Staying safe when going off to University

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					              Staying safe when going off to University
It is a new birth when your son and/or daughter are leaving the family nest for their studies.

Starting University can bring happiness, worry, excitement and stress for both parents and students.

This type of move is nowadays part of most families!

Also, it is important to think about safety, wellbeing and health insurance is too often disregarded.

Here are some tips to make sure your teenager is safe, and know you have done the best you can,
while you (try to) relax all those miles apart!

Finding A Flatshare

If you are going to view a flat, take someone with you.

Leave details of where you are going and who you are meeting with someone and arrange to
contact them once you have finished.

Make sure that the property is secure and that the area feels safe. It is a good idea to visit it at
night as well as during the day.

Make sure you meet all your potential flat mates and trust your instincts when deciding
whether or not to move in.

The accommodation can be just what you want but remember that the other lodgers will be
around your living space too.

Staying Safe in Halls

When you leave your room, it is advisable to lock the door and shut the window, even if you
are only going to the corner shop.

Avoid to invite someone you barely know back to your room when you are on your own.

Never let anyone into your building by holding a door open unless you know them or have
asked details such as who are they visiting and eventually their name.

Safety When Out and About

Stay aware and alert! Avoid using your mobile phone or listening to music on your
headphones, as this will distract you from your surroundings and prevent you from hearing
any noises such as cars, pedestrians or cyclists.

You may often carrying books and bags but always try to keep one hand free and walk
confidently with an aim to reach your target by taking the shortest itinerary.

Going Out at Night
Advice: plan ahead. Inform someone where you are going, who you are meeting and when
you expect to return. Always plan how you are going to get home again.

Be aware of your limits: alcohol will diminish your instincts and can lead to you making
unsafe/incorrect decisions.

Keep an eye on your drinks so that neither drugs nor extra alcohol are added.

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