How To Buy Gold And Diversify Your Portfolio At The Same Time by normanesposito


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									                         How To Buy Gold And Diversify Your Portfolio At The Same Time

If you buy gold, you will probably have heard repeatedly that you need to diversify your portfolio. But
what does that mean and how do you do it? Diversifying a portfolio is such a wide concept that to cover
it all, entire books have been written on the topic. Here, we will only look at diversifying a portfolio for
those who are interested in buying gold coins.

Very simply put, when you buy gold coins, make sure you get your hands on all the sizes that exist.
These are the quarter ounce, the tenth ounce, the one ounce ,and the half ounce. Next, make sure you
have all the popular styles of gold bullion, including the American Buffalo, the American Eagle, the South
African Krugerrand, and the Canadian Maple Leaf. These are just the basics, so try to diversify as much
as you possibly can.

So why should you diversify when you buy gold? First of all, because it's fun. One of the first things you
may notice when you are buying gold coins is that these coins are seriously beautiful. And it's nice to
hold a little piece of world history in your hands. Why would you own the same of everything, when you
can have something with little subtle differences in your hands as much as you want. Reward yourself by
buying interesting and different coins.

Gold coins will always be valuable. Should there be a case of hyperinflation, when money is totally
worthless, gold will still be very valuable. So, make sure you get your hands on plenty of smaller coins.
You may want to consider getting some silver coins as well. Naturally, we all hope that this will never
happen, but there is nothing wrong with making sure your collection is as valuable as it can be, just in

Last but not least, the numismatics element. Gold bullion has a high value in terms of raw metal as
well, but some of them have a high numismatic value, which is even more interesting. In other words,
the investment you make is above and beyond the money you actually pay for it. If you diversify your
collection, you have a far bigger chance of coming across a coin with a high numismatic value. After all,
you could be scouring the internet or flea markets and accidentally come across a super rare coin.

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