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Looking at a gemstone, carrying it in your hand, feeling its raw and remarkable energy, is it similar to looking at your first love? Is it like
feeling your soul mate with all your senses?

You might ask yourself instantaneously: a genuine divine and rare art?
Since the beginning of time, when gemstones were first discovered by the human-being, people believed that they were looking and
handling sacred spirits that live within these stones.

Our ancestors believed that winds, flooding, cyclones, storms, lightning and almost all violent aspects of Mother Nature were directly
related to the anger and the rage of bad disturbed spirits.

These bad spirits had to be confronted with a cure to keep away the damage they cause. The imagination of the people was not to be
limited. We believed that gemstones are the accurate treatment against these bad spirits.

We even thought that while God was building that large precious stone of his, he dropped intentionally few small stones around, and he
wanted his followers to keep a part of Him with them.

By looking for these rare stones, discovering them, keeping them clean and placing them at the nearest point of your hearts and bodies,
you were following the right path to reach to your God.

Gemstones were first related to spirits, witches, magicians and Gods. Nowadays they are valued by the use of factors such as rarity, color,
clarity, and size.

That relation between the different characteristics of a gemstone is mainly the result of nature itself.
With ecommerce websites developing all over the world, it is not hard, in this day and age, to purchase

your favorite stone from any corner of the world. However, here is a crucial step to pursue first: finding the right seller.

You are purchasing something that you will not see in your hands or glimpse at in front of your eyes. Choosing your seller is as important
as choosing your gemstone.
Each seller is the reflection of his own gemstones. We are committed to the best quality and we guarantee all of our products. Whether
you are a wholesaler or a one time buyer, be assured that you will get only the hand selected best.

We have an unreachable experience in the industry of precious and semi-precious stones, and we will only work for you to get you the
flawless items.

We have heard horror stories in the past about sellers not taking good care of their customers and we cannot think of a business running
without the complete satisfaction of the customer. Our reputation and feedback are the main reason of our success.

You should know that you are not purchasing something that can be replaced at any time by any other jewel. You are picking something
so valuable and cherished to your mind that you are willing to put it on your skin.

Be comfortable with the seller before making your purchase. Get to know us and you will know who we are. When you set your mind on
the chosen one, place your order and feel safe. Do not wait too long; there are no two stones that are identical.

Everything is as unique as you. Search for your soul mate today. Find this natural and deep affinity that you are looking for at Bello
Jewels, your true source for natural colored precious and semi precious stones from the earth.
                                   Buy Certified Birthstones in Delhi and Gurgaon

Dealing in precious stones is always a tricky business especially if you do not have the detailed information about the same. There are
always many fraudsters trying to cheat you out of your money in different ways. This is why you should always look for a certified
birthstones Delhi dealer who can assure you of genuine stones.

It is not in doubt that there are plenty of precious stones within the areas; the main problem however is to identify the genuine dealers who
will not con you out of your money in the process. Many new comers into the business tend to get duped because they do not have enough
information on how things work.

Even the ability to tell a good birthstone from the fake ones is not an easy task. It is this complexity that many unscrupulous dealers will
capitalize on to dupe unsuspecting new clients. To avoid this, you need to either make sure you have a genuine dealer or employ the
services of an experienced broker to deal on your behalf at a small fee.

To make this entire process less hectic and ridden with so much suspicion, you can simply insist on authorized dealers within the areas
mentioned. This authorization is a major boost because it simply signifies that this dealer has been vetted and proven to adhere strictly to
the laid down guidelines governing any dealings in the precious stones and metals.

It is therefore important to leave the speculation and guess work out of the process by identifying authorized outlets. Many people try to
avoid such outlets because they think they can get cheaper offers. As the saying goes, when the deal is too good; think twice. They must
always think twice when they get very lucrative offers.

Although there may be instances where you could get good deals out of people who simply sell the precious stones ion unauthorized
outlets, there are many other factors that could compromise on your ability to get the best offers. For starters, such outlets do not have any
certification and will not give you any guarantees.

The reason why they cannot issue any guarantees is because they are not sure of the products they deal in. As a result, they cannot make
any further commitments beyond the point of sale where they exchange their stones for your money. Anything thereafter is upon you to
manage. It is therefore better to go for a reputable certified natural astrological stones and birthstones dealer who can cover you even after
the purchase.
                                                    Zodiac gemstones India

Loose wholesale gemstones
Loose gemstones and zodiac stones are really wonderful objects. Purchasing the right one can be an overwhelming task if one does not
know the vital things to look for. As a matter of fact, purchasing the right type is more like an expertise than anything else.

The rewards of choosing the best gems are worth it. Indeed, several factors determining why different people buy them. It all depends on
what one gives more value to. For some people, what they want is a gemstone with a perfect cut. Some others would concentrate more on
getting one with a nice clear color that would probably go with a particular outfit.

Gem stones are also renowned based on other factors. A type of stone, known as precious-gemstone, is very costly. It is among the best
jewelries that can ever be found.

These stones have a distinct luster of their own. They are normally superb and hard to get at discounted low prices.

As a matter of fact, many individuals purchase them only for special events. People also buy them for functions that require that such
expensive stones be worn. The cut and shade of these high grade stones are extremely luminous and are in fact among the best that can be
found in the jewel market.

There is also the type known as the semi-precious gemstones. They are equally great quality earth mined stones and are just as luminous
as their higher grade counterparts on several grounds. The only thing that differentiates them is that the color of the semi type stones may
not be as rich as the higher type. The texture and cut might not also be the same as the more expensive stones.

At times, people might decide to purchase the lower priced gem type. They do this only because they do not think that the more expensive
variety is really worth the high price. However, depending on what their interests might be, people can purchase whichever one that can
best be accommodated by their budgets. The less expensive one is just as beautify and as brilliant as the costlier one.
Most of the expensive stones that are sold in the market these days are natural stones. There are also artificial types that one can choose
from, though these may not always be the type that some people will be content with. Indeed, technology has satisfactorily advanced to
the extent that it is now able to produce gemstones in a laboratory.

These imitations have a close resemblance with the naturally mined ones. Nevertheless, some people only have preference for the real
thing. Hence, they will only make their choice from the natural stones.

Regardless of the type of loose precious gemstones that one may decide to purchase, it is better to get them from a trusted seller. It is not
advisable to invest so much money into buying stones that one will not be happy with or stones that are of low quality.

Excellent cut and shade will make it possible for one to cherish his or her jewels for a very long time. Therefore, even though it takes a lot
of effort, people should purchase the type of stones that will appear best on them.
                                          Starting a Loose Gemstones Collection

It is extremely possible you have never heard of the term loose gemstones before.To you gemstones come set in jewellery which is
adorned by your fiance, girlfriend, wife or mum - end of story. Often that changes when you decide to get married and the shopping for
engagement rings begins.

For many this is the first exposure to the fact that like anything, rings get made from rough materials. It's just their rough-raw materials are
precious metals and loose gemstones or diamonds.It is interesting to explore where they come from and how they get to your home town
and the issues surround fair trade gems.

Unlike the diamond market which is well structured with centres of trading in Antwerp-Belgium, New York City and Tel Aviv, the
market for colored loose gemstones is far more fluid and there are great place for online shopping which you can use for your gemstone
beginners collection.

Given that many gems and stones are mined by small operators in various parts of the world it is really difficult to organize this gem
market. The International Coloured Gemstone Association said that 85% of stones are coming from small scale mining, and of these 90%
are located in developing countries.

For example the president of the Sri Lankan Gemstone merchants federation that there were over five thousand mining sites registered in
Sri Lanka. Most of them are bucket and spade operations where the mining pits are three metres square and go to depths of only about 25-
30 metres.

The other factor that makes regulation of the industry hard is that loose gemstones are commonly sold at local markets. The miners want
to turn their rough stones to cash as soon as possible and often do not have the means to travel far to go to central markets.
Buyers and dealers in rough stones will purchase these offerings and offer them to wholesalers in foreign markets.

An Australian sapphire mine found that their stones would pass through a supply chain of up to six people from the mine door until it
reached the retail purchaser. Each time the stones changed hands someone was making a significant mark-up.
Due to the location and small size of many of the coloured gemstone miners there has been an increased interest in the fair trade aspects of
loose gemstones. With large proportions of the world stones coming from developing countries it is important to make sure the benefits
are going back to the people. In situations like this corruption, child labour, working conditions, money laundering, terrorism (and the list
goes on and on) become ethical considerations.

With the support of governments, and bodies such as the World Bank, initiatives such as gemstone bodies and jewellery and gem
education programs are improving the outlook for all communities. Fair trade is a wonderful idea but a fine balance has to be maintained
between sanctioning countries that are treating their workers in a non-humane way and the impact such sanctions have on the miners

If we stop buying Myanmar rubies or Sri Lankan Sapphires for example, the miner in Burma or Ceylon will ultimately pay the price for
factors outside his control. There is no easy answer on this.

The loose gemstones market is a fascinating and fraught one, but the gemstones themselves are pure works of beauty
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bound to get you noticed. Be the envy of every woman in the room with these one-of-a-kind creations, and add an exotic flare to any

Why wait? Go online today and take advantage of free shipping worldwide, a huge selection, and quality gemstone jewelry that are sure to
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                                        How to Use Gemstone Jewelry for Healing
When speaking of stones with curative abilities, most people believe that those stones such as gemstone wands, tumbled stones and crystal
points. Unbeknownst to many, gemstone jewelry also have healing tendencies, and cures just as good as other stones.

The fact that gemstones are attractive to put on means they can easily be carried wherever one goes without feeling that one is carrying
some prescribed drugs. It does not matter the shape, size or color of precious stones you are wearing, as any of them has healing powers.
For example, it could be a crystal housed in a wire, and then strung to a chain.

Another way could be a stone coming in form of a necklace or even bracelet in a faceted fashion. The most effective stones that heal are
those set in gold or silver, and the reason for this is because gold and silver are excellent conductors of heat energy.

There is no particular size that a healing stone need to be of, nor is there any requirement that it be worn only on specific parts of the
body. Whatever disease it is curing, it will heal it no matter where it is placed.

Most people think that to cure heart diseases, they need to put the stones over their heart. This is purely mythical. The truth is that your
body is surrounded by what is known as etheric body, which performs the function of channeling the healing power of the stones to the
body parts that need to be healed.

The truth of the matter is that any gemstone form known to mankind are fit to be used for healing. The main ones include bracelet, rings,
pendant, necklaces among several other gemstones jewelry.

It is necessary to note that jewelry which is made up of different kinds of stones inside will not have effective healing capacity, the reason
being that the different kinds of energies neutralize each other. However, jewelry made of a uniform type of stone, for instance, a necklace
containing several rubies, heals quite well.

If jewelry is composed of two stones of different kinds, then for it to treat effectively, it is important that one of the stones is clear or
transparent. The role of the clear stone is to augment the healing capabilities of the stone.
Some gemstones will however, still work even if they contain two or more different kinds of stones provided they are the types that
harmonize well with each other. The different stones that you see gemstones being made of are not necessarily to improve their healing
capabilities, but solely to make them look more beautiful.

However, it does not mean that you cannot put on different jewelry to look nice. You can still get healed even if you put on different
types, the only thing you need to do is to ensure that the stones do not lean on each other. Gemstone jewelry must be recharged after using
for them to heal effectively. If it is being worn regularly, hen it is recommended that it be recharged daily.

Description: It is extremely possible you have never heard of the term loose gemstones before.To you gemstones come set in jewellery which is adorned by your fiance, girlfriend, wife or mum - end of story. Often that changes when you decide to get married and the shopping for engagement rings begins.