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Our Vision
An Overview of
Qantas Group
Business Practices
Working toward our Vision

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                            B  Qantas Group Business practices

                         Message from the Qantas Group ceo                                      2
                         our Business principles, Behaviours and Values                         3
                         our policies and compliance                                            4

    How We Do            compliance with Laws and ethical standards                             6 
      Business           our people                                                             9
                         Qantas Group assets                                                    11
                         contracts                                                             12
                         records                                                               12

    How We               risk Management                                                       14
Manage risks             safety                                                                15
                         environment                                                           16
                         security                                                              16

       How We            external communications                                               18
  engage With            shareholders                                                          19
  stakeholders           suppliers                                                             19
                         Government                                                            20
                         Major transaction protocol                                            20

Important notes
this document provides an overview only of the Qantas Group’s business principles, values and 
practices. please ensure that you read the Qantas Group policies and other applicable policies 
referred to in this document.
“our”, “we”, “us”, “you” used throughout this document refers to directors, employees, contractors 
and agents of Qantas airways Limited, its wholly owned (legally or beneficially) subsidiaries and 
related bodies corporate (Qantas Group) and any person or organisation that acts for the Qantas 
Group, unless the context dictates otherwise. 

                                                        Qantas Group Business practices          1
Message From The Qantas Group CeO

                                    WOrkinG TOWArd Our VisiOn
                                    our vision is to be one of australia’s great businesses 
                                    and among the world’s great airline groups. 
                                    to achieve this, we need to work together with a 
                                    shared commitment to the highest standards of ethics 
                                    and integrity, while complying fully with all relevant 
                                    laws and regulations. 
                                    this booklet provides an overview of our business 
                                    principles, values and practices and highlights the 
                                    standards to be upheld by all of our people, including 
                                    how we do business, how we manage risks and how 
                                    we engage with our stakeholders.
                                    each one of us in the Qantas Group is a custodian of 
                                    our brands. our individual and collective behaviour 
                                    affects our reputation and our success.  
                                    it is important that you take the time to read this 
                                    booklet and its supporting policies and to apply it in 
                                    your work every day.

                                    Qantas chief executive officer alan Joyce

                                    2  Qantas Group Business practices
                                                                                                   Our Business Principles, Behaviours And Values
PrinCiPles, BehAViOurs And VAlues
non-negotIable busIness prIncIples              Qantas group behavIours
the Qantas Group has eight Board                the Qantas Group’s Behaviours are:
approved non-negotiable Business                safety — all of our people have a genuine 
principles (principles), which together with    commitment to safety.
our Behaviours and Values, guide how we 
                                                service — we demonstrate our ‘can-do’ 
undertake business and make decisions.  
                                                attitude and deliver on the customer promise.
the principles are:
                                                Innovation — we challenge the way things 
1.  We are committed to safety as our           are done and take ownership for finding a 
    first priority                              better way.
2.  We comply with laws and regulations         collaboration — we work with others to 
3.  We treat people with respect                create a winning culture and an enjoyable 
4.  We act with honesty and integrity,          place to work.
    upholding ethical standards 
                                                Integrity — we are open, always listen and 
5.  We are committed to true and fair 
                                                speak with honesty and respect.
    financial reporting 
6.  We are committed to environmental           the Group Behaviours are underpinned  
    sustainability                              by business unit level values which reflect 
7.  We have a responsibility to safeguard       the unique culture and brands of Qantas 
    Qantas Group reputation, brands,            and Jetstar.
    property, assets and information            Qantas values
8.  We proactively manage risk.
                                                Qantas’ Values support better connections 
the principles are the foundation for our       with our customers and people. Qantas:
Group policies. a supporting mandatory 
training program ensures that the principles     cares;
and Group policies are understood and            is forward thinking;
consistently applied in the business.            Has wisdom of experience; and
                                                 represents the best of  
                                                  contemporary australia.

                                                Jetstar values
                                                Jetstar’s Values support its strategic vision 
                                                of being the ‘World’s Best Low Fares airline’. 
                                                they are:
                                                 Be responsible;
                                                 Be energetically efficient;
                                                 Be consistently can do; 
                                                 Genuinely care; and 
                                                 passionate about enjoyment. 

                                                   Qantas Group Business practices             3
Our Policies And Compliance

                              QAnTAs GrOuP And OTher POliCies
                              Qantas group polIcIes                          complIance
                              the Qantas Group has 10 Group policies,        all of our people are expected to be aware 
                              which reflect the non-negotiable Business      of and comply with Qantas Group and other 
                              principles and outline the minimum expected    applicable policies (e.g. business unit policies 
                              standards across a range of governance         and human resources policies). in general, 
                              areas where compliance is necessary for        our people are responsible for:
                              legal reasons and to protect our brands         their own behaviour and actions at  
                              and reputation.                                  all times;
                              these are the Qantas Group:                     being aware of and complying with 
                              1.  code of conduct and ethics                  applicable policies, procedures and 
                              2.  safety and Health policy                    relevant legislation;
                              3.  Legal Matters policy                        treating customers and colleagues fairly 
                              4.  Finance policy                              and with respect;
                              5.  contracts review and execution policy       acting in the best interests of the Qantas 
                              6.  environment policy                          Group at all times; and
                              7.  information technology policy               seeking advice and/or authorisation 
                              8.  security policy                             before undertaking an action or activity 
                              9.  risk Management policy                      that may be contrary to a Qantas Group 
                              10.  Business resilience policy                 applicable policy. 

                              the Group policies apply to Qantas Group       any breach of applicable laws, prevailing 
                              entities and employees in line with the        business ethics or other requirements set 
                              Group’s corporate Governance Framework.        out in any policy document may result in 
                                                                             disciplinary action. such disciplinary action 
                              Human resource and other policies  
                                                                             may include, depending on the severity of 
                              exist at entity or business unit level, 
                                                                             the breach, counselling, formal warning, 
                              which also outline the minimum expected 
                                                                             demotion or termination of employment.
                              standards for our people in the context  
                              of their employment.                           similar disciplinary action may be taken 
                                                                             against any supervisor or manager who 
                                                                             directly approves and/or condones such 
                                                                             breaches or has knowledge of a breach and 
                                                                             does not take appropriate remedial action.
                                                                             in the case of a breach involving a legal 
                                                                             requirement, legal penalties may apply. 
                                                                             specific details are included in each  
                                                                             policy document. 

                                                                               to understand their obligations, our
                                                                               people must read all Qantas group
                                                                               and other policies relevant to them.

                              4  Qantas Group Business practices
How We Do Business
how We do Business   We are committed to complying with  
                     all applicable laws and regulations,  
                     and conducting business with the 
                     highest level of ethics and integrity.

                     COMPliAnCe WiTh lAWs
                     And eThiCAl sTAndArds
                     IntroductIon                                      complyIng wIth competItIon laws
                     We support:                                       our people are responsible for 
                      a commitment to compliance with all              understanding how their obligations under 
                      relevant laws and regulations and the            competition laws affect their dealings with 
                      highest level of ethics and integrity; and       customers, competitors and suppliers.
                      a zero tolerance approach to crime and 
                     33                                                our people and every person representing 
                      corruption in relation to our operations.        the Qantas Group must, regardless of their 
                     our australian and international operations       position or location, comply with australian 
                     must, at all times, be conducted in               and any local competition laws. this means 
                     accordance with all laws and regulations          that our people working overseas must 
                     applicable in australia, as well as in the        comply with australian competition law even 
                     jurisdiction in which we operate or undertake     if this sets a higher standard than would 
                     business activities.                              otherwise apply in the local area.

                     compliance with the law means observing           our people must:
                     the letter and spirit of the law, as well as       understand and comply with relevant 
                     managing our business so that both the             policies, supporting materials and 
                     Qantas Group and our people (in connection         processes;
                     with their employment) are recognised as           undertake mandatory competition law 
                     good corporate citizens at all times.              training, where relevant;
                     it is recognised that, in some cases, there        immediately report suspected, attempted 
                     may be uncertainty about which laws and            or actual non-compliance (however 
                     regulations are applicable when conducting         minor) to the competition Law team within 
                     business and there may be difficulties in          the Qantas Legal Department;
                     interpretation. in such circumstances, our         immediately refer any correspondence 
                     people must seek advice from their manager,        received from competition law regulators 
                     or the Qantas Legal Department, to ensure          to the competition Law team; and
                     understanding and compliance.                      immediately contact the competition Law 
                                                                        team with any questions or concerns.
                     our people must also conduct themselves 
                     and the business of the Qantas Group with 
                     the highest level of ethics and integrity and       to understand their obligations,
                     in the best interest of the Qantas Group. this      our people must read:
                     obligation applies particularly to dealings 
                                                                         • Qantas group code of conduct
                     with shareholders, customers, suppliers, 
                                                                           and ethics (which includes the
                     competitors, governments, regulators, each 
                                                                           competition law compliance policy)
                     other and all other stakeholders.
                                                                         • Qantas group legal matters policy
                                                                         • human resources policies and
                                                                           procedures (applicable to them).

                     6  Qantas Group Business practices
gIvIng or receIvIng                                  managIng conflIcts of Interest
prohIbIted payments                                  our people must not directly or indirectly 
Bribes, kickbacks, inducements or similar            have an equity interest in, or a significant 
payments must not be made to or for the              beneficial connection with, any business 
benefit of any government official (of any           or individual which competes with or is a 
country), customer, supplier or any other            supplier to the Qantas Group without the 
party in connection with obtaining orders,           prior consent of the Group ceo or  
any business advantage, favourable                   their nominee.
treatment or for any other purpose.                  our people must not engage directly or 
this prohibition extends not only to direct          indirectly in any outside business activity 
payments but also to indirect payments               involving commercial contact with, or work 
made in any form through distributors,               for the benefit of, Qantas Group commercial 
representatives, contractors, consultants,           customers, suppliers or competitors without 
agents or other third parties.                       the prior consent of the Group ceo or  
our people must not seek or accept any               their nominee.
type of compensation, fee, commission or 
gratuity from a third party in connection with       InsIder tradIng prohIbItIon
our operations.                                      the australian corporations act (as well 
                                                     as the laws of other countries in which we 
gIvIng or receIvIng gIfts                            operate) contain provisions which prohibit a 
our people must not give, seek or accept             person in possession of Material non-public 
in connection with our operations any                information (as defined in the Qantas Group 
gift, benefit, entertainment or other                code of conduct and ethics) relating to a 
personal favour or assistance which goes             company from dealing in any way in the 
beyond common courtesies associated                  securities of that company.
with accepted ethical airline and general            For our people, this legal requirement 
commercial practice.                                 dictates that they must not (or must not 
the purpose of this requirement is to ensure         cause a third party to) purchase or sell 
that the offer or acceptance of a gift cannot        securities (as defined in the Qantas Group 
create an obligation or be construed                 code of conduct and ethics) (including 
or used by others to allege favouritism,             Qantas securities) while in possession of 
discrimination, collusion or similarly               Material non-public information. this legal 
unacceptable practices by us as a business.          requirement applies to all listed companies, 
                                                     not just to Qantas and its people.
upon receipt of, or the proposal to give, a 
gift or hospitality that is valued at more than      additional requirements apply to nominated 
a$500, or a number of gifts of any value from        Qantas employees (as defined in the Qantas 
a single party, our people must discuss the          Group code of conduct and ethics).
appropriateness of the gift or hospitality with 
their manager. Where there is any concern  
                                                       to understand their obligations,
about the appropriateness of the gift or  
                                                       our people must read:
hospitality, it must be reported to the company   
secretary at,                  • Qantas group code of conduct
for inclusion in a Gift register.                        and ethics.

                                                        Qantas Group Business practices              7
how We do Business   it is the responsibility of all our people to  
                     report matters that are of legitimate concern  
                     to them. We are committed to providing  
                     a safe environment for our people to do so.

                     raIsIng a concern                                   whIstleblower polIcy
                     our people should feel comfortable raising          in instances where our people are fearful 
                     matters that are of legitimate concern              of any possible unfavourable repercussions 
                     to them. We have grievance resolution               as a result of raising a concern, the 
                     guidelines and procedures to assist our             Qantas Whistleblower policy can assist 
                     people with resolving concerns in the               with protecting their identity. the Qantas 
                     workplace, such as interpersonal conflicts,         Whistleblower Hotline is independently 
                     inappropriate behaviours and the outcome            managed on behalf of Qantas by 
                     of internal recruitment processes. if there         pricewaterhousecoopers (1800 855 212 within 
                     is a breach of any legal or regulatory              australia or +612 8266 1453 outside australia 
                     requirement or of any policy, it is employees’      or the 
                     responsibility to report the matter. it is          Whistleblower committee is obliged to protect 
                     preferred that such concerns or potential           the identity of any whistleblower. 
                     breaches are reported directly to managers, 
                     executive Managers, Group executives, 
                     business unit ceos or to the Qantas Duty              to understand their obligations,
                     security controller (+612 9691 1818 or extension      our people must read:
                     21818 or                     • Qantas group code of conduct
                                                                             and ethics (which references the
                                                                             whistleblower policy and crime and
                                                                             corruption control policy).

                     8  Qantas Group Business practices
our future success is underpinned by  
our people being skilled, motivated and 
supported to do great things.

Our PeOPle
recruItIng the rIght people                     rewardIng our people
Into the rIght Jobs                             We aim to ensure that all our people are 
We aim to provide a fair and transparent        appropriately remunerated and rewarded 
recruitment process based on:                   for their performance. remuneration should 
 sourcing, selecting and appointing the         be equitable and sufficiently competitive to 
 best possible candidates for available         attract, motivate and retain the best people. 
 positions based on merit;                      We also recognise the contribution of our 
 developing our people wherever possible;
33                                              people who provide excellent service to, or 
 positively managing candidates and the 
33                                              ensure the safety of, our customers or their 
 selection process; and                         colleagues. We have a variety of internal 
 ensuring new employees are onboard as 
33                                              recognition programs to allow our people to 
 quickly and as smoothly as possible.           thank each other for a job well done.

assIstIng our people to achIeve                 managIng the way our people work
our aim is to create a work environment that    We understand that our people have very 
supports our people and enables them to         different work, life and family responsibilities. 
do their best work. We have an ongoing          We aim to manage work arrangements 
focus on managing performance both at           using a flexible and efficient approach, 
the individual and team level. Managing         which supports the operational needs of the 
performance at Qantas is a two way process      business, while taking into account the work-
incorporating responsibilities for both         life balance of our people. 
individuals and their manager.

developIng our people                             to understand their obligations,
                                                  our people must read all human
We support and encourage the personal 
                                                  resources policies which apply to them.
and professional development of our people, 
through identifying talent, maintaining 
relevant professional qualifications and 
supporting approved external training and 
education courses. 

                                                   Qantas Group Business practices              9
how We do Business   We are committed to building 
                     and fostering a culture in 
                     which diversity is valued and 
                     to providing a workplace that 
                     is free from discrimination, 
                     harassment and bullying.

                     promotIng eQual                                   treatIng people wIth respect
                     employment opportunIty                            We are committed to treating our people, 
                     We are an equal opportunity employer.             customers and the wider community with 
                     ‘equal employment opportunity’ refers to          dignity and respect. 
                     employment practices that are designed to 
                     enable existing and potential employees 
                     to compete on their merits for employment,         to understand their obligations,
                     promotions, transfers, training and other          our people must read:
                     employment related benefits, without                • Qantas group code of conduct
                     reference to irrelevant characteristics such          and ethics
                     as gender, race and disability.                     • standards of conduct policy
                                                                           (applicable to them).
                     preventIng harassment
                     and bullyIng
                     We aim to foster a workplace where 
                     people respect and tolerate the rights and 
                     differences of others. Harassment threatens 
                     this by making the workplace uncomfortable 
                     and unpleasant. Harassment is not always 
                     intended — acts or behaviour which are 
                     meant to be funny, or don’t mean much to 
                     one person, may hurt or offend another. 
                     Harassment in the workplace is not tolerated 
                     and is a form of discrimination if it is based 
                     on an unlawful ground such as gender, race 
                     or disability.
                     Likewise, bullying or any form of occupational 
                     violence in the workplace is not tolerated 
                     and may represent a breach of relevant 
                     occupational health and safety laws.
                     if any of our people feel that they are being 
                     harassed, bullied or discriminated against, 
                     they should contact their manager or people 

                     10  Qantas Group Business practices
our people must appropriately use and  
secure Qantas Group assets, including 
property, equipment, information and  
financial or physical resources.

QAnTAs GrOuP AsseTs
protectIng assets, property,                      protectIng personal InformatIon
eQuIpment and InformatIon                         our people must keep personal information 
our people must take all reasonable steps         of customers and their colleagues 
to secure and ensure the protection of our        confidential and secure and must not 
businesses assets, premises and resources.        disclose or use that information, or permit  
in particular, our people should take care        its disclosure or use, unless permitted  
to minimise the possibility of damage, theft,     by applicable privacy law and Qantas  
fraud or unauthorised use or removal of           Group policy.
business property by any person.                  our people also have a duty to preserve 
information is an asset that, like other          the confidentiality of information within 
important business assets, is essential to an     the Qantas it environment, when removed 
organisation and consequently needs to be         from the Qantas it environment and when 
safeguarded. this is especially important         accessed remotely. 
in the increasingly interconnected business 
environment. if our people have Qantas            protectIng fInancIal resources
Group information within their care, it should    prior to committing the Qantas Group to any 
always be used in a responsible manner            operating or capital expenditure, necessary 
and adequately safeguarded against                approvals must be obtained in accordance 
damage, loss, theft, alteration and               with the relevant financial and contract 
unauthorised access.                              execution delegations.
inappropriate material is not permitted to 
be accessed by, nor be stored on, business 
assets in any form. inappropriate material          to understand their obligations,
includes any information of a threatening,          our people must read:
obscene, pornographic, discriminatory or            • Qantas group code of conduct
harassing nature.                                     and ethics
                                                    • standards of conduct policy
                                                      (applicable to them)
                                                    • Qantas group Information
                                                      technology policy
                                                    • Qantas group finance policy.

                                                     Qantas Group Business practices           11
how We do Business   We are committed                                   established policies, 
                     to minimising our risk                             practices and controls 
                     and liability when                                 support us in meeting  
                     entering into contracts.                           our statutory requirements  
                                                                        in relation to preparing  
                                                                        and maintaining financial 
                                                                        records and retaining records 
                                                                        and other documents.

                     COnTrACTs                                          reCOrds
                     enterIng Into contracts                            preparIng and maIntaInIng
                     contracts or agreements entered into by            fInancIal records
                     entities in the Qantas Group must protect,         We are committed to preparing and 
                     so far as possible, our commercial, legal          presenting true and fair financial information 
                     and liability position consistent with our risk    which is:
                     management philosophy.                              measured accurately and completely;
                     it is a mandatory requirement that specified        disclosed appropriately in accordance 
                     contracts must be reviewed by specialists           with relevant regulatory requirements, 
                     from treasury, insurance, Legal, tax and            accounting standards and the Group’s 
                     accounting.                                         Finance and accounting policies; and
                     additionally, contracts must be executed on         prepared within an appropriately 
                     behalf of Qantas by a person who is properly        controlled environment.
                     authorised and has appropriate delegation          Financial records must be maintained to 
                     to do so.                                          accurately and completely record and 
                                                                        explain the Qantas Group’s transactions, 
                                                                        financial position and performance.
                       to understand their obligations,
                                                                        our people must fully cooperate with our 
                       our people must read:
                                                                        internal or external auditors and must not 
                       • Qantas group contract review and               make a false or misleading statement or 
                         execution policy.                              conceal any relevant information from  
                                                                        these auditors.

                                                                        retaInIng records
                                                                        our people must keep records in line 
                                                                        with relevant statutory requirements and 
                                                                        Qantas Group standards. each business 
                                                                        area is responsible for identifying statutory 
                                                                        obligations or organisational standards 
                                                                        relevant to their records and for ensuring 
                                                                        that retention and storage is conducted 
                                                                        in accordance with those obligations and 
                                                                        standards. Where multiple requirements 
                                                                        indicate different periods, the longer period 
                                                                        applies.  When records are no longer 
                                                                        required, they must be disposed of in a 
                                                                        secure manner.

                                                                          to understand their obligations,
                                                                          our people must read:
                                                                          • Qantas group code of conduct
                                                                            and ethics
                                                                          • Qantas group finance policy.

                     12  Qantas Group Business practices
How We Manage risks
how We Manage risks   We are committed to embedding risk 
                      management practices including  
                      business resilience capability within the 
                      business to support the achievement of 
                      business objectives and to fulfill corporate 
                      governance obligations. 

                      risk MAnAGeMenT
                      managIng rIsks                                    respondIng to
                      all businesses face a range of external           emergencIes or crIsIs
                      and internal factors that make it uncertain       While we are committed to the highest 
                      whether they will achieve their business          standards of safety, security and risk 
                      objectives. the effect that uncertainty has on    management, it is acknowledged that  
                      objectives is risk.                               the aviation industry operates in a volatile 
                      By proactively understanding and managing         environment subject to internal and  
                      risk we can provide greater certainty and         external impacts. 
                      security for our employees, customers and         For us to sustain such an environment, 
                      stakeholders.                                     and continuously grow our ability and 
                      all people at Qantas manage risk when             agility to respond to change, we integrate 
                      they make decisions and take action. We           business resilience capabilities into our risk 
                      provide them with the tools they need to help     management framework. 
                      them discover, understand and respond to          in the event of a major incident or crisis 
                      risk in the most appropriate way. We train        that has the potential to impact the Qantas 
                      them in the use of these tools so that the        Group, an airline partner or the broader 
                      management of risk becomes a natural part         community, business resilience capabilities 
                      of everything we do to help embed a risk          enable us to work together and to take a 
                      management culture.                               leadership role in:
                      an important part of managing risk is              ensuring the safety and welfare of our 
                      ensuring that the critical controls we rely         people, customers and wider community;
                      on are in place and remain effective. it is        protecting our brands; and 
                      important that we proactively check and            operating critical services. 
                      monitor those controls so that we can take        these capabilities are assured through 
                      action to avoid failure.                          a robust exercise program focussed 
                      Monitoring and reviewing our risk                 on building confidence and effective 
                      management performance is important               stakeholder co-ordination and management 
                      to help us all to continue to deliver on our      processes. 
                      strategy and vision. it is important to:
                       enable accurate and timely risk 
                      33                                                  to understand their obligations,
                       information to be captured and shared 
                                                                          our people must read:
                       across the Qantas Group; 
                       to treat the risks;                                • Qantas group risk
                       capture lessons learned; and                         management policy
                       promote continuous improvement.
                      33                                                  • Qantas group business
                                                                            resilience policy
                                                                          • Qantas group Information
                                                                            technology policy.

                      14  Qantas Group Business practices
safety is our first priority and forms the basis 
of all sound decisions and actions within the 
Qantas Group. We are committed to being 
recognised as the world’s leading airline group 
in air, ground and people safety and health.

sAFeTY And heAlTh
beIng safe                                        through the active participation and 
safety is our first priority and we are           commitment of all our people we will strive to 
dedicated to continuous improvement in            protect the health and safety of our people, 
the prevention of injuries, illness, accidents    customers, suppliers, assets, operations and 
and incidents through effective safety            the wider community.
management systems, quality processes and 
a strong safety culture.                            to understand their obligations,
We achieve this through our commitment to:          our people must read:
 individual acceptance of accountability 
33                                                  • Qantas group safety and
 and responsibility for safe conditions and           health policy
 behaviour;                                         • Qantas management
 a culture of safety leadership, 
33                                                    system standard
 collaborative effort, open communication,          • Qantas drugs and alcohol
 dissemination of safety information,                 management plan (damp) (and/or
 consultation and involvement at all levels 
                                                      local damp where appropriate)
 in the workplace;
                                                    • standards of conduct and human
 managers demonstrating and driving 
33                                                    resources policy and procedures
 genuine safety commitment and 
                                                      (applicable to them)
 leadership through their personal actions;
 working within a healthy and safe                  • any related safety and
 environment by integrating safety and                health standards documents
 health, environment, security, quality, risk         (applicable to them).
 and compliance management systems;
 managers explicit support of a just cultural 
 environment, where all our people and 
 contractors are encouraged to report 
 errors and hazards;
 developing strategies and measurable 
 objectives for achieving safety and  
 health targets;
 continuous monitoring, measurement, 
 reporting and improvement of safety 
 management outcomes and health and 
 safety performance;
 effective hazard identification and  
 risk management, including the 
 integration of human factors into safety 
 management systems;
 providing education and training based 
 on defined competencies;
 meeting or exceeding compliance with 
 regulatory and legislative obligations, and 
 company standards and policies; and
 recognising our people for demonstrating 
 safety excellence or developing innovative 
 safety solutions.

                                                    Qantas Group Business practices           15
how We Manage risks   We are committed to being                       We are committed to 
                      recognised as a leading                         protecting our passengers, 
                      airline group committed to                      our people and assets  
                      environmental sustainability.                   and have a ‘zero tolerance’ 
                      We are focused on                               approach to crime.
                      continually improving our 
                      environmental performance.

                      enVirOnMenT                                     seCuriTY
                      beIng envIronmentally responsIble               challengIng and reportIng
                      all of our people have a responsibility         the Qantas Group security Department 
                      to continually reduce the environmental         maintains and continually develops a robust 
                      footprint of our business.  this is achieved    security system that protects our customers, 
                      through managing impacts and risks to the       people and assets. 
                      environment, while making sure we comply        We encourage a security culture that 
                      with all relevant laws. We also set and         requires our people to challenge and report. 
                      regularly review our environmental strategy     all our people must understand that security 
                      to drive continuous improvement.                is their responsibility. our people understand 
                      our long-term strategy is based on:             their area better than anyone else and it is 
                       robust measurement and transparent             their contribution that will assist in ensuring 
                        reporting of our environmental footprint;     that our environment and operations remain 
                       investment in advanced technologies and        safe and secure. 
                        fuel efficient aircraft;                      if a person’s conversation or action, or an 
                       leading fuel conservation and airspace 
                      33                                              object, appears suspicious or out of place,  
                       management activities that represent best      it is important that it be reported to either  
                       practice and leadership; and                   a manager or the Duty security controller 
                       active involvement in industry efforts to 
                      33                                              (+612 9691 1818 or extension 21818 or  
                       develop sustainable aviation fuel.   
                      We need the support and engagement              our people are also expected to ensure that 
                      of our people and suppliers to build            their work area and personal belongings are 
                      environmental awareness, capability             secure at all times.
                      and contribution across the Qantas 
                      Group. importantly, our people must take        elImInatIng crIme
                      responsibility for ensuring compliance          crime and corruption has significant 
                      with relevant laws and internal standards,      negative impacts on our brands, customers, 
                      taking the initiative to lead environmental     people and assets.
                      improvement projects as well as reporting of 
                      any environmental hazards and incidents.        We are committed to the management and 
                                                                      control of crime and corruption, including 
                      We encourage all of our stakeholders            fraud. We aim to eliminate criminal activity 
                      to consider how they can minimise their         against our business by our people, 
                      impact on the environment. particular           customers, suppliers or other stakeholders. 
                      focus should be given to: optimising fuel,      We have a ‘zero tolerance’ strategy in 
                      electricity and water consumption; reducing     relation to crime and corruption.
                      waste-to-landfill; and improving sustainable 
                      procurement practices.
                                                                        to understand their obligations,
                                                                        our people must read:
                        to understand their
                                                                        • Qantas group security policy
                        obligations, our people
                        must read:                                      • Qantas group code of conduct
                                                                          and ethics.
                        • Qantas group
                          environment policy.

                      16  Qantas Group Business practices
How We engage With stakeholders
how We engage With stakeholders   We are committed to communicating effectively 
                                  with our external stakeholders.

                                  eXTernAl COMMuniCATiOns
                                  makIng publIc statements                         ensurIng contInuous dIsclosure
                                  about the Qantas group                           Qantas is listed on the asX and must comply 
                                  our people must not, without authority,          with the relevant continuous disclosure 
                                  directly or indirectly state that they are       provisions of the australian corporations act 
                                  representing the Qantas Group or its public      and the asX Listing rules. 
                                  position in respect of any matter.               all our people must immediately disclose 
                                  Where authorised to comment publicly about       full details of any Material non-public 
                                  the Qantas Group, our people must maintain       information (as defined in the Qantas Group 
                                  an open and honest approach. However,            code of conduct and ethics policy) that 
                                  given Qantas is listed on the australian         comes to their attention to the relevant 
                                  securities exchange (asX) and Qantas is          executive committee Member or to the 
                                  subject to the asX’s continuous disclosure       company secretary. 
                                  obligations, those authorised must ensure        the confidentiality of Material non-public 
                                  that only public information is provided         information (whether being finalised for 
                                  when answering questions asked by                asX disclosure or exempt from disclosure 
                                  external parties.                                under asX Listing rule 3.1a) must be strictly 
                                  our people must not directly or indirectly       maintained within the Qantas Group 
                                  engage in any activity which could               by all persons who have access to that 
                                  by association cause Qantas public               information, regardless of title or position. 
                                  embarrassment or other damage.                   none of our people are permitted to disclose 
                                  our people must not disclose Qantas              such information, except on a need-to-know 
                                  confidential information (as defined in the      basis, within the Qantas Group. Disclosure 
                                  Qantas Group code of conduct and ethics)         of Material non-public information to 
                                  to any third party, either verbally or in        consultants who have been contracted to 
                                  written form, without the prior consent of an    work on a particular transaction can only 
                                  appropriate executive committee Member,          be made with the approval of the relevant 
                                  or where the disclosure is legally required,     executive committee Member.
                                  in consultation with the Qantas Legal            information requiring asX disclosure must not 
                                  Department.                                      be provided to any external party until it has 
                                                                                   been released to the asX.

                                                                                     to understand their obligations,
                                                                                     our people must read:
                                                                                     • Qantas group code of conduct
                                                                                       and ethics (which includes the
                                                                                       continuous disclosure policy).

                                  18  Qantas Group Business practices
We are committed to                            We seek to optimise 
facilitating effective                         shareholder value by 
shareholder communication                      engaging and managing 
and participation at annual                    ‘best practice’ suppliers 
General Meetings.                              to obtain sustainable 
                                               competitive advantage.

shArehOlders                                   suPPliers
communIcatIng and partIcIpatIng                supplIer engagement
at all times, we are committed to making       and management
announcements and distributing                 suppliers are important to our success and 
communications to shareholders in              reputation. in engaging and managing 
accordance with the australian corporations    suppliers, our people are required to comply 
act and asX Listing rules. We also endorse     with the relevant procurement policies 
the asX corporate Governance council’s         and related procedures, which have been 
corporate Governance principles and            designed to ensure: 
recommendations and are committed to            best value-for-money outcomes that meet 
effective communication with shareholders        the business’ needs;
and effective participation at our annual       fair and ethical decision making  
General Meetings (aGM).                          and interactions;
We provide various means by which               consistent and clear rules of engagement;
shareholders can access information             appropriate approval and visibility  
about Qantas, including via internet,            of decisions; 
email and print.                                compliance with relevant laws and 
We aim to give the maximum number of            regulations; 
Qantas shareholders the opportunity to          appropriate management of conflicts of 
participate in aGMs, by holding aGMs in a       interest and gifts; 
different australian state each year and        communication and documentation of 
webcasting the aGM for those shareholders       requirements and expectations;
who are unable to attend in person.             assessment and management of  
                                                supply risk;
                                                appropriate conduct of suppliers;
  to understand their obligations,              successful and sustainable relationships 
  our people must read:                         with suppliers; and
  • shareholder communications policy.          continuous improvement and innovation.
                                               suppliers acting in the capacity of 
                                               employees are also expected to uphold the 
                                               Qantas Group standards outlined in this 
                                               document. For further information please 
                                               contact the Qantas Group procurement 

                                                 to understand their obligations,
                                                 our people must read:
                                                 • Qantas group code of conduct and
                                                   ethics (includes competition law
                                                   compliance policy)
                                                 • the relevant procurement policy.

                                                 Qantas Group Business practices          19
how We engage With stakeholders   We promote a collaborative                         We have protocols in place  
                                  relationship with government,                      to demonstrate that the 
                                  while complying with all laws                      highest standards of 
                                  and upholding the highest                          corporate governance are 
                                  ethical standards.                                 maintained in the event 
                                                                                     of any major transaction 
                                                                                     involving the Qantas Group. 

                                                                                     MAJOr TrAnsACTiOn
                                  GOVernMenT                                         PrOTOCOl
                                  managIng polItIcal donatIons                       We have a Major transaction protocol to  
                                  political donations (either in cash or in-         deal with:
                                  kind) must not be made (including to any            material acquisitions in Qantas (greater 
                                  government official, political party, political     than 10%); 
                                  party official, election committee or political     material acquisitions in another entity 
                                  candidate) directly or indirectly on behalf of      (greater than 20% or a$100 million in 
                                  the Qantas Group.                                   value); or 
                                  our people must be vigilant that any cash           any other transaction which could have 
                                  or in-kind support given to community               a material impact on the management or 
                                  organisations cannot be construed as a              operation of the Qantas Group (such as a 
                                  Qantas Group political donation.                    material strategic alliance agreement). 

                                  our people may attend political party              in instances where the Qantas Board or 
                                  conferences and political functions in             Management decides to enter discussions 
                                  their capacity as an employee of the               in relation to any of the above matters, it will 
                                  Qantas Group, only with the approval of a          develop formal protocols for managing the 
                                  relevant executive committee Member (or            contact between the third party and Qantas, 
                                  the chairman if a Director) for commercial         which may include specific protocols for: 
                                  reasons and where the price charged is              managing any potential conflict of interest;
                                  not in excess of the commercial value of the        maintaining confidentiality;
                                  conference or function.                             ensuring compliance with Qantas’ 
                                                                                      continuous disclosure obligations to  
                                                                                      the asX;
                                    to understand their obligations,                  allocating responsibility to individuals 
                                    our people must read:                             (whether Directors, Management or 
                                    • Qantas group code of conduct                    external advisers) to act as Qantas’ 
                                      and ethics.                                     representatives in any discussions;
                                                                                      allocating the authority Qantas 
                                                                                      representatives have in discussions with 
                                                                                      the third party; and
                                                                                      ensuring prompt and complete reporting 
                                                                                      to the Qantas Board.

                                                                                       to understand their obligations,
                                                                                       our people must read:
                                                                                       • major transaction protocol.

                                  20  Qantas Group Business practices
Qantas airways Limited aBn 16 009 661 901

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