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									March 30, 2009                           The Student Newspaper of Duke Ellington School of the Arts                                            2008-2009, Issue 6

  Duke ‘Superwoman’
 Pens Family Memoir
                                                                            Sophisticated Lady
By Sierra Reaux-McNeil
Green Chair Staff Writer

    Once a month, Sheryl Cashin sits on the
board of Duke Ellington School of the Arts to
improve our school.
    And she does much more. I would call her a
modern-day superwoman.
    She is a tenured professor of law at
Georgetown University, mother of twin boys
and author of two books. Her most recent book,
The Agitator’s Daughter, focuses on her father
John Cashin, great grandfather Hershel Cashin
and herself.
    Her family includes a long line of political
activists. The first page of the book starts out in
a hot church as John Cashin gives a compelling
speech to the people of Greensboro, Ala.,
encouraging them to vote and be active in the
political process. It really gives you a sense of
the power that her father’s words had over an
    During an interview at her Northwest, D.C.
home, Cashin went in depth about how much
effort her father put into his work. She said that       Thanks to an alumna of the Duke Ellington School of the Arts, the school has $310,000 more in its coffers.
at times it felt as if he cared more for his work        Acclaimed mezzo-soprano Denyce Graves raised the funds at a benefit concert on Feb. 25 at the Kennedy
than his family. There was a time when the IRS           Center. Using the theme “Sophisticated Lady,” Graves performed classical, jazz, pop, and R&B and
and FBI were investigating John Cashin and the           spirituals. Those who attended said the show was off the hook! Graves was scheduled to be accompanied
family lost money and their home. This episode           by pianist Lee Musiker and the Duke Ellington School of the Arts Show Choir. She is pictured here on that
was one factor in the build-up of animosity              evening with Duke Ellington’s Head of School Rory Pullens. —Shayla Owens
                            See CASHIN on page 2

Girls Scouting for Change                                                                        The Cool of Skateboarding
                                                                                                By Meredith Wyscarver
By Maria Snellings
                                                                                                Green Chair Staff Writer
Green Chair Staff Writer
                                                                                                     Skateboarding was born
    Don’t worry. Girl Scout cookies aren’t
                                                                                                during the 1940s when
going anywhere but the organization is
                                                                                                surfers in California needed
experiencing major changes.
                                                                                                something to surf when the
    Textbook-like handbooks are seeing
                                                                                                waves were flat. No one
their last days, books and blogs are
                                                                                                really knows who made the
written by young girls and no longer will
                                                                                                first skateboard. The first
Girl Scouts have mothers as scout leaders.
                                                                                                skateboards were made out
College students will lead them instead.           The recently launched blog, in               of wooden boxes attached
    Just a year ago, a new project was         collaboration with Microsoft, is called          to roller skate wheels.
released called Journeys. According to the     “LMK”, or “Let Me Know,” where                   Wooden boxes turned into
Girl Scout’s Web page, Journeys is a tool      girls—scout or not—can use a safe                decks and the wheels, which
where scouts get awards for discussions,       Internet page as an outlet to talk to other      were eventually made out of
activity involvement and success that          girls. Scouts will also be able to contact       polyurethane, were attached           D.C. skaters take advantage of the
groups have achieved together. There           other scouts in various countries via            to the decks.                           hardscape at Freedom Plaza
is no mention of the previously used           videoconferencing. Girls won’t have to                Thanks to Alan “Ollie”
badges. Accordng to Washington Post            wonder what other Girl Scouts look like          Gelfand, the no-hands aerial
journalist Megan Greenwell,, badges,           with the recent change in uniforms.              move, later known as the
which once reinforced the 97-year-old               According to, new            Ollie, was invented in 1976. So in the 1970s came the boom of
organization’s competitive factor, will be     uniforms were produced just this past fall.      skateboarding and, with skateboarding, came skate parks—along
“de-emphasized.” Along with the new            The designs were approved in 2006 by             with injuries, angry moms and high doctor bills. So skateboarding
books, the girls will be writing blogs as      the National Board of Directors. Still each      faced a crash in popularity. But throughout the 1980s, the
the use of the Internet is now supported       ranking has their own full uniform with          popularity of skate boarding boomed. Although skate parks were
by the organization.                                              See SCOUTS on page 2                                               See SKATEBOARD on page 2

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2                                                                ~News~                                        the GreeNchair
                                                                                                         Today’s Girl Scouts
                         the GreeNchair
                                                                                                                    SCOUTS, Continued from page 1
                                      March 2009
                                                                                                        sash, tunic and vest; however older groups have khakis
                                                                                                        and white shirts. If the Brownies and Daisies begin feeling
                                                                                                        like they want to try out the big kids clothes, they can sport
                                                                                                        the white and khaki ensemble too. The girls aren’t the only
                       Produced by students in the                                                      ones with new uniforms, the leaders and other aiding adults,
                      Literary Media Arts Department                                                    have their navy attire with a scarf or a tie for men.
                 at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts.                                                   Of course, the organization is not doing this alone.
                                                                                                        Julie Murphy administers the great renovation as the Senior
                                                                                                        Director of Strategy for Girl Scouts of the USA. In an
                                                                                                        interview) posted on, Murphy explains her
                                                                                                        job. She says that she’s all about managing and making
                                 Contact us at :                                                        sure the nationwide transition under the core business
                                                                      strategy is a smooth one. Murphy stresses the importance
                                                                                                        of teaching young girls the true meaning of being a leader,
                                                                                                        its importance and how to become one. Murphy anticipates
                                                                                                        people will begin noticing and commenting on the growth
                                                                                                        of leadership in the organization instead of just the cookies.
                          Check out our new Web site!                                               continues to sell their Celebrate
                                                                                                        Girl Scout Week patch, giving scouts the go to celebrate                                                                    Girl Scout week traditionally without any specific changes
                                                                                                        in correlation with the transformation process. For example,
                                                                                                        Monday is still Homemaking Day and Thursday is still
                                                                                                        International Friendship Day. In a 1966 GS Handbook,
                                                                                                        Girl Scout Week is described as a week of reflecting winter
                                                                                                        activities and also making future preparations for the near
                        Miya Nashonne--Editor-in-Chief                                                  spring and upcoming summer. This year, Girl Scout week
                        Raven Reese--Centerfold Editor                                                  was March 8 – 14.
                        Max Freshour--Fun Page Editor                                                        With these changes, it seems the Girl Scouts may reach
                                                                                                        their goal of attracting young girls of every socioeconomic
                                                                                                        and cultural background, living in today’s modern world,
                                                                                                        and continue to be an organization that appeals to young
                                                                                                        girls—and teenagers too.
                     Esther Iverem--Journalism Teacher

                      The Green Chair is supported by
                         the Prime Movers Program
                      at George Washington University                                                          News of the Strange:
                                                                                                                For One Woman,
                                                                                                               A Hair Weave is a
              D.C. Author Writes About                                                                           Real Life-Saver
                 Her Family’s Many
                                                                                                           By Carolann Collins
               Struggles and Triumphs                                                                      Green Chair Staff Writer

                                                                                                                Wearing a weave may be more than a fashion
     CASHIN, Continued from Page 1                                                                         statement.
                                                                                                                In Kansas City, Mo., Briana Bonds was shot in
between her and her father.                                                                                the back of her head by her ex-boyfriend, 28-year-
    She said she started to research for this                                                              old Juan Kemp. The bullet failed to inflict the
book when she was in in her twenties and                                                                   intended damage due to her red and black tightly
attempted to write the book when she was in                                                                knitted shoulder length weave. The woman says she
her thirties. The reason these attempts failed                                                             felt the impact of the bullet and believed she was
is because, she said, she could not “write                                                                 dead for a moment. The bullet was found tangled in
honestly.” She was still harboring too much                                                                her weave.
resentment from childhood and-present-day                                                                       “I now believe the weave paused the bullet, and
differences.                                                                                               didn’t let it go any further,” Bonds said to reporters.
     “I wanted to honor him and I was also                                                                 “Really I think God was in my passenger seat. He
thinking about the fact that my dad was                                                                    protected me,” she added.
going to read this,” she said of her work.                                                                      A weave is synthetic or natural human hair used
She emphasized the fact that there are                                                                     to enhance ones natural volume and length. It that
three main characters and that the book is       Sheryl Cashin has written a memoir about her family.      can be purchased at most local beauty supply stores.
a memoir, not a biography. The book also                                                                   Hair weave is used most commonly among women
served to help her release all the bad feelings                                                            to give their hair a new look, because of its wide
she harbored about her dad from her young adulthood. The book chronicles the family                        variety of color, length, and texture. Hair weave is
history, connecting the “activist” gene in her family and the strength that comes from her                 also popular because it is not damaging to the hair
ancestors.                                                                                                 and is possible put in yourself, (though a salon is
    I’m very spiritual and god called me to write this book,” she said. “He led the way and                recommended).
I had fun. I wasn’t anxious about it.”                                                                          Who would have thought that wearing a weave
                                                                                                           would save your life?
the GreeNchair                                                                         ~Health~                                                                                      3
                              A Night to Remember: The Winter Ball
By Ramona Santana
Green Chair Staff Writer

     The 2009 Winter Ball was an event that should not have been missed by
anyone. It was open to Duke Ellington students and other youth of the city
who were fortunate enough to accompany Duke students as dates. Overall, the
March 7 event was affordable, with tickets for singles $15 and for couples $25.
As a discount, the first 100 students at the door only had to pay $10. Doors
opened right here at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts at 8 pm and the
event ended at midnight.
     The theme was centered on fame so it was definitely a night to remember.
All the girls “dressed to impress” with styles in all configurations of the
imagination—strapless, bubble-shaped, halter and even cheetah print. The
boys were just as innovative, sporting suspenders, slacks, button down shirts
and even accessorizing with hats. Everyone’s attire revealed something very
distinct about each person’s personality, rather than the cliché judgment that
we are all young artists craving attention.                                                        Partygoers enjoy the evening at this year’s Winter Ball. More photos on page 6.
     As more people arrived, the crowd on the dance floor gradually grew.                                                     Photos by John Payne
Faculty swarmed throughout, frequently snapping pictures and adding
a paparazzi feel to the event. The conventional “red carpet” hung above
everyone instead of being spread on the floor and the senior class colors of                 On the other hand, after the court was announced and they received their
gold and purple were used subtly as decorations. These colors were significant           goody bags, DJ Scrappy- Doo worked out the crowd. Dancers got their
for seniors because this was their last Winter Ball at the school.                       money’s worth because everyone was on their feet. Girls began taking off
     The “Queen B” and “King” of the night were, respectively, Julissa                   their high heeled shoes because the speed of beats and melodies was equal to
Hernandez and Elijah Easton. “I didn’t even know I was nominated,”                       working out in a gym.
Hernandez, a senior in the dance department, said. “I wasn’t expecting to even               Jordan Seace, the senior class president, organized the entire Winter Ball
get called so when I heard my name, I just went up there. I don’t really care            and hired the DJ with the help of the committee. “I really enjoyed the music
about stuff like that.”                                                                  but, overall, I’m glad that everybody had fun. I didn’t expect it to turn out so
                                                                                         great compared to last year’s Winter Ball [but] our hard work really paid off.”

    In D.C., Skateboarding Maintains                                                                                                Upcoming Events
        Its Popularity...and Cool                                                                                      Apr 2
                                                                                                                       Vocal Senior Showcase, 3:00 pm
                                SKATEBOARD, Continued from Page 1                                                      Theater

                                                                                                                       Apr 3
seldom built, the lack of a park did not stop skaters from street skating. Also during the 80’s, the VCR
                                                                                                                       Records Day, EARLY DISMISSAL AT 12:30
(video cassette recorders) came into popularity, so people began to make skate videos.Through the 90s,
both vert (park,off-street) and street skating was at its highest peak. It also developed a rawer, angrier
                                                 attitude and often was a gateway to punk rock music.                  Apr 6
                                                      Today, skateboarding is revived. Competitions are tak-           Pullens “Unplugged” Meeting
                                                 ing place more than ever, with the X Games and Dew Ac-                6:00 pm, Student Dining Center
                                                 tion Sport Tour. Magazines are also big, with Thrasher and
                                                 Transworld. Videos all over the net and movies, such as
                                                 “lBaker2G,”, “Almost Round 3,” with Rodney Mullen and
                                                                                                                       Apr 6
                                                 “Birdhouse: The Beginning” videogames and merchandise.                Visual Arts Parent Meeting
                                                 According to the Transworld Skateboarding Business Sum-               6:30 pm, Mr. Harris’s Room
                                                 mer 1998 Retailer Survey, shoes represented 26.5 percent of
                                                 the market share, followed by decks (26 percent), apparel (16         Apr 7
                                                 percent), trucks (11.5 percent), wheels (11 percent) and ac-
                                                                                                                       Senior Music Recital
                                                 cessories (9 percent). (
                                                 ing/skateboarding-history.htm)                                        3:00 pm, Theater
                                                      While the public might be familiar with well-known
                                                 skateboarders, such as Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen and Bam               Apr 8
                                                 Margera. But what about Issaya Whitesides, Christian Brown,           Student Achievement Assembly
                                                 Malik Jennings-Phillips, Clarence Alexander, Donnie Wil-              10:00 am, Theater
                                                 liams and sometimes Colin Cook and Connor Lewis? Most
                                                 of these skaters are 16- and 17 years old, with the exception
                                                 of one 15-year-old. They all started at different times.              Apr 8
                                                      In a city filled with Park Police waiting to pin skaters to      Staff Meeting (EARLY DISMISSAL AT 3:15 PM)
                                                 the ground as if they just robbed a bank, where do skaters
                                                 skate? Freedom Plaza in downtown D.C.and Bridge Spot in               Apr 9
     Christian Brown work out on his skateboard. Northeast are the most common place you’ll find skaters.
                                                                                                                       Senior Music Recital, 3:00 pm Theatre
                                                    Among skaters, Park Police are known for being bullies.
                                                    “Every time I go to Freedom Plaza they try to round us up
but they’ve never caught me,” said Issaya. “One time they had me and a few other guys lay on the ground                Apr 10-13
with our hands behind out backs, but one of the guys got up and started running so we just dipped on t                 NO SCHOOL – DISTRICT WIDE
    “I don’t understand why we get hassled so much,” added Christian. “ We are not hurting anyone; why                 Apr 14
arrest us for having fun? If they’re gonna kick us out at least give me a new spot to skate.”
     “I have a funny story,” Donnie said. “One day I was skating at Freedom. I was on the CVS side when
                                                                                                                       Senior Music Recital
Park Police rolled up on the curb. I never saw them get out because I was running by then. With Father
Payne(Duke Ellington’s dean of Students), when he sees us, he just says “Put that skateboard away. I’m                 Apr 16
not going to the hospital with anybody.”                                                                               NO SCHOOL – DC Emancipation Day
4                                               ~Commentary~                                                                  the GreeNchair
   Obsessed With Rihanna And Chris Brown
By Caroline Hall                                                                                                                                According to police reports, Brown
Green Chair Staff Writer                                                                                                                    fled the scene after the attack but later
                                                                                                                                            turned himself in. He has recently been
    Opinions are flying every which way                                                                                                     released on $50,000 bail and is scheduled
at Duke Ellington when it comes to the                                                                                                      for arraignment on April 6. Rihanna told
battered pop singer Rihanna Fenty and her                                                                                                   reporters that she will do whatever the law
lover Chris Brown.                                                                                                                          requires her to do and she will testify if she
     “If a man hits you once, he will hit you                                                                                               is subpoenaed but only if the case goes to
again!” said Patricia Elam, a literary media                                                                                                trial. There have been recent reports that the
teacher, when asked about the altercation                                                                                                   couple has reunited.
between Chris Brown and Rihanna.                                                                                                                Rihanna told People magazine that she
     People make mistakes, people mess                                                                                                      was not the only victim in this situation and
up,” said Shabriea Womack, a vocal music                                                                                                    that Chris was a victim too. She said that the
student. “I don’t know why people are acting                                                                                                reason Brown reacted in the way he did is
like Armageddon hit. It’s their business.”                                                                                                  because Rihanna blurted out “I am not your
    Honestly, I don’t know what should                                                                                                      mother” during their argument, referring to
be done in this situation. The mind’s first                                                                                                 the abuse Chris Brown’s mother endured
instinct is to escape an abusive relationship                                                                                               while she was in a relationship with Brown’s
when the abuse first happens. But what about                                                                                                stepfather. Once this was said, Rihanna
women like Rihanna, who are in love and                                                                                                     said that Chris Brown began hitting her
learn to forgive and forget? What about the        Chiris Brown wrote the original lyrics to the song “DIsturbia,” which Rihanna recorded.  uncontrollably until she lost consciousness.
women who blame themselves for the man                                                                                                         “Honestly I don’t think that it is any of our
hitting them?                                                                                                                              business whether they get back together or
     On the way to the Grammy Awards on Feb. 8, Brown, who is 19 years old,                       not,” Womack added. “Whatever she feels she has to do, then I guess she thinks
allegedly physically abused Rihanna, who just turned 21, in their Lamborghini                     that would be best for her.”
rental. Rihanna reportedly told police that the dispute began after they left Clive                   Asia Martin, a theater student, said Rihanna should take the beating as
Davis’s pre-awards party when Brown received a text message from another                          a sign of things to come. “If a man beats you as bad as he beat her then he’s
woman and the couple began to argue about whether Brown is a womanizer.                           probably going to do it again, and next time it may be way worse,” Martin said.
The couple pulled into a Los Angeles neighborhood called Hancock Park where                            All that many of us can say is that we wish the best for Rihanna and Chris
Chris Brown allegedly choked, smacked and beat Rihanna, who was found                             Brown and, personally, I hope that a situation like this does not occur again
unconscious on the lawn of a undisclosed witness who told reporters that she                      because many adoring fans look up to the young couple and the last thing
heard a woman screaming outside her home.                                                         needed is another negative influence on our generation.

            Surviving a Long-Distance Relationship
                                                                                                  Watch a television show
 By India Berger                                                                             or listen to the same music at
 Green Chair Staff Writer                                                                    the same time.
                                                                                                  Hook your Xbox (if you
     I think the popularity of the Internet makes it more likely that long                   have one) to your computer or
 distance relationships can be stronger and more likely to succeed. But can                  laptop and play video games
 one truly sustain a long distance relationship for an extended amount of                    with one another.
 time, even if the love is ‘that strong?                                                          Play an online karaoke
     For most people the answer would be ‘no.’ It takes a lot of commitment,                 game.
 work and trust to keep a long distance relationship healthy. From e-mails                        Recommend quizzes that
 and phone calls, to post cards and letters--sometimes these things might                    you two should take.
 become repetitive. Can a long distance relationship, whether it’s love, family                   Instant message each
 or friendship, be just the thing that pulls two people apart?                               other on the weekends.
     The first thing that might cross a person’s mind when entering a                             Text message each other
 LDR (long distance relationship) is the fact that it will be hard to keep                   on your cell phones.
 the relationship going if they cannot see the person physically during the                       Send random surprises (from teddy bear to special gifts) for no apparent
 time they spend ‘together’. Usually people see this as one of the hardest                   reason.
 challenges. They feel that the lack of time spent physically along side the                      Play Yahoo games while instant messaging each other.
 person brings a disappointing sense of absence. They may feel as though                          Go see a movie at the theater and talk about the same movie on the
 they are too distant for their loved one to feel what they feel or vice versa.              phone.
      There is also the test of time. Everyone has to prioritize duties and                       Make your very own Web site together.
 choose whether or not to spend time on their loved one or their work. In                         Create a hobby to support your cause for creating that website.
 this instance, sometimes the person on the other end of the relationship may                     Create an IMVU avatar on
 feel either left out or left behind (if their distant mate is experiencing things                Download a free online game (such as “Fly for Fun,” “Grand Chase,” or
 without them) or they may feel forgotten and may soon feel that the other                   “World of War Craft”).
 person doesn’t care as much for them anymore, which may challenge the                            Send videos to your distant friend showing how your vacation in Hawaii
 trust between the two.. Another thing that can jeopardize an LDR is when,                   went or how your day at the beach was.
 for an extended amount of time, two people have not been able to contact                         Or...
 one another.                                                                                     Send recipes or suggestions of food and/ or restaurants that you would
     These are only some of the challenges that a people in LDRs face. But                   like your friend to try.
 here are some of my ideas for keeping the relationship flowing without                           Any one of these options on this list will help make a long distance
 getting repetitive with emails and letters:                                                 relationship much more enjoyable and interesting. For more choices look up
                                                                                             all the different tyes of games, IM sites, and online games on the web. This
     Create a video on Youtube and send it to your loved one.                                way, you and your far away friend will stay connected and almost never get
     Sign up on a free webcam site (                                             bored with one another.
    the GreeNchair                                                              ~Commentary~                                                                                       5
  The Race of Barack Obama                                                                                                     The New York Post
                                                                                                                               Insults All Blacks
                                                                                                                               By Raven Reese
                                                                                                                               Green Chair Staff Writer

                                                                                                                                   The New York Post crossed the line
                                                                                                                               between comedy and racism when it
                                                                                                                               published a cartoon by Sean Delonas
                                                                                                                               depicting cops shooting a chimp and then
                                                                                                                               remarking that someone else would have
                                                                                                   President Barack            to write the next stimulus bill to save the
                                                                                                   Obama makes a               nation’s economy.
                                                                                                   statement on AIG on             The stimulus bill was created by President
                                                                                                   the South Lawn of the       Barack Obama, the first African American
                                                                                                   White House on March        president of the United States and the cartoon
                                                                                                   18, 2009. He left shortly   instantly drew outrage from civil rights
                                                                                                   afterwards for his trip     leaders, who said that Delonas was playing
                                                                                                   to California. (Nancy       on longtime racist caricatures of Black people
                                                                                                   Stone/Chicago Tribune/      as monkeys. Some also argued that the
                                                                                                   MCT)                        cartoon represented the simulated murder/
                                                                                                                               assasination of Obama.
  By Kris Hall                                               ago, right?                                                           When I first heard about the cartoon,
  Green Chair Staff Writer                                        There are also people who would call Obama                   which was published Feb. 18, I was surprised
                                                             black, because they are black. The reason for this                that it has been published in a newspaper—
       There is an ongoing debate on the race of Barack      is simple enough. They don’t want people to take                  even a seamy tabloid like The New York
  Obama. Is he black, or is he white? Personally, I          away Obama’s victory for black people. What if                    Post. I felt like no matter how the artist may
  believe that he is both. I don’t think it’s necessary to   people decided that Obama wasn’t a legitimate                     feel about President Obama, that image was
  label him one or the other. Why can’t he just be black     black president? What if they said that the white in              a stupid thing to draw. I thought it was even
  AND white? The answer to that question is because          him negates the black? It would be as outrageous                  more ridiculous for the editor to run it in the
  of society.                                                as ridiculous, but that is also why, in terms of the              newspaper. There is no doubt that a picture
       There are those people out there who would say        presidency, Obama is black. How could you really                  like that would stir up racial controversies. I
  Obama is black because they are racists. I’m not           say otherwise? If he wanted sit at the front of the bus           read one article that said the comic was not
  saying this because I think just because they say          in some Southern cities 50 years ago, he’d be sent to             directed towards Obama but I thought that
  he’s black they are a racist.I’m saying that there are     the back. If he was arrested and went to prison, he’d             reasoning was stupid because he is the one
  those who think that he is “tainted” because of his        be more likely to get a stiffer sentence.Yet, when he             who gave the final O.K. for the stimulus bill.
  mixed ancestry. They think that he is less than any        becomes the most powerful man in the world, he is                     This is the apology from Rupert
  so-called “pure blooded” white person. Now, you            no longer black. This mindset is an ignorant one, but             Murdoch, chairman of the News Corp.,
  might say that this was the mindset of people 100          one that many have. Still then there are more people              which owns the Post (and Fox News). “Last
  years ago, or 40 years ago and that that’s not how it      that see beyond the graying line of black and white.              week, we made a mistake. We ran a cartoon
  is anymore. That’s not true at all. I mean, how could           Many people just see Obama as multiracial. I am              that offended many people. Today I want to
  you ever believe that? Yes, it might not be as bad         one of those people. I believe that he is neither one             personally apologize to any reader who felt
  as it was say 50 years ago—and by bad I mean you           nor the other, but simply both. There is no question              offended, and even insulted. Over the past
  don’t find countless cases of blacks being unjustly        in my mind that he is the first black president of the            couple of days, I have spoken to a number of
  killed or persecuted by whites--but it’s still around.     United States. His being part white takes nothing                 people and I now better understand the hurt
  The number of those cases might have gone down,            away from him being black. He is still black, as                  this cartoon has caused. At the same time,
  but there are still those cases. There are still blacks    much as he is white, but he is still black. He is                 I have had conversations with Post editors
  being gunned down by cops. It has never stopped. It        a symbol of new generations, of breaking down                     about the situation and I can assure you —
  happened in the 70s, the 80s, the 90s, and has now         the racial barriers that divide us. He represents the             without a doubt — that the only intent of that
  continued in the new millennium. You can’t say that        future, a future where the line between black and                 cartoon was to mock a badly written piece of
  people today aren’t as racist as they once were. There     white becomes gray. Hopefully the whole world will                legislation. It was not meant to be racist, but
  might not be as many racists but they are definitely       come to realize the truth spoken by Tupac: “It ain’t              unfortunately, it was interpreted by many as
  still here. Hell, people are still alive from 50 years     about black or white cause we’re human.”                          such.”
                                                                                                                                    I do not think that this slight apology for
                                                                                                                               the comic was sincere. The paper should not
                                                                                                                               have ever posted it or printed it. I believe

    How Seniors Can Tackle Stress                                                                                              this incident shows a lot about our culture in
                                                                                                                               America. I think this is a sign that America
                                                                                                                               will never become a colorblind society—even
                                                                 “One of the hardest things for me is remembering              with an African American president. It
By Destiny Jackson                                           that I’m still in high school and that it’s not over yet.         shows that there are deep pockets of racism
Green Chair Staff Writer                                     Sometimes it just gets so easy to neglect my school               here. Come on now. People aren’t stupid.
                                                             work because I’m so focused on doing applications for             Of course, the picture was a stab at African
     Senior year can be the most fun year of the high        college and stuff” says museum studies senior Sharifa             Americans, and a joke for racists who have
school experience but it’s no secret that it is also, by     Austin.                                                           referred to us as monkeys or apes.
far, the most stressful. Colleges, grades, work and—             It’s for certain that the stress only builds from here
eventually—leaving some of your closest friends and          and it doesn’t get easier, whether you choose to go to
family can all add up to stress. It’s an experience that     college or not, so here are some tips on how to stay
truly molds the years ahead.                                 ahead of everything and avoid a melt down. Stress
      Stress is the way we interpret and react to            management is an enabler to coordinate school work
experiences. Such stresses include moving away from          and extracurricular activities as well. Being able to
home, building new friendships, time management,             take time for yourself during the day is a good way to
and striving to meet all other academic needs. The way       relieve stress. Accept criticism. This can only help for
these experiences are interpreted may allow those to         the future. Remember that everyone around you just
cope with the stresses of their college years.               wants to help you succeed. It’s proven that exercising
     Some seniors here at Duke Ellington say that most       is one of the best ways to relieve stress, so having a
of the stress of their senior year comes from the college    short work out, or even taking a walk at least three
application process and also staying on top of their         times a week is a good way to stay healthy and calm.                This New York Post cartoon caused a public uproar and
school work.                                                 when things seem to build up on you.                                 renewed scrutiny of the controversial New York Post.
10         ~Centerfold~    the GreeNchair
                          the GreeNchair
Fun Times and Performances At Duke...

                           Above and left: scenes from Our
                          Town, produced by Duke Elling-
                          ton’s Theater Department. Below:
                          moments at this year’s Winter Ball.
                          Winter Ball photos by John Payne.
                          (Winter Ball article on page 3.)
the GreeNchair               ~Centerfold~   7
    A Great Night at the Kennedy Center

 More images from the
Denyce Graves gala at the
Kennedy Center. Clock-
wise from top: Kenneth
and Bonnie Feld with
Graves; Ellen Coppley, ex-
cutive director of the El-
lington Fund, speaks with
attendees; Former Vice
Principal Dewy Reeves
with Graves.
Photos by Ralph Alswang
 8                                                         ~Arts~                                              the GreeNchair
    The Other Side of Graffiti: How They See It Overseas

                                                                                                                                                  Photos: Left: One of Ka-
                                                                                                                                                  pi’s collaborations, which
                                                                                                                                                  includes two portraits.
                                                                                                                                                  Below, one more portrait
                                                                                                                                                  of the artist and another
                                                                                                                                                  graffiti painting.

By Donnie Williams                                                                  my tag style, I got to keep it warm.
Green Chair Staff Writer
                                                                                         How much trouble do you have with putting up your graffiti? Are the
     Hip-hop culture is a big part of our lives. It determines how some people      cops always on you?
dress, talk to each other and act in various situations. A lot of times, though,         I don’t have a big problem ever doing graffiti. I learned from subway
we are only exposed to the perspectives of Americans toward hip-hop. We             artists. I did recognize that to be hidden and “clean” was kind of an obligation.
don’t know much about the attitude toward hip hop in other countries. Kapi          At first we were just the guys painting in Barcelona and we started off like
is a graffiti artist based in Spain who has done work everywhere in the world.      that. We made sure we kept the yards clean so we could hit spots again. So I
He’s worked with the likes of Seen, a profound graffiti artist in New York City.    always had the fact that I had to take care of everything before doing anything
This interview covers one view what’s on the other side of the pond.                illegal. . I had to run many times (from yards mainly) and I had to spend a
                                                                                    few hours in police stations but I was safe (no real proofs). Nothing big ever
     So what inspired you to become a graffiti artist?                              happened. Now I don’t really paint illegally and when I do (bombing for
     I was connecting to the hip-hop culture (as most people in 80’s in Europe )    example) I don’t use my name KAPI.
through break-dance. I started breaking in ‘84 and met the other elements that
also became very interesting for me. So in ‘86 (Christmas 1985) The Subway                What has been your favorite piece in the past when looking back on
Art Book [by Martha Cooper] came to my hands and finally I understood               it?
how graffiti worked. I was 15 so I was a good age to start bombing. The thing           Hard to say man. There are several pieces that are important to me because
is that since I started in ‘86 I never stopped painting, I had a lot of activity    of the moment. For example in 2002 I did a piece in an exhibition in Madrid
during my early years because it was the only thing I had. My friends were          together with Seen (NY) and others. I did some new styles and techniques that
my motivation to keep tagging so that was the reason that in early 90’s I was       I had never tried before. After that piece everything changed. It was a new
well-known on the scene. I was one of the elders already and I was pushing          beginning. Nowadays I am still using the same technique. Also I did a piece
the scene doing big things, like opening a graffiti shop, doing a magazine and      in Chicago in 2007. (The link is
making graffiti events.                                                             kapi/6kapichic07.jpg). I like this one a lot, but mainly because it was one of
                                                                                    the last. Normally, more recent pieces are what I like the most. It’s a good sign
     What other artists or what things do you look at when your doing               for me that tells me I am developing and growing.
your work?
      I mainly like to see what other graffiti writers who paint on my style, do.       How often do you collaborate with other artists?
We feed on each other I guess. I am not into other graffiti styles (like street         Whenever I can. I’ve been painting alone lately but I didn’t used to. In the
art, stickers and so). I like to see wild styles. Everything that comes from the    past when some friend would come to visit me I would love to share a wall
original NY 80’s subways. Everything developed from that point is interesting       with them. It’s inspiring and it also feels good to have some competition.
for me. There are great letter artists nowadays that I have in mind, for
example, Dare (Switzerland), Bates (Denmark), all the guys from my German                 If you could work with anyone other tagger in the world who would it
crew (The Chosen Few), Ces (NY) and many more. I like the way these guys            be?
“destroy” the letters. I am not very influenced by these elements                                       I’ve painted with almost all of my favorite writers out
or any other things lately. Maybe music or cinema are the ones                                      there. Of course I would do it all again. I haven’t shared a wall
that give me some ideas.                                                                            with Bates or Ces yet.

    How often do you practice a day and how much of your                                                What musical artists are you listening to right now?
stuff gets thrown away, if any?                                                                         I am listening Maggotron - Mission Electro (2007 release).
     I don’t practice normally. I had very intensive years when                                     I do Electro Funk so I listen to what others do to be inspired
I was painting weekly and other years when I was drawing 100                                        and feel some competition.
sketches to develop my name’s letters but also I like to rest
for long periods of time. For example, last year I did not paint                                        What did you think about Obama becoming president?
anything besides a few                                                                                                                    Everybody here
jobs. That’s good because                                                                                                            in Europe feels some
now I feel I want to                                                                                                                 release. Bush was a
go again and do some                                                                                                                 really hard, evil man
developing and maybe                                                                                                                 doing [stuff] everywhere
go to the next step in                                                                                                               but mainly in your
my style. I do b-boying                                                                                                              country. To many people,
also and DJ so I’ve been                                                                                                             it seems like you all are
practicing with these                                                                                                                going backwards in many
things lately more then                                                                                                              senses... I think Obama is
graffiti. But one thing to                                                                                                           trying to put back some
mention is that I like to                                                                                                            “humanity” into politics
have some black books                                                                                                                there in the USA. At
near to do tagging, and                                                                                                              least it’s what he says
write letters, but mostly                                                                                                            and what he is showing
just to develop                                                                                                                      right now. Let’s see...
the GreeNchair          ~Arts~              9
 The Brutal and Cinematic World of ‘Watchmen’
By Margaret Gushue
Green Chair Staff Writer

   “Watchmen” is not your conventional superhero movie. First of all, there are no
superheroes. Dr Manhattan, played by Billy Crudup (“Almost Famous”), is the closest
thing to a superhero and, really, he’s more easily put into the “God” category.
    Watchmen takes place in an alternative 1985, where Richard Nixon is still president
and costumed men and women fight crime until a bill is passed banning superheroes.
Some still exist under the government, a few are rogue superheroes, but most are
retired. The story begins when an older superhero, The Comedian, played by Jeffrey
Dean Morgan (“Weeds”), gets killed. A rogue superhero, Rorschach, played by Jackie
Earle Haley (“Little Children”) suspects a serial killer. Rorschach spends most of the
movie warning retired superheroes and trying to evade capture.
          Stylistically, “Watchmen” is very dark. Much of it takes place in the rain or at
night and the scenes shot outside depict dirty streets full of crime. The cinematography
puts you directly in the action, where nobody is safe. The amount of violence verges
on, if not crosses over, gratuitous with sounds of broken bones and puddles of blood
throughout. Something that is often not thought about when watching movies is the
placement of music cues. In this film, they are very bad. The music orchestrated for the
movie works well but the music that’s meant to take you back to the time period falls
flat. The music moves when the characters stand still or it just doesn’t follow the mood
of the scene.
          Those of us who read the graphic novel “Watchmen” may find ourselves won-
dering why the action scenes are in slow motion, while most of the book’s subplots and
back stories are completely cut. Those who did not read the book have trouble grasp-
ing the superheroes without super powers concept. Also, though the movie in many
ways does a good job getting the feeling from the book, some of the dialogue taken
directly from the book could’ve been cut (“What is that bean juice?” “Human bean
          Overall, I would say “Watchmen” is entertaining, though not a great movie. It
carries over many of the theories the book had and the acting, for the most part, works.
It’s directed by Zach Snyder, based on the book by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. The
screenplay is by David Hayter and Alex Tse. The movie stars Jackie Earle Haley, Jef-
                                                                                                        The Comedian, also named Edward Blake, is a violent superhero in the movie “Watchmen.”
frey Dean Morgan, Billy Crudup, Matthew Goode, Malin Akerman, Patrick Wilson and
                                                                                                        The role is played by actor Jeffrey Dean Morton.          Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures
Carla Gugino.

      Diverse Carries on Chi-town’s Hip-Hop Tradition
                                                                      By Donnie Williams
                                                                      Green Chair Staff Writer

                                                                           Over the past couple of years, Chicago has given birth to some of the hottest artists of today.
                                                                      Kanye West, Common and Lupe Fiasco all hail from the Windy City. But one Chicago artist that
                                                                      you probably have not heard of is Diverse, a beast in his own making who is iconic in the hip-hop
                                                                           According to, he was born Kenny Jenkins and grew up in the Englewood
                                                                      neighborhood of Chicago. During high school, his interest in rap grew and he started writing
                                                                      his own lyrics but was hesitant to perform in front of friends. In 1993, he graduated and went to
                                                                      Northern Illinois University on a baseball scholarship. After entering college, he injured a ligament
                                                                      while playing football and that ended his career indefinitely. He decided to move back to his home
                                                                      town and worked as a mail boy. It was here that he honed his MC skills. After a couple of years he
                                                                      quit his day job to rap full time.
                                                                           He developed a wide and complex vocabulary that, in turn, translated into a sick flow. He was
                                                                      soon compared to the likes of Talib Kweli and Common. He has worked with Shag and Mos Def,
                                                                      just to drop a couple of names.
                                                                           His full length CD, One A.M , listened to on, is something to boast about. His flow
                                                                      is a combination of sickness and compelling words that you really don’t even have to understand
                                                                      to in order to enjoy. His beats are smooth but the delivery is even smoother, which I guess would
                                                                      explain the mail boy job. Everything he says is rebellious and filled with imagination, whether it
                                                                      is something abstract he’s talking about, such as love, or how good of a b-boy he is, there is no
                                                                      disappointment on this disc. It takes you back to the old days when you bought a CD and it wasn’t
                                                                      considered good unless everything on it was good. It is definitely a must-buy for any hip-hop head.
                                                                           The rapper RJD2 produced more then half of the CD and put his own flavor on the opening
                                                                      tracks “Certified” and “Uprock.” Lyrics Born also collaborated on One A.M. with a robot-like
                                                                      flow on the song “Explosive.” Some other big names on the CD include Jean Grae, Cannibal Ox,
                                                                      Madlib, Jeff Parker, Rob Mazurek and Ted Sirota.
                                                                           A personal favorite on the album is “Certified,” a song that comes out of the gate hot. It can be
                                                                      heard on “Tony Hawks Underground Remix” for the PSP. One of many sick lines in the song is:
                                                                           Give you something to twist up, lift up
                                                                           Breathe in now let it resonate, elevate
   Diverse may not be as well-known as other Chi-town artists but          Come like smoke that broke through heavens gates.
 old-heads give him much respect. Image taken from his first album,        The CD shows Diverse mastering his art form. Look for him on the Web if you can find him.
                             One A.M.                                 He’s one really well-kept Chicago secret.
10                                                                   ~Arts~                                            the GreeNchair
   A New World of Downloaded Games                                                                                        Arts in Brief
                                                                                                                         ‘Madea’ is a Surprise Hit
                                                                                                                         Madea is hit! She’s broken her own box office
                                                                                                                       records with more than $83 million raked in so far.
                                                                                                                       Mabel Simmons, you all know her as Madea, has
                                                                                                                       made quite the name for herself on the big screen.
                                                                                                                       She is known as the feisty mother and grandmother
                                                                                                                       who strikes fear into the hearts of friends and foes.
                                                                                                                         Writer-direcor Tyler Perry not only acts as
                                                                                                                       Madea in these comical films but plays the role of
                                                                                                                       Joe, Madea’s elderly brother, who lives with her in
                                                                                                                       her Georgia home. Tyler Perry has written and di-
                                                                                                                       rected seven movies released in theaters, including
                                                                                                                       “Diary of a Mad Black Woman,” “Madea’s Family
                                                                                                                       Reunion” and “Madea goes to Jail.”
                                                                                                                         In this latest film, Madea is finally being convict-
                                   An image from the downloadable game “World of Goo.”
                                                                                                                       ed of her past crimes and is sent to jail along with
                                                                                                                       another familiar face, Keyshia Knight-Pulliam who
By Max Freshour                                              soles has also allowed developers to re-release           plays Candace Washington, a convicted prostitute.
Green Chair Staff Writer                                     classic titles on current-generation systems. Wii’s       A longtime friend of hers Joshua, played by Derek
                                                             “Virtual Console” service takes advantage of this         Luke, tries to help her get off the streets and con-
   Video games are a joy to play. There is little I en-      feature by allowing gamers to download classic            vince her to do something with her life but an old
joy more than popping in a new game and starting             titles from past systems such as the NES, Nintendo        memory of when she was raped takes a toll on him
it up. The days of going to a store and buying a new         64, Sega Genesis and many others. The Virtual             and his new fiancé, Linda, played by Ion Overman.
game, however, may soon be a thing of the past.              Console currently offers more than 250 games,             Turns out they both work as lawyers, but Linda’s
More and more games can be downloaded from the               most costing anywhere from $5 to $10. This is a           jealous ways take over and her actions impact
Internet.                                                    great deal when you consider that some of these           everyone.–Amber Green
   Downloadable games used to be reserved strictly           classic titles in their original format can fetch hefty
for computers and cell phones. You pay the game’s            prices on eBay. For example, last year, a copy of
price, wait a few minutes and—voila!—you have                “Bonk 3: Bonk’s Big Adventure” sold for about
game downloaded straight to your device of choice.           $200 on eBay, while the same title sold for $6 on            ‘The L Word’ Cliffhanger
This was great and all but it was more of a novelty          the Virtual Console, according to Vintagecomput-
than anything.                                                                                            Who Killed Jenny Schecter?! That and other
   Nowadays, downloadable games are available on                The rising popularity of downloadable games has        questions were the focus of the hit Showtime series
just about every system on the market. Xbox 360              also made it possible for games to be available on        “The L Word,” which premiered its series finale on
features Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation 3 has the             devices such as the iPod Touch and iPhone. These          March 8.
PlayStation Store and Wii has the Wii Shop Chan-             little machines have actually amassed an impressive           The show follows the lives of nine friends who
nel. Even portable systems are getting in on the             online marketplace for games. Unfortunately, the          experience life, love and the pursuit of happiness
action, with downloadable PSP content available at           quality of these games is not as high as those main-      together, jumping from relationship to relationship.
the PlayStation Store and Nintendo’s upcoming DSi            tained by other big-name systems. Also, quite a few       Overall, they present a chic, stylish, impression-
system offering its own DSi Shop. These virtual              obvious rip-offs of popular games, such as Q*bert         able outlook on the lives of lesbian Los Angeles
stores are all accessible through the systems them-          and Duck Hunt, have weaseled their way into the           women.
selves; all that’s required is wireless Internet access.     iPhone’s online store. Granted, they are usually               In the final season of the series, the problem
   When it comes to quality, downloadable games              taken off once Apple catches wind of the fraud but        child, Jenny Schecter, is murdered…or so we’re
are a mixed bag. Some seem like cheap cash-ins               the fact that they make it on in the first place says     led to believe. The character Jenny Schecter,
that serve no purpose other than to make a quick             something about Apple’s quality control.                  played by Mia Kirshner (“The Black Dahlia”),
buck. Others, however, are extremely well-made;                 So is the the increasing popularity of download-       could be described as complicated and complex
some even rival the quality of full-price disc games.        able games a good thing? For the most of the part,        and is a sort of an outcast among her friends for
Independent games have thrived thanks to this                yes. It allows independent developers to get noticed      intervening in their lives.
method of release. Games such as 2D Boy’s “World             and it does away with having to go to a store, where          The last season begins with the death of Jenny
of Goo” (Wii, PC, Mac, Linux) and Number None                the game you’re looking for may be out of stock.          and all of her friends huddled together as a detec-
Inc.’s “Braid” (Xbox 360, PC) have received criti-           In addition to allowing more classic titles to be         tive begins to interrogate them. After that, there
cal acclaim and amassed multiple awards, a rarity            re-released, downloading is more cost-effective and       are flashbacks of all the moments leading up to
for indie games.                                             better for the environment, as discs, boxes and dis-      the event of Schecters’ death. In the last episode,
   The ability to download games straight to con-            play packaging does not have to be manufactured.          friends are questioned but no killer is named, leav-
                                                                                                                       ing a huge cliffhanger and leaving the audience to
                                                                                                                       decide on the identity of the murderer

      A Harrowing Tale of Survival and Justice                                                                         —Michael Wood

By Faizah Holder
                                                                                                                         A Bittersweet Coffeehouse
Green Chair Staff Writer
                                                                                                                          The second literary media coffeehouse of the
                                                                                                                       school year was bittersweet for students and fac-
   The memoir Lucky by Alice Sebold is a good read for anyone—young
                                                                                                                       ulty at Duke Ellington School of the Arts.
or old. It deals with life and how, in just a matter of seconds, your world
                                                                                                                          The show, titled Translation, focused on the
can be turned up side down. It also teaches that at the end of the day we all
                                                                                                                       different ways words can be communicated. It
must overcome whatever life throws at us.
                                                                                                                       emphasized the use of language between different
   In this book, Seibold writes about her life, which was completely
                                                                                                                       generations and cultures. The show was directed
changed at the end of her freshman year in college. While Alice IS walking
                                                                                                                       by McKenya Dilworth- Abdalla, a literary media
through a park to get to her dorm room, she IS brutally beaten and raped.
                                                                                                                       teacher who left her position here at Duke Elling-
From then on she is never the same again.
                                                                                                                       ton that same day to take a position in Alexandria,
   A new chapter begins in her life. She couldn’t let this devastating event
take over her life, friends and family. The book is written in a way that takes
                                                                                                                          The Feb. 19 show addressed the importance of
the reader through everything that Seibold experiences. We feel the trip to
                                                                                                                       words in not only the literary media department
the hospital after the rape, then to the police station and the phone call she
                                                                                                                       but in the larger world. With a somewhat comical
makes to her mother the next day about what happened. You feel the effect
                                                                                                                       approach, it touched on how human beings often
this has on her family because they don’t know what to do. So Alice has to
                                                                                                                       don’t understand each other.
be strong for her self and her family.
                                                                                                                          In the show, words are offered to intentionally
   But what makes this book even more powerful is the fact that she goes back to school at Syracuse Univer-
                                                                                                                       baffle the audience and provoke thought. All the
sity for her sophomore year and she even goes after her rapist. She starts her life over again even though she
                                                                                                                       work in the show was written and performed by the
had her ups and downs with relationships with men and friends and life after college. Seibold makes it work
                                                                                                                       first-, second- and third-year literary media stu-
because she just wants to be normal just like everyone else walking around the campus. She wants justice
                                                                                                                       dents, who seemed to really enjoy themselves.
and she wants to take her life back.
                                                                                                                       --Terra Campbell
the GreeNchair                                                                     ~Fiction~   11
                                      The Road to Recovery
  By Raven Reese
  Green Chair Staff Writer

    I was brought to the hospital by ambulance.
    Very thin and exhausted on all levels, I felt as if someone had sucked the
 life from me. My face was sunk in and my skin was pale. The last thing I
 remember was standing in an unfamiliar bathroom and throwing up. When I
 woke up in the hospital, the clock read 7:30 a.m. My room was silent, small,
 cold and sterile. My stomach felt empty as if someone vacuumed out my
    Hospital visits had become a routine. Small meals were followed by long
 trips to the bathroom and frequent vomiting. I never considered myself a
 bulimic. I didn’t consider myself ugly or fat. I blame it all on him. The him
 I’m referring to is Stan. He was my boyfriend of 18 months. We were high
 school sweethearts.. The first couple of months were going great. The criti-
 cism began toward the end of senior year.. Stan started making comments
 about my big arms and butt. He would tell me I should never wear sleeveless
 shirts and commented on clothes that made my butt look even bigger than it
    I was young and vulnerable, unfortunately I still am. I started to buy
 Vogue magazines with pencil thin models in them. They were my motiva-
 tion. Every time I saw a size two girl, I got angry. I began to develop the
 mindset of a young and naïve lunatic. Some days I didn’t eat at all. Some
 days I’d answer my growling stomach with a cherry flavored lifesaver from
 the bottom of my purse.
     When I dropped down to 150lbs from 175lbs, Stan was so proud of me.
 I never told him how hard it was to starve myself. I thought he’d get mad at
 me and find him another girlfriend. I kept my mouth shut. I knew the pain
 had just begun on my eighteenth birthday. Stan brought me a book entitled
 “Say No to the BUTTER ROLLS.” After that, the rest was history. Anything
 I swallowed besides my saliva, I threw up.
     This had to be the all-time worst hospital visit I think I’d ever had. At
 around 9:30 a.m. I was visited by a Russian nurse. She gave me the normal
 speech about how dangerous my condition was and offered me about seven
 different numbers to different psychiatrists. I thought that after they gave me
 some fluids I’d be out of there. But that wasn’t the case. The nurse went on
 to explain how badly I’ve messed up my body. She told me I would have to
 stay for a week or two. She then told me that my doctor, Dr. Springs, was
 considering referring me to a psychiatric clinic. Between the Russian accent
 and the notion that I’d be staying for more than a week, I was completely
    Later that afternoon I decided to call Stan in case he started to worry. My
 throat was dry, which caused my voice to crack. I told him of my condition
 and the only thing he said was “make sure they don’t feed you too much.
 You know I cant stand blubber.”
    The call ended. I don’t know if it was an epiphany or if that phone call
 slapped some sense into my head but I felt better. I felt better because I
 realized that the last four months of dumb decisions had affected and had
 possibly killed my future. I told myself that I didn’t need anyone—not Stan,
 not my parents, not even the Russian nurse to get through this. I realized that
 life goes on and I have too much going for myself.
    I am now half-way through my first stage of recovery –DENIAL.

A Hearty Visual Arts Show
By Eliza Spikes
Green Chair Staff Writer

    Though there was much in in this year’s
Ellington Fine Arts Faculty Exhibition that I could
not relate to, a few portions of the show literally
stole my heart.
    “Condition Series: 1-33,” by Rhonda Silver,
featured a wall of hearts shown in many different
forms. Some were made out of paper mache,
some were broken or torn. Some even had crystals
crushed inside.
    I also enjoyed Mike Easton’s “El Da De
Moartos,” done on oil on linen. It’s a painting of a
man wearing a sort of costume with a skull on his
head and a vibrant collection of feathers. The main
focus in this painting was not so much the man but
his clothing. Melchus Davis did the most colorful
pieces, one of which was oil on canvas and had
lots of yellows and reds.
    Because of its many points of focus, this
painting reminded me of the work done by Pablo
Picasso. The exhibit is on view until April 1.
8          _~Fun~_           the GreeNchair
     The Ellington Funnies
           By Max Freshour

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