Windows 8 needs improvement: Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen by AvneetSodhi


									Windows 8 needs improvement: Microsoft co-
founder Paul Allen
LONDON: Describing elements of Windows 8 as 'puzzling', Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has admitted
that the upcoming operating system needs some improvement.

Allen said some elements of the operating system 'can induce confusion', but added that he was 'excited
and impressed' by the new programme overall.

"Windows 8 does certainly require a brief adjustment period before users become familiar and
comfortable with the new 'bimodal' operating system," the Telegraph quoted Allen, as saying.

Allen said he had been using Windows 8 on both a desktop computer and on a tablet, but described the
dual operating system as confusing and said it was difficult to know which mode to choose when
opening an application or a file.

"A few minor issues aside, I'm impressed with its clever integration of a bimodal interface to
simultaneously support both desktop and tablet use in the same operating system," he added. (ANI)

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