Tom and jerry by 6x8AT7jQ


									Tom and jerry
 Tom and jerry is 70 years old.   In 1941 tom and jerry
                                  won the award for the
                                  best short film.

The creators
 William Hanna       Joseph barbera
 He was a eagle scout. Died when he was 95
  died on march 22      in December 20 2006
Tom                        Jerry
                    Jerry is a mouse who
Tom is a cat who is   to try'sm to catch ,
  trying to catch a   although rarely does
  mouse named jerry. tom actually catch
                      jerry because tom is
                      always getting hurt.
                        There is also a dog named
                        spike and sometimes killer
                        and his son tyke. Spike is
                        always threatening tom
The characters          about something and jerry
                        try’s to mess it up.
Other facts, pictures and thanks

                Tom and jerry are famous in
                Japan, Korea, Bangladesh
                and many more.



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