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Results from Survey One: First Impressions
 Summer 2010 New
Member Focus Group
    Numbers based on 618 students who took survey one

   289 college campuses across the U.S.
   3/4 students age 20 or 21
   Females: 60% Males: 40%
   2/3 attend a school of 15,000 students or less
   Public vs Private institutions: 52% vs 33%
   Spring 2011: graduation date for 63%
       A Student Perspective

“Honor societies have become ‘a dime a dozen.’
  Sometimes it seems anyone can be special as
  long as they pay the membership fee.
  Reputation is huge and will make the
      The Value of Membership
• Value of BGS not understood by 66% at the point of

• “Lack of face to face interaction”

• 84% expressed need to better understand what BGS offers
      The Invitation Process
• How students were invited:
  • Traditional mail (43%)
  • Email (36%)
  • In-class presentation (32%)
       • 71% attend small or medium-sized school
  • Conversation with professor or advisor
         The Tapping Ceremony

 The method of invitation that invokes the most positive response
  from students
        Demonstrates exclusivity
        Provides direct encouragement from the faculty and staff
         presenting the invite
                Attention from
               Faculty and Staff
• 300 students said this type of attention would have helped
  them feel better recognized for their new membership
• “I was given the invitation in class, but my professor did not
  make a big deal out of it. It would have been nice if he had.”
Do subscriptions add value to your membership?
     Males: 93% said yes
     Females: 79% said yes
 What additional subscriptions (magazine
or otherwise) would you enjoy as a benefit
        for your BGS membership?

• The Wall Street Journal

• The Economist

• Forbes

• TIME Magazine
     How can BGS provide
       benefit to you?
• Males
  • 14% more likely to select meetings and
    networking opportunities
• Females
  • 7% more likely to select product discount offers
• Both
  • 81%: More internship and job opportunities
  • 74%: More scholarships, more specific
    preference from employers and graduate schools
83% currently a member of a social network
Of those who belong to
LinkedIn: 81% interested
in using it to
Call or email the Central Office:
 Phone: 1-314-432-5650

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