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					                                                                                                                                                                                             Skin Deep
                                                                                                                                                                      In today’s society, beauty and physical        cal
                                                                                                                                                                   attractiveness are constantly emphasised as
                                                                                                                                                                   desirable and admirable characteristics. Images
                                                                                                                                                                   of “idealised” human faces and bodies are widely
                                                                                                                                                                   used to promote products and services, these
                                                                                                                                                                   images being often openly sexual and associated
           Tasnim Ahmed                                                                                                                                            with hedonism and leisure, while stressing the
                                                                                                                                                                   importance of appearance.
                                                                                                                                                                      Consumers in particular, are continuously
These days, there’s a good chance        your fingers or a wide-tooth                                                                                              exposed to imagery of highly attractive females
you could visit your salon and leave     comb.                                                                                                                     who advertise cosmetic brands. And instilling
with more than just a new hairdo         Even if you’re not getting                                                                                                product attribute beliefs through advertising
or manicure. You could walk away         a keratin treatment,                                                                                                      like the “real beauty” ads that sell the idea that
with a nasty infection, too. No          be wary if your salon                                                                                                     we need those products to become even more
matter how posh or pricey a salon        offers them. You could                                                                                                    beautiful, is a relevant factor of brand success.
is, if it isn’t keeping up with health   easily inhale fumes                                                                                                          Thus, we are constantly bombarded by the
and safety standards, it can easily      from your neighbour                                                                                                       media to use the latest shampoo if we want
become a breeding ground for             in the next chair!                                                                                                        to have voluminous and shiny hair, fragrant
harmful bacteria and germs.                                                                                                                                        deodorant to attract people or creams that will
While it’s true that unskilled           Hair Dye                                                                                                                  make our skin “healthy” and clear.
workers, mishandled products,            Irritation                                                                                                                   But, do you really know what is your soap,
and unsanitary conditions can put                                                                                                                                  shampoo, moisturiser, makeup, deodorant and
you at risk for burns, rashes, and       Threat: A key
                                         ingredient         in                                                                                                     lipstick made of? Do you know what you are
infections, most salon treatments                                                                                                                                  applying to your body daily?
are pretty safe. But real-women          permanent        hair
                                         colour is the harsh                                                                                                          If not, it’s time you pay more attention to
anecdotes, scary headlines, and                                                                                                                                    exactly what goes into the eye shadows, body
online rumours — from shampoo            chemical ammonia,
                                         which opens the                                                                                                           washes and deodorants you love to use!
positions that trigger stroke to                                                                                                                                      This compelling and timely issue of Bloom
manicures that raise skin cancer         hair cuticle and lifts
                                         out natural pigment,                                                                                                      tells you about the key chemicals you should
risk — still manage to grab our                                                                                                                                    avoid, reveals the natural ‘organic’ beauty recipes,
attention and nurture our fears. So      leaving it open for
                                         replacement with new                                                                                                      highlights some bizarre treatments and wearable
which treatments, if any, should you                                                                                                                               make-up trends off the runway for the season!
really worry about?                      colour. The lighter your
                                         colour choice, the more                                                                                                      You would be happy to know that Bloom
Well, we did a research on treatments    ammonia it takes. And in                                                                                                  completes 50 issues today!
that can pose a high threat and how      some people ammonia can                                                                                                      It’s no mean feat for a publication to reach its
to protect yourself no matter what.      irritate or — in extreme                                                                                                  50th issue. And this is a good time for retrospective
                                         cases — burn the scalp.                                                                                                   reflections and for sharing with our readers several
Brazilian Blowout                        Safety Tip: Get a patch test on            of cotton gloves and slip them on     Safety Tip: Choose a polish free of      guidelines that have helped to define the character
Threat: The in-salon service             your skin to ensure you’re not             before nails are polished. Tightly    the toxic trio. If your salon doesn’t    of Bloom. The success of Bloom is, was and will be
infuses the hair’s cuticle with the      sensitive to the colour formula. If        woven knits and darker colours will   carry them, bring a bottle of your       due to the ongoing, dedicated efforts of a team:
protein keratin, to fill in any gaps     your scalp feels on fire after colour is   block the most rays.                  favourite shade. Avoid nail salons       editors, writers, graphic designers, sales executives
along the strands that are dry or        applied, have your stylist wash it out                                           that reeks like a chemical factory.      and obviously our reviewers.
damaged. The result is smooth,           immediately. Ask your salon if they        Funky Nail Salon                                                                  We really appreciate your continued readership
shiny locks but the concern is the       carry ammonia-free formulations.           Fumes                                 Mani-Pedi Problems                       and promise to keep you entertained & informed
chemical formaldehyde — a known          For the gentlest option, try a glaze.                                            Threat: You can catch nasty germs        with a slew of new and exciting topics!
                                                                                    Threat: The abrasive fumes leached                                                Drop us a word at Your
carcinogen — to modify the keratin                                                                                        like athlete’s foot or other fungal
proteins so hair stays straighter        Skin Cancer at the                         from polishes, hardeners, and
                                                                                    acrylics contain three harmful        infection, warts, or staph infections    feedback is always welcome. So be it science,
longer. Formaldehyde interacts           Nail Salon                                 standard chemicals: formaldehyde,
                                                                                                                          such as MRSA if tools are not            technology, lifestyle or fashion take your pick
                                                                                                                                                                   right away. And Facebook users keep liking our
with proteins in your body’s cells,                                                                                       properly sterilised. The biggest
which can cause allergies or asthma.     Threat: High-tech nail dryers              toluene, and dibutyl phthalate.       threats are callous razors (it shave     page!
Nosebleeds, breathing problems,          with UV light may speed-dry nails,         Formaldehyde, a preservative and      off dry, callused skin on heels) and
and eye irritation have been             but emit UV radiation that’s 95%           hardener, can irritate eyes, nose,    emery boards (their porous surface
reported after its use.                  UVA, rays that can cause wrinkles,         and skin. Toluene, a solvent that     allows to hold onto and spread
                                         sunspots, and even skin cancer.            gives polish its smooth finish, can   fungal infections).
Safety Tip: Consider skipping the                                                   lead to headaches, nausea, and
smoothing treatment entirely. To         Safety Tip: If possible, turn off the                                            Safety Tip: Refuse the cuticle
reduce frizz, deep-condition your        light and use only the fan. If not,        even nerve damage affecting sight.    trimmer every time (cutting them
                                         carry an SPF 30 zinc oxide sunscreen       Dibutyl phthalate, which adds a                                                                        Follow us on
locks with a natural oil or protein-                                                                                      makes you more vulnerable to an
rich heat-activated conditioner; use     and ask your manicurist to apply it        moisturising sheen to formulas, is    infection). Don’t let razors near your
a diffuser attachment on your hair       to the backs of your hands before          linked to reproductive problems,      feet. Use callous creams instead.    
dryer; and detangle your hair with       polishing. Else cut off the fingers        including miscarriage.                Make sure tools are sterilised.
                                                                                                                          miscarriage, reduced fertility in men      It can increase your skin sensitivity
                                                                                                                          and women, irregular menstruation          to UV rays resulting in sunburn.
                                                                                                                          and hormonal changes. It is to be          Based on the ingredients used it can
                                                                                                                          noted that pregnant women are              result in skin dryness and hormonal
                                                                                                                          also vulnerable as lead crosses the        imbalance! Doctors recommend
                                                                                                                          placenta and may enter the foetal          that using the regular soap and
                                                                                                                          brain.                                     warm water is just as effective in
                                                                                                                          Mercury is linked to toxicity of the       killing germs!
                                                                                                                          nervous, immune and respiratory
                                                                                                                          systems. Mercury is hazardous
                                                                                                                          during foetal development as it can
                                                                                                                                                                     Petroleum Jelly
                                                                                                                          easily penetrate the skin. Mascaras        Petroleum Jelly, aka Petrolatum,
                                                                                                                          are found to have the brain-               is not as friendly as it sounds.
                                                                                                                          damaging mercury in the form of            Prolonged used of petroleum jelly
                                                                                                                          thimerosol.                                clogs pores on the skin resulting in
                                                                                                                                                                     acne, skin irritation, and dryness.
                                                                                                                                                                     Little negligence in the use of this
                                                                                                                          Antibacterials                             topical jelly can result in diarrhoea,
                                                                                                                          Overuse of antibacterials can              eye irritation, shortness in breath
                                                                                                                          prevent them from effectively              and abdominal pain. It is listed as
                                                                                                                          fighting disease-inducing germs            among the leading causes of breast
                                                                                                                          like salmonella enterica and E.coli.       cancer.

How often do you read the lengthy       short list and there are hundreds        methylparaben and propylparaben.
list of ingredients before throwing     of other chemicals to keep away          As mentioned before these are
that moisturizing lotion to the         from. Reminder 2: The below text         present in skin products that
shopping cart? Every so often           can bring back memories of those         contain significant amounts of water
the buying decision is driven by        chemistry lab experiments!               – example: shampoos, lotions, face
the flashy packaging or the more                                                 wash and conditioners. Parabens are
tempting deals. Well, next time we
advise that you give a quick scan of
                                        Formaldehyde                             known to disrupt hormone function,
                                                                                 which is linked to increased risk
the ingredients just to make sure       This      less-complicated-sounding
                                                                                 of breast cancer and reproductive
you are not applying toxic chemicals    chemical can result in adverse health
                                        effects including immune-system          toxicity. A recent study points out
on your skin!                                                                    that butyl paraben damaged sperm
                                        toxicity, respiratory irritation and
An average person uses a minimum                                                 formation in the testes of mice.
                                        even cancer. Formaldehyde is widely
of 5 cosmetics/beauty products a        used in baby bath soap, nail polish
day, from bath gels to perfumes - and
the number of chemical ingredients
                                        and hair dyes.                           Lead and Mercury
add up to around 50! In short, the                                               Lead makes it presence in a
largest organ of the body (your skin)   Parabens                                 range of cosmetic products
ends up absorbing the maximum           Look for these in toiletries. Parabens   including sunscreens, nail colours,
number of toxins!                       are several distinct chemicals with      foundations, and lipsticks! Lead
We have made a quick research and       similar molecular structure and          is a proven neurotoxin – linked to
came up with a list of chemicals to     the most commonly found ones             learning, language and behavioural
avoid. Reminder 1: this is a very       are ethylparaben, butylparaben,          problems. Studies refer to the link to

                                                                                     Enter the ‘Brotox’ Era
                                                                                     The public’s common image of a         assistant professor of surgery at         extreme as actual plastic surgery.
                                                                                     Botox patient is a middle-aged         the Weill Cornell Medical College         “I’d seen bad plastic surgery,”
                                                                                     woman hoping to look more              in New York City.                         Gogas said. “You see people on TV,
                                                                                     youthful through the minimally         “Most of the men, what bothers            and they don’t look like who they
                                                                                     invasive procedure.                    them is the forehead wrinkles             were. I didn’t want any drastic
                                                                                     But plastic surgeons say that          and the wrinkles between                  changes.”
                                                                                     “brotox” -- the use of Botox by        the eyebrows,” Sherman said.              He had deep creases in his
                                                                                     men -- is gaining in popularity.       However, the doctors agreed               forehead smoothed out and also
                                                                                     Between 2000 and 2010, there           that men tend to request spot             had crow’s feet removed from
                                                                                     was a 258 percent increase in          treatment for smoothing of                around his eyes. He’s since gone
                                                                                     the number of men undergoing           specific facial details whereas           back every eight months or so for
                                                                                     treatment with botulinum toxin         women tend to want a complete             new treatment.
                                                                                     type A, according to the American      makeover.                                 “For me, I just like the way I feel,”
                                                                                     Society of Plastic Surgeons.           “Men want a little more subtlety          he said. “I don’t want plastic
                                                                                     In fact, more men in 2010              than women,” Sherman said.                surgery. This is a great way for me
                                                                                     chose Botox treatment than any         “They want movement of the face,          to look good, feel good and feel
                                                                                     other form of cosmetic surgery         but they don’t want deep furrows          refreshed, and it’s affordable for
                                                                                     or enhancement, the society            in their forehead.”                       me. Also, there’s no downtime.
                                                                                     reported, with 336,834 males           Men also tend to prefer Botox             You can go about your day, and as
                                                                                     receiving shots of the toxin to        because the effects are temporary,        the days go on you see the effects.”
                                                                                     relax muscles and deaden nerves        lasting only three to four months,        Treatment usually costs $200 to
                                                                                     to improve their appearance.           Sherman added. “The nice thing            $300 for men, the doctors said.
                                                                                     “I think the stigma of it to men       about Botox is, it wears off,” he         The most common complications
                                                                                     has dropped,” said Dr. Stephen         said. “It’s reversible, so if you have    are small red bumps or bruises
                                                                                     B. Baker, an associate professor       a complication it’s not forever. It’s     where the shots are given, but
                                                                                     and program director of the            not like surgery.”                        those generally fade quickly.
                                                                                     department of plastic surgery at       Marcus Gogas, 49, of Alexandria,          The Botox shots take effect in
                                                                                     Georgetown University Hospital         Va., had Botox treatment for the          four or five days, and some men
                                                                                     in Washington, D.C. “These days,       first time two years ago. A senior        have to go back at that point for a
                                                                                     you can get it done everywhere but     investigative analyst for the             touch-up if one side of the face has
                                                                                     a gas station, and maybe in some       Internal Revenue Service, Gogas           responded better to the shot than
                                                                                     states even there.”                    is an actor on the side and said he       the other. “This is a pretty easy
                                                                                     Men tend to use Botox to smooth        wanted to freshen up his looks.           thing,” Baker said. “There aren’t a
                                                                                     out a furrowed brow that otherwise     He found Botox an attractive              lot of complications to it. It’s like
                                                                                     makes them look angry, said Baker      option because it’s an outpatient         getting a cavity filled.”
                                                                                     and Dr. John Sherman, a clinical       procedure and didn’t seem as                               HealthDay News
  Make-Up Basics:
  Things to Note
A beginner without any basic make up know how would probably be mind-boggled by the
insane number of cosmetic choices. But, after acquiring some makeup basics, it is that much
easier to seamlessly add more playful or trendy makeup products to your collection and
incorporate them into your beauty looks.
There are a lot of factors that go into choosing makeup shades whether it’s determining if
you have cool or warm undertones to figuring out which eye shadow hues “go” with your
So, here’s a mini handbook of make-up basics that will not only help you choose the right
cosmetics for your skin but also help you apply make-up like a pro. These basics should be the
foundation of your beauty arsenal.

Find the Right Foundation                                               Pick the Right Blush for You
                                                                        Powder blush is a s
                                                                        makeup mainstay   tay
                                                                        since it works well
                                                                        on all skin types pes
                                                                        and is practicallyally
                                                                        goof-proof to apply.
                                                                        If your skin tends
                                                                        toward the dry side,
                                                                        a creamy blush can
                                                                        create a dewier wier
                                                                        complexion in an
                                                                        instant. A fast- ast-                                              Bring Out Your Eyes
                                                                        drying gel blush,   h
                                                                        on the other hand,  d,
                                                                        is ideal for oily or
                                                                        combination skin  kin
                                                                        types, but you’ll u’ll
                                                                        have to blend    end
One major reason to pay up for a department store foundation                             sn’t
                                                                        quickly so it doesn’t
is that unlike drugstore formulations, you can try these                look too obvious.
cosmetic essentials before you buy. Scope out a sunny spot --
natural lighting is more honest than fluorescent bulbs -- and
apply the foundation directly to your jawline or cheek. (The
skin on your hands and wrists is a different tone and texture,          Apply
so it’ll be tougher to tell how well it blends.) Since shades often
change as they dry, don’t make a final decision until it sets. And
remember: As the seasons shift, so does your skin tone. You
may need to switch it up every six months or so.                        Correctly
                                                                        Say cheese! When
Consider Using a Primer                                                 you smile, the part
                                                                        of the cheek that
                                                                        puffs up is called                                                 Before applying shadow, always apply a base. A base will help
                                                                        “the apple”. That’s                                                your makeup last through the day. Use a light shade on lid and
                                                                        where you want to                                                  below the brow. In the crease use a darker colour and blend
                                                                        apply colour to wake                                               with finger tips or a sponge applicator.
                                                                        up your face and                                                   Use eyeliner on outer rims of eyes only. If you line the inner
                                                                        create a naturally                                                 rims your eyes will look smaller. Do not line all the way around
                                                                        flushed effect. If                                                 your eyes. Line upper lids and when lining bottom, only line
                                                                        you prefer powder                                                  half way from the outer part of your eye. Blend well. If using
                                                                        formulations, use a                                                liquid liner, only line the top lids.
                                                                        fluffy brush instead
                                                                        of what’s stowed                                                   Use an eye lash curler before putting on two to three coats of
                                                                        inside your compact,                                               mascara. Don’t use mascara on bottom lashes. (For dark circles,
                                                                        which is usually too                                               make sure you are using eye cream with a skin brightener.
                                                                        small and will look                                                When choosing a concealer to cover up circles, make sure it is
                                                                        splotchy. For cream                                                one shade lighter than your skin tone.)
                                                                        or gel blushes, use
                                                                        your fingers to paint
                                                                        on a sheer layer, then                                             Avoid “Cake Face”
                                                                        blend by swirling                                                  Instead of relying on pressed powder and a big fluffy brush,
Once considered a makeup artist’s secret weapon, a primer               around the contour of the apple.
lightly coats the skin, filling in divots and fine lines and laying a                                                                      set your foundation with a small natural-bristle brush and
super smooth base for foundation. It’s the perfect partner when                                                                            loose, translucent powder containing optical light diffusers.
you’re entertaining outdoors in harsh sunlight or prepping for                                                                             For a lustrous finish, only powder high-shine zones like the
a family photo. Dry or mature skin types should opt for light-
diffusing formulas that soften the appearance of imperfections
                                                                        Get Your Best Shade                                                area between your eyebrows, the corners of the nose, and the
                                                                                                                                           centre of the chin. Leave your cheeks and eyes untouched so
and won’t settle into wrinkles, whereas oily types can find a
friend in matte formulas that sop up excess shine.
                                                                        of Lip Colour                                                      skin looks dewy, not dusty.

                                                                                                                     While      picking

                                                                                                                     the right shade is
                                                                                                                     as easy as going
                                                                                                                     a couple shades
                                                                                                                     darker        than                                              Your
                                                                                                                     your natural lip
                                                                                                                     colour, one can                                                 Face
                                                                                                                     delve just a wee
                                        Glow                                                                         bit deeper in the                                               After
                                                                                                                     science of shades
                                        For skin that looks
                                        glowy, not greasy, dab
                                                                                                                     and skin tone.
                                                                                                                     Women with fair
                                        an illuminating cream                                                        skin, look great                                               If the mask starts to
                                        like right on top of                                                         in lipstick shades                                             crack when the clock
                                        foundation. To catch and                                                     such as nudes in                                               strikes five, spritz on
                                        reflect light, draw a half-                                                  a slightly apricot                                             a calming rosewater,
                                        moon shape that starts          shade, pinks and light corals. Browns should be avoided.                                                    cucumber, or aloe
                                        at the outer corner of                                                                                                                      spray      containing
                                        your brow, then sweeps          Those with a medium skin tone can go a bit darker. Roses,
                                                                                                                                                                                    glycerine.       These
                                        downward to the highest         mauves and berries will look great. Skip the bright reds and
                                                                                                                                                                                    instant          facial
                                        part of your cheekbones.        consider a deep burgundy instead.
                                                                                                                                           refreshers impart extra moisture without mussing up your
                                        If you’re wearing a low-        Deep plum, chocolate or red is fabulous with dark or black skin.   makeup. Simply use your fingertips to blend away any creases,
                                        cut top, pat a bit on           Women with dark skin can also go in one of two directions:         paying close attention to animated areas like the eye contour
                                        your collarbones to help        toward brown or purple. Think caramel or walnut for day, and       and forehead.
                                        highlight your face             plum or wine for evening.
 7 Bizarre Beauty Treatments
     If you are bored with the usual Moroccan bath, heat-
  ed stones and aroma oil messages, we have some sug-
  gestions for you. How about a cactus needle message?
  Or perhaps a dip in wine, green tea and ramen noo-
  dles? If you are in for a total twist, go for nightingale
  poop facial! Oh wait, did we tell you about snail slime
                                                                       All That Glitters…
  facial? Sounds strange? We too were deceptive – not
  anymore! These treatments have already made into the
  good books of many including the celebrities. Looks
  like this is just not a hype! Such offbeat beauty regi-
  mens are widely accepted at high-end spas, as per the
  industry experts.

 A Slithery Deal                                                                                                                             Droppings, That Is!

                                                                          If Cleopatra had been alive, this facial is what she would love
                                                                       to try! Yes, a 24-karat Gold Facial! The therapy makes use of a
                                                                       gold-flecked serum that reportedly lifts, lightens and tightens
                                                                       skin. Not only that it supposedly slows down collagen depletion
                                                                       (thereby controlling sagginess), and works to fade age spots. It
                                                                       goes without saying that the facial comes with an expensive tag
                                                                       – yet, anything to stay young forever!

                                                                       Take a different bath!

   Snakes, including California and Florida king snakes and milk                                                                                 No, you are not wrong! We are referring to drop-
snakes, do the job here. Introduced by an Israeli health and beau-                                                                           pings only – that too nightingale droppings. The
ty spa, the treatment makes the best use of the slithering move-                                                                             bird poop facial (aka geisha facial) is closely related
ment of snakes resulting in deep-tissue massage (and some occa-                                                                              to the Japanese Geishas, renowned for their porce-
sional hiss)! These non-venomous snakes are believed to produce                                                                              lain-like complexions, who have used uguisu no fun,
a relaxing kneading session and ease the tensed nerves. The mas-                                                                             or nightingale droppings for centuries as a cleanser
termind behind this has publicly proclaimed that “once people                                                                                to clean of their thick white makeup. Point to note
get over their initial misgivings about the snakes, they find physi-                                                                         -- this wondrous excrement is collected from a spe-
cal contact with them to be soothing”. Hmm, sounds interesting!                                                                              cific type of nightingale-the Japanese Bush Warble.
                                                                                                                                                 The modern-day introduction of this ‘wonder
                                                                                                                                             droppings facial’ owes its credit to New York based
                                                                                                                                             celebrity facialist Shizuka Bernstei. She got the
                                                                                                                                             idea after hearing her mother talking about this
                                                                                                                                             old Japanese treatment. Uguisu no fun is sanitised
The Wet Hay Magic                                                                                                                            through exposure to ultraviolet light before being
                                                                                                                                             milled to a fine powder. Shizuka mixes the night-
                                                                                                                                             ingale droppings with delicate Japanese rice bran.
                                                                                                                                             And the Geisha Facial is completed with a hydrating
                                                                                                                                             camelia oil facial massage and a refreshing antioxi-
                                                                                                                                             dant green tea collagen mask. The facial is however
                                                                                                                                             pricey, even when the prime ingredient used is bird
                                                                                                                                             poop. A geisha facial session at Shizuka’s spa would
                                                                                                                                             come around $180, which is approximately QR655.
                                                                                                                                             There are over 10000 species of birds in the world,
                                                                                                                                             and why only this tiny nightingale from Japan cho-
                                                                                                                                             sen for the beauty session? We wonder

                                                                                                                                            Snail Slime… Err!
                                                                          A dip in yummy, delicious, juicy Ramen noodles! How does
                                                                       that sound to you? The Yunessan spa in Japan doesn’t make
   Here is a body wrap treatment with a touch of big difference!       use of edible noodles, however, noodle-shaped spa treatments
Adopted in Italy’s Hotel Heubad, the regimen soaks you in a wa-        are placed in bath water that contains animal broth. Spa offi-
ter bed heated to over 100 F while you are wrapped in wet hay.         cials claim that a dip in the noodle bath brings in a boost in the
And this hay is special – it is harvested from the meadows of Alpe     bather’s metabolism and cleanses the skin. If you are not a big
di Siusi from mid-July to early-August. The benefits? Your im-         fan of noodles, the spa offers other options including green tea,
mune system and metabolism gets a total boost. Now, that is in-        wine and coffee.

                                                                                                Cactus Massage
                                                                                                   Ouch! But we realised later that the
                                                                                                therapy is not as painful as it sounds.
                                                                                                Introduced by the Four Seasons Resort
                                                                                                Punta Mita in Mexico, this massage
                                                                                                therapy involves the application of a
                                                                                                warm concoction of cactus, tuna (the
                                                                                                blossom of cactus), and pulque (an
                                                                                                alcohol made from the agave plant).            Snails… That is the latest buzz! No, we are not
                                                                                                And the interesting part is – this cac-     referring to any ‘Fear Factor’ episode. This slithery
                                                                                                tus cocktail is applied to the body us-     creature has made to the list of the ‘top-beauty-
                                                                                                ing the cactus paddles themselves           product-ingredients’ with its ability to minimise
                                                                                                (well, with the spines removed). This       wrinkles, and eliminate scars. Apparently we are
                                                                                                made us do a quick research on cactus       referring to the gooey stuff that snails excrete dur-
                                                                                                and this is what we found – cactus is       ing the course of their travels. Some spas follow the
                                                                                                known to have some healing prop-            same procedure as in snake massage – let the snails
                                                                                                erties, also the ability rehydrate the      crawl on your skin, while others are kind enough to
                                                                                                skins and remove the trapped toxins.        use creams and serums made of snail slime.
 ‘Fish Pedicure’ a Recipe
 for Bacterial Infection
“Fish pedicures” in health spas can expose re-      mouth and abdomen, result-
cipients to a host of pathogens and bacterial       ing in the death of nearly all
infections, a team of researchers warns.            the specimens.
The practice of exposing your feet to live          In turn, U.K. scientists
freshwater fish that eat away dead or dam-          uncovered signs of
aged skin for mainly cosmetic reasons has           bacterial     infection
been banned in many (but not all) American          (caused by a patho-
states, but it is apparently a hot trend in Brit-   gen called “S agalac-
ain.                                                tiae”) in the fishes’
So much so that the British researchers sent        livers, kidneys and
their warning in a letter published in the          spleen.
June issue of Emerging Infectious Diseases, a       Following this dis-
publication from the U.S. Centres for Disease       covery,       Verner-
Control and Prevention.                             Jeffreys said, his
Officially known as “ichthyotherapy,” the           team conducted five
procedure typically involves the importation        raids on imported
of what are called “doctor fish,” a Eurasian        fish batches coming
river basin species known as “Garra rufa.”          through Heathrow Air-
The fish are placed in a spa tub, the foot (or      port, which uncovered fur-
even whole body) joins it, and the nautical         ther signs of infection with
feeding on dead or unwanted skin begins.            a number of additional patho-
The problem: such fish may play host to a           gens. Many of those were found to
wide array of organisms and disease, some of        be resistant to such standard antimi-                                      George A. O’Toole, a       bad idea.”
which can provoke invasive soft-tissue infec-       crobial drugs as tetracycline, fluoroquinolone                       professor in the department
                                                    and aminoglycoside.                                                                                   Dr. Philip Tierno, director of clinical microbi-
tion in exposed humans and many of which                                                               of microbiology and immunology at the              ology and pathology at New York University
are antibiotic-resistant, according to the sci-     “To date, there are only a limited number          Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth in
                                                    of reports of patients who might have been                                                            Medical Center in New York City, agreed.
entists from the Center for Environment,                                                               Hanover, N.H., added his own concern.
Fisheries & Aquaculture Science (CEFAS) in          infected by this exposure route,” Verner-Jef-                                                         “It’s a bad idea in several ways,” he said. “Be-
                                                                                                       “I would stay away from this experience,” he       cause these pathogens can give you a serious
Weymouth.                                           freys said. “However, our study raises some        said. “It’s probably not feasible to sterilise
CEFAS team leader David W. Verner-Jeffreys          concerns over the extent that these fish, or                                                          wound infection. Or blood-borne infection.
                                                                                                       these fish. And as for the water itself, even if
cited a 2011 survey that suggested the U.K.         their transport water, might harbour poten-                                                           Or diarrhea. Or even pose a threat to a preg-
                                                                                                       you dump it between patients, these organ-
is now home to 279-plus “fish spas,” with an        tial zoonotic disease pathogens of clinical rel-   isms will form rings of biofilm communities        nant woman’s foetus or newborn.”
estimated 15,000 to 20,000 fish coming into         evance.”                                           attached to the surface of the tubs them-          “Really, you have the potential for multiple
the country every week from a host of Asian         At particularly high risk, the scientists said,    selves. It’s like a contact lens case that you     types of infection,” Tierno added. “Because
countries.                                          were people already struggling with diabetes,      never disinfect. Simply wiping them down is        theoretically when you’re touching the area
Verner-Jeffreys noted that in April 2011,           liver disease and immune disorders.                not good enough. Unless you’re incredibly re-      that has been nibbled on by these fish, you
6,000 fish imported from Indonesia for U.K.         Verner-Jeffreys suggested that spas offering       sponsible about sterilising those tubs you’re      can still have the organisms there. And then
fish spas were affected by a disease outbreak       fish pedicures use disease-free fish raised in     not going to kill them, and they will reseed       you can inadvertently touch your mouth and
that caused haemorrhaging of their gills,           controlled environments.                           the next batch of water. The whole thing is a      introduce them into your system.”

                    Early Study Hints at Link Between
                    Certain Sunscreens, Endometriosis
A preliminary study links chemicals
found in certain sunscreens to a
higher risk of endometriosis, but it’s
too soon to say whether there’s any
reason for women to change their
“This is way too early for prime time,”
said Warren Foster, a professor in
the department of obstetrics and gy-
naecology at McMaster University,
in Hamilton, Ontario, who studies
how chemicals affect people.
In endometriosis, tissue that lines
the uterus grows outside the womb,
leading to pain and infertility in
some cases. Foster said the causes
of this common condition are fuzzy,
and “nothing is proven as far as
chemicals are concerned.”
Even if the chemicals do boost the
risk of endometriosis, the findings
don’t specify how many more wom-
en might get the disease. Dermatolo-
gists consider sunscreen crucial in
the prevention of skin cancer.
Still, the study authors write that
their findings should inspire more re-
search into a possible link. Research
is especially important because the
chemicals in question are found in
other products such as moisturis-
ers and lotions, said study co-author
Kurunthachalam Kannan, a research
scientist with the New York State
Department of Health.
“This is something everybody should
be concerned about,” Kannan said.
“We are going to do more studies and
look at many of the cosmetics and
personal-care products containing
these compounds to see what level
people are exposed to every day.”
The chemicals, known as benzophe-          nosed with endometriosis were           Kannan said. “But at what level of       chemical exposure, said endome-         He said researchers have explored
none-type UV filters, protect the          more likely to have the highest lev-    usage we should be worried? We           triosis occurs when there’s too         whether chemicals may play a role
skin from the ultraviolet rays of the      els of the chemical filters in their    don’t know.”                             much growth in the cells that line      in endometriosis by causing it or
sun and also mimic the effects of the      urine.                                  It’s also not clear if the chemicals     the uterus. Many women have no
female hormone estrogen. Previous          The study doesn’t confirm that                                                   symptoms, but others develop se-        making it get worse, but “nothing
                                                                                   could have any negative effects on                                               that convincing has really come
research has shown that benzophe-          the chemicals have anything to do                                                vere pelvic pain and other prob-
none-3, or BP-3, is absorbed into the      with endometriosis, and its design                                               lems.                                   out.”
bloodstream faster than other sun-         didn’t allow the researchers to de-     If the chemicals do have a link to       The condition may affect 7 per-
                                                                                   endometriosis, it may relate to                                                  If you’re concerned about the
screen agents, the authors noted.          termine how much exposure might                                                  cent to 15 percent of women of
In the new study, researchers exam-        boost a women’s overall risk of de-     their ability to alter estrogen, Kan-    reproductive age, Foster said. The      chemicals, look for sunscreens and
ined urine from 625 women from             veloping endometriosis.                 nan said.                                cause is unclear, although it may       other products that don’t include
California and Utah. Those diag-           “There is a concern, definitely,”       Foster, the professor who studies        have something to do with genes.        BP-3, he concluded.
                                                                                                Lubuna Jeffin

                                                                   When it was time to gather the gadgets for this
                                                                   week’s Technology page, we decided not to go for
                                                                   the wackiest ones alone! So we brought in some
                                                                   ‘sane’ ones together with some that are designed
                                                                   by those witty (yet smart!) brains. Here is the
                                                                   list… Stay beautiful!

                                     Ansr: beam
                                     Sanity level – Average                                                                                 Dermaroller
                                     Leave it to the magic of light!                                                                          Sanity level – Average
                                     Ansr: Beam is a multi-tasker! It                                                         No, this is not a modified version of an
                                     throws the blue LED onto your                                                          ancient torture device! Featuring a long
                                     skin for five minutes to slay the                                                            stick attached to a small wheel, this
                                     blemish inducing P. acnes bacteria,                                                    micro-needling device claims to offer an
                                     and aims the red LED to boost                                                           all-natural cosmetic procedure. Wonder
                                     collagen production so as to                                                         how it works? The wheel serves a purpose
                                     reduce those dreaded wrinkles                                                          – it comes with numerous spiky needles
                                     and lines. This ‘hand held fountain                                                      that supposedly stimulates the skin to
                                     of youth’ also plays a part in                                                      repair itself! Experts behind the technique
                                     reducing redness and pore size.                                                      claim that the gadget works by producing
                                                                                                                           thousands of microscopic needle holes in
                                                                                                                         the dermis. These holes prompt the skin to
                                                                                                                          produce new collagen and elastin, thereby
                                                                                                                                      resulting in new cell generation

                                          Anti-aging mouthpiece                                                                            Slimmer
                                          Sanity level – Low                                                                               Sanity level – Low
                                          Are you game for this? Here is the simplest anti-aging solution
                                          ever! This funny mouthpiece keeps you away from all those
                                          expensive surgeries. All that you have to do is gently place
                                          Pupeko (that is the name by the way!) into your mouth, clench
                                          your jaw and breathe in and out. This supposedly tightens your
                                          cheek and jaw muscles, thus keeping a No-Entry board to those
                                          wrinkles! We know not about the age-defence success rates of
 HairMax                                  this funny gadget, yet we think this can add a whole new twist
                                          to your beauty care regimen.
 Sanity level – Average

 Here is a magic wand that
 promises hair growth by               Sanity level - High
 delivering heat energy to hair        Though the gadget looks straight                                                             This looks like an irresistible
 follicles! Heat energy is created     from James Bond’s secret box, it does                                                        gadget, because everyone knows
 by emitting red light onto your       a good job in giving you that run-way                                                        it is no easy job getting rid of
 scalp and this increases blood        look. This airbrush makeup kit comes                                                         that extra flesh to the neck!
 circulation, thereby resulting        with a fool-proof system that allows                                                         Same as the funny mouthpiece,
 in thicker hair shafts. The           you to easily snap on and off Temptu                                                         the neckline slimmer claims
 brand recommends this for             makeup AIRpods (these are miniature                                                          to reverse the effects of aging
 men who are experiencing              bullets that carry the respective                                                            without those highly technical
 thinning hair and development         beauty product). This way you can                                                            cosmetic procedures. And the
 of bald spot.                         apply foundation, blushes and more                                                           gadget does not call for a technical
                                       within a few minutes and with very                                                           background. All that you have to
                                       less fuss. Please keep in mind that                                                          do is to merely hold the gadget
                                       it may take some time to master the                                                          to your chin and move your head
                                       gadget. However, it is worth the effort                                                      up and down. This ‘yes-no-action’
                                                                                                                                    with the slimmer supposedly
                                                                                                                                    eliminates any loose skin, neck
                                                                                                                                    folds and double-chins!

Weekly App Review
                                                       Love the sun!
  We know the mercury                                                                              UV Safe Timer
  is soaring to the                                                                                Wonder how it helps? Apply your normal sunscreen lotion and
                                                                                                   set the timer to alert you when it is time to reapply the defence
  highest levels possible.                                                                         lotion! The smart application comes with location-specific
                                                                                                   UV index for anywhere in the world, also adjusts for current
  Don’t you worry; the                                                                             weather like clouds to give you an accurate real-time UV index.
                                                                                                   Made for the outdoor lovers, this application allows users
  masterminds behind                                                                               to create custom profiles with skin type, activities and sun
  iPhone application                                                                               protection to assess safe protection intervals. Also there is
                                                                                                   an optional timer that reminds users when it is time to apply
  have come up with                                                                                more sunscreen so as to avoid a sunburn.           Looks like an
                                                                                                   interesting application, especially for those in this part of the
  something interesting                                                                            world!
                                                                                                   Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
  to block the sun!                                                                                Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
                                                                 creams,       soaps
                                                              and other products can
                                                            be just as luxurious and
                                                          fragrant as their commercial
                                                        While there are some good natural
                                                        alternatives that you can buy,
                                                         the cheapest, easiest and most
                                                          natural way is to just make your
                                                           own, and you might have all
                                                             of the ingredients in your
                                                                kitchen already!

                                                  Bloom shares the DIY secrets of balms,
                                                  washes, toners and other natural
                                                  beauty elixirs for happy, healthy skin.

FOR LIPS                                          Revitalising Face Mask                            End-of-Day Foot Spa                              Herbal Spa Wrap
Honey-Cocoa Butter Lip Balm                       Ingredients:                                      Ingredients:                                     Ingredients:
                                                    1/2 cup chopped cucumber                          1/2 cup Epsom salts                              1 cup corn oil
                                                    1/2 cup chopped avocado                           Essential oils of your choice                    1/2 cup grapefruit juice
                                                    1 egg white                                     Instructions:                                      1 teaspoon dried thyme
                                                    2 tsp. powdered milk                              Fill either a foot bath or your bath tub to    Instructions:
                                                  Instructions:                                       ankle height with warm water.                    Combine ingredients and massage into skin.
                                                    Combine all of the ingredients in a blender       Dissolve 1/2 cup Epsom salts in the warm         Wrap targeted areas of the body (arms, legs,
                                                    until they form a smooth paste.                   water and add the essential oil of your          back) with a towel to lock in body heat.
                                                    Apply the mask to your face and neck using        choice (lavender, rosewood, patchouli            Lay a heating pad over each treatment area
                                                    circular upward movements.                        and sandalwood are relaxing oils, while          for 5 mins at a time.
                                                    Leave the mask on for 30 mins, or until dry.      lemongrass and eucalyptus are uplifting)
                                                    Rinse your face and neck with warm water          Soak for 10-15 mins. Pat dry and moisturise.
                                                                                                                                                     Body Spray
                                                    and finish with a cold water rinse.                                                              Ingredients:
                                                                                                    FOR BODY AND BATH                                  1 tablespoon witch hazel
Ingredients:                                      Peach and Egg White Firming Spa                                                                      A total of 10 drops of essential oil: lemon
  2 tbls. olive oil                                                                                                                                    and cucumber
  1/2 tsp. honey
                                                  Ingredients:                                                                                         8 oz. of distilled water
  3/4 tsp. beeswax — grated                                                                                                                          Instructions:
  1/2 tsp. pure cocoa butter                        1 ripe peach — peeled and stoned
                                                    1 egg white                                                                                        Combine all the ingredients and store it in
  Flavored oil of your choice (like peppermint                                                                                                         a bottle, for that great after shower body
  or vanilla)                                     Instructions:                                                                                        spray.
  1 vitamin E capsule                               Whip peach and egg white together in a                                                             If it irritates your skin, then you could avoid
Instructions:                                       blender till smooth.                                                                               using lemon oil in the mixture.
  In a small saucepan, heat oil, honey, wax and     Gently pat mixture over face.
  butter over a low heat until just melted.         Leave on for 30 minutes.                                                                         HAIR CARE
  Remove from heat and allow to cool for 2-3        Rinse off with cool water.
                                                                                                                                                     Revitalising Hair Treatment
                                                  Acne Tonic with Basil                                                                              Ingredients:
  Stir in flavoring and contents of vitamin E
  capsule.                                        Ingredients:                                                                                         1 medium avocado — peeled and stoned
  Pour into containers of your choice.              2 to 3 teaspoons dried basil leaves                                                                2 tablespoons honey
                                                    1 cup boiling water                                                                              Instructions:
Beet Red Lip Gloss                                Instructions:                                                                                        Mash together the ingredients in a small
Ingredients:                                        Steep basil leaves in water for 10 to 20
                                                    minutes.                                                                                           Massage into hair. Leave for 20-30 mins.
  ¼ cup beeswax
                                                    Cool, then apply to face with a white cotton    Softening Body Oil                                 Wash hair as usual.
  ¼ cup castor oil
  2 tablespoons sesame oil                          ball.                                           Ingredients:
  beet juice                                                                                          1 cup (237 ml) sweet almond oil                Hair Gel
Instructions:                                     FOR EYES                                            1/2 cup (118 ml) jojoba or hazelnut oil (or
  Melt beeswax, remove from heat and add                                                              combination of the two)
                                                  Cucumber Eye Gel                                    2 tablespoons (30 ml) apricot kernel oil
  oils.                                           Ingredients:
  Add as much beet juice as desired for color.                                                        Essential oil (optional)
                                                    1/4 large cucumber
  Store in jar.                                                                                     Instructions:
                                                    1 ounce aloe vera gel
                                                                                                      Combine the oils in a sealed bottle and
FOR FACE                                            Puree the cucumber in a blender, then strain
                                                                                                      gently turn it several times to mix.
                                                                                                      Apply as needed.
Tightening/Toning Lemon Egg                         the mixture into a glass bowl.
White Mask                                          Spoon in just a tad of the pulp from the
Ingredients:                                        strainer. Add the aloe vera to the cucumber     Sea Salt Body Scrub
                                                    puree in the bowl and mix lightly. Pour into    Ingredients:
  Juice from 1/2 a lemon (strained)
                                                    a clean, sterilised container.                    1 cup course sea salt
  1 egg white
                                                    After cleansing face, stir mixture gently and     1/2 cup baby oil
Instructions:                                       apply with a cotton ball to under eye area.     Instructions:
  Beat together the egg white and lemon juice
  for 3 minutes.                                                                                      Stir the ingredients together in a bowl and
  Apply directly to your face, avoiding the
                                                  FOR NAILS                                           put into a screw top jar.
  eyes.                                           Vegetable Oil Nail Strengthener                     Leave for 24 hrs.
  Leave on for 30 minutes.                        Ingredients:                                        Stir the mixture and apply to any areas of
                                                    2 tsp castor oil                                  the body you wish to exfoliate.
  Rinse off with warm water.                                                                                                                         Ingredients:
                                                    2 tsp salt                                        Massage into the skin for a few mins then
                                                    1 tsp wheat germ oil                              shower off.                                      1 teaspoon unflavored gelatin
                                                  Instructions:                                                                                        1 cup warm water
                                                    Pour all ingredients into a sealable bottle.    Chocolate Bubble Bath                            Instructions:
                                                    Rub a small amount of the mixture onto          Ingredients:                                       Dissolve 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of unflavored
                                                    your nails.                                       1 cup of unscented bubble bath                   gelatin in 1 cup warm water.
                                                    Leave on for 3-5 mins                             1/3 cup of unsweetened soy milk                  Keep refrigerated and use as you would a
                                                    Wipe off with a cotton pad.                                                                        purchased gel.
                                                                                                      3 oz. of grated or powdered dark chocolate
                                                  FOR HANDS AND FEET                                  Heat the soy milk and add the grated or        Hair Spray
                                                  Brown Sugar Hand Softener                           powdered chocolate.                            Ingredients:
                                                  Ingredients:                                        Stir well until melted and blended, but do       1 or 2 citrus fruits (lemon or orange)
                                                    1/4 cup course brown sugar                        not boil.                                        2 cups water
                                                    Baby oil to make into a paste                     Allow to cool. Mix well again just before      Instructions:
                                                  Instructions:                                       adding to your bath.                             Chop 1 lemon (or orange for dry hair).
                                                    Mix together.                                                                                      Place in a pot and cover with 2 cups of hot
                                                    Using a hand washing motion apply the                                                              water. Boil until only half remains. Cool and
                                                    mixture to the hands.                                                                              strain.
                                                    Continue the washing motion for a min                                                              Add more water if needed. Refrigerate in a
                                                    then rinse off with warm water and pat dry.                                                        spray bottle.
Go Runway: For Spring/Summer 2012
For the beauty-obsessed, one of the most exciting features to come out of the Fashion Week are the hottest makeup trends of the season. From runway to runway, we get to see
the artistry of the craft come alive. Some of these looks are theatrical and unwearable while others are a graduation from the prior season and readily wearable. But every runway
gives us a glimpse into that season’s must-have trends.
The spring/summer 2012 runway shows saw an avalanche of looks inspired from various eras, historic muses and street style looks. Makeup artists played with a mix of old and
new trends. The overall mantra was to pair vintage with contemporary to make a statement that’s inimitable and all yours!

                                                                                                                                              Messy Gold Glitter
    Here are the top makeup trends that ruled the S/S 2012 runways:                                                                           Tin foil and fairy-dust went from
                                                                                                                                              the art supply aisle into the kits of
                                                                                                                                              make-up artists. Smudged eyeliner
                                                                                                                                              was combined with messy and
                                                                                                                                              creased eyeshadow for that naughty
                                                                                                                                              rock-chic look.

                                                         Probably the most
                                                         easy-going and
                                                         natural makeup of
                                                         the bunch! Makeup
                                                         artists mimicked
                                                         the effects of the
                                                         being out in the
                                                         sun by contouring
                                                         the high parts of
                                                         the face with lush
                                                         peach bronze.

                                                                                                               Despite the heavy
                                                                                                               liner and intense gold
                                                                                                               eyeshadow, this makeup
                                                                                                               looks surprisingly fresh
                                                                                                               and youthful. On the
                                                                                                               other hand, reflective
              Dolly Lashes                                                                                     washes of white silver
                                                                                                               sparked up the eyes and
            Designers went into the                                                                            brow bones.
              dollhouse this season.
        Whether curled or feathery,
     the precise lashes imitated the
       fixed fringe seen on painted,
                    blinking eyelids.

                                                                                                                                                                             Lipstick’s most
                                                                                                                                                                             iconic colour
                                                                                                                                                                             was reinvented
                                                                                                                                                                             this season,
                                                                                                                                                                             proving that
                                                                                                                                                                             there are end-
                                                                                                                                                                             less ways to
                                                                                                                                                                             wear a dramatic
                                                                                                                                                                             red. With in-
                                                                                                                                                                             spirations that
                                                                                                                                                                             ranged from
                                                                                                                                                                             pop art expres-
                                                                                                                                                                             sionisms to art
                                                                                                                                                                             deco experi-
                                                                                                                                                                             mentation, it’s
                                                                                                                                                                             a great time to
                                                                                                                                                                             go for rouge!

            Bare Face                                                         Rosebud Lips
                                                                              The soft rose colour blends in
            It seems that this season,                                        beautifully on all skin tones, especially
            baby skin is in. Fresh faces                                      when paired with a similarly toned
            are frequent pegs on the                                          blush, as makeup artists were fond of
            runways. So ditch that                                            doing at the shows.
            heavy foundation and go
            with a tinted moisturiser or
            a BB cream instead.

                                                                                                                                              Power Brows
                                                                                                                                              Both striking and feminine at the same
                                                                                                                                              time, the look of bold brows dominated
                                                                                                                                              the runways. The thick and straight
                                                                                                                                              “power brows”, black eyeshadow
                                                                                                                                              winged to a sultry cat-eye simply looked
                                                                               Extreme Smoky Eyes                                             stunning!
                                                                               The seriously smudged-out eyes spotted on the runways
           Cat Eyeliner                                                        made allusions to film noir beauty, troubled painters,
                                                                               and punk rockers. Beautiful and daring, the style
           The familiar flick of liner returned to the outer                   doesn’t require a steady hand to pull off — just plenty of
           corners of eyes but this time fashioned with                        unwavering confidence!
           inventive, even playful, variations.

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