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									Facebook Likes automatically being added
LONDON: Facebook 'Likes' are automatically being added to web pages even if a user has
not clicked a like button, or even visited the page in question, it has been revealed.

A security researcher site found that simply sending a web address to a friend using
Facebook's private messaging function would add two Likes to that page.

The site said that leaving a comment on a story within Facebook also adds to the tally, the
BBC reports.

"Many websites that use Facebook's 'Like' or 'recommend' buttons also carry a counter next
to them. This counter reflects the number of times people have clicked those buttons and
also the number of times people have shared that page's link on Facebook, the site

"When the count is increased via page shares, no user information is exchanged. We did
recently find a bug with our social plug-ins where at times the count for the Share or Like
goes up by two, and we are working on fix to solve the issue now," it added.

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