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When a person is searching the result of how do you write a book, he must be caught in
some problem of doing the same. Not only intelligence and knowledge is enough to write
a book. A person having discipline in writing and ability of sustaining hard work can
finish a book. The answer of the question how do you write a book, cannot be given in a
word or a sentence. Rather it requires a detailed discussion. With the introduction of the
computer, a person can escape the hard job of writing on paper, but in order to finish a
book seriousness and sustained attention is unconditionally necessary. When a writer
decides to choose a subject to work on, before starting to write, he should be sure that
he can write at least 200 pages on the topic. Instead of beating the bush, it is necessary
to do extensive research on a topic. From the acquired knowledge and information, a
person can get even new ideas, which have the potential of being grown to different
parts of the book. The books of fiction and nonfiction require different types of exercise.
If a structure of the book is there in the brain of the writer, he can proceed.

When a person is haunted with the question how do you write a book, he must plan
properly the steps of writing the book. If the book is about fictions, a person must
develop the primary storyline first. After starting to write the book, different characters
must be developed in accordance to the requirements of the plot. It can be said that, a
writer’s job has strong similarity with that of a weaver. With his skill and artistic genius,
a person becomes a conjurer of words, and group of words turns in to a world created by
the writer. An author should pay close attention to the setting of the story, as it has a
direct influence to the story itself. Writing a collection of poems is more a work of
spontaneity. When inspiration strikes a poet creates. This is a difference between
creation of the poem and prose.

When an aspired nonfiction writer thinks how do you write a book, he must be ready to
put a lot of attention and labour in order to get his dream translated in to a whole book.
When a person embarks on writing on a topic, he must have got much researched
material to further proceed. If an author has zeroed down a theme for his book, he
should give emphasize on the topic. Other influential topics should centre round the
main topic. Organizing the data for a nonfictional book is quite significant, as it helps to
develop in a routine manner. A person can decide a particular period of the day for
writing. If any compelling idea arrives in mind, he should write it on a diary reserved
for this purpose. If a third person reader of the manuscript can be engaged, it will be a
splendid thing.

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