“Whoever is thirsty_ let him take the free gift of the water of life.” _Rev by wuyunyi


									      “Whoever is thirsty, let him take the free gift of the water of life.” (Rev. 22:17).

                          The Patriot Press
St. Paul’s Lutheran School Newsletter                                          September 2009
                                                    drink from the water of life. That is what
From Principal Beilke                               makes our school special. Praise God that he
                                                    has given us this school in which the water
                                                    of life is freely distributed every single day.
        We are gearing up to begin yet
another school year in dedicated service to         Chapel
                                                             During the School year, all of the
the Lord. I pray that all of you were able to
                                                    children enrolled in Kindergarten through 8th
enjoy all of the blessings that God gives us
                                                    grade gather in the church on Friday
during the summer months.         The staff at
                                                    mornings for a chapel service. We look
St. Paul’s spent a good portion of their
                                                    forward each week for this opportunity to
summer planning for the school year so that
                                                    worship together. Although the lessons are
we can provide the students who enter our
                                                    geared toward the children of the school
classrooms with the best education possible.
                                                    anyone who wishes to participate is invited
I am pleased to report that all of our faculty
                                                    to attend.
members are returning to serve in the same
capacities which they did last school year.
The Lord continues to bless St. Paul’s              Asbestos Management Plan
                                                            The Asbestos Hazard Emergency
school with caring, knowledgeable and
                                                    Response Act (40 CFR 763.93 (g) (4)
dedicated workers to feed His lambs with
                                                    requires that written notice be given that the
the wonderful gospel message.
                                                    above school has a Management Plan for the
        As we begin this new school year I
                                                    safe control and maintenance of asbestos-
ask that you would please keep all of the
                                                    containing materials found in our building.
students, faculty, and staff of St. Paul’s in
                                                    Our Management Plan, state approved, is
your prayers.
                                                    available and accessible to the public in Mr.
                                                    Beilke’s classroom. The cost to copy will
Theme for 2009-2010
                                                    be 10 cents per page.
        The theme for the 2009-10 school
year comes from the book of Revelation
chapter 22 verse17 “whoever is thirsty, let
                                                            For those of you who are not
him come and take the free gift of the water
                                                    familiar with the acronym PICE, it stands
of life.” This passage serves as a great
                                                    for Partners In Christian Education. This
reminder to us that God’s Word is truly a
                                                    group gathers together to plan and run
gift and not something that we can earn or
                                                    events that will add to the mission of St.
even deserve.
                                                    Paul’s which is to “… reach ever-increasing
        This passage also goes on to state
                                                    numbers of people in our community with
the power and blessings that God’s Word
                                                    the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” This group is
gives to us. Through the gospel message we
                                                    NOT simply made up of all the parents and
receive the “water of life”.
                                                    teachers; it also involves ALL members of
        Eternal life is ours. What greater gift
                                                    St. Paul’s congregation. We not only invite
could anyone ever receive? And the best
                                                    you to be involved, but we strongly
news is that God gave that gift to YOU
                                                    encourage it.
because he loves YOU and wants to offer
                                                            Sign-up sheets are located in the
YOU eternal life.
                                                    entry way of the church. Please look over
        Every day the students who gather
at St. Paul’s get to hear that message, and

          Preparing children for Christian life on earth and eternal life in heaven
      “Whoever is thirsty, let him take the free gift of the water of life.” (Rev. 22:17).
the items listed on the sheets and consider         has the potential to be a wonderful source of
the area you can help out with at school.           information as well as a tool to reach out to
                                                    the community.
Hot Lunch                                           You may contact any of the staff members
         Hot Lunch will be offered on               with the following emails:
Tuesdays, Thursdays and the second Friday           Pastor Barenz – pastor@stpaulstof.com
of each month this year. If your child              Kathy Lefeber – klefeber@stpaulstof.com
chooses to eat hot lunch the cost is $2.00 for      Dawn Barenz – dbarenz@stpaulstof.com
each meal. The payment for each meal will           Chris Lohse – clohse@stpaulstof.com
be collected at the beginning of the month.         Laura Loehr – lloehr@stpaulstof.com
The total for Sep. is $20. Mrs. Melissa             Fred Pahmeier – fpahmeier@stpaulstof.com
Schmidt has graciously offered to organize          Jon Beilke – principal@stpaulstof.com
the hot lunch program again this year. If you
would like to help out with the program                    New LOGO for the WL A
please contact her.                                         Association Schools

Soccer                                              WHAT IS THE PURPOSE?
         The soccer season starts up right          WLA Schools
away in September with the first day of             was developed
practice on Wednesday September 2nd. The            to    emphasize
soccer team is open to boys and girls in 4th        the relationship
through 8th grade. Please check the calendar        between      our
for the dates and times of these matches, and       Lutheran Elementary Grade Schools and
go cheer on your St. Paul’s Patriots!               Winnebago Lutheran Academy.             The
                                                    essential and most important tie between
School Calendar Additions                           these schools is the Christ-centered
         Please add the following dates to          education that is offered at all of our
this year’s school calendar:                        Christian Sunday Schools, pre-schools, child
      Book Fair – Sep. 22-29                       care centers, elementary schools, and our
      Standardized Testing (grades 3-8) -          high school.
         September 28 – October 2
      Fall Festival – October 30                   WHAT IS THE BENEFIT?                   WLA
      Fall Play Night – (grades 5-8) –             Schools will bring awareness of not only
         November 13 @ 7pm                          Christian secondary education but also grade
      Fellowship Dinner – Feb. 10                  school and pre-school education and child
      Spring Play Night – (3&4 year old            care to Fond du Lac and the local
         Kindergarten through 4th grade) –          communities in which these schools are
         April 25 @ 3 p.m.                          located.     WLA Schools will provide
                                                    opportunities for Christian witness and
Website                                             recruitment to all of the communities of our
         Our new website is up and running,         WLA Schools.
however there is still a lot of content which
needs to be entered. The teachers have been         WHY WLA SCHOOLS? The goal of this
given a crash course in how to create pages,        program is to build a cooperative association
and are trying their hand at this new skill. I      of teachers, administrations, students,
invite you all to take a look at the site           families, and local communities. This pre-
www.stpaulstof.com . If you see any areas           K–12 relationship allows our association to
which are not working correctly or find             provide a solid educational system for all of
typos on the page, please contact Jon Beilke        our youth.      This connection with our
at principal@stpaulstof.com . This new site         families and their communities will provide
                                                    a stronger avenue for sharing and offering a

          Preparing children for Christian life on earth and eternal life in heaven
     “Whoever is thirsty, let him take the free gift of the water of life.” (Rev. 22:17).
Christ-centered education with those that                 the donations are designated for St.
desire one.      This educational district or             Paul's Lutheran School of Mount
association has fifteen Lutheran elementary               Calvary.
schools. This district is spread about a 50              1 percent of all Target Guest Card
mile radius from Fond du Lac and WLA.                     or Target Visa purchases made at
This area extends from St. Matthew’s, Iron                Target will be donated to the school.
Ridge to the south; St. John’s, Montello to              ½ percent of all Target Visa
the west; Martin Luther, Oshkosh to the                   purchases made anywhere else will
north, and St. Paul’s, Town Forest to the                 be donated to the school.
east. The states of Illinois, Ohio and Florida           Proceeds go the school’s general
are also represented. We have eleven                      fund.
students from South Korea and one student
from Jamaica.                                      Campbell’s Soup Labels
                                                       A collection box is located in the
No matter what the young person has                      church entryway.
previously taken advantage of whether its              The school receives points to be
Sunday School, public school, pre-school, or             used for school supplies.
Lutheran Elementary School we encourage
and invite you to learn more about the WLA         Box Tops for Education
Schools and what they have to offer.                   Cut the “Box Tops” seal off of
                                                          certain General Mills Products.
                                                       A collection box is located in the
Opportunities for our School                              church entryway.
         Various companies in our area have
                                                       The school receives ten cents per
charitable programs that give a portion of
                                                          box top.
their sales to non-profit organizations such
as schools. Listed below are some of those             Proceeds go to the school’s general
programs in which you, as members of the                  fund.
St. Paul’s family, can participate, along with
explanations of how the programs work.             Milk Caps
                                                        Kemp’s, Morning Glory, and Kwik
Pick ‘n Save We Care Program                              Trip offer five cents per milk cap
     Sign up for a Pick ‘n Save Saver’s                  (Kwik Trip bag tops are also
        Card. On the application, fill in our             accepted).
        school’s    organization     number:            A collection box is located in the
        805300. (If you already have a                    old hallway.
        Saver’s Card, fill out another                  Proceeds go toward new textbooks.
        application and fill in the
        organization number.)                      SCRIP
     A portion of all Pick ‘n Save                    Purchase SCRIP certificates to
        purchases made using the Saver’s                 places you usually shop (grocery
        Card will be donated to the school.              stores, restaurants, gas stations,
     Proceeds go the school’s general                   etc.).
        fund.                                          Use the certificates when you shop.
                                                       A percentage of the certificate
Target Take Charge of Education                          amount is given to the school.
    Sign up for a Target Guest Card or a              Proceeds are currently used for the
        Target Visa.                                     gym fund.
    When you sign-up for the card (or                 Contact Mrs. Missy Schmidt with
        after you receive it), make sure that            any questions. (Orders will begin to
                                                         be placed this weekend)

          Preparing children for Christian life on earth and eternal life in heaven

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