THE LAI CONNECTOR by pengxuezhi


									                                THE LAI CONNECTOR
Volume 2, Issue 4                                                                                                  Winter 2009

             A Holiday Message from the Chairman and CEO
   The year 2009 has been a watershed year for all of us. As        and to promote our people. At
the country works hard to overcome a significant economic           least 10 percent of our people
situation, our nation continues to help the people of Iraq and      were promoted within the
Afghanistan to emerge from years of conflict. It is fitting and     company while a half dozen or
proper that each American pause and thank God for our men           so were able to move from one
and women who are serving in harms way for their sacrifices         contract to another as a pro-
and services to this country. I ask each of you to include them     motion this year. This is a
and their families in your prayers because the holiday season       testimony to the quality of our
is probably the toughest time to be separated from loved ones.      people.
    In that same spirit, I also ask each of you to consider shar-      Last but not least, realizing
ing something with a neighbor, friend or a total stranger that      we live in the greatest country
you think may be less fortunate than you. All of us at EES          in the world; be happy, safe
and LAI have a lot to be thankful for as we go into the New         and enjoy your family during
Year. We had three contract renewals, started a new contract        the holidays. Seasons Greetings from the Edmonds family to
at DIA and completed a significant consulting task at Health        you and yours!!
and Human Services. We added workers in 2009 and                                                               - Al Edmonds
we continue working hard to add more opportunities to hire

                       Allen Butler Named DOE Senior Program Manager
       Department of Energy DOE)             ties Management field. He continued          facilities. He managed an annual $5
       Logistics Services, Washing-          progressing through several positions        million operating and $500k capital
       ton, DC— Logistics Applications       including Assistant General Supervisor,      budget.
Inc. would like to welcome Allen Butler      Facilities Operations & Maintenance             Allen's last BGE position was Direc-
as he takes over as Senior Program           and Director, Facilities Operations and      tor, Materials Storage & Delivery, where
Manager (SPM) for the Logistics Ser-                                                      he managed a staff of 44 who were re-
vices Contract at the Department of En-                                                   sponsible for the receiving, storing and
ergy.                                                                                     distribution of BGE's $45 million electric
   Allen retired from the Baltimore Gas                                                   and gas system inventory. He managed
& Electric Company (BGE) with 34                                                          an annual $6.5 million operating and a
years of service. He progressed through                                                   $200k capital budget.
several increasingly responsible posi-                                                      Allen is a member of the Council of
tions including Nuclear Security Super-                                                   Supply Chain Management Profession-
visor, Security Training Specialist and                                                   als and Johns Hopkins University Lead-
Security Screening Supervisor. He was                     Allen Butler                    ership Development Alumni Association.
responsible for guarding the plant                                                           Allen holds a Bachelor's Degree in
                                             Maintenance. Where he managed a staff
against acts of radiological and indus-                                                   Business Management from the Univer-
                                             of 34 and was responsible for managing
trial sabotage; the development and im-                                                   sity of Maryland and a Master's Degree
                                             the facility operations and maintenance
plementation of the Access Authoriza-                                                     in Applied Behavioral Science from
                                             functions for all BGE corporate office
tion Program; and specialized security                                                    Johns Hopkins University.
                                             facilities and service centers, Constella-
management course instruction.                                                               A resident of Alexandria, VA, Allen is
                                             tion Energy's headquarters facility and
   Allen later transitioned to the Facili-                                                married and has a son and daughter.
                                             Constellation Commodities' Baltimore

Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) Program at CFTC                                                Inside this issue:
        Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Washington, DC                       Changes to LAI Leave Policy            2
           Henry Rose and Curtis Brown have volunteered to be certified Auto-
                                                                                          LAI Newcomers                          2
        matic External Defibrillator (AED) Responders. The staff attended an on-
site CPR/AED training class coordinated by the Federal Occupational Health (FOH)          Contracts Performing Well              3
and CFTC earlier this month.
                                                                                          LAI Superstars                         4
   The training provided CPR training and how to use the Automatic External Defi-
brillator should the responders come into contact with a person that has gone into        Notes from the FSO                     5
cardiac arrest.                                                                           HR Updates                             6
   With this training, Mr. Rose and Mr. Brown have been certified in conducting
CPR in case of an emergency. The certification is valid for two years. They also          Health and Welfare                     7
received their own personal CPR kit.
                                                                                          In Memoriam                            7
    Volume 2 Issue 4                                  The LAI Connector                                                    2

                                                      LAI Newcomers!
                LAI would like to welcome Angelo                     LAI would like to welcome the following employees to the LAI
             San Jose to the LAI team.                               family:
                Angelo was born in Manila, Philip-
                                                                                   Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
pines and then moved to Northern Virginia with
his mother and younger brother when he was 14                                Defense Logistics Operations Center (DLOC)
years old. Angelo is a graduate of Langley High                                            Landover, Maryland
School and Virginia Tech University, where he                          Kenny Thomas        Michele Bunce      Archie L. Staples
graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science.           Angelo San Jose          Bruce T. Turman William A. Alexander
   Shortly afterwards, he went on to work as a
software engineer for Motorola’s Mobile Test Team in Reston where                 Global Property Management Supply
he programmed and tested prototype mobile phone units.                                       Services (GPMSS)
   After a year, he became the supervisor and the technical lead for                     Fort Campbell, Kentucky
the team and worked on a wide range of products from consumer
                                                                              Winfred Best Vincent Reynolds Joseph Cole
cell phones to military grade radio units and intrinsically-safe ra-
dios used in mine shafts. He was also part of several joint projects           Commodity Futures Trading Commission
with Sprint Nextel including RF tests of cell phone towers and E911                      (CFTC) Washington, DC
                                                                                              Curtis C. Brown
   On November 2, 2009; he joined LAI as a Systems Administrator.
   Angelo and his wife, Shanie reside in McLean. His hobbies in-                      Department of Energy (DOE)
clude playing billiards, tennis and martial arts.                                            Logistics Services
                                                                                  Washington, DC & Germantown, Maryland
                   Call for Articles!                                     Merle Price-Broderick Kevin Harris Herbert Holbert
   The LAI Connector publishing team wants to                             LaToyia Washington Thomas Jackson Calvert Jones
hear from you! LAI is interested in its employees’ on-                       Charles Smith Michael Warren James Dodd
the-job highlights, successful projects and team ef-                        Dale Stephens Thomas Dickerson Arnold Morton
forts, as well as talents, hobbies, interests, and com-                              Stephen Seh, Jr. Jeffery Kinney
munity outreach activities.
   Keep LAI posted on your achievements. If you are                                  Immigrations and Customs Enforcement
interested in sending in an article to be included in                                        (ICE) Washington, DC
the quarterly published LAI Connector, please send                           Neal Johnson     William Chisley, Jr.   William Ore II
your submissions (along with photos) to Kristine Foulkes at kfoul-                                                                        Welcome one and all!!!!!

                         Changes in store for LAI Leave Policy in 2010
          Alexandria,       VA—Effective          Full-time employees, defined here as     off requests must be submitted to the su-
          January 1, 2010, LAI will com-       working a regularly scheduled workweek      pervisor in writing at least 10 days prior to
          bine annual and personal leave       of 40 hours, and in a continually active paythe PTO start date unless otherwise ap-
for exempt and non-exempt employees.           status will accrue PTO credit as follows:   proved by the supervisor. The supervisor
This combined leave will be known as                                                       will confirm or disapprove each re-
Paid Time Off (PTO). There is no                      Exempt (per pay period)              quest. Employees are responsible for post-
longer a separation policy of using the        Accrual       Months of       Eligibility   ing accurate hours of PTO available on
two in conjunction each other.                 Rate/per        Service        per Year     their timesheets.
   An employee’s eligibility to use PTO is      period                                        Employees are permitted to accrue PTO
based on the employee’s anniversary              4.17         0–47 mos        100 hours    up to 160 hours. Starting December 31,
date. All employees may use their ac-                                                      2010 a maximum of 80 hours may be car-
crued PTO once they have completed               5.83        48–119 mos       140 hours    ried over on December 31 of each
their 3-month introductory period. On             7.5       120–999 mos       160 hours    year. Therefore, any excess PTO must be
some contracts with Wage Determina-                                                        used, or will be lost
tions imposed by the Federal Govern-                                                          Upon leaving LAI service, regular full-
ment, employees will receive PTO after                        Non Exempt                   time employees that have met the 90 day
completion of one year of service.                                                         probationary period will be paid at their
   Eligible employees accrue PTO credit          Accrual        Months of     Eligibility prevailing         rate      for      unused
for each hour of service (excluding over-      Rate/Hour         Service       per Year    PTO. Conversely, PTO used but not yet
time hours worked) in which the em-               .0385          0–59 mos       80 hours   accrued will be deducted from the em-
ployee is actively in LAI employment and          .0577         60–179 mos     120 hours   ployee’s final pay. The maximum PTO that
in a paid status. PTO credit will not be                                                   LAI will allow at termination is 80 hours
earned for any period in which the em-            .0769        180–199 mos     160 hours   for exempt employees.
ployee is on a leave of absence or discipli-                                                  Please contact your Human Resources
nary suspension, regardless of the number         Selection of PTO dates is subject to ap- representative if you have further ques-
of work days absent for these reasons.         proval of the employee’s supervisor. Time tions.

                              The LAI Connector is published quarterly by Logistics Applications Inc.,
                                          a subsidiary of Edmonds Enterprise Services, Inc.,
                                    2760 Eisenhower Avenue, Suite 202; Alexandria, Virginia 22315
                         Albert J. Edmonds, Chairman and CEO and Jacquelyn M. Edmonds, Vice President
                  The LAI Connector Staff: Jacquelyn M. Edmonds; Kristine Foulkes; Erin Payne and Jerome Smith
          Volume 2 Issue 4                                  The LAI Connector                                                         3

                                          Contracts Performing Well
                  Department of Energy (DOE) Closeout Team, Washington, DC
Customer Service Training Conducted LAI Sites                         LAI Prevails in DOE Closeout Contract Competition
   During August/September of this year Dan Womack, Director              Coming off another successful year in which the DOE Close-
of Operations and George Brown, Director of Business Develop-         out Team exceeded it goals, LAI was rewarded by winning the
ment and Deputy Director of Operations conducted training ses-        competition for the new closeout contract. The new contract to-
sions at various project sites. The purpose of the training was to    tals $3 million dollars over a five year period, running from Octo-
provide information that would assist towards enhancing cus-          ber 01, 2009 through September 30, 2014.
tomer service, contract performance, LAI's image and hopefully,          The Closeout Team is concluding a year in which it retired 950
improve our opportunities to expand our business base.                expired contracts. The 950 instruments represents the Closeout
   Training was conducted during the lunch hour at most sites         Team's most retirements in over 10 years and 113% of its FY
and included subjects emphasizing the importance of providing         2009 goal of 839 retirements. In retiring the 950 instruments, the
quality service, displaying positive attitudes and neat appear-       Closeout Team de-obligated $8.4 million dollars which was re-
ances, knowing and complying with established procedures,             turned to DOE in uncosted de-obligations. The $8.4 million dol-
maintaining good quality control and being responsive to cus-         lars represents a return of $11 dollars to every $1 dollar of cost to
tomer requirements.                                                   DOE for the FY 2009 Closeout team contract cost.
   Employees were attentive, participated in the discussions and         The Closeout team was also successful in exceeding its goal of
enjoyed pizza and sodas during the sessions.                          reducing the overage acquisition and financial assistance instru-
                                                                      ments by 10% from the year's beginning total by achieving an
                                                                      11% reduction.
                                                                         The LAI Closeout Team is looking forward to the opportunity
                                                                      to continue to provide DOE with the world-class service that it
                                                                      has provided for more than 15 years.

                                                                                National Endowment for the Arts
                                                                                (NEA), Washington, DC
                                                                         Logistics Applications Inc., was just
                                                                      awarded an additional five year contract
                                                                      with NEA running from October 2009
                                                                      through September 2014.
                                                                         Special thanks to LAI/Gary Pelletier
                                                                      and his team for the hard work and dedi-
                                                                      cation throughout the past five years.
   Operations Directors, Dan Womack and George Brown in training
  with DOE Closeout PM, Gerard Pinkney and the DOE Closeout team.               Congratulations!!!

           LAI HR Representative Visits Travelers Insurance Company
               Crystal Abney of our HR         possible.                                       turn to work.
             Department attended a Trav-          Monitors the progress of injured             Your role in helping Ms. Abney main-
             elers’ Insurance Claim Presen-    worker.                                         tain timely WC processing:
tation on November 6, 2009 in Chantilly,                                                          You are required by law to promptly
VA. Travelers Insurance covers Workers’                                                        notify your Manager/Supervisor of any
Compensation liabilities for Logistics Ap-                                                     occupational injuries, illnesses or diseases.
plications Inc. (LAI). The presentation was                                                    The easiest way to report your injury or
very impressive and a learning opportunity                                                     illness to them is to list the following infor-
to see how claims are handled once they                                                        mation in your written notification:
are initiated. The presentation consisted of
an entire tour of the facility and an oppor-                                                      Your name and job title
tunity to meet and interact with some of                                                          The date and time of your injury or
Travelers staff (i.e. Claims Examiners,                                                        illness
Unit & Case Managers, Nurses, Investiga-
tors, etc.).
                                                                                                Your exact location when you were
Ms. Abney’s role as a Workers’ Compensa-                                                       injured or became ill
tion (WC) Coordinator:                                                                            How the injury or illness happened
   Ensures timely processing of all work-                                                       The nature of the injury or illness and
compensate claims.
                                                                                               what parts of your body were affected
   Evaluates accident reports to determine     Crystal Abney poses with the famous Travelers
accuracy and completeness and to ensure           Red Umbrella presented to her as a gift.      Any witnesses to the injury or illness
adequate investigation.                                                                        and their contact information
   Ensures that the worksite is in compli-        Makes recommendations to Safety Man-            The date you notified your employer
ance with applicable laws and regulations.     agement to prevent recurrence or aggrava-          You may also complete a WC claim form
 Provides training and guidance to onsite      tion of the relevant injury before and after    as long as it includes all the above informa-
claims coordinators.                           the injured worker return to work and the       tion. Once this information is provided it is
   Coordinates all actions involving injured   legal requirements regarding risk manage-       immediately forwarded to Ms. Abney to
worker returning back to work as soon as       ment, occupational rehabilitation and re-       process with Travelers.
          Volume 2 Issue 4                                 The LAI Connector                                                           4

                                                       LAI Superstars
Outstanding Customer Service                                             Distribution Center Superintendent, found this out when he re-
        Department of Energy (DOE) Travel Office, Washing-               searched and was able to get 13 locked safes opened at no cost to
        ton DC — Mary Johnson and her team, Shaketa Ollie                LAI—that’s a whopping $4,500.00 savings to the Company that a
        and Ashley Thorne from Elite Documents International             commercial vendor would have charged to open the safes! Mr.
        (an LAI subcontractor) received accolades from DOE em-           Forbes worked with Pentagon locksmiths who used the opportunity
ployees for excellent customer service.                                  to train on opening the safes.
   DOE White House Fellow, Laura Bacon called the team                     To recognize this cost-savings feat, LAI Chairman and CEO Al-
“absolute rockstars” in working to get her visas before an upcoming      bert J. Edmonds made a surprise visit to the DIA Logistics Opera-
trip. She continued by saying she was “so impressed and grateful         tions Center in Landover, MD on Tuesday, November 24, 2009, to
and appreciated the efforts. Wow…”                                       present Mr. Forbes with a certificate to acknowledge his achieve-
   Roger A. Lewis, Director, Plutonium and Uranium Manufactur-           ment and a gift certificate for use at the Gaylord Hotel Restaurants
ing Division spoke of his experience in an e-mail sent to Mr. Brian      at the National Harbor. This is a job well done for LAI!
Costlow. He said that in working with Ms. Ashley Thorne that he
was “impressed by her professionalism and process knowledge and
delighted by her outstanding customer focus.”
   He further noted that he “just wanted to pass along this note of
appreciation to you (Mr. Costlow) and to Ms. Johnson, that I al-
ways appreciate when a job is well done and I always try to recog-
nize when there is an extra effort or exceptional support to the cus-
tomer (me!)”
   Mr. Costlow responded, “Your note has brightened our day, and
as always, you are generous with your praise. I appreciate you
taking time to recognize Ashley's efforts, and I join you in convey-
ing my appreciation to her. I'm glad that our travel office staff
could make the difference in your day…”
   As always, ladies, keep up the outstanding work!
FERC employee assists with cost saving effort!
       Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC),                              LAI Chairman and CEO Albert J. Edmonds presents John
       Washington, DC.                                                        Forbes with a letter and certificate of achievement at the DLOC.
       Derrick Priovott is the LAI Mailroom/Copy Center Team
Leader at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).
FERC recently discovered that the US Postal Service (USPS) had                       Army 10 Miler – Shellee Goldberg!
implemented new regulations regarding self mailers, which are                          Washington, DC — LAI Human Resources team
used significantly by FERC. The new regulations relate to size and                     member, Shellee Goldberg took part in the annual
format and require that the mail pieces be completely                                  Army 10 Miler race around Washington, DC. This
“machinable”, and require no intervention by USPS staff.
                                                                         race is the largest 10 mile race in America.
                                                                           What made this race extra special for Ms. Goldberg was she ran
                                                                         the race with her father and her sister. Shellee’s father, Col. (Ret.)
                                                                         Lew Goldberg, participated in a record setting 25th Army 10 Miler!
                                                                           Congratulations Shellee and we will see you in London for the
                                                                         2012 Summer Olympics!!

                         Derrick Priovott

  Ms. Valerie Mersier, FERC’s Team Lead for Publishing Services
is responsible for the Mailroom and Copy Center. Valerie met with
the USPS’s Mail Piece Design Specialist who explained that the
current design of FERC’s self mailer would cost $1.05 per piece,
due to weight and design flaws. He recommended a redesign. Ms.
Mersier then tasked Derrick to assist her with the redesign effort,
to satisfy the new regulations.
    As a result of this collaboration, the newly designed self mailers
not only meet the totally machinable requirements, but also meet
new weight standards. This effort resulted in reducing the cost per
mailer from $1.05 to $.44 per piece. FERC mails more than 138
thousand of these mail flats per year, resulting in annual savings
of more that $92,000.00 for the commission.
    LAI recognizes Derrick for his can-do attitude and exceptional
support to his customer!
More Cost Saving feats…
       Defense Intelligence Agency, Defense Logistics                    Army 10 Miler participant Shellee Goldberg crosses the finish line as her
       Operations Center (DLOC), Landover, Maryland–                                               father cheers her on!
         A penny saved is “really” a penny earned, to put a spin on      At right are front and back views of the medal Shellee received after her
       Benjamin Franklin’s sage advice. John Forbes, LAI (DLOC)                                           finish!
          Volume 2 Issue 4                                  The LAI Connector                                                         5

                                                 More LAI Superstars
       Global Property Management Supply Services                         Immigrations and Customs Enforcement
       (GPMSS); Fort Campbell, Kentucky -                               (ICE) Washington, DC
         Employees at the Global Property Management Sup-                  Members of ICE were presented certificates for
       ply Services (GPMSS) were recognized for their valued exceptional leadership and outstanding dedication in support of
service in support of the Honeywell contract for the "Left Behind     the Office of Asset Management, Immigration and Customs En-
Equipment (LBE)".                                                     forcement, US Department of Homeland Security during FY
   Equipment Storage and Operations Specialists, Mike Good-
                                                                         The team planned, developed and implemented customer ser-
win and Edward Weatherspoon; Warehouse Storage and Op-
                                                                      vice functions across a range of logistical operations to include
erations Specialists, Richard Dean, Fronzo Cotton, and
                                                                      database management, receiving, property management, inven-
Chris Hudak and Data Entry Specialist Charles Wright were             tory reconciliation, bulk distribution and facilities management.
given certificates signed by Chairman and CEO, Albert J. Ed-          Management also participated in the planning, analysis and
monds, as well as gift cards for dinner at TGI Friday's Restau-       application of a wide range of management initiatives.
rants.                                                                   Specifically, support consisted of directing and coordinating
   Great work, gentlemen!!                                            the transfer of approximately 31 trucks containing 654 furniture
                                                                      items to GSA, 343 skids containing 5557 items of excess to
                                                                      USDA, UNICOR and NASA. Office move and a wide range of
                                                                      services were offered to more than 1500 customers throughout
                                                                      the National Capital Region.
                                                                         Way to go team!

     Top Row: Charles Wright, Ed Witherspoon, Mike Goodwin              PM Manya Wise (f) with William             ICE PM Alvin Brooks
     Bottom Row: Richard Dean, Fronzo Cotton, Chris Hudak               Johnson, COR Veral Wright and
                                                                              Suzette Clemmons

                                                  Notes from the FSO
    Adjudications                                 e. The voluntaries of participation;           Criminal Conduct
                                                  f. The presence or absence of rehabilita-      Outside Activities.
   The investigation has                       tion & other pertinent behavioral changes         Misuse of Information Technology
been completed and now                            g. The motivation for the conduct;           Systems:
comes the toughest por-                           h. The potential for pressure, coercion,        When information of security concern
tion of the clearance                          exploitation, or duress; and                    becomes known about an individual who is
process. Adjudication.                            i. The likelihood of continuation or re-     currently eligible for access to classified
   The adjudica-                               currence.                                       information, the adjudicator should con-
                                Jerome Smith
tive process is an Facility Security Officer      Each case will be judged on its own mer-     sider whether the person:
examination of a                               its, and any doubt concerning personnel            Voluntarily reported the information;
sufficient period of a person’s life to make   being considered for access to classified          Was truthful and complete in respond-
an affirmative determination that the per-     information will be resolved in favor of        ing to questions;
son is eligible for a security clear-          national security.                                 Sought assistance and followed profes-
ance. Eligibility for access to classified        The ultimate determination of whether        sional guidance, where appropriate;
information is predicated upon the individ-    the granting or continuing of eligibility for      Resolved or appears likely to favorably
ual meeting required personnel security        a security clearance rests with the govern-     resolve the security concern;
guidelines. The adjudicative process is the    ment. The individual must be stable,              Has demonstrated positive changes in
careful weighing of a number of variables      trustworthy, reliable, of excellent charac-     behavior and employment;
known as the whole person concept. Avail-      ter, judgment, and discretion; and of un-          Should have his or her access temporar-
able, reliable information about the per-      questioned loyalty to the United                ily suspended pending final adjudication of
son, past and present, favorable and unfa-     States. Clearance determinations are            the information.
vorable, will be considered in reaching a      based upon careful consideration of the            If after evaluating information of secu-
determination. In evaluating the rele-         following:                                      rity concern, the adjudicator decides that
vance of an individual’s conduct, the adju-      Allegiance to the United States.              the information is not serious enough to
dicator will consider the following factors:     Foreign Influence                             warrant a recommendation of disapproval
   a. The nature, extent, and seriousness of     Foreign Preference                            or revocation of the security clearance, it
the conduct;                                     Sexual Behavior                               may be appropriate to recommend ap-
   b. The circumstances surrounding the          Personal Conduct: .                           proval with a warning that future inci-
conduct, to include knowledgeable partici-       Financial Considerations                      dents of a similar nature may result in
pation;                                          Alcohol Consumption.                          revocation of access.
   c. The frequency of the conduct;              Drug Involvement                              Special thanks to the Defense Security Service
   d. The individual’s age and maturity at       Emotional, Mental and Personality             for providing this information.
the time of the conduct;                       Disorders.
    Volume 2 Issue 4                                   The LAI Connector                                                    6

                                              HR and Payroll Updates
Go Green and Save Ca$h (Part one)                                                           401 K Update
1. Bike or take public transit to work.                                     For those of you who were participat-
   Excuses: "But bikes are expensive! And I have to look nice for        ing in the LAI 401k plan in 2008, it may
work."                                                                   have been a terrifying year. Accounts
   Why Your Excuses Are Lame: Often, you can buy a bike for              with investments in mutual funds lost
the price of a tank of gas on Craig’s List. It won't be titanium         money due to the turmoil in the financial
frame, but it will get you around. It's easy to bring a change of        markets. Fortunately, for those brave
clothes and change at work, especially if your office has a locker       souls who are still investing, the values
room. If not, you can bike to public transit if it's available in your   are on their way back up.
area, and walk the remainder. By walking and biking more, you               The annual employer match for 2008 contributions has been
can cancel your gym membership.                                          made and will make up for some of the 2008 losses.
2. Drive more efficient.                                                    The contribution was a match of 100% of 2008 contributions,
    Excuses: "Hypermiling sounds scary. And I don't want to add          up to 2% of eligible income. Participants should have received
anything on to my car."                                                  letters advising them of the amount of the contribution. Please
   Why Your Excuses Are Lame: Hypermiling—the strange                    go online to check on the contribution into your account.
driving practices that save gas, like driving on the lines in the           As a matter of routine we encourage the following:
rain or going into neutral on ramps—can be really unsafe. You               1. Check your account online - If you
don't have to try them to save gas, instead, take simple precau-         need assistance, please contact Individual Shareholder help
tions like making sure your tires are inflated properly, removing        number: 1-800-294-4015 or Anne Cook, 703-778-7064 x 243.
your roof rack to cut down on drag, and getting regular tune-ups.           2. Update your beneficiary information. Contact Anne Cook,
3. Cook at home. Buy nutritious ingredients to save money.               703-778-7064 x 243, for assistance.
Eating in will also discourage packaging and food waste.                    Update your email address for notices about your account.
   Excuses: "I don't know how to cook, I don't have the time, and         Investing in the 401k plan today will enhance your retire-
ingredients are as expensive as eating out."                             ment years.
   Why Your Excuses Are Lame: Try pricing out the ingredients
for a home-cooked meal—you'll find they are significantly less
expensive than takeout. As for not knowing how to cook—well,
                                                                                      Payroll Information
try cookbooks for beginners, not only because they are less intimi-      Here are some friendly reminders regarding some basic
dating and the recipes don't require fancy, expensive ingredients.       payroll requirements.
4. Put your home on an energy diet. Monitor your thermo-
stat, secure proper insulation and eliminate all sources of vam-
                                                                          Direct deposits–Please be sure to include a voided check for
                                                                            checking and verification from the bank for savings. A de-
pire power—the electricity wasted by devices that are always
                                                                            posit slip will NOT be used. If a voided check or verifica-
plugged in.
                                                                            tion is not received, your direct deposit will not be proc-
   Excuses: "But how will I know what's using up the most
                                                                            essed. Any new or changed direct deposit will have to pre-
power? It's too complicated."
                                                                            note and a live check will be generated for that pay period.
   Why Your Excuses Are Lame: For big savings, you can buy
devices to time and monitor your thermostat. You can also buy             W-4’s–If you entered “exempt” on your W-4 tax form, NO
cords that prevent vampire power from being wasted. If you don't            taxes will be withheld from your paycheck.
want to spend money, just monitor your own use—the oldest ad-             Leave–Please check your leave balances to make sure you
vice in the book. Put on a sweater instead of turning on the heat           have enough before taking vacation.
for the first few chilly days. Turn off the lights whenever you           iPay–You can access your pay vouchers any time by using
leave a room. Unplug appliances when they're not in use. And                ADP iPay. Please contact HR or Payroll if you require as-
shut down your computer each night—computers are one of the                 sistance.
biggest energy hogs.
5. Don't shop, freecycle. Use the net to find free furniture and
goods, and swap the stuff you no longer need.                              Holiday Sudoku using the word “Wreath”
   Excuses: "Why would I want someone else's old junk? I don't
like hand-me-downs."
    Why Your Excuses Are Lame: Just because items are used,
it doesn't mean they're junk. Many of the site's offerings are only
gently used, and if you end up with an item you don't like, so
what? It's free, so just put it back on the site and keep looking for
something else.

Interested in Working Extra
   For those that would be interested in
working additional hours, please inform us
  Once you have expressed interest, LAI will
place you on a list to be considered for extra
work that becomes available on various con-
tracts during the year. In addition, please
indicate hours of availability during the
week and/or weekends and your clearance status.
   Thank you for your interest. Your Human Resources Team!
          Volume 2 Issue 4                                The LAI Connector                                                         7

                Holiday Safety Notes                                                         In Memoriam
The Holiday Season is a time criminals also look forward to as                  Wayne Trovor Montgomery
more people are out shopping and leaving their homes unat-                            (1957 - 2009)
tended during holiday travel. Here are a few safety tips to pro-              Fort Campbell, KY—Logistics
tect you and yours this season.                                               Applications Inc. is saddened to
Holiday Shopping Safety Tips                                          report the passing of Wayne T. Montgom-
   Use the buddy system. Shop in pairs as thieves are less likely     ery, who passed away at his home in
to target two or more individuals.                                    Clarksville, TN on November 12. Mr.
   Do not leave remnants of Christmas morning by the
                                                                      Montgomery was 52 years old.
curb. Large appliance boxes/containers are a sign Santa was
                                                                        Mr. Montgomery served honorably in
really good to someone in the neighborhood! They are also a sign
                                                                      the United States Army for 20 years and received many awards
that the house just got a new plasma television for Christ-
                                                                      and decorations throughout his distinguished career.
mas. Break down boxes and put them in cans or black garbage
bags to conceal the products that were inside them.                     Following retirement, he and his family resided in Columbus,
   Lock your gifts in the trunk. An electronics store bag filled      GA where he worked for the Wal-Mart Distribution Centers in
with goodies sitting on the back seat in plain view is tempting for   Opelika, AL and Hopkinsville, KY.
a smash-and-grab burglar.                                                Mr. Montgomery also worked for AKAL Security and served
   If shopping at outlet stores, consider moving your car             with this organization as a Sergeant and lead guard for 5 years.
when you drop off presents. No one likes to lug around too            Mr. Montgomery worked with Honeywell Technology Solutions,
many items from store to store, so most people return to their        Inc./Logistics Applications Inc. as an Inventory Specialist.
cars several times to drop off purchases and resume shop-               Mr. Montgomery is survived by his wife, Mrs. Margaret Ann
ping. When you do this, consider moving your car a few lanes          Montgomery, three children and eight grandchildren.
away. Thieves like to stake out parking lots for people leaving         All of us at LAI would like to offer our sincerest condolences to
purchases in their car and returning to stores. If they see you get   the team at Fort Campbell and to the entire Montgomery family.
in and drive away they will likely assume your shopping trip is
over and look for another target.
   Ask for a security guard escort. If you approach your car                         Health and Welfare
and see an someone staked out nearby, return to the store and         The proper way to wash your hands—you can prevent
ask for store security personnel to walk you to your car. Most
                                                                      the spread of infection.
stores are used to this. Besides, better to be safe than sorry!
                                                                         Our hands do many things from day to day. We greet people
   Have keys ready and don’t take your time getting in your
                                                                      by shaking hands, We open doors to enter offices and stores. On
car. There is nothing I hate to see more than a woman approach-
                                                                      our jobs we use computer equipment, such as a mouse and key-
ing her car while digging through a purse for her keys. Find your
                                                                      board All these things are magnets for germs that can cause
keys before you leave the store and have them in hand. Walk
                                                                      colds or stomach ills.
quickly and confidently to your vehicle, unlock, enter and lock the
                                                                         During the months of November through May germs are at
doors in quick fashion.
                                                                      their trouble making peak! Therefore, we must get into the
   Park in well-lit areas. If you know you will be shopping for a
                                                                      habit of washing our hands with soap and warm water.
long time, anticipate coming out into a dark parking lot and look
                                                                      You should always wash:
for light poles to park under. Besides providing light, light poles
also serve as a reference point in a crowded parking lot to remind     Before cooking and eating
you where you parked your car.                                         After using the bathroom or changing a diaper
   Parents, park next to the shopping cart return area.                After playing with pets.
When you are finished shopping it is nice to put the children in         It is not enough to run your hands through water and using a
the car seat and return the shopping cart one lane away, rather       paper towel to                                clean your hands.
than walking fifty feet away with your child alone in the car.        When washing,                                 rub your hands to-
  These are just a few things to keep in mind while out and about     gether and scrub                              all areas of your
this holiday shopping season. Actually, they are good tips for any    hands for 15 to                               20 seconds. If it is
time of the year, but especially during times when criminal activ-    not convenient to                             wash, an alcohol-
ity is high.                                                          based sanitizer                               (like Purell) can help
                                                                      kill germs. Hand                              wipes or gels are
                                                                      available in most                             drug stores.
        Answer to the Holiday Sudoku                                     We also need                               to continue to edu-
                                                                      cate our children                             on the importance of
                                                                      hand      washing.                            We     must     realize
                                                                      while there is                                    no    protection
                                                                      against every Proper hand washing includes germ at school,
                                                                                         using warm water and soap.
                                                                      there are ways                                    to reduce the
                                                                      risks. Remind your children to wash their hands often. Place a
                                                                      travel sized hand sanitizer in their backpacks.
                                                                          If your children participates in play dates, postpone them if
                                                                      you know there is a sick child within the playgroup. The Centers
                                                                      of Disease Control and Prevention recommends yearly flu shots
                                                                      for all children ages 6 months through their 19th birthday.

                                                                                           Quote to Remember:
                                                                        “The Holidays are an expensive trial of strength. The only
                                                                           satisfaction comes from survival.” - Jonathan Miller
          Volume 2 Issue 4                                  The LAI Connector                                                      8

                                                     Code of Ethics
                   Although LAI rightfully focuses on providing superior services to its customers,
                   LAI also wants to remind employees to ensure that the following Ethics, Safety,
                   Security, and Equal Opportunity and Treatment (ESSE) model is incorporated in
                   your daily work activities:

Ethics: There is no substitution for ethical behavior, conduct and practices. Simply put, when we take a job and
expect to be paid, get a clear understanding what is expected of you. Then, do that job with complete honesty and
integrity. It means coming to work on time and scheduling time off, rather than an erratic attendance pattern.
When you can not live up to the code of conduct that is expected of you, find another job while your dignity is still
in tact.

Safety: A safe environment is a productive environment. Always respect the complexities of your work and follow
the rules and regulations that have been established by subject matter and safety experts--that includes the cor-
rect tools, clothing, operational processes and preventative measures.

Security: We all have the responsibility to protect the security of our nation, family and community. This means
that we should first abide by the laws, rules and regulations around us and keep a vigilant eye and ear for any
deviation from sound security practices. We should safeguard our secret papers and materials to include access
cards credentials and report any suspicious incidents to appropriate authorities.

Equal Opportunity and Treatment: Everyone has the right to work in an environment that is fair and free
of discrimination and harassment of any kind. Leaders and managers must set the example by conducting all of
the project and program business where each employee is treated equitably and has the same opportunity to excel.
Everyone wants to be appreciated and it doesn't take much to tell our people they are doing a good job. LAI chal-
lenges each project and program manager to take a critical look at the ESSE of your group and see where you can
improve as a team. Tell the outstanding performers how they are performing-- and equally as important--let those
who are not performing at their top potential know that they need to shape up.

                    About LAI and EES                                         Through the combined resources of EES and LAI a full spectrum of
                                                                           information technology and logistics services can be offered. These
   Founded in 1986, LAI has built an excellent reputation for fairness
                                                                           services include:
and integrity, and a sustained performance record that has propelled its
growth. It is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business                 Facilities Management & Logistical Support
(SDVOSB) and certified member of the Virginia Regional Minority Sup-
pliers Development Council. LAI became a fully-owned subsidiary of            Information Technology Services
Edmonds Enterprise Services, Inc.                                             Business & Technical Consulting
   Edmonds Enterprise Services was founded in September 2004, by              Conference Planning & Management
Lieutenant General Albert J. Edmonds, USAF (Ret.). EES offers a wide
range of technical and business solutions to government customers.
                                                                              Information Assurance & Security

Edmonds Enterprise Services, Inc.
                                                                                   Our Schedules                                                                     IT-70
                                                                                      MOBIS-874
Logistics Applications Inc.
                                                                                      VETS GWAC
A fully-owned subsidiary of EES                                                                        LOGWORLD-874 V
                                                                                      AIMS-541
                                                                                      Office Imaging and Document Solutions-36
2760 Eisenhower Avenue, Suite 202
                                                                                      Consolidated Schedule-00CORP
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 703.317.9800 Fax: 703.317.9806                                                 ENCORE II Information Technology Solutions
                                                                                      TEAMS (Subcontract)

                                         EES and LAI are Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses

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