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                                                                                                                                                             Oct 9, '12 8:35 AM
                                      Pindari Glacier Most Popular Adventure Tours In India                                                                        for everyone

                                 Pindari glacier is one of the perfect and ideal places for adventure tourism in India. This majestic glacier is tucked in the Bageshwar
                                 district, this glacier trekking is one of the easier access to all other Himalayan treks that India boasts of. It is situated at a height of
                                 3627 and lies between the Nanda Devi and Nandakot peaks located in the Pindar valley. Here you will find a beautiful mountain river
                                 flowing down the sedimentary rocks in the region before descending to the plains. You will find here the Pindar River has carved a
                                 gorge 10 km long on both sides of thick glacial settle down on the mountain.
                                 Your trekking tour starts from Saung the base camp. From here you have to walk for an about 3 km to reach Loharkhet and from
           anima                 there you need to movie to Dhakuri, Khati, Dwali, and finally reach Phurkia Pindari Glacier. You must be physically strong and carry
                                 all necessary clots and food required for 45 km long trekking trails to reach your ideal destination and it is one of the best trekking
                                 holidays of India. Balijuri, Panwalidwar, Nanda Khat, Nanda Kot and Changuch are some of the famous peaks which you will come
    Personal Message             across while trekking to the glacier. This tour will take you to the remote villages which are situated along the backdrop to Mighty
                                 Himalaya. Here you can climb to the beautiful step Dhakuri and enjoy its picturesque attractiveness. Down the hill towards the
                                 village of Khati, you can see the peak of the white snow-capped Himalayas in the distance.
         Report Abuse            May to October is the ideal month to prepare for the trip for rest of the year it is covered by white layer of white snow blanket. Through
                                 Bageshwar, Almora and Kathgodam you can reach the base camp. Pant Nagar is the closest airdrome and if you are planning to
                                 come here by railway is than you can get down in Kathgodam. And if you are planning to reach here by road then the best way is to
 Home                            go by Bageshwar, as it is well connected with other major cities and towns of Uttarakhand. Moreover, trekking in Pindari glacier is an
                                 exciting mix of pleasure accomplishment which is a mixture of adventure and relaxation. The natural beauty of this glacier cannot be
 Blog                            described in words. You need to come here and see and fell it by yourself during your adventure trips to India.
 Links                           Another place where you can enjoy adventure tours in India is a trip to Milam Glacier which is located at an altitude of 4268 meters. It
                                 is spread around 37 sq. kms. Here you will find 52 high peaks and is the main source of 'Gauriganga River'. It is as big as the whole
                                 of Kumaon region. Sunderdhunga glacier is another most important trekker’s paradise. It is at an altitude of 4320 meters. This trek
                                 is for the moderate trekker. It is located about 24 kilometers from the village 'Khati'. India is a vast country and mighty Himalayas acts
                                 as a natural boundary and is home to many trekking trails.
                                 Anima Sharma is an experienced writer in Travel Industry and works for, a leading travel industry in India. At
                                 present, she is writing on different topics like trek valley of flowers, kuari pass trek, trekking india, ladakh treks and others. to find
                                 more info, please visit
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