Connecting with TFS by Bukhari1986


									                                Working on
            Team Foundation Server

Document Prepared by: Hezbullah Shah – (Network Professional – iSolutions LLC)

Thanks to: Musa Tariq - (Developer – iSolutions LLC)
                            Steps for Server Adminsitrator
Step 1: Create Collection from Administration Console from the Server. The Server Responsible
person can do this from Server.

Step 2: On General Tab, Select Group Membership

Step 3: Add a User in Project Collection Administrator Group highlighted below. He will be able to
Add projects in the Collection Created in Step 1.

                       Connect to Team Foundation Server
A: Run Visual Studio, and click Connect to Team Foundation Server on the Start Page

B. (Only First Time)

        a       Click Servers
        b       Click Add
        b       Type iSol-Dom1-002 (Name of the Server)

C. Select the Server name from the drop down list, and select the projects on which you have
permissions. Projects (left side-below) here will be available if added (Addition in next step)

                       Creating project place in the TFS Server
         Right click on the Collection in the Team Explorer (after the connection to TFS in previous
steps) and click New Team Project. In the next windows just type the name and description of the

                       Adding local project to source control
        a       Right click on the local project in Solution Explorer and click Add Solution to Source
Control. Create it on the local computer for the first time.

        b       Select the project to which you want to add your local project.

             Opening project from Team Foundation Server First Time
Go to File-> Source Control -> Open from Source Control. And navigate to the project file (with
extension .csproj or .vbproj for example).

                            Checking IN and Chekcing OUT
Checking in and checking out

Check in is same. Just right click and Check IN


             Check out for edit will allow the developer to make changes, and
             check in will save the changes to the Server.


     Projects can be created in TFS by the user who is in Project Collection Administrators
      (Added by Server Adminsitrator)

     Builders group users can create, modify and delete build definitions and manage queued
      and completed builds.
     Members of Contributors Group can add, modify, and delete items within the team project.
     Members of Project Administration Group can perform all operations in the team project.
      He can also add users to Project Administration, Builders, Contributors, and Readers groups
     Members of Readers Group have access to the team project.



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