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					             Faculty Meeting Minutes
             Tuesday, October 23, 2007
             Eugene Campus

Those in attendance were Cheryl, Betty, Paula, Nancy, Karren, Shelley,
Rebecca, Mark, and Kimberly.

Dean’s Remarks:
• Mark discussed the possibility of changing the policy around mentor teacher
  benefits (monetary compensation, credit vouchers). Currently, the state
  system requires mentor teachers to pay one third of college tuition when
  using vouchers. Mark asked if the COE would like to move to a similar model.
  Nancy expressed concern that if we don’t negotiate carefully, we might
  jeopardize the relationship we have with certain districts.
• The projected tuition increase for next year will be about 11%. That will make
  Pacific’s tuition about $550 per semester hour. Based on the MAT Tuition
  Comparison chart that Mark prepared, Pacific’s tuition is about the same as
  other MAT programs. A question was raised whether the tuition increase
  would create too much competition when the University of Oregon’s 5th year
  program begins.

Master of Healthcare Administration Program:
• Faculty were asked for feedback regarding the proposed Master of
  Healthcare Administration Program. The main concern was the unusual
  staffing the program plans to use (adjuncts and faculty overload). Because
  the program will be run by faculty working on overload, it will increase the
  number of committees in which faculty will have to serve creating more
  stress. On the other hand, it is an excellent example of a program that could
  be brought to Eugene as it does not require labs and there is an increased
  need for healthcare administrators in the Eugene area.
• The faculty agreed that they will support this program to move forward.
  Cheryl will bring faculty feedback to the next UC meeting.

Graduation Speaker
• Nancy announced that Krista Parent, our first choice for keynote speaker, is
   unavailable to present at this year’s commencement ceremony. However,
   Carla Gary, the Assistant Vice Provost for the Office for Institutional Equity and
   Diversity at the University of Oregon, has graciously accepted our invite.
• Nancy will contact Krista to determine if she is available for next year’s
   commencement ceremony.
Kappa Delta Pi:
• Kappa Delta Pi is a national honors society for students. All students are
  accepted as long as they have a 3.0 GPA, provide an essay on service they
  have done or plan to do, are given a letter of recommendation, and pay the
  fee. KDP provides professional development opportunities for new teachers,
  and only about 6-10 students become inducted each year from the Eugene
  campus. Faculty have not been in agreement about offering this honors
  society and now that Betty will no longer be facilitating it, do we want to
• Faculty discussed the importance for students to join professional
  organizations before they exit our program. It was suggested that we offer
  seminars to promote professional development to our students. KDP could
  be added as one of the many professional organizations that students could
  be a part of.
• Mark suggested that the Eugene faculty bring this topic to the joint faculty
  meeting for further discussion.
• Paula volunteered to contact ASCD about chapter membership.

Certificate and Endorsement Program Portfolios:
• In an effort to align portfolio requirements for all certificate and endorsement
  programs, Nancy suggested the coordinators for each program meet to
  discuss what is already in place and go from there. There needs to be a
  common scoring guide that shows evidence of what advanced program
  candidates are supposed to be able to do based on the NCATE standards.

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