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					                                                                                                        OBTAINING A BUSINESS LICENSE
Other Things You May Need:                          Frequently Asked Questions:
Conditional Use Permit—required by the              Do I need to display my business license?
Planning Dept. for some businesses such as          Yes, a business license must be posted in a
live entertainment, schools, internet cafes,        conspicuous place. (FVMC 5.04.290)
alcohol sales. Call (714) 593-4425.
                                                    How often do I need to renew it?
Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA)—
                                                    A business license is renewed annually. A
required by the Fire Dept if you handle or store
                                                    renewal will be sent approximately 45 days
hazardous material or waste. Call (916) 327-9559.
                                                    prior to expiration.
Fictitious Name—must be filed if you choose
a business name that does not include your          I am moving to a new location in the City,
                                                                                                                                           City of
own last name. Contact the County Clerk’s
Office at (714) 834-2500, go online at www.
                                                    what do I do?
                                                    First verify with the Planning Department that
                                                                                                                                       fountain Valley                                 the new location is properly zoned. Then contact
Seller’s Permit (Resale #)—required by              Business License to change the address. A
the State Board of Equalization if you sell         change fee of $25.00 applies.
merchandise. Call (949) 440-3473 or visit           What if I stop doing business or move away?
                                                    Please notify the Business License Division to
Health Permit—required by the County Health         terminate the license.
Dept for food handling, permanent make-up,
tattooing or body piercing. Call (714) 433-6000.    Can I transfer my license to someone else?
                                                    No, a business license is non-transferable.
Federal Tax ID #—required if you have
employees. Contact your local insurance
agent, state fund or visit
Worker’s Compensation Insurance—required
if you have employees. Contact your local
insurance agent, state fund or visit’_comp.html.
Liquor License—required by the State Dept.
of Alcoholic Beverage Control if you sell or                       Fountain Valley
serve alcohol. Contact (714) 558-4101 or visit              A nice place to live and work.
                                                                City of Fountain Valley
Special Permits (FVMC 4.02.040)—required
                                                                  10200 Slater Avenue
for certain types of business activities. Some
                                                                Fountain Valley, CA 92708
examples are Solicitors, Peddlers, Charitable
Solicitation, Massage Establishments,
Pawnbrokers, Secondhand Dealers, Alarm
Systems, Bingo Games, and Official Police                   Hours: Monday—Thursday 7 am—5 pm
Towing. Call (714) 593-4421 for information.            Friday 8 am—5 pm, closed alternating Fridays.
                                                     Business License Application Process
                                                     1. All areas on the Business Tax application           6. Home Business Conditions
The City of Fountain Valley welcomes new               pertaining to your business must be completed.         Acknowledgement of the “Home Business
businesses and values the businesses that              An application is available online and please          Conditions” must accompany the Business
have made Fountain Valley their home.                  feel free to call (714) 593-4421 with any              Tax application. If there are any questions
                                                       questions.                                             regarding this form or it’s contents they should
Who needs a Business License?                             (                 be directed to the Planning Department at
All persons who operate a business or perform             newbusiness/applications.php)                       (714) 593-4425. There is a one time Home
services in the City of Fountain Valley are                                                                   Business permit charge of $35.00.
required to apply for a Business Tax Certificate     2. An “Application Processing Fee” of $35
(Business License) in addition to any zoning           applies to ALL new Business Tax applications.
or other regulatory permits which may be             3. Fictitious Business Filing
required. (FVMC 5.04.080)                              If an in-town business is using a FICTITIOUS
What is the purpose of a Business License?             BUSINESS NAME that does NOT include
                                                       the owner’s surname, you MUST FIRST file
To defray ongoing City costs associated with
                                                       for a Fictitious Business Name Statement
the support and maintenance for public safety
                                                       through the Orange County Clerk Recorder
services. (Fire, Police)                                                                                   7. Fee Schedule (Call for Details (714) 593-4421)
                                                       or any local newspaper.
Must all businesses have a                                                                                    The Company, Owner or First Partner       $50.00
                                                             Orange County Clerk Recorder
Business License?                                            12 Civic Center Plaza Room #101                 (Contractors please use Quarterly Fee Schedule Below)
Yes, whether they are selling a product, providing           Santa Ana, CA 92701                             •	 First 1-9 Employees
                                                             (714) 834-2500 or
a service, or soliciting by phone or in person.              www.OCRECORDER.COM
                                                                                                                #Employees @                            $4.25 ea
The only exceptions are those organizations                                                                  •	 Next 10-40 Employees
exempted by the Internal Revenue Service and         4. Corporation/ LLC                                        #Employees @                            $3.00 ea
Franchise Tax Board.                                   If a business is incorporated, a copy of              •	 More than 1 Work Vehicle
                                                                                                                # Vehicles @                            $22.50 ea
                                                       the Articles of Incorporation/ LLC must
                                                       accompany the Business Tax application.               •	 Vending/Coin Operated Machines
                         Please visit Fountain                                                                  # Machines @                            $12.00 ea
                         Valley’s website for        5. Seller’s Permit (State Board of Equalization)        •	 Home Business Fee (if applicable)       $35.00
                         Tools for Business
                                                             Irvine District Office                          •	 Application Processing Fee              $35.00
                                                             16715 Von Karman Avenue
                         This website provides                Irvine, CA 92606-4918                          QUARTERLY CONTRACTOR FEE SCHEDULE
                         helpful resources to                (949) 440-3473.                                   Class       3 Month           6 Month    1 Year
                         start and run your
                                                                                                               A&B          $50.00            $85.00   $140.00
                         business effectively.         If the business requires a Seller’s Permit, the
                                                                                                               C            $25.00            $43.00   $ 70.00
                                                       business address MUST match the address
                                                                                                               C53          $50.00            $85.00   $140.00
                                                       registered to the Seller’s Permit. Please provide            a copy of Seller’s Permit.                              Plus $4.25 per employee
                                                                                                               Plus $22.50 in excess of 1 vehicle
                                                                                                               Plus $35.00 processing fee

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