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									     Centennial offers an Extensive Program in International Business

With the borders between domestic and international business operations becoming more
blurred it is important for business professionals to undertake professional designations and
specialized education to meet the demands of the new global work environment. For working
professionals and new graduates, enrolling in a post-secondary international business program
can be time consuming and redundant because of the general business courses that they already
are well versed in. Graduate programs are the ideal place for professionals to gain the
specialized training needed to enter the market and continue their career seamlessly.

College business schools have identified there is a demand that needs to be filled for
professionals to this gain specialized, hands-on experience and they now offer a number of
graduate programs to deliver practical work experience to college and university graduates. In
addition to real-life experience, schools like Centennial College in Toronto are remaining
competitive by distinguishing themselves as a business school that can prepare graduates with
the credentials to earn one of the industry’s most coveted professional designations: the CITP.

The CITP (Certified International Trade Professional) is the prestigious designation granted under
the renowned Forum for International Trade (FITT). FITT sets the bar for international business
and ensures that those who move through their program will be equipped with the highest
standard of international business skills and knowledge.

This international business program is also notable because it is at the graduate-study level,
tailored for business graduates or working professionals who are looking to transition into a
career within the global marketplace. The benefit of taking a graduate study program is that it
starts off at a high level of study right away with its highly specialized industry courses such as
International Marketing and Trade, Project Management, Global Logistics and International

Graduate programs are increasingly becoming a prerequisite by many employers, particularly
for the International Business Management field which requires a deep understanding of the
variant business practices that arise in a global setting. Graduate programs are credited with
having a high return on investment and quickly lead to higher paying positions with more
responsibility. Perhaps the best news is that a graduate program won’t eat up too much of your
time. In just one year, you’ll earn the specialized knowledge to move you ahead. The benefit of
college graduate programs like this one is that you have a chance to apply your theoretical
knowledge into a business setting right away.

Before graduation, the final semester of this program incorporates a work placement
component. It is ample time to survey your career and start to form your network of influential
contacts. If you already hold a college diploma or university degree and are interested in
transitioning yourself into the global marketplace, post-graduate programs like this are a viable
option with professional benefits that shouldn’t be ignored. If you are interested in finding out
more about this program’s offerings, benefits and the admission requirements you can discover
more about its potential here.

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