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Minutes of Board Meeting held at the Club April 24, 2012

Present: Leslie Mortin, Don Norman, Don Drever, Joan Quinlan, Norma Barber, Sandra Benson,
Rose Dunitz (acting secretary)
Regrets: Pamela Keim, Patty Kinney, Janice Anderson, Ilsa Krukoff
Guest: Jamie Bohach (Cooperators – insurance)
Leslie Mortin called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.

1.0 Adoption of the Agenda
    Add 7.4 Financial planning for the future
    Add 7.5 Request to rent
    Motion by Don Norman, seconded by Joan Quinlan, to adopt the agenda as amended. Carried.

2.0 Presentation by Jamie Bohach
    As a follow-up to research by treasurer Norma Barber re: comparative insurance rates, Norma invited
    Jamie Bohach (of the Cooperators on Quance St) to address the board regarding what they can offer
    us and to answer questions regarding our insurance needs. Mr. Bohach told us that he had contacted
    our landlord to gain a clear understanding of what the Club responsibility is in regards to what must
    be covered by our insurance. The landlord’s responsibility would be to rebuild and finish as per the
    original rental condition. Any improvements or alterations would be our responsibility, as would all
    contents. He explained that tenants’ legal liability is when something is deemed to be our fault due
    to negligence. A question was raised about host liquor liability, and Mr. Bohach said he would check
    into this before finalizing any contract. Mr Bohach then left the meeting, with thanks from the Board,
    who will study his proposal.

3.0 Adoption of the minutes of March 17, 2012
    Motion by Norma Barber, seconded by Joan Quinlan, that the minutes of March 17, 2012, be
    adopted as presented. Carried.

3.0 Business Arising from the Minutes

4.0 President’s Report
    Pamela Keim absent – no report

5.0 Financial Report
    Norma Barber presented her financial report. She noted that revenue is down and so is the table count.
    There was discussion about the low attendance for some evening games. Don Norman suggested that
    we could look at combining some games, that is having a section for open games and a section for
    restricted games. Don Drever suggested that we should present a plan at the AGM. Don Norman did
    up a spread sheet and may be able to present a more accurate projection at the AGM. It is noted that
    the Club is regularly losing money.
    Motion by Norma Barber, seconded by Don Drever, to adopt the financial report as presented.

6.0 Old Business
       6.1 AGM items
           The following were listed as topics for the AGM
           - declining table count
           - facilities
           - increase in fees

           -   spread sheet (Don Norman)
           -   catering of Christmas party
           -   website partnership

       6.2 General Insurance Quotes
           Discussion was based upon other quotes previously presented, and the quote from Cooperators.
           Cooperators quote was $410 which includes tenant improvements and $1000 deductible.
           Motion by Norma Barber, seconded by Don Norman, that we purchase our insurance through
           Cooperators. Carried unanimously.

       6.3 Website Partnerships
           Don Norman and Joan Quinlan have asked for names for the upcoming Moose Jaw tournament.
           Too early to tell if this will be effective.

7.0 New Business
    7.1 Answering the Mail
        Deferred. Both Pamela Keim and Ilsa Krukoff absent

    7.2 Board members’ intent re: standing for another term
        The following have indicated their intent to date:
        Returning: Norma Barber, Rose Dunitz, Joan Quinlan, Leslie Mortin, Pamela Keim
        Not returning: Don Drever

    7.3 Christmas Party – catering suggestion
        Joan Quinlan suggested and recommended that the 2012 Christmas party be catered. She said that
        it was too much work for the committee. Norma Barber said she could provide caterers’ names
        and price quotes.
        Motion by Norma Barber, seconded by Don Drever, that we look into the option of catering the
        2012 Christmas party. Carried.
        This item will be on the AGM agenda for discussion and member input

    7.4 Financial planning for the future
        It is hoped that we can see us through to 2013 without having to cash in further investments. This
        is based on interest that is coming this year, and interest in July, 2013.

    7.5 Request from the Royal Belles to rent
        The Club received a request through Lorraine Garratt from Gail Quinney. She is requesting the
        use of the Club facility for a Sunday in late July. The plan would be to hold a bridge session as a
        fund raiser for wounded warriors / soldiers. The sponsor is Royal Belles.
        Motion by Sandra Benson, seconded by Joan Quinlan, that we agree to rent our facility to the
        Royal Belles on a Sunday in late July, for the purpose of their holding a bridge session fundraiser.
        The rent would be at the rate we have charged for similar events. Carried.

8.0 Committee Reports
   8.1 Promotion and Public Relations
       Party nights. Joan Quinlan mentioned that we should notify the membership of dates that liquor
       will be sold, and that these will be dates when food will be brought in by the members.
       We will have party nights, with liquor available for purchase, for the Swiss teams events Thursday
       May 3 and Thursday May 10th

   8.2 Club Operations
       Don Drever reported that the urinals in the men’s washroom are now working better and the smell
       is gone.
   8.3 Game Management
       Nothing to report

   8.4 Site Committee
       Bob Loewen and Don Drever will meet with the City re: possible rental of property

9.0 Club Management
     No report - Jan Anderson absent

10 Tournament Chair
   Rose Dunitz is to become tournament chair in October

11. Date for the next meeting: Saturday, June 2nd, 2012 at 11:00 a.m.

Meeting adjourned at 7:15 by Sandra Benson


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