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									Waterfall Photography
    Tips and Tricks

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Take A Control Shot
Before start put your latest camera to automatic mode, turn off your flash, and
click the shot of the waterfall. Take a notice of the exposure your camera sets.
Use this click as a reference point to compare the other photo you take.

   Shutter Priority mode
 Switch your digital camera to shutter priority mode. Generally Your shutter speed
 is 1 to 2 second to get the nicely blurred water

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Use Tripod
Your camera has to be still while capturing the moving images. A tripod is the best
option to get your camera still for the time when the shutter is open.

 Choose the right time to photography of waterfalls. This will give you more option
 to use longer shutter speeds. At the time of sunrise and sunset light is less bright.
 Overcast days are much better than the bright ones for photography of waterfalls.

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Filters is a device that used to reduce the amount of light that entering into the
camera. There are a variety of filters available in the market. Polarizing is the one
of the most useful filters while taking this type of shots because they reduce the
amount of reflection. Another type of filter that could be beneficial is a neutral
density filter it acts like a sunglass.

  Aperture Priority Mode
 If you still have a trouble at the darkest time after using the filter another thing you
 can do is to switch your digital camera in aperture priority mode and select the
 smallest aperture possible. This will give your camera the authority to choose the
 larger shutter speed in that aperture.

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   Low ISO
Choosing lower ISO is the another good option. Lower ISO means that your
camera sensor is less sensitive to light. It will give power to the shutter to be open
longer and reduce the ‘noisy’ or grainy shots.

  Bracket Your Shot
 Always use different shutter speed and aperture to taking a shot in a series. This
 will give you variety of different images like water blurred, depth of filed and
 changes in the way the camera captured color.

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       Always try some different angle and ways ranging from wide angle shot that give it
       a wider context. Always check the flow of water, sometimes it flows in multiple
       streams. Try different positions on the waterfall you’ll get some awesome shot.

          High Shutter speed
         Try some shots with ultra fast shutter speed, this could add some amazing effects
         on the shots.

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