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  New Mexico

June 7, 2004
                                                               high-tech classrooms and a 280-seat lecture auditorium,
                                                               with plans to construct more building as funding be-
               NEW IAIA LIBRARY                                comes available.

         The Institute for American Indian Arts (IAIA)
has a new $10 million library located on its campus
south of Santa Fe. Dedicated on Saturday, May 15, the
new facility of 55,700 square-feet will house a collec-        Dancing with wolves in Roswell. The Roswell Public
tion of 27,000 volumes in an architectural design meant        Library and Friends of the Library attracted interest
to reflect environmentally progressive features.                for the library by hosting a two-day program presented
         Constructed in concrete and glass, it employs         by Academy Award winning, best selling author Mi-
a light shelf that runs along the library’s windows to         chael Blake. Best known as the author of Dances With
reflect natural light into the interior, tube skylights using   Wolves and for the movie screenplay, Mr. Blake gave
“fly-eye” lenses that multiply sunlight and automatically       a family program, “Like a Running Dog ,” on Friday,
adjusts electric lighting to keep the brightness in the        June 4, about his experiences writing both the book and
room stable, and rainwater catchments to funnel water          screenplay of Dances With Wolves and explored the
from the entire roof into cisterns. It uses recycled low-      links between literature and movies. A lively question
toxic carpet tiles and low-toxic paint. BPLW Architects        and answer session followed with a book signing.
& Engineers of Albuquerque designed and built the                      On Saturday there was a special screening of
facility. The funding came from government, business,          “Dances With Wolves” which won the Academy Award
tribal, and private sources.                                   Best Picture in 1990, at the Del Norte Twin Theater.
         IAIA was established in 1962. It has offered          Mr. Blake introduced the movie and also donated
associate degrees since 1975 and bachelor degrees              signed copies of all five of his books and a special DVD
since 2001. It focuses on traditional Indian art, fine art,     edition of the movie starring Kevin Costner as raffle
history, and culture. It serves all students but cater to      prizes. All proceeds from Mr. Blake’s generosity ben-
American Indian tribes, including Alaskan, Canadian,           efited the Friends of the Library.
and South American natives. For 38 years it has been                   Mr. Blake’s visit was arranged through the
housed in temporary facilities, first at the Santa Fe In-       Friends of the Library USA. Michael Blake had stayed
dian School and then at the College of Santa Fe before         in the Roswell area during earlier parts of his life, and
moving to the new location on 140 acres of land south          is traveling to libraries with a grant from Friends of the
of the Santa Fe Community College.                             Library USA.
         School administrators and designers are build-
ing the new campus with American Indian symbolism              Placitas’ new library. The doors of a new Placitas
in mind, like a sunken circular courtyard that opens to        Community Library are open in temporary quarters in
the four directions, creating a wall along the summer-         what used to be a garage facing the Merc shopping cen-
solstice axis and adding talking circles as meeting places     ter. Placitas realtor Peppy Strahl donated the building
throughout the campus. So far, the school has eight            for the library to use until it can find a permanent loca-

The Hitchhiker is available upon request on computer                      The HITCHHIKER is published weekly by the New
                                                                          Mexico State Library, a division of the Office of Cultural
disc, cassette tape, in braille, or in large print. It may                Affairs, 1209 Camino Carlos Rey, Santa Fe, NM 87505.
also be seen on the State Library WEB site: http:                         Send news items to Robert Upton, EDITOR. ☎ 505-476-
                                                                          9764, FAX 505-476-9761.
tion. Sue Strasia, president of the Placitas Community          Congress has a duty to provide oversight, she said,
Library Inc. explained that Strahl gave the library one         urging that “there should not be a rush to preempt that
room to start with, but increased that when the library         process.”
needed storage. That increased as well until the library                 ALA is also opposing the Anti-Terrorism In-
filled the whole building. It has a main library, a com-         telligence Tools Improvement Act, a bill (H.R. 3179)
puter room with high-speed Internet connections, a kids’        introduced in September 2003 that would permit crimi-
reading room, and a storage room for extra books.               nal penalties of up to five years in prison for recipients
        “Everything has been donated,” Strasia ex-              of national security letters who fail to comply with the
plained at the dedication on May 19. A construction             gag-order provision in section 505 of the Patriot Act.
company even donated a large picture window to re-              Currently, compliance with the provision is mandatory,
place the garage door.                                          but no specific penalty is stipulated. Recipients of such
                                                                letters should “be able to challenge the gag provision
Library added to National Register. The Lordsburg-              in a court of law, and should be permitted to contact
Hidalgo Library was listed in February on the National          an attorney, congressional committee, or the Justice
Register of Historic Places. Built during the Great De-         Department’s Inspector General without fear of being
pression by the WPA, the library features New Mexico’s          criminally prosecuted for violating the gag provision,”
signature Aztec-Pueblo architecture.                            McDermott said.
         In 2003, the library received a unanimous vote
to include it into the New Mexico State Register of Cul-
tural Properties. The Lordsburg-Hidalgo Library is one
of only two county libraries in the state.                                     ANNOUNCEMENTS
         Franklin D. Roosevelt established the Works
                                                                4th conference on information skills. Juárez Univer-
Projects Administration (WPA) in 1935 in response to
                                                                sity Libraries invite librarians, educators, library prod-
high rate of unemployment during the Great Depres-
                                                                ucts and services suppliers, and professionals involved
sion. The program was phased out in 1943 after over
                                                                in the facilitation of information literacy competencies
100,000 building and 78,000 bridges, as well as count-
                                                                to participate in its fourth international conference. This
less art projects, had been completed during the eight-
                                                                conference on “Information Competencies: Toward Pro-
year project.
                                                                gram Implementation,” will be in Ciudad Juárez, Chi-
                                                                huahua, México, on October 21-23. The Universidad
Patriot Act news. The May 28 issue of American
                                                                Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez hopes to attract attendees
Library News reports that the American Civil Liber-
                                                                and presenters, especially from New Mexico. Please
ties Union and the American Library Association have
voiced strong opposition to legislation (S. 2476) intro-
duced May 21 by Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) that would
                                                                       Submitting a paper;
make permanent the 16 portions of the USA Patriot
                                                                       Reporting on a user education program experi-
Act. The Patriot Act is set to expire at the end of 2005.
                                                                       ence exhibiting/demonstrating user education
“Congress had the foresight to make temporary some
provisions of the hastily enacted Patriot Act,” ACLU
                                                                       Taking part in discussion groups.
Legislative Counsel Timothy Edgar said in a May 24
release. “It is extremely premature to make these provi-
                                                                For more information, please see the Conference’s web
sions permanent when Congress has not conducted thor-
                                                                site at or contact the organizers
ough oversight on how the Act has been used and what
                                                                via e-mail: Jesús Cortés at or Jesús
safeguards can be included to protect civil liberties.”
                                                                Lau at
        “The sunset provisions were built in as a safe-
guard,” ALA Office of Government Relations Deputy
                                                                Library classes from Amigos. The following courses
Director Patrice McDermott told American Libraries.
                                                                are sponsored by Amigos Library Services. Each course

will have a fee and to register you will need to go to                  September 16
the Amigos website at                         FirstSearch Interlibrary Loan Options
calendar or contact Chris Brown toll-free at 1-800-843-                       – Early Bird Registration Deadline: 8/25/
8482, ext. 2829, e-mail                                     2004
        Full public libraries should remember that they
get a $1,000 continuing education grant from the State           At the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque
Library to use to pay for these classes.
                                                                        July 26
At the New Mexico State Library in Santa Fe:                                      Preservation of Photographic Materi-
                                                                                  als – Early Bird Registration Deadline:
       July 20                                                                    7/5/2004
                 Ready Reference on the Internet (AM)
                 – Early Bird Registration Deadline: 6/28/              September 14
                 2004                                                         Grant Proposal Writing – Early Bird
                 Kids Stuff on the Internet (PM) – Early                      Registration Deadline: 8/24/2004
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                                                                        October 25
       July 21                                                                Preservation of Audiovisual Materials
                 Business Information on the Internet                         – Early Bird Registration Deadline: 10/4/
                 (AM) – Early Bird Registration Dead-                         2004
                 line: 6/29/2004
                 Science/Math Resources on the Internet                 December 15
                 (PM) – Early Bird Registration Deadline:                    OCLC Connexion - Using the Browser
                 6/29/2004                                                   Interface – Early Bird Registration Dead-
                                                                             line: 11/23/2004
       July 22
                 OCLC FirstSearch: Elements of Search-                   For the most up-to-date training schedule, a
                 ing – Early Bird Registration Deadline:         complete list of courses, descriptions, and a convenient
                 6/30/2004                                       online registration form, visit
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       September 14                                              given above.
             OCLC Interlibrary Loan for New Us-                          You can participate in Amigos instructor-led
             ers – Early Bird Registration Deadline:             training at your computer with live online learning
             8/23/2004                                           from Learning @ Amigos.Org without the expense and
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       September 15                                              learning/calendar/alt_index.php?format=2 for a com-
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             2004                                                or contact Chris Brown. Learning @ Amigos.Org also
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Hitchhiker                                                                                     Non-Profit Org.
New Mexico State Library                                                                        U.S. Postage
1209 Camino Carlos Rey
Santa Fe, NM 87505                                                                                 PAID
                                                                                                 SANTA FE
                                                                                               Permit No. 375


                                              PEOPLE NOTES
Pam Schwarz joined the staff of the Silver City Public Library as children’s librarian in March. She graduated
from Grand Canyon University to receive an Arizona teaching certificate in 1980 and taught in elementary and
secondary public and private schools. She has been a resident of Silver City for 13 years.

Librarian. New Mexico Highlands University’s Donnelly Library has an opening for an Interim Librarian to
assist with database maintenance and cleanup. Experience in cataloging and automated systems required. The
position is full-time (although part-time will be considered); schedule may be flexible. Annual salary is $43,000.
Please call Allen Schwartz at (505) 454-3408 or e-mail at for more information.

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