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					With love on Valentine’s Day

      Class Publications
  Grandma with Stupid Cancer
       By: Haley Rundel
    This is dedicated to Grandma with love. –Haley

      One day in August, my mom called my grandma but
Grandpa said she had cancer. That night I felt sad and a
little scared for grandma. I was shaking with fear
because I didn’t know what cancer was. My mom said,
“Cancer is like a little virus that can go in people’s bodies
and make them sick.” I still didn’t understand. I felt a
little better. Then, after a few days, I heard she was
trying a new medicine for pancreatic cancer. Now she is
doing really good. They can’t see the cancer anymore,
but it’s still there. I hope my grandma gets rid of the
cancer. I think she will because she is doing walks and
she is starting to feel better!
          Turning Five
        By: Halon Watson
     On my birthday, when I was turning five, I
wanted a Star Wars birthday. There were things
that stuck onto your feet and we had nothing on
our feet. My mom made balloons when she
thought I was asleep, but I wasn’t asleep. I
came into the backroom and saw my mom
making them. She said, “Go to sleep.” It was
9:45. Then I woke up and saw my brother,
mom, and dad. I got like 115 Star Wars guys. I
had so much fun and then I ran up to my mom
and dad and hugged them.
              A Crash
         By: Ryan Johnson
     One day, I got my bike. We wanted to play
bumper bikes. We got on and went full speed. I
hit a different bike and I went flying. I landed in
the street and my forehead was cut open.
     My mom stopped the blood. She took off my
shirt and wiped my forehead. We got to the
emergency room. The nurse numbed it. Then,
she put three stitches in it. It felt like a pinch.
     Then, when we got the stitches out they put
scissors in my head to get it out. A couple days
later it healed up. You can still see the mark.
       By: Nathaniel Ayala
    I went to Legoland with my entire family.
There were a bunch of rides. We could only go
on a few and then we had to take pictures
because my dad’s mom wanted to see how
much fun we had. Then, we went on the rides
      Going to Flagstaff
  By: Ameer-David Hughes
    My big uncle, and his mom and dad, and my
brothers went to Flagstaff with me. We went
snow sledding. I slid down with my big uncle’s
mom. We slid too fast and we turned and I hit
my face. My big uncle’s mom was the only one
who stayed on the sled.
         At Disney Land
       By: Bryanne Lomax
     It was my first time going to Disneyland. I
felt excited. At Disneyland I rode all kinds of
rides and I got to get an autograph book. I got to
meet Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Mickey Mouse,
Minnie Mouse, Buzz, Woody, and I had fun.
           By: Chaz Barrett
     I like football. I like the Colts, Jets, Steelers,
Bears, and Cowboys. Last year we watched the
Super Bowl. I was mad at the Steelers because
they won. The Steelers and the Cardinals were
in the 43 Super Bowl. At the end of the game I
threw a pillow because I was so mad. I tried to
sleep. I tried to sleep. I kept on crying and
couldn’t sleep.
Playing Spiderman Three with
    the Future Spiderman
      By: Crispen Perry
    I played Spiderman Shattered Dimensions
the video game. My favorite part is Future
Spiderman. Other spider men have their own
challenges. They have to beat them to be more
powerful. It’s really hard. I’m almost through.
           At SeaWorld
         By: Ethan Pfeiffer
      It was so fun at SeaWorld. I went on a ride I
did not like because it was going fast. I got a
little water on me. It was a super big ride. We
went through a tunnel with animals in it. It had
baby sharks and baby dolphins. It was fun on
that ride.
         Camping With Us
         By: Hannah Wing
      I went camping with my family for the
weekend. The woods had tons of cabins with
our cousins and aunts and uncles. It was fun
when we took a walk to another cabin. It was so
far I lost my brother and cousins. I saw a cow.
It scared me. I ran to find them. I caught up to
them. It is so cool going camping with them.
     When we drove home I fell asleep in the car
and when we got home I was still sleepy. So my
mom and I slept in my bed.
         Me in SeaWorld
         By: Joel Stevens

     I went to SeaWorld and I had fun. I saw a
whale. It was big. It splashed water on me.
The water hit the tank and splashed me. After
that, I went to see the electric eels.
When My Parents Got Married
     By: Madison Pratt
    I am happy because my second dad and my
second mom got married. I was a flower girl. It
was their second wedding. I threw the flowers. I
was so nervous because I had to waste my
flowers when I was almost to the front. I was
throwing handfuls over my head. Then, my
parents got married. When the wedding was
over I was happy.
             My Dad
         By: Michale Coté
    My dad caught a thirty foot long shark. He
took a picture. I saw it on my mom’s phone. I’m
proud of him because he never caught one
before. He is the most awesome dad ever!
          My Birthday
      By: Nathaniel Garcia
     I woke up and my friends were in my home.
I didn’t know that they came. Their mom and
dad sent them. I was so happy because they
were at my house. I went to my school. I
dropped my sister and friends off at school. I
went to the doctor’s. Then, I went to
McDonalds. I went to the store. I got a Mario
and I got a Candace and Perry. I got a Pillow
Pet. I love my birthday!
     I Like Pretty Rainbows
       By: Paisyn Dorman
     I like super pretty rainbows. I like all kinds
of rainbows. Some rainbows are dark pink or
light pink. When it rained last time, my family
saw a rainbow. I asked my mom if we could
follow it. My mom said no. Then, I just looked at
the rainbow out my window and we went home.
           By: Sydney Do

    I went to Laughlin and I had fun. There were
games and we won prizes. There was bowling
and there was good food too.
    My favorite part was bowling. The ball was
heavy. I was ahead and then my brother got in
ahead and he won. He was happy. So were
          With My Family
         By: Angel Vargas
     My mom, dad, sister, and I went bowling
when we got the day off. There were a lot of
people there. I knocked out five pins. I felt
happy. It was hard to do because the ball went
straight and then sideways. It didn’t hit the pins
so I tried again and knocked down five!
            Misty and Squirt
           By: Brianna Galvan
•            I have two dogs. One of my dogs
    name is Squirt. She is a Chihuahua. She barks
    loud. Her bark goes through the back door. My
    other dog’s name is Misty. You can’t hold her
    because she is huge. Squirt poops and pees.
    Misty eats our food when we are not there.
    Squirt wakes us up all the time. Misty and Squirt
    always do bad things.
       A Pet Shop Game
      By: Isabella Pezzelle
     I like to play with my DS. My mom helps me
when I get stuck. We play a pet shop game.
She helps me because I don’t know how to
move the dog. When my mom helps me I say,
“Oh, that’s interesting Mommy. Now I know how
to play the game.” I feel happy because I
understand how to play the DS.
    When He Pushed Me Off
By: Sebastian Herrera-Gonzales
     I love my mom because I was on a bike and
 I saw a five-year-old and I was two. But he said,
 “Can I ride your bike?” and I said, “No.” He
 pushed me off and my head busted open like a
 tomato. I got staples on my head to help me feel
        The Poor Children
        By: Joseph Young
     There is a picture in my house of poor
children. The poor children are happy because
my dad is helping them. He was setting up a
party and giving them presents because they
had no food, shelter, or water. The picture
makes me sad. It makes me cry. I just want to
be nice to them and give them food, water, and
shelter. So if you find poor children find the
house number 80708 and bring them in. God
and Jesus should be in your heart.
         Henry’s Big Hair
        By: Henry DeMars
     When I was littler my brother would always
make fun of my big hair. He would point his
finger into my hair. He couldn’t see his finger
because my hair was so curly. . . and then we
got in a big fight.
    Also, I played tricks on him. When he was
walking in his room I was behind the door. I got
out from behind the door and tripped him! My
brother likes games when people get hurt. He
said everyone is boring except me because they
like the wimpy games.

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