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					                                            Robin Saunders
                                              604 Harmony Lane

                                            Pleasantville, CA 94588

                                                (925) 555-1234


Business Analysts Professional with 15 years experience in information technology strategy, requirements
analysis, and customer service.

Key Strengths:

 • Resource Management               • Project Management                 • Client Negotiation

 • Technical Support                 • IT/Web Content                     • Customer Needs Assessment

 • Document Management               • Administrative Processes           • Customer Service Strategy

 • Training Administration           • Task Analysis                      • Customer Liaison

                                        PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Baker and Baker, Inc., Troy, MI                                                                  2000 - Present

Consultant Associate

Performed instructional design and Web development for delivery, training, and on-site support to EDS clientele
on a project-by-project basis.

Government Project:
• Delivered nationwide training to US Call Centers spanning 5 states and 6 cities.
• Conducted 1, 2, and 8-hour training sessions for Call Center Representatives, Team Leaders, and Managers.
• Performed document change control for three 100-page workbooks and associated 50-slide PowerPoint
presentations covering 400 effective changes.
Internal Mentoring Workshop Project:
• Co-authored management-approved internal mentoring workshop program, designed to ease new hire
transition into Web Universities and Training environment.
• Performed task analysis and researched, interviewed, documented, outlined, and created workshop content.

Baker and Baker, Inc., Troy, MI                                                                      1999 - 2000

Business Service Analyst

Member of 3-person team responsible for measuring and delivering EDS contract performed data to
management in monthly chart and graph representations to ensure superior customer service. Analyzed areas
such as Call Center statistics, virus patch applications, and server down time. Responsible for seven metric
• Surveyed 120 sites to gather required or missing site data for on-time delivery.
• Compiled, verified, and transformed raw data into 90 charts and corresponding graphs for seven metric areas.
• Produced and delivered 2-6 special over-and-above reports, monthly.

Baker and Baker, Inc., Troy, MI                                                                      1997 - 1999

Business Analyst

Member of 150-person team commissioned to manage financial resources and customer base for customer
service assistance with repairs, reimbursements, purchase incentives, and extended warranties. Managed team
of 10.

• Negotiated with customers and service departments for satisfactory resolutions, such as reduced bills, refunds,
extended warranties, or purchase incentives.
• Built rapport with regional managers and several executives to facilitate elevated customer service resolutions
that involved potential legal action, the Better Business Bureau, and attorney letters.
• Recognized each month by management as highest call volume representative (30-40 per day) with lowest idle
time average.
• Processed 20-30 customer complaint letters per week with personalized callbacks and letter responses.
• Developed and implemented management-approved, new-hire mentoring program, involving mentor
coaching, 15-item task list, profile matching, and 2-week acclamation follow up session.

Baker and Baker, Inc., Troy, MI                                                                      1996 - 1997

Educational Curriculum Development Specialist

Developed lesson content and testing software, categorizing library materials, tracking resources, and
recommending value-added purchases. Performed new software quality assurance tests. Researched lesson
material to ensure accuracy. Gathered new lesson information. Researched competition for marketing and
packaging strategies.
• Created 15-cross correlations between existing lessons and educational standards of school districts, states,
national and international tests (US, Canada, UK, and Wales).
• Produced eight new lessons in English, reading, writing, and mathematics programs with broad and in-depth
• Analyzed educational standards requirements from various school districts, matching needs to company's
existing software base.
• Created personalized, linear programs for student use and lesson-plan integration, assembling proper lessons
together with Paradox software.

XYZ Restaurant Corporation, Kalamazoo, MI                                                             1987 - 1995

Swing Manager/Training Coordinator

Supervised 70 employees for all aspects of shift management, business operations, customer service. Ensured
inventory levels, timely and adequate stock orders, facility upkeep, and vendor availability and response. Posted
monthly manager and weekly crew schedules.

• Managed 10 trainer direct reports and new-hire training program.
• Walked trainers through proprietary "Train the Trainer" process.
• Interviewed and hired new employees.

                                         EDUCATION AND TRAINING

Western Michigan University                                                                                  1992

B.A., Educational Psychology/English, Minor: Cum Laude

Microsoft Certified DigitalThink Courses:
E-Commerce Fundamentals, E-Business Architecture, HTML Fundamentals I & II, HTML Frames and Forms

Corporate Courses:
Strategic Project Design & Leadership Workshop, Instructional Design Workshop, Task Analysis Workshop, Needs
Analysis Workshop, Business Writing, DigitalThink Design

                                              COMPUTER SKILLS

• Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, WordPerfect, DreamWeaver,
  PhotoShop, Paradox
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