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									                     Zach Newburgh Is A Hard-Working Social Entrepreneur

Zach Newburgh is a self-motivated entrepreneur and was a founding partner of Jobbook. He developed,
managed and executed the company's marketing plans. He created and coordinated a team of more than 60
student ambassadors on university campuses all across North America. He represented the company to the
media through press releases and interviews. He conducted presentations and closed accounts with major
corporations in the United States and Canada. Under his leadership and team works, Jobbook was featured and
recommended by several university career centres. Zach worked with group members to determine the direction
of the company.

As Vice-President (University Relations), Zach Newburgh achieved membership approaching 100,000 job-
seekers in less than six months. He received significant media attention such as an interview with Fortune
Magazine, features in campus newspapers and coverage in the Montreal Gazette. Mr. Zach believes in working
hard and giving back to the community in all ways he can. He assists and provides information to foreign
students regarding the application process to post-secondary educational institutions in North America. He
reviews and suggests edits to personal statements, resumes and supplementary materials. He also offers
interview practice, accommodation tips and scholarship assistance to the students. He helps prospective
students with test preparation resources, and academic strategies.

Zach Newburgh has gained extensive experience in the field of counseling as the President of the Students’
Society of McGill University. He identifies the needs and requirements of students and helps them in fulfilling
those needs to live a productive student life. At SSMU, he established the positions of Human Relations
Manager and Sustainability Coordinator and he also researched, drafted and submitted a new and
comprehensive Conflict of Interest Policy. He has served as President of Hillel Montreal and Chabad McGill,
Director of the Tribute Publications Society, Editor of the McGill Middle East Studies Journal, and was a Co-chair
of Campaign McGill’s Campus Community Committee. He continues to encourage large crowds as well as small
gatherings on various topics ranging from motivational to educational topics and much more.

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