Northern Trust, Standard Chartered Bank, State Street
 Best DR Bank                                                Citi                       BNY Mellon, Deutsche Bank, J.P. Morgan
 Best Subcustodian                                           HSBC                       Citi, Deutsche Bank
 Best Fund Administrator – Alternatives                      Citi                       BNY Mellon, Deutsche Bank, HSBC
 Best Fund Administrator – Retail Funds                      HSBC                       Citi, J.P. Morgan
 Best in Securities Lending                                  State Street               BNY Mellon, J.P. Morgan
 Best in Transition Management                               J.P. Morgan                BNY Mellon, Credit Suisse, State Street
 Best in Collateral Management                               J.P. Morgan                BNY Mellon, State Street
 Best in Corporate Trust                                     Citi                       BNY Mellon, Deutsche Bank

                                                                                                    Regional Specialist
                                                                                                    Best ADR Bank           Citi
                                                                                                    Best GDR Bank           BNY Mellon
     Custodian                                                      Fund
         Banker                                                     Administrator                   Best in Tri-Party       J.P. Morgan
    of the Year                                                     of the Year                     Best Crossing Network   Credit Suisse
Leow Chong-Jin,                                                     Lilian Wong,                    Best Transfer Agent     HSBC
     BNY Mellon                                                     HSBC                            Best DR Bank
                                                                                                    China                   Citi
                                                                                                    India                   BNY Mellon
       Debt Market Development Mandate of the Year
                                                                                                    Japan                   J.P. Morgan
       The mandate involves the pilot platform for cross-border investment and
       settlement of Asian debt securities launched jointly by the Hong Kong                        Korea                   Citi
       Monetary Authority (HKMA), Bank Negara Malaysia and Euroclear.                               Taiwan                  J.P. Morgan
       J.P. Morgan has been recognized for its role in providing an innovative                      Vietnam                 Deutsche Bank
       repo collateral management platform in partnership with the HKMA.                            Best in Corporate Trust
       Best Fund Administration – Retail Funds Mandate                                              Australia              BNY Mellon
       Eastspring Investments – The mandate won by Deutsche Bank covers
                                                                                                    Hong Kong              Citi
       29 funds across 14 markets in Asia and Europe with total AUM of 3.2
       billion ringgit (US$1.1 billion).                                                            Japan                  Citi
       Best Fund Administration – Alternatives Mandate                                              Korea                  BNY Mellon
       Aviva Investors (Singapore) – The mandate won by Citi allows better                          Malaysia               Deutsche Bank
       management of counterparty risk through the right level of collateralization.                Philippines            BDO
       Best Asian Distribution Services Mandate                                                     Singapore              Deutsche Bank
       Blackrock – The mandate won by J.P. Morgan is a landmark deal which                          Thailand               Siam Commercial Bank
       saw Blackrock outsource their Asian fund dealing desk.
                                                                                                    Best Fund Administrator – Retail Funds
       Best Corporate Trust Mandate
       Korean Airlines (KAL) 20 billion yen (US$245 million) ABS of                                 Hong Kong              HSBC
       future air cargo ticket receivables – The mandate won by BNY                                 India                  Deutsche Bank
       Mellon is a follow-on from the 2010 deal. The 2011 mandate called for                        Korea                  HSBC
       precise coordination including the creation of a virtual team composed of                    Malaysia               HSBC
       18 experts based in Hong Kong.
                                                                                                    Singapore              Deutsche Bank
       Best Transition Management Mandate
                                                                                                    Taiwan                 HSBC
       Hong Kong Hospital Authority Provident Fund – The mandate won
       by J.P. Morgan involved executing a complex transition while managing                        Best Fund Administrator – Alternatives
       high levels of risk.                                                                         Australia               Citi
       Best DR Mandate                                                                              Hong Kong               HSBC
       SBI Holdings – The mandate won by J.P. Morgan is the first capital-raising                   Japan                   Citi
       via Hong Kong Depositary Receipts (HDRs). It is also the first HDR by an Asian
                                                                                                    Korea                   Citi
       company and the first Japanese issuer to list on the Hong Kong exchange.
                                                                                                    Singapore               HSBC

      The winners will be announced at a gala dinner on March 21 2012 at the Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong
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