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					           Experiences, Patterns, Explanations (EPE)

 Scientists’ Science

Learning                             A few                              Using
from                              explanations                          Knowledge

                         Dozens of patterns in experience

                 Millions of experiences in the material world

 School Science

                     Extensive explanations, models, theories

                     Fewer patterns (laws, generalizations,
                                graphs, charts)

                                   A few specific

 From: Anderson, C. W. (2003). Teaching Science for Motivation and Understanding:
       Michigan State University.
           The MSU Inquiry & Application Instructional Model
 This instructional model is useful as an outline for constructing a sequence of lessons.
 The model specifies how each activity in a sequence should function to help students
 achieve the learning goals (big ideas and scientific practices).

EPE                                         Model        Activity         Types of Student                        Types of Teacher Actions/
                                            Elements     Functions        Actions/Responsibilities                Responsibilities
                                                                                                                   pique students curiosity by
                                                                               consider a problem, pattern, or     creating new experiences or
                                                                              explanation related to a              draw on prior experiences to
                                                                              phenomena by calling upon             pose a problem.
                                                         Establish a          previous experiences or
                                                         Problem/ Ask         providing experiences with               provide a problem/question
                                                         a Question           phenomena                               that is comprehensible,
                                                                                                                      relevant, and motivating to
                                                                              develop questions                      students.

                                             Engage                           share prior experiences with
                                                                              phenomena (including ways of             engage students in
                                                                              using language and                      hypothesizing about patterns
                                                                              understanding the phenomena)            in their experiences

                                                         Elicit Student        express/ construct and                probe students’
      Experiences, Patterns, Explanations

                                                         Ideas                consider multiple ideas                 understanding
                                                                              (hypotheses) and understand
                                                                              that different people have               invite students to raise
                                                                              different ideas.                        questions & think about own
                   Inquiry –


                                                                               mess around with materials &           create opportunities for
                                                                              ideas (experiences)                     students to mess around
                                                                                                                      with materials & ideas
                                                                               try out & test ideas                  (experiences)
                                                                                                                       create opportunities for
                                             Explore &
                                                         Explore              possibly design investigations         students to try out & test
                                                         Phenomena                                                    ideas (hypotheses)
                                                                              record observations (collect
                                                                              data/evidence)                           create opportunities for
                                                                                                                      students to collect and
                                                                              look for patterns in                   analyze data/evidence (look
                                                                              data/evidence                           for patterns)

                                                                               share ideas about
                                                                                                                       look for opportunities to
                                                                              descriptions/explanations of
                                                         Explore                                                      build congruence between
                                                                              patterns in the data/evidence
                                                         Student Ideas                                                student ideas and science
                                             Explain     (Divide into                                                 ideas
                                                         explore and           develop reasonable
                                                                              conclusions from data/evidence
                                                         explain)                                                     build on student ideas
                                                                                                                           represent scientific ideas
                                                                                                                          accurately and
                                                            Introduce            learn scientific explanations for       comprehensibly
                                                            Scientific          patterns
                Inquiry & Application (Overlap)
                                                            Ideas                                                         continue to build
                                                                                                                        congruence between student
                                                                                                                        thinking and science ideas
                                                                                share & compare student                  provide opportunities for
                                                  Explain                       explanations with each other            students to share & compare
                                                                                                                        ideas with each other
                                                                                 compare student ideas to
                                                                                scientific ideas                           use formative assessments
                                                                                                                          to make adjustments to
                                                            Student Ideas
                                                                                 draw reasonable conclusions             teaching
                                                                                from data/evidence &
                                                                                experiences                                compare student ideas to
                                                                                                                          scientific ideas

                                                                                 make conceptual connections
Explanations, Patterns,

                                                                                between new and former
                                                                                                                          model, coach, fade
    Application -

                                                                                                                           ask new questions
                                                            Model, Coach,        use what has been learned to
                                                            Fade                explore and explain new

                                                                                 ask new questions
    Curriculum Materials Evaluation & Planning Cycle
The questions below provide the basis for evaluating the curriculum materials provided
for your unit and thinking about the modifications you will need to make as you plan
your instructional approach. You will use the Curriculum Materials Analysis Table to
document your analysis. A set of questions for summarizing and discussing your analysis
are provided after the table.

Model         Piece            CM Evaluation Questions         Knowing My Students            Planning Questions
Engage        Establish a      Is there a relevant,            What problems are relevant     What relevant, interesting,
              Problem          interesting, motivating,        and interesting to my          motivating, understandable
                               understandable problem that     students?                      problem will I use?
                               addresses the learning goal?
                                                               How can I connect to my        How is this problem related to
                                                               students’ lived experiences?   my students’ lived experiences?

              Elicit Student   Does the material elicit        How do my students make        How will I elicit student ideas?
              Ideas            student ideas and help the      sense of their world?
                               teacher understand student                                     How will I have students share
                               ideas about the learning                                       their ideas with other students?

Explore &     Explore          Do the students collect data,   What are the types of          What problems or phenomena
Investigate   Phenomena        record observations, look for   everyday experiences that my   will students explore?
                               patterns related to the         students engage in?
                               learning goal?                                                 How will the students collect
                                                               How can I engage my students   data, record observations, look
                                                               in scientific practices?       for patterns?
              Explore          Do the students explore &       What resources do my           How will the students explore &
              Student Ideas    share their ideas?              students bring to learning     share their ideas?
                               Does the material build on                                     How will I build on student ideas,
                               student ideas, challenge        What ways of knowledge-        challenge student ideas, and give
                               student ideas when              sharing are my students        students opportunities to revise
                               necessary, and give students    familiar/comfortable with?     their ideas?
                               opportunities to revise their
Explain   Introduce       Does the material present         What representations are         How will I present scientific
          Scientific      scientific ideas related to the   understandable to my students    ideas?
          Ideas           learning goal?                    (familiar, accessible, etc.)?
                                                                                             How will I effectively represent
                          Are the ideas represented                                          scientific ideas?
          Compare         Does the material provide         What ways of knowledge-          How will I build on student ideas,
          Student Ideas   opportunities for students to     sharing are my students          challenge student ideas, and give
                          compare new science ideas         familiar/comfortable with?       students opportunities to revise
                          to their own previous ideas                                        their ideas?
                          and note similarities and
                          differences?                                                       How will I allow students to
                                                                                             share their ideas with each other
                          Does the material include                                          and begin building group
                          effective assessments                                              consensus?
                          related to the learning goal
                          throughout and give the                                            How will I assess student
                          teacher opportunity to                                             progress and modify my
                          modify instruction based on                                        instruction to meet my students’
                          assessments?                                                       needs?
Apply     Model,          Does the material allow           What applications are relevant   How will I allow students to
          Coach, Fade     students to apply their new       to my students’ lived            apply their new ideas to new
                          ideas to new situations           experiences?                     situations?
                          related to the learning goal?
                                                                                             What situations will I use?
                          Is support for student
                          performance provided (with                                         What support will my students
                          modeling & coaching) and                                           need?
                          gradually reduced (fading)?
                                                                                             How will I allow students to
                                                                                             share their ideas with each other
                                                                                             and begin building group

                                                                                             How will I assess student
                                                                                             progress and modify my
                                                                                             instruction to meet my students’

                                                                                                    Rev. 6-30-06

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