The Ground rules of Mutual Fund Investing by alicejenny


									The Ground rules of Mutual Fund Investing

                     Points to remember
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              Mutual funds investment. Act professionally.

          self-assessment of one’s needs.

          expectations and risk profile.

          clearly state the expectations from the

           Assess yourself

      the nature of investment .
      avoid any confusion by taking knowledge .
      Consult investment advisors

    Try to understand where the money is

        one first has to decide what he wants the
         money for.

        investment goal that should be the
         guiding light for all investments done.

        Identifying the proposed investment
         philosophy of the fund .

    Don't rush in picking funds, think first

      abstain from speculating .
      staying invested is the best option .

    Invest. Don’t speculate

        It is always advisable to diversify the

        Investors of equity should be judicious
         and invest some portion of the investment
         in debt and vice-versa.

        Place money in the hands of several fund

    Don’t put all the eggs In one basket

        Invest early and invest regularly.

        Investing should be a habit .

        Beat the market by being systematic.

        Systematic Investment Plans

    Be regular

        Research the avenues available to them.

        An informed investor is in a better
         position to make right decisions.

        Asking the intermediaries is one of the
         ways to take care of the problem.

    Do your homework

        Finding the right funds is important.

        That do not charge much fees.

        Funds for tax efficiency .

    Find the right funds

        keep track of the way they are performing
         in the market.

    Keep track of your investments

       Knowing when to exit a fund too is of
        utmost importance.
       should book profits immediately when
        enough has been earned

    Know when to sell your mutual funds

        Investing in mutual funds can be a dicey
         business for people who do not remember
         to follow these rules diligently .

        Remember these rules before you set out
         to invest your hard-earned money.

    Follow all the rules

     Final words
         Mutual Funds are subject to market risk
         please read the offer document carefully
         before investing.

    Invest Now , For A Financially Secured Tomorrow

                      Happy Investing

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