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									                       The Power Of Ohm
In the beginning of religious practice Sanatana Dharma "" is pronounced, the
sound is intense. It is also called Pranav mantra. According to ancient Indian
religion Pranav chant was the first creation of the universe. Yogis believe that it
has the power to change the normal human consciousness. This mantra brings
about a change in the method of the human body and mind. "" Not only a sacred
sound, but is a symbol of infinite power.

"" Word made up of three sounds: the o, oo, m.The visit "O" begins, which refers
to the first level of consciousness. At this level of consciousness the senses are
extrovert. Their focus is towards the outside world.

The "oo" sound occurs; the meditator is on another level of consciousness. At this
stage the meditator becomes dreamer. His senses are inwardly and karmic, the
former idea, currently thinks about hope and aspiration. Resolves the complex
nature of his life on the mastery level that looks light and enlightenment.
Distinguish themselves from the illusion of life seems to understand. His heart is
filled with compassion and love.

"M" pronounce the sound takes on the third level of consciousness. This level is far
ahead of dreams and consciousness of man power, looks around. Yogi considers
itself part of the creation and the universe do not differ from their own. After a full
proficiency in the level of consciousness of the infinite power source can power.

The third stage, which are called the state of ecstasy, to achieve very difficult for
ordinary humans but also in routine Pranav chant common man can prove

Some research has found that regular "ohm" pronunciation is of benefit in many
types of diseases. This stress, anger and frustration are away. Even claims that the
stomach, heart and brain disorders succeeded in removing.

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