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					Financial Representative
at Northwestern Mutual
                    David Ressler
                   March 11, 2011
 To learn all that I can about Northwestern Mutual while
   experiencing the financial network for myself
 To strive for success in an internship where I will actually
   work in the same way as full-time Financial Representatives
 To build a network of clients that I can keep in years to come

 Obtaining licensing to get started on real work and to help in
   the future, regardless of what career path I choose
 To develop the ability to adapt in any situation and to solve
   and/or analyze problems
 To find a career that I can see myself pursing in life
Prospective Markets

 My family—immediate and extended (all live in the area)

 Close friends from high school and other activities

 Westport, Norwalk, Fairfield, and Darien, CT

 Fairfield County

 Amherst College & the 5-College Consortium
Prospective Market Amounts

 My family—immediate and extended (all live in the area): 15

 Close friends from high school and other activities: 30+

 Westport, CT: 27,000+

 Norwalk, Fairfield, and Darien, CT: 160,000+

 Fairfield County: 895,000+

 Amherst College & the 5-College Consortium: 34,000+
Prospective Markets
Why Northwestern Mutual?

 While I am interested in a stable and enriching career, I also
   want to make sure that what I pursue involves direct
   interaction with other people. What initially drew me to the
   Financial Representative internship at Northwestern Mutual
   was that the internship is essentially centered around
   building a network of clients that trust you based on
   meetings and interactions with these people.

 Unlike other internships where the intern’s role is to get
   coffee and make copies, the Financial Representative
   internship at NMFN is real business experience. Aside from
   mentors, an intern at NMFN is on his or her own to be
   successful in the internship.
Characteristics for Success

 I am an extremely self-motivated, and strive for excellence
  and success in everything I do. At NWFN, I would set goals
  and motivate myself to succeed (such as initially aiming for
  10 sales knowing that I can earn more licensing after these

 My education at Amherst College up until this point has
  developed my problem solving skills, as well as strengthening
  my knowledge of economics and markets, while also helping
  me to develop as an intellectual and a thinker. I know that,
  after a summer at NWFN, I could easily begin to take more
  classes based on my experiences, thereby helping me to
  succeed in the future.
Characteristics for Success

 One of my biggest strengths is my ability to interact with
   people and build trust and security. As a Resident Counselor
   of a freshmen dorm, I spend practically everyday working on
   building relationships with my residents such that they
   respect me and feel comfortable to me coming with their
   concerns, or even to ask for advice. As a tour guide, I have to
   sell Amherst College to prospective students weekly, and do
   so again by being and friendly and responsive as possible,
   even in such a short amount of time. As director of my a
   cappella group, I am responsible for earning the respect of
   those people who I am expected to direct so that we can have
   as successful a group as is possible.
Career Goals
 Short term:
   I want to find a job or a career path to which I can actually see
    myself dedicating my life. Ideally, I want to discover what career
    is most fitting for me and then have a guaranteed job after
    college to aid in my security and confidence. I want to build a
    professional network that I can maintain at the end of the
    summer to hopefully aid me wherever I end up in terms of a

 Long term:
   Discover what career path is meant for me to pursue, and do so
    to the best of my ability to achieve as much success as I can. I
    want financial independence and security, and the ability to
    support a family.

 I expect an internship experience that I have never
   encountered before, even in the slightest. I expect to work
   extremely diligently with the aid of experienced and
   motivated Financial Representatives, yet at the same time be
   treated as they are.

 I expect to be challenged and pulled in every direction while
   adapting to the type of work that this internship offers. I
   expect to be very much out of my comfort zone, at least for
   the beginning, while understanding what it’s like to have a
   real job in a respectable and professional field.

 I expect to worker harder and be more dedicated than I have
  ever been in my entire life. I know that this job is all about
  self-motivation and only those that are self-motivated will
  succeed. I know I will thrive off of the challenge that this
  internship presents and use all of my strengths and assets to
  assert myself in this market.

 I expect to have tremendous personal growth, both as a
  professional but also as a person. This internship is the real
  deal—one is completely immersed in the day-to-day routines
  of an actual Financial Representative. I look forward to see
  how this shapes me as an individual.
Goals for the next 1-2 years
 Personal Goals:
   Graduate from Amherst College with Latin honors
   Land a job after graduation that leaves me financially secure
   Depending on how my career path begins to shape, save up
     enough money to attend some form of graduate school
     (depending on my interests at that point in time)

 Professional Goals:
   Develop an understanding of what career best suits me
   Become financially independent and secure, and begin thinking
     of plans for the future
   Build a strong network of people in the professional world
     already, as well as other clients, that can help me figure out
     where I would make the best fit
Where do I see myself?

 I see myself working at a job after graduation, hopefully one
  as respectable as NWFN, and working comfortably for a few
  years. I want to develop financial security and independence.
  I would also hope for stability in such a job. After a few years,
  depending on where I was with my life, I might consider
  applying to graduate school (for what studies, though, I am
  not quite sure). That being said, were I to be in a job where I
  had grown to love the people I work with, the clients I work
  with, and was happy with my success and the possibility of
  more success and praise in the future, I would not even
  consider going to graduate school and leaving the amazing
  life I was already living. Thus, where I see myself truly
  depends on where I will be in the next 4-6 years.
What do I desire? How will I bring it to my

 A family with two kids, financial security, a steady job with
   room to grow and increase my standing, a large collection of
   friends and acquaintances

 As with anything in life, you get out whatever you put into a
   situation. Thus, I will never not live an opportunity to its
   fullest. I will strive for excellence and persevere through
   whatever obstacles may obstruct my path. I’m hoping to start
   here, at NWFN, so that I can start building a network,
   working at an incredible job that allows me to work my way
   upward, and developing necessary skills for the professional
 I am completely self-motivated. To me, the internship at
  NWFN seems like a challenge—work as a Financial
  Representative, just as the normal, paid employees do. Plus,
  the overall outline of the internship seems like a challenge—it
  is completely up to you, the intern, to get clients and work
  the market. In this sense, I am extremely intrigued by the
  prospects of working at NWFN. I know that I would diligently
  work as hard as I possibly could, knowing that wherever I end
  up at the end of the summer is entirely based on how much
  effort I put in at the beginning of the summer. I also am
  motivated by helping people, and realizing now that NWFN
  really is all about the clients and their financial security, I
  know I would be motivated to do the best I could for my
  clients, and to try and help as many clients as possible.
Desired Income-Post Graduation

 Post Graduation: $50,000+

 2-4 years: $90,000+ (if not in graduate school)

 I will achieve these desired incomes by always striving to be
   the best that I can be, while working diligently and efficiently
   at whatever task I set out to accomplish—be it a job, an
   internship, or even a homework assignment. I will ensure that
   I create and develop a network of trustworthy and reliable
   clients and friends that can support in wherever I end up after
   graduation. Ideally, I will graduate knowing that I have a
   secure job that will allow to work my way up through the
   ranks through hard work and perseverance.
Thank you for listening to
my presentation!
Have a nice day!

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