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Roy Hodgson says Ashley Cole’s England
position is not at risk
Ashley Cole was given the backing of the England manager Roy
Hodgson Page 2

MPs attack Newcastle’s Wonga deal,
dubbing company ‘legal loan shark’
MPs and campaigners against debt are unhappy with Newcastle’s
£24m sponsorship deal with Wonga, a payday loan company
Page 2

Tote gambles on punter loyalty in raising
‘win’ pool takeout by 22%
The Tote has said it will increase its takeout from ‘win’ pools by
more than a fifth to 16.5% from later this month Page 3

Indian TV station                            Horse racing tips:                           Felix Baumgartner’s             Amir Khan to fight
claims to have                               Wednesday 10                                 record-breaking                 the undefeated
unearthed six corrupt                        October Page 5                               jump from the edge of           Carlos Molina on 15
cricket umpires Page 3                                                                    space aborted Page 6            December Page 7
                                             Rory McIlroy loses
Lee Westwood backs                           out to Matt Kuchar                           Leicester keep faith            David Miller guides
Darren Clarke as                             after bogey barrage                          with Toby Flood for             Yorkshire to win in
Ryder Cup captain for                        Page 5                                       Heineken Cup trip to            Champions League
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Roy Hodgson says Ashley Cole’s                                       MPs attack Newcastle’s Wonga deal,
England position is not at risk                                      dubbing company ‘legal loan shark’

• Chelsea full-back may play against San                             • Club signs £24m sponsorship with
Marino                                                               payday loan company
• ‘He’s been best left-back in the world for                         • Newcastle city council leader ‘appalled
many years’                                                          and sickened’ at deal
Press Association                                                    David Conn

Roy Hodgson has insisted that the furore over Ashley Cole’s
anti-FA tweet has not put the full-back’s position with England
in jeopardy.
    “We’re talking about a man who’s played 98 times and has
hardly ever missed a game for England when he’s been fit,” the
England coach said.
    “He’s been regarded for many years as the best left-back in
the world and no one who is fair minded could ever criticise
Ashley’s commitment to the England shirt. As a result his
contrition is the greater because he realises that to some extent
he might have put his position in jeopardy and I’m very happy
that he hasn’t done that.”
    Hodgson would not commit himself as to whether or not
Cole would be in the side to meet San Marino on Friday. But          Newcastle United’s managing director, Derek Llambias, left,
he added: “I think the important matter for me was that the          says the deal will help the club compete for top honours at the
situation got resolved between the Football Association and          highest level. Photograph: Serena Taylor/Newcastle Utd via
Ashley himself. He’s made it very clear he regretted it, he did      Getty Images
it in anger, he immediately tried to rectify his mistake, he         Newcastle United’s £24m four-year sponsorship deal with
certainly publicly apologised for it.                                Wonga, the high interest, short-term “payday” loan company,
    “I always hoped he and the chairman [David Bernstein]            has been greeted by a storm of protest from MPs, campaigners
would sort this out between them and I wouldn’t be in a              against debt and supporters.
situation where I would be expected to make a decision of that           Derek Llambias, the club’s managing director, said the
magnitude [and leave Cole out]. It’s been sorted out as far as I’m   deal will provide money for the club’s youth academy and
concerned and I’m very happy with the outcome.”                      community work, as well as to boost the first team. It emerged
                                                                     on Tuesday that the deal also includes naming rights for the
                                                                     club’s stadium although Wonga will restore the Sports Direct
                                                                     Arena to its traditional name, St James’ Park.

                                                                         “We are building a club that can regularly compete for top
                                                                     honours at the highest level,” Llambias said. “As everyone
                                                                     knows, a strong commercial programme is vital to this goal
                                                                     and I am delighted to welcome Wonga into the fold as our lead
                                                                     commercial partner.”
                                                                         The backlash began even before Newcastle confirmed they
                                                                     had signed the deal with Wonga, whose loans charge interest
  From Beirut to Big Brother,                                        at an average annual percentage rate of 4,214%. Wonga says
  Murdoch to Millionaire,                                            although that figure is accurate, it does not represent the reality

  discuss the hot topics in the                                      of its loans, which are for a maximum 30 days at 1% interest a
                                                                     day, with “compound” interest not being charged as for the APR
  media on not one, but two blogs                                    calculation.

  Organ Grinder and Greenslade                                           However Stella Creasy, the Labour MP for Walthamstow,
                                                                     who has for two years led a campaign against Wonga, including                                              its sponsorship of the football clubs Blackpool and Hearts,
  organgrinder/                                                      describes payday loan companies as “legal loan sharks”. She
                                                                     wants the government to impose a legal cap on lending rates, at                                              much lower than 4,214%, as happens in most other European
  greenslade/                                                        countries.
                                                                         In July the Football Supporters Federation called on
                                                                     the football authorities to ban Wonga from advertising or
                                                                     sponsorship until such regulation of the industry comes into
                                                                     force. Nick Forbes, the leader of Newcastle city council, said he © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                             
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was “appalled and sickened” that Newcastle would “sign a deal       Britain’s totepool, which operate in most major racing nations
with a legal loan shark”.                                           enjoy a monopoly on off-course betting, while in Britain
   Newcastle MPs including Ian Lavery, MP for Wansbeck,             pool betting faces fierce competition from both traditional
and Chi Onwurah, MP for Newcastle Central, also expressed           bookmakers and, more recently, betting exchanges such as
outrage. “Some of the richest young men in Newcastle to             Betfair.
wear shirts calling on the poorest to go to a legal loan shark,”        Phil Siers, managing director of totepool, insists that
Onwurah tweeted.                                                    gamblers will eventually enjoy a much improved betting
   Michael Martin, a lifelong Newcastle supporter and editor of     product as a result of the change. “This is a move which will
the long-established True Faith fanzine, said the sponsorship       benefit punters in the long term,” he said. “We’ve had problems
was “shameful” and “I really don’t understand what the club is      trying to get the big international totes co-mingling into ours
about any more.”                                                    because the rates are pretty different. What this will mean
                                                                    is that those customers who are betting with us will have a
                                                                    product that is much more stable.
Tote gambles on punter loyalty in                                       “[At present], the guy who wants £1,000 on a 12.00 shot will
raising ‘win’ pool takeout by 22%                                   invariably see it move from 12.00 to 6.00 or 5.00 [as a result of
                                                                    the bet distorting the pool]. With the extra money in the pools,
                                                                    the punter will find instead that they are getting 11.60.
• Managing director Siers claims pools will                             “We would hope that co-mingling will improve annual
become more robust                                                  overall take by between £100m and £200m, which is a very
• Former chairman Peter Jones deplores                              significant amount of money.”
decision -                                                              However, Peter Jones, the chairman of the Tote from 1997 to
                                                                    2007, said that the jump in deductions is “a surprising thing to
Greg Wood
                                                                        “All the research we ever did suggested that the win pool is
                                                                    more elastic in its demand than the Trifecta and Exacta pools,”
                                                                    Jones said. “We thought at the time [when the deduction was
                                                                    cut to 13.5%] that it was very much a matter of credibility and
                                                                    trying to maintain the Tote’s presence in the market and its
                                                                    share of it. There is a segment of the racecourse market which is
                                                                    not price sensitive at all, but the off-course punter is much more
                                                                    value-conscious. It’s a bit of a shame to cut punter value back
                                                                    again. It’s a sad day, in many respects.”
                                                                        The ultimate success, or otherwise, of totepool’s move on
                                                                    deductions will probably be measured over years rather than
                                                                    months, but a 22% rise in the cost of any product is unlikely to
                                                                    stimulate demand in the short term. If many millions do indeed
Peter Jones, a former chairman of the Tote, said it was ‘a          arrive from overseas, it will improve the quality and stability of
sad day’ when the business offered less value to punters.           the pools, though the interest of foreign punters is most likely
Photograph: Frank Baron for the Guardian                            to focus on top-quality Flat racing such as the Derby and Royal
                                                                    Ascot. The pools for novice hurdles at Fakenham in January
The payouts from successful win bets on the Tote will diminish
                                                                    are unlikely to receive a big injection of cash from Hong Kong
significantly later this month, following a decision by the
                                                                    or Australia, yet gamblers will still suffer the higher rate of
recently privatised pool-betting business to increase the
deduction from its win pools by 22% from 22 October.
                                                                        Perhaps totepool’s British customers will embrace higher
    Totepool, which currently holds a monopoly licence to
                                                                    deductions if the pools are more robust. Then again, unlike
operate pool betting in Britain, was sold to the bookmaker Fred
                                                                    their counterparts in most major racing nations, they do have a
Done for £265m in June 2011. The company said on Tuesday
that the sudden jump in the deductions from its win pools,
from 13.5% to 16.5%, is designed to encourage “co-mingling”
of bets from overseas punters in British pools to increase their
overall strength and stability. There will also be a small cut in
                                                                    Indian TV station claims to have
the deduction from two pools, the Exacta and Trifecta, from         unearthed six corrupt cricket umpires
26% to 25%.
    The announcement marks a complete reversal of the last          • Umpires are from Pakistan, Sri Lanka and
significant change to pool betting’s payout structure in March
2003, when the takeout from the win pool was cut from 16%
to 13.5%, also with the intention of improving the liquidity of
                                                                    • ICC calls on TV station to pass on
the pools. The rise in totepool’s takeout, previously among the     information
lowest in the world, moves it closer to the figure which applies    Jason Burke in Delhi
in countries such as South Africa, where the deduction from
win pools is 20%, or Australia, where it is 16.5%.                  Asian cricket was thrown into turmoil last night after an Indian
    However, the pari-mutuel systems, the equivalent of             television station claimed it had evidence of six international © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                           
Page  G24 Sport                                                                  Tuesday October 9 2012               19:17 GMT

umpires promising to give decisions in exchange for money.
    The umpires, from Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, were
all claimed to have been filmed by undercover reporters for the
                                                                    Lee Westwood backs Darren Clarke as
little-known India TV channel. A seventh refused the offers         Ryder Cup captain for Gleneagles
made by a disguised journalist, reports in India said on Monday
night. None of the umpires named in the undercover expose           • Clarke has been seen as a more likely
were involved in the official games at the recently concluded       candidate for 2016
World Twenty20 in Sri Lanka. Several have already denied any
                                                                    • ‘He’s a major champion and a good public
    The International Cricket Council issued a statement on
Monday night saying that the body “and its relevant members”        Ewan Murray in Antalya
had been made aware of the allegations made by India TV. The
ICC also called on the station to pass on any information which
could “assist the ICC’s urgent investigations into this matter”.
    Its statement added: “The ICC reiterates its zero-tolerance
towards corruption whether alleged against players or
    Such stings are the stock in trade of Indian television
channels. Many are unreliable but a previous such operation by
India TV resulted in five players in the Indian Premier League
being suspended by local authorities after an undercover
reporter posed as a representative of a player-management
    South Asian cricket has been dogged by a series of
allegations of spot-fixing. Huge sums are gambled on games
                                                                    Darren Clarke, left, was a vice-captain for José María Olazábal
through illicit bookmakers in India and elsewhere.
                                                                    at Medinah. Photograph: Andrew Redington/Getty Images
    Such incidents generate enormous attention – on Monday
night the news of the alleged sting was leading all bulletins in     Lee Westwood has publicly thrown his support behind Darren
India – but do not seem to impact on the popularity of the sport.   Clarke’s bid to captain Europe’s Ryder Cup team in 2014.
                                                                        Clarke was one of José María Olazábal’s vice-captains at
                                                                    Medinah just over a week ago. The Northern Irishman has been
                                                                    viewed in the past as a more likely captain in four years’ time,
                                                                    when the Ryder Cup returns to the other side of the Atlantic
                                                                    – an option that was recently endorsed by the world No1, Rory
                                                                        Now, Westwood has emphasised Clarke’s case for 2014 at
                                                                    Gleneagles. As things stand, Paul McGinley is the bookmakers’
                                                                    favourite for the role.
                                                                        “There are a lot of good candidates but if I were asked to
                                                                    pick, it would be Darren Clarke,” said Westwood. “He has been a
                                                                    Ryder Cup stalwart for many years. The one at the K Club will be
                                                                    remembered for him, his great performance under the stress of
                                                                    what he was going through at the time. He is a major champion,
                                                                    a very good public speaker, which has to be taken into account.

                                                                    Tactically he is very astute. I think he has a lot going for him.”
                                                                        Westwood’s comments must be viewed as significant given
                                                                    his European Ryder Cup seniority. In the win at Medinah, the
                                                                    Englishman made his eighth appearance against USA.
                                                                        On the 45-year-old McGinley, Westwood added: “He is good
                                                                    in the team room and makes a great vice-captain. He’s done a
  Compare and buy                                                   good job at the Vivendi Trophy. Paul has played three Ryder

  Use our free independent                                          Cups, Darren has played five, won a major championship and a
                                                                    lot of other tournaments worldwide. You have to have a criteria
  comparison services to switch                                     somewhere and he edges it for me.”
  suppliers and save money on                                           Clarke himself addressed the situation last week, saying: “If
                                                                    I was asked to captain Europe in two years I definitely could not
  all your household bills.                                         say ‘no’.                                                 “I still dearly want make the team, and even more so after
                                                                    being present in Medinah as part of Ollie’s support staff so I
  compareandbuy                                                     would love to play in another Ryder Cup. But unfortunately
                                                                    the way things have been going with my game of late that’s not
                                                                    been happening. © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                           
Page  G24 Sport                                                              Tuesday October 9 2012               19:17 GMT

   “However if it means going to Gleneagles as the captain of
the team and not a member of the team, then I would accept
that as a huge honour.”
                                                                Rory McIlroy loses out to Matt Kuchar
                                                                after bogey barrage
Horse racing tips: Wednesday 10                                 • Northern Irishman accompanied by
October                                                         Wozniaki
                                                                • Tiger Woods loses out to Charl Schwartzel
Supreme Luxury is napped to win for Kevin                       Ewan Murray in Antalya
Ryan at Nottingham, one of four race-
meetings on Wednesday
Chris Cook

                                                                Rory McIlroy of Northern Ireland reacts to his tee shot on the
                                                                7th hole at the World Golf Final. Photograph: Warren Little/
                                                                Getty Images

Ludlow stages jump racing on Wednesday. Photograph: David       The arrival of some of the world’s finest players is a rarity in
Davies/PA                                                       this corner of Turkey. But not as uncommon as the figures that
                                                                appeared on a Rory McIlroy scorecard on day one of the World
Kempton                                                         Final.
   5.30 Hardy Blue 6.00 Daring Damsel 6.30 Secret Art 7.00
                                                                    In something for a golfing quiz book, the world No1 was at a
Syrenka 7.30 Majuro 8.00 George Cinq 8.30 Beat Route 9.00
                                                                loss when trying to recall when he last went on a three-hole run
Wyndham Wave
                                                                that read: triple bogey, double bogey, double bogey. Or 7-7-5 in
Ludlow                                                          more blunt terms. Welcome to Turkey, Rory.
   2.10 Haymarket 2.40 Coronea Lilly 3.10 I’m The Decider           McIlroy’s uncharacteristic capitulation from the 15th tee
3.40 Dark Spirit 4.10 Savant Bleu 4.40 Street Runner 5.10       meant inevitable defeat by Matt Kuchar in the first round of
Darkestbeforedawn                                               the inaugural playing of the event. It also meant a frustrating
Nottingham                                                      scenario for the tournament’s organisers: one where the
   2.30 Cara Gina 3.00 Dutch Masterpiece 3.30 Berkeley Street   meeting of McIlroy and Tiger Woods on Wednesday afternoon is
4.00 Supreme Luxury (nap) 4.30 Sunpass 5.00 Danube River        irrelevant in the context of the eight-man competition.
                                                                    The odds are also now stacked against McIlroy and Woods,
                                                                who lost to the South African Charl Schwartzel on Tuesday,
   2.20 South Stack 2.50 Thanks For Coming 3.20 Jawhary
                                                                together progressing from their group to the last four.
3.50 Buxom 4.20 Hit The Switch (nb) 4.50 Royale Knight 5.20
                                                                    That, needless to say, did not form part of the grand plan
Looking Hopeful 5.50 Celtic Agent
                                                                when the medal matchplay format of the World Final was
                                                                    “There we are all-square with four to go, he hits it right and
                                                                makes triple-bogey,” said Kuchar. “I go three up with three to

                                                                go and I think both of us lost a little interest at that point.”
                                                                    The American bettered McIlroy’s 76 by six strokes. McIlroy
                                                                did not disagree with his opponent’s assessment, albeit he
                                                                did not seem overly upset by the result. “That was the match
  The Guardian digital edition                                  basically,” the Northern Irishman said of his seven on the 15th.
                                                                “I lost a bit of concentration, went a few behind and gave up a
  Read the Guardian on the web exactly the
  way it was printed.                                               “To go from level to three behind with three to play, then
  With award-winning Guardian                                   you hit your tee shot left on 16 into the water hazard as well,
  photography accessible from anywhere in                       you resign yourself to losing and getting yourself ready for the
  the world.                                                    next two matches. It could be a blessing, that I’m not going to                                 be complacent. I will go out there and give it my best.”
                                                                    In his defence – or in highlighting how seriously he is taking © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                       
Page  G24 Sport                                                                  Tuesday October 9 2012               19:17 GMT

things – McIlroy’s had his first glance of the Sultan Course on
Tuesday morning. Not even the appearance of his girlfriend, the
tennis player Caroline Wozniacki, for all of 18 holes could boost
                                                                    Felix Baumgartner’s record-breaking
the McIlroy cause.                                                  jump from the edge of space aborted
   Woods’s 70 was one shot more than Schwartzel, with the 36-
year-old also racking up a seven, this time on the par-four 9th.    High winds force daredevil to delay his
“You don’t see Tiger do things like that very often,” the 2011      attempt to break the sound barrier in a
US Masters winner said. “That took me from one behind to two
                                                                    freefall from 23 miles above Earth
   As was permitted, Lee Westwood donned shorts – as did            Paul Harris in New York
Kuchar, Schwartzel and Hunter Mahan – for his one-shot victory
over Webb Simpson. In the day’s other match, Justin Rose fared
four strokes better than Mahan.
   Decent crowds and favourable weather marked the start of
this event but there was a shred of embarrassment, too, for its
organisers. A principal aim of the World Final, after all, is to
portray Turkey’s ability to host prominent events in a positive
light with its bid for the 2020 Olympics in mind.
   Ahmet Agaoglu, the president of the Turkish Golf
Federation, has been accused of assaulting a local reporter amid
a skirmish on the 1st tee before Woods’s match.
   Agaoglu disputes a report in Turkey that he headbutted the
reporter and broke his glasses, instead describing the somewhat
tawdry affair as a pushing match. Woods and Schwartzel were
                                                                    Felix Baumgartner will likely try his stunt again Wednesday if
blissfully unaware of the minor fracas.
                                                                    the weather improves. Photograph: Matt York/AP
   “They [the press] had been warned by the security guards a
couple of times to pull back,” Agaoglu said. “They resisted the     Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner’s attempt to parachute to
guards. I said: ‘Please get back and don’t resist the guards.’ He   earth from the edge of space has been postponed for the second
said: ‘Who are you’ and ‘we can go here’ and pushed me in the       day running after gusty winds in New Mexico hampered the
chest. It is just a reaction when someone pushes you – you push     launch of the balloon that would take him skywards.
them back. Unluckily, there was something behind him and he             Baumgartner, a 43-year-old former soldier, was aiming to
stumbled. I didn’t hit him and I didn’t headbutt him.”              jump from 23 miles above the Earth in a specially pressurised
   McIlroy and Woods must summon a different kind of fight          suit, plummetting to the ground at speeds that would break the
for their meeting to prove meaningful.                              sound barrier before he triggers his parachute.
                                                                        The stunt, if successful, would break five world records.
                                                                    Baumgartner would become the first human to ever break the
                                                                    sound barrier in free-fall; make the highest free-fall altitude

                                                                    jump, ride the highest manned balloon flight and longest free-
                                                                    fall and his jump platform is believed to be the largest manned
                                                                    balloon in history.
                                                                        Baumgartner has made a name for himself with acts of
                                                                    derring-do. The former paratrooper, known as “Fearless Felix”
                                                                    for reasons that need no explanation, has parachuted off
  Eat right                                                         buildings and mountains and once into a 600 foot deep cave.
  Join the Guardian’s health and                                    Baumgartner had already done two practise freefalls – one from
                                                                    71,000 feet in March this year and a second from 97,000 feet in
  dieting club, Eat Right and                                       July.
  we’ll design you a personalised                                       The jump was due to take place far above an airfield near the
                                                                    town of Roswell, which is famous for its UFO sighting. All had
  healthy eating plan from just                                     appeared well as Baumgartner donned his special suit, climbed
  £2.99 a week. Membership                                          into the capsule and then waited for the balloon to inflate. “I am
                                                                    strapped into the capsule and I am ready to go,” he had told the
  includes shopping lists, menus,                                   stunt’s mission control team.
  expert advice and 24 hour                                             However, as the slivery balloon began to be inflated it was

  support to help you achieve                                       buffeted by heavy winds and the mission was postponed.
                                                                    Depending on weather conditions, another attempt is likely
  your health and fitness goals.                                    to be made on Wednesday. Baumgartner, whose attempt is                                           sponsored and run by the caffeinated drinks brand Red Bull,
                                                                    had postponed his first attempt on Monday, also after high
                                                                        If successful Baumgartner’s feat will raise the prospect that
                                                                    stricken astronauts might be able to survive a disaster of the © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                            
Page 7 G24 Sport                                                                   Tuesday October 9 2012               19:17 GMT

type that hit the space shuttle Columbia in 2003 by actually         games.”
bailing out of their craft. Baumgartner’s top medical man in            Last summer, after consultation with Cockerill, Ford was
the stunt is Dr. Jonathan Clark, whose wife Laurel Clark died        allowed to stay in Leicester in an attempt to bulk up rather than
in the Columbia accident. Clark is now dedicated to improving        tour South Africa with England. The result is a fly-half four or
astronauts’ chances of survival in a high-altitude disaster.         five kilogrammes heavier and more able to handle the physical
                                                                     side of being one of the smaller players on the field. “On Friday
                                                                     night I wanted George to play through,” he added. “We were
Leicester keep faith with Toby Flood for                             under pressure and George did really well. He faced a pretty
Heineken Cup trip to Toulouse                                        physical midfield and dealt with it.”
                                                                        However, Toulouse on Sunday is clearly another matter.
                                                                     “The pool stages are not a procession like some football
• England fly-half given nod over George                             competitions and right from the start you have to perform,”
Ford                                                                 said Cockerill. “These are big games. If this was a quarter-final
• Teenager impressed in win at Sale last                             or a semi-final you wouldn’t be surprised.
week                                                                    “At this stage it’s about managing the pool, not going there
                                                                     with all guns blazing and trying to outplay them because if you
Mike Averis
                                                                     don’t get it right you can get yourself into trouble.
                                                                        “Against Clermont we went a score behind and all of a
                                                                     sudden you start chasing the game and you’re playing too much
                                                                     because you are trying to get back into it and suddenly you give
                                                                     them opportunities to score and the game gets right away from
                                                                     you. Then it’s impossible.”

                                                                     Amir Khan to fight the undefeated
                                                                     Carlos Molina on 15 December

                                                                     • Bout will be Khan’s first with Virgil Hunter
                                                                     as trainer
Toby Flood’s experience will be vital for the difficult trip to      • Khan: ‘He needs to teach me to stick to a
Toulouse. Photograph: Craig Brough/Action Images                     gameplan’
Leicester have cut short any speculation about their fly-half        Barry Glendenning
pecking order going into Europe, revealing that Toby Flood will
wear the No10 shirt for Sunday’s opening Heineken Cup game
in Toulouse.
   England’s double European champions travel to the south
of France to meet the winners from 1996, 2003, 2005 and 2010,
and current French champions, knowing a bonus point would
make passage through to the knockout rounds after Christmas a
whole lot easier.
   At this stage last year they visited Clermont Auvergne, lost
30-12 without the sniff of a bonus point and failed to make
the quarter-finals. On Tuesday Richard Cockerill, Leicester’s
director of rugby, made it clear that he does not intend
gambling, even on the considerable talents of the 19-year-old
George Ford. Instead he will go with the experience of 27-year-
old Flood, capped 50 times for England.                              Amir Khan has announced that he will fight the Californian
   “You have to go to Toulouse with some experienced players         Carlos Molina in Los Angeles on 15 December. Photograph:
and manage the game. It’s not a place to go and blood young          Jonathan Brady/PA
blokes who have never done it,” Cockerill said. “Floodie will be     Two days after he and his little brother were forced to deploy
our first choice going into Europe. He’s very experienced.”          their pugilistic skills in order to make a gang of thieves rue the
   Ford started his first league game of the season last Friday      evening they attempted to steal a deposed world champion
night, playing all 80 minutes and kicking five penalties as          boxer’s Range Rover, Amir Khan convened a press conference
Leicester came from behind to inflict a sixth successive league      in London to announce the details of his next, considerably less
defeat on Sale. Before that there had been suggestions, some         impromptu fight.
from former Leicester players, that Ford ought to move to a club        Fresh and unmarked after decking several unknown
that would give him more game time. Cockerill dealt with that        opponents on a Birmingham street, the Bolton fighter
on Tuesday, saying that, with Flood away for England’s autumn        confirmed that his next bout will take place in the more familiar
internationals, Ford will get plenty of action.                      environs of the boxing ring, on 15 December, when he will take
   “Ford will get games. In three or four weeks he’ll get a run of   on the undefeated Californian Carlos Molina at the LA Sports © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                             
Page  G24 Sport                                                                    Tuesday October 9 2012              19:17 GMT

Arena in a contest to be broadcast live on Showtime in the USA
and Sky Sports closer to home.
    Despite suffering back-to-back defeats at the hands of
                                                                       David Miller guides Yorkshire to win in
Lamont Peterson and Danny Garcia, Khan remains box office              Champions League qualifying
in the USA, but his career is at a crossroads. With this in mind,
he has dispensed with the services of Freddie Roach and taken          • South African scored unbeaten 39 despite
up with Virgil Hunter, the highly regarded American trainer            being hit in face
who steered Andre Ward to his Super Six final victory over Carl
                                                                       • Steven Patterson and Moin Ashraf both
    In a recent interview with World Boxing News, Hunter
                                                                       take two wickets
said that he had concluded from watching his new charge’s              Press Association
fights that, while Khan is a good boxer, “he doesn’t have an
understanding of boxing”. As withering an assessment as it
sounds, it is not one with which Khan disagreed. “My main
style was that of a good boxer, using my brains,” he said. “But
when you start winning fights comfortably you sometimes
forget the meaning of being a boxer. I think what Virgil wants
me to do is go back to boxing again, but be a smart boxer and
understand what I’m doing.
    “I think that’s going to be a big part of our relationship – he
has to teach me what he wants me to do. He needs to teach me
to stick to a game plan because at times when I see red, I forget
the gameplan and start firing shots from all angles. Being a
young fighter and a hungry and aggressive fighter, we do make
a lot of mistakes. I put my hand up – in my last two fights I did
                                                                       David Miller retired hurt after being hit in the face but
make mistakes.”
                                                                       returned to lead Yorkshire to victory with against Uva Next in
    Explaining his decision to part from Roach, the 25-year-old
                                                                       Johannesburg. Photograph: Gallo Images/Getty Images
said he was frustrated at featuring behind Manny Pacquiao on
the trainer’s list of priorities and cited a lack of training time     David Miller recovered from being hit in the face to guide
with the American as the main reason for a split he stressed was       Yorkshire to a five-wicket victory over the Sri Lankan side Uva
amicable.                                                              Next in their opening Twenty20 Champions League qualifier.
    “Freddie’s a great trainer, but I just wasn’t getting everything   Miller was unbeaten on 22, with Yorkshire on 91 for four and
I wanted from him,” Khan said. “I was personally the one who           chasing 151 to win, when he was hit as he attempted to pull a
called Freddie on the phone and I said: ‘Look, I’m no longer           short ball from Umar Gul.
going to be training with you. I’m going to move trainers and             The South African retired hurt for treatment but returned
train with Virgil Hunter.’ He wished me all the very best and we       with Yorkshire requiring 18 from 12 balls – and he promptly
just moved on from there.”                                             struck two fours and a six from his first three deliveries.
    Undefeated in 17 fights, Molina is fast and skilful but not        Miller hit the winning single to finish unbeaten on 39 from 29
renowned as a big puncher. Going toe to toe with Khan will             deliveries.
represent a big step up for the Californian but, with his career          Uva Next posted 150 for seven, with Thilina Kandamby
on the line, the Englishman is humble enough to recognise              scoring an unbeaten 29 and the West Indies batsman Shivnarine
that he too has much to fear. “I’ve never taken any fight lightly      Chanderpaul contributing 27. Steven Patterson and Moin Ashraf
and after two defeats it’s important I come back stronger,” he         took two wickets apiece for Yorkshire.
said. “Mentally I’m prepared and I know I’ve made mistakes, so
I’m going to be training a hundred times harder than I’ve ever
trained before.”
    Improving his defence while maintaining his trademark
aggression will be Khan’s new modus operandi and he is

confident his new trainer can help him do just that. “That is
what we are going to be working on and we know exactly what
we have to do,” he said. “We have never really had a defence if
you think about it.” A frank admission from a fighter with much
to prove, even if certain luckless car-jackers may not concur.
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Page 9 G24 Sport                                                                  Tuesday October 9 2012              19:17 GMT

Tom Daley wins three-metre synchro                                  MLB playoffs 2012 schedule
world juniors with Jack Laugher
                                                                    The complete MLB postseason schedule
• Victory for Olympic bronze medallist in                           beginning with Friday’s wildcard games
rare springboard foray                                              between St Louis Cardinals and Atlanta
• Jack Laugher wins fourth world junior                             Braves, Baltimore Orioles and Texas Rangers
Press Association

                                                                    The Baltimore Orioles and the New York Yankees have been
                                                                    battling all season. Now both are in the playoffs. The O’s play
                                                                    in Friday’s AL wildcard game. Picture: Reuters
Tom Daley can win a second world junior title in Adelaide in
                                                                    The full schedule for the 2012 MLB playoffs. All times ET.
the 10m platform later in the week. Photograph: Clive Rose/
                                                                      Full playoffs preview here .
Getty Images
                                                                    Wild Card Playoffs (Best of 1)
Tom Daley made a victorious return to action by winning the
                                                                       Friday 5 October, 5pm: St Louis Cardinals 6, Atlanta Braves
3m springboard synchro alongside Jack Laugher at the World
                                                                    3Friday 5 October, 8pm: Baltimore Orioles 5, Texas Rangers 1
Junior Diving Championships in Adelaide, finishing 30.93
points clear of the Russian silver medallists Ilia Kuzmin and       ALDS (Best of 5)
Maxim Popkov. In the 18-year-old’s first appearance since              Oakland Athletics vs. Detroit Tigers
winning bronze at the London Olympics, Daley secured his first         Saturday 6 October, 6pm: Oakland 1, Detroit 3Sunday 7
junior world title and continued a stellar year in which he has     October, 12pm: Oakland 4, Detroit 5Tuesday 9 October, 9pm:
been crowned European and World Series platform champion.           Detroit at OaklandWednesday 10 October, 9.30pm: Detroit at
Victory was Laugher’s second in two days after he won the           Oakland*Thursday 11 October: Detroit at Oakland*
individual 3m springboard on Monday. The 17-year-old from              New York Yankees vs. Baltimore Orioles
Ripon, who has been tipped as a future world champion by the           Sunday 7 October, 6pm: N.Y. Yankees 7, Baltimore 2Monday
American diving great Greg Louganis, has now won four junior        8 October, 8pm: N.Y. Yankees 2, Baltimore 3Wednesday 10
world crowns. Daley and Laugher overwhelmed their rivals            October, 7.30pm: Baltimore at N.Y. YankeesThursday 11 October:
with a score of 338.85. The Russian duo Ilia Kuzmin and Maxim       Baltimore at N.Y. Yankees*Friday 12 October: Baltimore at N.Y.
Popkov were their closest challengers, 30.83 behind.                Yankees*
   It was a rare appearance on the springboard for Daley but        NLDS
marked a possible future direction for the Plymouth diver; he           Cincinnati Reds vs. San Francisco Giants
and Laugher began training together for the synchro only after          Saturday 6 October, 9.30pm: Cincinnati 5, San
the Olympics.                                                       Francisco 2Sunday 7 October, 9.30pm: Cincinnati 9, San
   Daley will look to claim his second gold medal later this week   Francisco 0Tuesday 9 October, 5.30pm: San Francisco at
when he competes in the 10m platform, the event at which he         CincinnatiWednesday 10 October, 4pm: San Francisco at
was crowned senior world champion as a 15-year-old in 2009.         Cincinnati*Thursday 11 October: San Francisco at Cincinnati*
   “It was a crazy competition,” Daley said. “I don’t usually do        Washington Nationals vs. St Louis Cardinals
springboard and Jack rarely does synchro so we weren’t sure             Sunday 7 October, 3pm: Washington 3, St. Louis 2Monday
how we would get on beforehand..                                    8 October, 4.30pm: Washington 4, St. Louis 12Wednesday 10
   “We had a slightly easier list than some of our competitors      October, 1pm: St. Louis at WashingtonThursday 11 October:
but we executed all the dives well and steadily built a lead        St. Louis at Washington*Friday 12 October: St. Louis at
throughout the competition. It’s my first gold medal at a junior    Washington*
worlds and it is great to say I am junior world champion.”          AL Championship Series (Best of 7)
                                                                       Saturday 13 OctoberSunday 14 OctoberTuesday 16
                                                                    OctoberWednesday 17 OctoberThursday 18 October*Saturday
                                                                    19 October*Sunday 21 October* © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                           
Page 10 G24 Sport                                                                 Tuesday October 9 2012                19:17 GMT

NL Championship Series                                              Beer dilemma for Nishikori
  Sunday 14 OctoberMonday 15 OctoberWednesday 17                        “I don’t know what I’m going to do with a year’s worth of
OctoberThursday 18 OctoberFriday 19 October*Sunday 21               beer. I don’t even like beer”. Memorable words indeed from
October*Monday 22 October*                                          Kei Nishikori savouring the sponsorial rewards of his historic
World Series (Best of 7)                                            first-ever triumph for a Japanese player in the Japan Open,
  Wednesday 24 October: ALC @ NLCThursday 25 October:               a moment he perhaps hadn’t had time to prepare much of a
ALC @ NLCSaturday 27 October: NLC @ ALCSunday 28 October:           speech for. Milos Raonic, beaten 7-6, 3-6, 6-0 in the final, was a
NLC @ ALCMonday 29 October: NLC @ ALC*Wednesday 30                  surprise victor against Andy Murray in the semis. “Thank you
October: ALC @ NLC*Thursday 1 November: ALC @ NLC*                  Japan for your support and thank you for inventing sushi,”
  * If required                                                     Raonic said, before presumably going on to praise other local
  MLB playoffs preview                          stereotypes such as the Walkman, excessive formal politeness
                                                                    and aggressively overcrowded subway trains.
                                                                    Clásico honours shared
Sebastian Vettel closes gap on Fernando                                 Another grand week for European football: the latest el
Alonso in F1                                                        Clásico brought more rarefied drama, Lionel Messi and Cristiano
                                                                    Ronaldo scoring twice apiece in a 2-2 draw of almost offensive
                                                                    all-round excellence. Barcelona are still eight points clear of
Footballers caught up in horserace-fixing                           Real Madrid in La Liga. In the good-but-not-quite-so-Clásico,
allegations; beer dilemma for Nishikori;                            Internazionale beat stadium-mates Milan 1-0 thanks to a Walter
Clásico honours shared                                              Samuel goal.

Barney Ronay

                                                                    Romain Grosjean has only himself to
                                                                    blame, says Lotus team principal

                                                                    • Grosjean was branded a ‘first-lap nutcase’
                                                                    by Mark Webber
                                                                    • 26-year-old has suffered eight early-race
                                                                    F1 crashes this year
                                                                    Press Association

German Formula One driver Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull
Racing celebrates with champagne after winning the Japanese
Grand Prix at Suzuka. Photograph: Kimimasa Mayama/EPA
The Formula One season continues to hash up something close
to a Genuine Sport-style exciting finish: Sebastian Vettel’s
victory in the Japanese Grand Prix cut Fernando Alonso’s
championship lead to four points. Alonso was bundled out on
the first bend while novelty makeweights Felipe Massa and
Kamui Kobayashi – a first Japanese podium finish at Suzuka
since 1990 – took second and third.
                                                                    The Lotus F1 driver Romain Grosjean must listen to the advice
Footballers caught up in race-fixing allegations
                                                                    of his team principal if he is to avoid further controversy.
   You’ve got to know when to hold them. You’ve got to know
                                                                    Photograph: Diego Azubel/EPA
when to fold them. Plus, apparently, you’ve also got to know
when to offer bribes, exploit insider information and make          The Lotus team principal has ordered Romain Grosjean to take
your horse stop running. Kenny Rogers never mentioned this,         responsibility for his actions after the Frenchman was branded
but it is only a few days since the British Horseracing Authority   responsible for a series of crashes this season.
announced that three footballers and jockey Andrew Heffernan            Grosjean’s first-corner crash at Sunday’s Japanese Grand
were among nine people facing anti-corruption charges. Most         Prix – which ended Mark Webber’s and the world champion
notable among the footballers is the Ipswich striker Michael        Sebastian Vettel’s races and later caused Webber to brand him
Chopra. Charges include offering bribes, exploiting inside          a “first-lap nutcase” – was his eighth early-race crash of the
information for personal gain and in the case of Heffernan,         season.
three charges that he intentionally failed to ensure a horse was        The 26-year-old had already been forced to sit out the Italian
ridden on its merits.                                               Grand Prix for his part in a pile-up in Belgium, and his superior
                                                                    at Lotus Eric Boullier says enough is enough.
                                                                        “I have spoken a lot with him,” Boullier told Autosport. “We
                                                                    changed the routine, we tried to make it not more comfortable © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                             
Page 11 G24 Sport                                                    Tuesday October 9 2012   19:17 GMT

because I needed a tougher environment for him, and I needed
to push him, but he is the only one who can fix this. Nobody
   “He needs to find for himself what he needs to get, to be
good, and relaxed, and on the right focus. He has to find the
balance. He can do that, not anybody else.”
   Boullier is convinced that Grosjean has the talent to become
a success in F1, but admits there are aspects of his driving that
need to be addressed.
   “I think Romain has the privilege to be talented, and he has a
car fast enough to qualify at the front of his grid.
   “If you look at his career he was a bit of a hot-headed driver
until he got some confidence, but F1 is not as patient as a junior
   “As we saw in Spa it was a spectacular accident and it could
have been dramatic – and you cannot accept this. We have
accelerated that programme since Spa, and timing-wise it is
unfortunate that an incident happened again.” © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                 

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