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					                                         BETA GAMMA SIGMA
                                             Alumni Chapter
                                       2012 Year End Annual Report

                                For Fiscal Year (Dates)   /     /   thru     /   /

General Information:
Chapter Name:                                                 Date Chapter Chartered:

Official Chapter Mailing Address:

Chapter E-mail Address:                                   Chapter Website Address:

Chapter Governance:
Date of last election of Chapter Officers:

Chapter Officer List with Contact information:
               Name                                 Chapter Position                    Email Address

Chapter Bank Account Information:
Name of Bank:                                                 Bank Account Number:

Bank’s Mailing Address:

Bank’s Telephone number:                                  Bank’s Website Address:

Signers on the account:

Chapter Programming:
List information on chapter meetings held during the previous fiscal year.
(Attach additional information as needed)

      Date of Event                Type of Program                   Location             # in Attendance

Chapter Sponsorships (In-Kind and or Financial Support)
(Attach additional information as needed)
         Sponsor              Type of Sponsorship                $ Amount valued                Used for

Chapter Projects:
List and briefly describe chapter’s projects/activities during previous fiscal year.
(Attach additional information as needed)

Chapter Input:
Please indicate how the Central Office of Beta Gamma Sigma could further assist your chapter.

Please provide any of your chapter’s “Best Practices” to be shared with other chapters.

Please provide any of your chapter’s areas of concern for which you would like to have suggestions from other

                                     Beta Gamma Sigma
                                       Alumni Chapter
                        2012 Year End Report - Annual Financial Report
                                For the 12-month period ending ______________, 20__

                                                            (Chapter Name)

       Membership Fees (list #’s/$ by category)
       Event Fees (list #’s/$ by event)
       Sponsorships (provide list w/amounts)
       Other income (provide details)

                                 Total Revenues

        Event (provide details)
        Promotions (provide details)
        Officer Training (provide details)
        Programs (provide details)
        Other expenses (provide details)

                                 Total Expenses

                                 Balance at beginning of fiscal year
                                 Net Increase (loss) through fiscal year
                                 (Revenues less Expenses)

                                 Balance at end of fiscal year

Chapter President Signature                                           Chapter Treasurer Signature

Date                                                                  Date

Note: Chapters may wish to develop a computer report to provide this information using this general format.
Also, please include categories with details pertinent to your chapter’s financial activities.

                                Beta Gamma Sigma
                                  Alumni Chapter
                 2012 Year End Report - Statement of Audit Committee

The undersigned certify that the FY             financial records of the _____________________
Alumni Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma have been thoroughly reviewed by us and are an accurate accounting of
the financial transactions of the chapter.

Additionally, to the best of our knowledge, the attached balance sheet and income and expense statement for FY
_________ accurately records the chapter’s financial activities.

Audit Committee Members:

________________________        ____________________________         _______________
Printed Name                    Signature                               Date

________________________        ____________________________         _______________
Printed Name                    Signature                               Date

Chapters are required to also provide the following attachments to the 2012 Year End Annual Report:

1. Copy of minutes of all committee and business meetings for fiscal year
2. Chapter Roster
3. Copy of chapter’s Constitution/Bylaws (if approved or revised during this fiscal year)

Additional comments:

We certify that information provided in the Year End 2012 Report is accurate and to the best of our

___________________________________                     ___________________________________
Chapter President Signature                             Chapter Secretary Signature

Date                                                      Date

Please complete this report within 90 days of the end of the chapter’s fiscal year and forward the original
to the Central Office of Beta Gamma Sigma at:

                                                 Beta Gamma Sigma Central Office
                                                       125 Weldon Parkway
                                                   Maryland Heights, MO 63043
                                                          Fax: 314-432-7083


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