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									                                                    About Metro Vancouver

    Metro Vancouver has a vision to achieve the highest quality of life embracing cultural vitality, economic prosperity,
    social justice and compassion, all nurtured in and by a beautiful and healthy natural environment.
    In 2002 Metro Vancouver formally put the concept of sustainability at the center of its operating and planning
    philosophy – an approach articulated in the Sustainability Framework adopted in 2008. Subsequently, all existing
    regional management plans were reviewed, reconsidered and renewed using the lens of sustainability. The
    culmination of this effort is the Compendium of Management Plans which addresses most of the important issues
    related to the sustainability of a growing and dynamic metropolitan region. An integrative approach is critical to the
    delivery of efficient, effective and affordable services that contribute to a sustainable region.
    Metro Vancouver delivers regional services, planning and political leadership on behalf of 22 municipalities, one
    electoral area, and one treaty First Nation. Metro Vancouver provides drinking water, sewerage and drainage, and
    solid waste management services directly to municipalities. In addition, regional parks and affordable housing are
    services provided directly to the public. Metro Vancouver’s main areas of planning and regulatory responsibility
    are regional growth, utilities, and air quality. Metro Vancouver also serves as the main political forum for discussion
    of issues of regional significance, acting as a facilitator, convener, partner, advocate and an important conduit of
    information and education to residents of the region.

             About Sustainable Cities International

    The Sustainable Cities International (SCI) Network is a network of cities, towns and regions sharing experiences,
    expertise and tools to undertake urban sustainability plans and projects. Sustainable Cities International, a registered
    not for profit, is the secretariat for the Network. For over two decades, Sustainable Cities International has been
    facilitating inter city dialogues and exchanges that lead to innovations in governance, planning, infrastructure
    technologies and processes and environmental and social programs.
    The Network provides a platform for city practitioners to connect through peer exchanges, workshops and site
    visits. Acting as ‘urban laboratories’, Network cities adopt technological and social innovations and then, adapt and
    implement in their own context – making improvements to the innovation as they proceed. In turn, what they learn
    will be shared with other members of the Network. This process ensures that good practice is deeply understood,
    tested, adapted for local conditions and the new knowledge gained is shared widely. This reinforcing pattern of
    innovation and knowledge creation is continually revisited and built upon.
    Every year, Sustainable Cities International Network members gather at an Annual Symposium.
    The Network is funded through fees from member cities and grants from CIDA, The Canadian International
    Development Agency.

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Metro Vancouver Sustainability Academy:
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Information on site visits and panel moderators are
listed at the end of each day.

                                                                 FolloW uS: #SCI2012                 3

    DeAr FrIenDS AnD ColleAGueS:
    It is an honour, on behalf of Metro Vancouver and its citizens, to welcome you to our very special corner of the
    world. Metro Vancouver is proud to host, in collaboration with Sustainable Cities International (SCI),
    the 2012 SCI Network Annual Symposium: Accelerating Innovation for Sustainability.
    As we have all learned in recent years, the path to securing the long-term sustainability of our global community is
    a shared one that requires collaboration and a commitment to learning from one another. We are always pleased
    to share the natural beauty and cultural diversity of our region with visitors, and even more so when we can, at the
    same time, use the opportunity to learn from the experiences of our guests.
    Sustaining our enviable position as one of the world’s most livable places is a constant challenge, but one we
    are determined to tackle head on. Metro Vancouver’s role as co-host for this important symposium reflects our
    members’ collective commitment to a sustainable future for our region, our nation, and our globe, as well as a
    recognition that we cannot fulfill that commitment alone.
    Thank you for joining us and contributing your wisdom and experience to the 2012 SCI Network Symposium.
    Please enjoy your stay.


    GreG Moore                                            DelIA lAGlAGAron
    Chair, Board of Directors                             Interim Commissioner and Interim Chief Administrative Officer
    Metro Vancouver                                       Metro Vancouver


DeAr FrIenDS AnD ColleAGueS:
Sustainable Cities International is proud to co-host this year’s Annual Symposium with Metro Vancouver. With a
return to Vancouver, we are back to where the Network was launched in 2004. Since that time the Network has
grown and evolved to respond to the changing needs of its member cities.
This year’s theme “Accelerating Innovation for Sustainability” is timely as the world’s cities face unprecedented levels
of change. Whether your city is facing the challenge of rapid urbanization, rising levels of poverty or the need for
economic diversification – cities share a common bond in their need to network, learn and innovate.
This week we will hear from leading innovators in the public and private sectors and civil society. We encourage
you to listen, to question, to open yourself to the learning opportunities. You will hear about innovations in
technologies, governance, organizations and communities. The common thread that we share is not the idea itself
(for ideas are often the easiest part of innovation) but in how we made it happen in our cities, our communities and
our organizations.
As we reconnect with our colleagues from around the globe and meet new ones, we hope you can take some time
to absorb the diverse cultures and geographies of this remarkable region.


         BeTh JohnSon                                                JAne MCrAe
         Chair, Board of Directors                                   Chief Executive Officer
         Sustainable Cities International                            Sustainable Cities International

                                Metro Vancouver Board Chair

                        GreG Moore
                        Chair, Metro Vancouver Board of Directors and Mayor, City of Port Coquitlam, Canada
                        Greg Moore was first elected to Council in November 2002 and re-elected in 2005. In 2011,
                        he was elected as Port Coquitlam’s 16th Mayor. Greg Moore has a Masters in Business
                        Administration (with emphasis in Digital Technology) from Royal Roads University and
                        a Bachelor Degree in Urban Geography/Planning from Simon Fraser University. He is a
                        lifelong resident of Port Coquitlam with over 10 years municipal government experience as
                        a Port Coquitlam City employee in the Parks and Recreation and the Development Services
    Mayor Moore is the Chair of the Metro Vancouver Board of Directors. He represents Metro Vancouver on the UBCM
    Board Executive. He is also the Chair of the Port Coquitlam Finance and Intergovernmental Committee.
    Mayor Moore believes community engagement results in better Council decisions, and began his term by revising
    Council’s committee system—with Council’s consent—to include citizen advisors in the decision-making process.

                               Metro Vancouver Interim CAO
                         DelIA lAGlAGAron
                         Interim Commissioner and Interim Chief Administrative Officer, Metro Vancouver, Canada
                         Delia is a graduate of Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government with a
                         Master’s Degree in Public Administration. Delia emigrated from the Philippines in 1976 where
                         she received a Degree in Architecture and a Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning
                         and where she started her interest and commitment to the values of public service excellence.

Sustainable Cities International Board Chair

                       BeTh JohnSon
                       Chair, Board of Directors, Sustainable Cities International
                       Beth Johnson served as Alderman in Delta between 1981 and 1987 and as Mayor of Delta
                       between 1990 and 1999. While Mayor, Beth served as Chair of the GVRD’s Transportation and
                       Strategic Planning Committee and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ (FCM) Standing
                       Committee on the Environment.
                       Ms. Johnson contributed to the creation of the Greater Vancouver Transit Authority,
                       implementation of the GVRD’s “Liveable Region Strategic Plan”, and played a key role in the
                       negotiations for a $500 million project to upgrade two of the GVRD’s wastewater treatment
  plants. She served on the Canadian delegations to the Kyoto Conference on Global Climate Change and the Buenos
  Aires Conference on Global Climate Change; participated on the Municipalities Table of the federal process on climate
  change; contributed to the Partners for Climate Protection; and on Industry Canada’s Sustainable Cities Initiative in
  Salvador, Brazil.
  Since 1999, Ms. Johnson has been consulting with business and all levels of government about sustainability issues
  relating to the environment, transportation, and governance.

                Sustainable Cities International CEO
                       JAne MCrAe
                       Chief Executive Officer, Sustainable Cities International
                       Jane McRae is the Chief Executive Officer of Sustainable Cities International, an organization
                       that co-creates with cities around the world to catalyze action on urban sustainability. Jane’s
                       current international development work with local governments is enhanced by a cross-sectoral
                       career background. She has both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Education degree.
                        Jane has worked in the sustainable development field for over 16 years, working as an
                        environmental educator for 10 years in the academic sector, a sustainability analyst with the
                        energy industry for two years, and from 2000 - 2003, working on urban sustainability issues as
  the citiesPLUS Project Manager. citiesPLUS was Canada’s winning entry in the World Gas Conference’s sustainable
  urban design competition that involved teams from eight countries. The success of this project led to the launch of
  the Sustainable Cities International Network, now in its sixth year of operation.
  Jane has extensive hands-on experience working on projects with African and Latin American cities, connecting
  talents that complement each other in order to make things happen. She has built a foundation of relationships that
  testify to her deep commitment to international collaboration for a more sustainable world.


                          MIChAel Geller
                          President, The Geller Group and Adjunct Professor SFU Centre for Sustainable Community
                          Development, Canada
                          Michael Geller is an architect, planner, real estate consultant and property developer.
                          His company, The Geller Group, is active in real estate consulting and property development.
                          Current activities include land use planning, feasibility studies, and development approvals
                          for various residential and mixed-use projects around Metro Vancouver. He also serves on the
                          Adjunct Faculty of SFU’s Centre for Sustainable Community Development.
                        From 1999 to 2006, he was President and CEO of the SFU Community Trust, overseeing the
    planning and development of UniverCity, a sustainable community adjacent to the Simon Fraser University Burnaby
    Mountain campus.
    Prior to joining SFU, Michael participated in the redevelopment of Steveston Village, Bayshore in Coal Harbour,
    Deering Island; and planning for the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre Expansion, and Furry Creek
    Resort Community.
    Michael serves on various boards including the University of Calgary West Campus Development Trust. He is a
    past president of the Urban Development Institute BC and Canada, a former Trustee of the Art Gallery of British
    Columbia, and past member of Vancouver’s Urban Design Panel, the Development Permit Board Advisory Panel and
    the British Columbia Buildings Corporation Board of Directors.
    He is a Life Member of the Architectural Institute of BC and a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Planners.

                          MIChAel heeney
                          Principal and Executive Director, Bing Thom Architects
                           Michael Heeney, Bing Thom’s partner in the firm and long-time colleague, plays an integral role
                           in the practice which recently received the 2010 RAIC Architecture Firm Award. In addition to
                           fulfilling his commitment to high quality design, at Bing Thom Architects (BTA) Michael found
                           the perfect outlet for his strategic abilities, collaborative approach, business acumen, and civic
                           involvement. Michael earned degrees from Trinity College, University of Toronto and University
                           of British Columbia, and is LEED-accredited. At BTA, Michael’s many interests and varied
                           experience coalesced. Michael excels in leading talented creative teams on complex, multi-
                           dimensional design projects such as Tarrant County College in Fort Worth, Texas; Surrey Central
    City in Surrey, BC; the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts at UBC; and Arena Stage in Washington, DC.
    With his business background, he is involved in every aspect of negotiations and financing on behalf of the firm’s
    clients and, with his sense of humanity and urbanism, he helps BTA’s clients make informed decisions about how to
    build responsibly in their cities and on their sites.
    His strategic abilities and collaborative approach are complemented by his sense of civic duty and involvement and a
    solid background in sustainable design. He managed the exhibition “Vancouverism,” which was exhibited at Canada
    House in Trafalgar Square as part of the 2008 London Festival of Architecture.
    Michael has been involved in many cultural and civic organizations in leadership roles, including the Vancouver
    Economic Development Commission, the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Downtown Vancouver Association, the Vancouver
    Chapter of Lambda Alpha International, and as a juror for the Canada Council for the Arts. He is passionate about the
    importance of creativity and culture in contributing to the health and vitality of urban centers.
                                                 Special Presenters

                    hArolD STeVeS
                    Director, Metro Vancouver Board of Directors, and Councillor, City of Richmond, Canada
                    Harold has served on Richmond City Council continuously since 1977, and previously from
                    1968-1973. From 1973-1975 he served as Member of the Legislature in the Provincial
                    Legislature, and is one of the founders of the Agricultural Land Reserve.
                     A former science teacher, Harold operates the family farm in Steveston, raising pure bred
                    Belted Galloway cattle and growing heirloom vegetable seed. Descended from a pioneer
                    Richmond farming family, he is very active in community life and is particularly interested in
                    farmland preservation, heritage, and environmental issues.
Harold is the long time Chair of the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Committee, responsible for agriculture
in Richmond; and member of the Planning Committee of Richmond Council. He is on the Richmond Agricultural
Advisory Committee; Metro Vancouver Agricultural Advisory Committee, BC Groundfish Development Authority
Board and Steveston Harbour Authority Board. As Chair of the Agriculture Advisory Committee for Metro Vancouver
for six years, Harold was actively involved in the development of the Metro Vancouver Food System Strategy.

                     CATherIne CleMenT
                     Vice President, Public Engagement and Communications, Vancouver Foundation, Canada
                     Catherine works for Canada’s largest community foundation. Five years ago she led the
                     rebranding of Vancouver Foundation and has helped significantly increase its public profile.
                     Last year she headed up the Foundation’s Generation Green Awards which helped spark young
                     people – aged 6-24 – to develop their own ideas to green their neighbourhood. Catherine
                     also designed the community consultation exercise which helped the Foundation identify
                     on what community issues it should focus additional energy and resources. Prior to joining
                     the Foundation, Catherine spent eight years as Director of Communications for the City of

                                                            Conference Themes
     ACCelerATInG InnoVATIon                                     enerGy
     For SuSTAInABIlITy                                          Within the context of peak oil, climate change, and
     Cities are faced with increasingly complex problems         unpredictable energy prices, cities are rethinking the
     such as reducing carbon emissions; lowering rates of        supply and use of energy. Reducing dependence on
     crime, poverty and homelessness; addressing rapid           oil and other fossil fuels; diversifying energy portfolios
     urbanization; and managing ageing populations. To           by promoting local energy solutions and investing
     tackle these challenges, cities are rooting their policy    in clean, renewable energy sources; and increasing
     frameworks in the concept and values of sustainability.     both energy efficiency and conservation in buildings,
     Local governments around the world have made a              industrial processes and transportation systems are
     formal commitment to move their operations and their        some of the solutions that will help meet future energy
     cities towards more sustainable futures – futures that      needs for cities.
     maximize the social, environmental and economic
     well-being of their citizens. At the same time, local
     governments are faced with the growing need to              FooD AnD AGrICulTure
     do ‘more with less’ as they struggle to fund basic          The global food system is facing pressure from climate
     infrastructure and services while continuing to deliver     change, over-harvesting, and rising fuel prices. Issues
     value to their citizens. This balancing act requires        such as food safety, disappearing farm land, depleted
     a new approach to leadership in local government            fish stocks and famine are spurring action around
     organizations: an approach that enables leaders to          the development of resilient local food systems.
     recognize where stability and certainty are appropriate     Cities are working on innovative solutions to support
     conditions while simultaneously encouraging new             local agriculture – including both production and
     thinking, new ideas and new solutions.                      distribution.
     Innovation, broadly defined as the introduction of a
     new idea, process, procedure, service or policy, can
                                                                 WATer MAnAGeMenT
     be a powerful catalyst for achieving sustainability
     objectives. Innovators do not need to have invented         With climate change delivering more extreme weather
     the new product or process, as innovation is more           events, and impervious surfaces in cities increasing due
     about how new ideas are encouraged and adopted              to ever-expanding urban populations, cities will need
     than it is about the uniqueness of an original concept.     to adapt how they build urban areas, and can expect to
     Innovations can be embraced at many scales, ranging         face increasing costs to manage flooding, sea level rise
     from the individual to an organization, city or the wider   and ensure fresh water quality. Innovations in natural
     society. Finding an appropriate balance between             system design and green infrastructure development
     stability and innovation is the key to cities and regions   can provide support to this emerging challenge. Cities
     successfully facing 21st century challenges.                are focusing on more cost-effective water management
                                                                 systems that simultaneously protect human populations
                                                                 and ecological systems.

                                                         Program at a Glance
ConFerenCe eMCeeS:
Sogen Moodley, Senior Manager, Municipal Institute of Learning, Durban, South Africa
Simon Cumming, External and Intergovernmental Relations Division Manager, Corporate Relations Department, Metro Vancouver

 MonDAy, APrIl 30

 8:30 am -1:30 pm         Pre-Symposium Workshop - Achieving Prosperity: Innovations in the Informal Sector

 6:00 - 9:00 pm           Reception and Dinner with Opening Keynote Michael Heeney

 TueSDAy, MAy 1

 9:00 - 9:15 am           Welcoming Remarks

 9:15 - 10:00 am          Symposium Keynote Michael Geller

 10:15 - 11:30 am         MAYORS PANEL - Strategic Frameworks for Accelerating Innovation

 12:45 - 1:05 pm          Case Study Presentation: False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility

 1:05 - 2:15 pm           SITE VISIT – Olympic Village

 2:15 - 3:15 pm           ENERGY PANEL

 3:30 - 5:00 pm           ENERGY DISCUSSION FORUM

 6:30 - 9:00 pm           West Coast Barbecue

 WeDneSDAy, MAy 2

 9:45 - 11:15 am          SITE VISIT - Terra Nova Farm and the Richmond Food Security Society

                          Special Presentation: Innovation in Decision Making and Land Use Planning to
 11:30 am - 12:00 pm
                          Support Local Agriculture

 1:00 - 2:30 pm           FOOD AND AGRICULTURE PANEL


 ThurSDAy, MAy 3

 9:45 - 10:15 am          Special Presentation: City of Surrey’s Urban Development and Water Management

 10:30 - 11:30 am         SITE VISIT - East Clayton Sustainable Urban Drainage and Low Impact Development

 12:30 - 1:30 pm          Lunch and Keynote Conversation with the Vancouver Foundation

 1:30 - 2:45 pm           WATER MANAGEMENT PANEL


 4:30 - 6:00 pm           Closing Reception

 FrIDAy, MAy 4

 9:00 am - 12:00 pm       SCI Network Meeting

                  Monday, April 30
     8:30 am -1:30 pm
     Pre-Symposium Workshop - Achieving Prosperity:
     Innovations in the Informal Sector
     Ironworks Studio, 235 Alexander Street, Gastown,
     The City of Vancouver has commenced a participatory
     planning process for Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, and
     representatives from the planning committee will provide a
     keynote and set the stage for the dialogue.
     • How do we address gaps and increase access to finances,
       skills and technology that would enable informal
       businesses to sustain themselves?
     • How can we recognize and increase the status of informal
       economy workers?
     • How does city/community planning impact informal
     • What can we learn from experiences in other cities?

     5:00 PM ConVene In CoAST CoAl hArBour
     hoTel loBBy AnD DePArT By BuS For
     GrouSe MounTAIn

     6:00 - 9:00 pm
     Reception and Dinner
     Timber Room, Grouse Mountain
     6400 Nancy Greene Way, North Vancouver
     Welcome Remarks
     • Greg Moore, Chair, Metro Vancouver Board of Directors
       and Mayor, City of Port Coquitlam, Canada
     • Beth Johnson, Chair, Board of Directors,
       Sustainable Cities International
     Opening Keynote
     • Micheal Heeney, Principal and Executive Director,
       Bing Thom Architects

                 Tuesday, May 1                              Panel Moderator:
                                                             • Derek Corrigan, Director, Metro Vancouver Board of
                 GoVernAnCe AnD enerGy                         Directors and Mayor, City of Burnaby, Canada
8:00 - 9:00 am                                               • Khalifa Ababacar Sall, Mayor of Dakar, Senegal
Continental Breakfast and Registration                       • Mayor Truper McBride, Chair, Calgary Regional
Foyer Adjacent to Coal Harbour A,                              Partnership and Mayor, Town of Cochrane, Canada
Coast Coal Harbour Hotel                                     • Richard Stewart, Director, Metro Vancouver Board of
1180 West Hastings Street, Vancouver                           Directors and Mayor, City of Coquitlam
                                                             • Brian Pincott, Deputy Mayor, City of Calgary, Canada
9:00 - 9:15 am
                                                             11:30 AM
Welcoming Remarks
                                                             DePArT By BuS For CreeKSIDe CoMMunITy
Coal Harbour A, Coast Coal Harbour Hotel                     reCreATIon CenTre
• Greg Moore, Chair, Metro Vancouver Board of Directors
  and Mayor, City of Port Coquitlam, Canada                  12:00 - 12:45 pm
• Jane McRae, Chief Executive Officer, Sustainable Cities    Lunch
                                                             Creekside Community Recreation Centre, 1 Athletes
                                                             Village, Vancouver
9:15 - 10:00 am
                                                             Special presentation of Metro Vancouver’s Compendium
Symposium Keynote                                            of Regional Plans: A Roadmap to Sustainability
Coal Harbour A, Coast Coal Harbour Hotel                     • Delia Laglagaron, Interim Commissioner and Interim
• Michael Geller, President, The Geller Group and Adjunct      Chief Administrative Officer, Metro Vancouver, Canada
  Professor, SFU Centre for Sustainable Community
  Development, Canada                                        12:45 - 1:05 pm
                                                             Case Study Presentation:
10:00 - 10:15 AM BreAK
                                                             False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility
                                                             Creekside Community Recreation Centre
10:15 - 11:30 am
                                                             • Chris Baber, False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility
MAYORS PANEL - Strategic Frameworks for
                                                               Project Manager, City of Vancouver, Canada
Accelerating Innovation
Coal Harbour A, Coast Coal Harbour Hotel
                                                             1:05 - 2:15 pm
Join with other delegates to launch a three-day
                                                             SITE VISIT – Olympic Village
conversation on how to accelerate innovation for
sustainability. Strategic approaches for catalyzing          Walking tour leaving from Creekside Community
innovation will be showcased, and panellists and delegates   Recreation Centre
will discuss how to set the stage for innovative solutions   • Scot Hein, Senior Urban Designer and Architect,
to take shape and be realized. What preconditions are          City of Vancouver, Canada
necessary to implement a change agenda and what is the
                                                             • Dave Ramslie, Senior Sustainability Programs Manager,
role for elected officials in driving innovation?
                                                               City of Vancouver, Canada

                      Tuesday, May 1                               5:00 PM
                                                                   DePArT By BuS For
                                                ConTInueD          CoAST CoAl hArBour hoTel
                                                                   (QuICK ChAnGe For eVenInG SoCIAl eVenT)
    2:15 - 3:15 pm
    ENERGY PANEL                                                   6:00 PM
                                                                   DePArT By BuS For BurnABy VIllAGe MuSeuM
    Creekside Community Recreation Centre
    Alternative Energy Solutions in Practice: What innovative
                                                                   6:30 - 9:00 pm
    development and ownership models exist for energy
    generation and distribution? What alternative energy           West Coast Barbeque
    solutions hold the most promise for developing more            Burnaby Village Museum, 6501 Deer Lake Avenue,
    resilient systems?                                             Burnaby
    Panel Moderator:                                               Dress code: casual and weather appropriate
    • Darrell Mussatto, Director, Metro Vancouver Board of         Welcoming Remarks:
      Directors and Mayor, City of North Vancouver, Canada
                                                                   • Derek Corrigan, Director, Metro Vancouver Board of
    Panellists:                                                      Directors and Mayor, City of Burnaby, Canada
    • Andria Jacob, Senior Manager Clean Energy Programs,
      Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, City of Portland,     9:00 PM
      USA                                                          DePArT By BuS For
                                                                   CoAST CoAl hArBour hoTel
    • Alen Postolka, Manager, District Energy, City of Richmond,
    • Margaret McKenzie, SCI Project Manager for East and
      South Africa, Durban, South Africa
    • Robert Smith, Director, Innovation, The Minto Group,
      Ottawa, Canada

    3:15 - 3:30 PM BreAK

    3:30 - 5:00 pm
    Creekside Community Recreation Centre
    Reflect, listen, converse, record! In the first of three
    discussion forums, delegates will reflect on the day’s
    proceedings, listen to the experience of others at their
    table and converse with peers on solutions and ways
    forward. Through small group discussions delegates will
    explore the barriers to innovation in energy planning
    and the opportunities for harnessing creativity and
    implementing new solutions. Graphic facilitator, Avril
    Orloff, will be visually capturing the outcomes of this
    “thinkubator” style discussion.
   Room Moderator: Denise Philippe, Senior Policy Advisor,
14 Corporate Relations Department, Metro Vancouver                 The Olympic Village
                       SITe VISIT InForMATIon                  Mayor Corrigan has been recognized as a recipient of the
                                                               Canada 125 medal for Community Service. He has received
The olyMPIC VIllAGe                                            special recognition awards from the Siri Guru Ravidass
The Olympic Village was designated the “most livable           Temple and the Arul Migu Thurkaderi Hindu Society B.C.
community in the world” as the winner of the United            for community service. He continues his commitment
Nations sponsored LivCom Awards in 2010 when                   to the International Mayors for Peace organization and
considered among 27 projects from different countries.         received a special recognition award for his participation in
It is known for innovative public realm projects including     the United Nations Nuclear Non-Proliferation Conference.
the indigenous waterfront design, habitat island, the
urban wetland and related bio-diversity. Other features
of this mid-rise urban framework that set it apart include
                                                                                 enerGy PAnel MoDerATor
its passive/active energy preformance, food producing                                DArrell MuSSATTo
green roofs, and its overall LEED ND performance. Tour
                                                                                     Director, Metro Vancouver Board of
participants will learn about these innovative features
                                                                                     Directors and Mayor, City of North
as well as the Southeast False Creek Energy Centre’s
                                                                                     Vancouver, Canada
contextual importance in the new neighbourhood. The
tour will also visit a typical semi-public private courtyard                           Darrell Mussatto is serving his third
to observe how social exchange between housing/tenure                                  term on City Council as Mayor.
opportunities has been enhanced, as well as to observe the                             Previously, he served four terms as
on-site capture of storm water.                                                        Councillor and participated actively
                                                                                       in community advisory committees.
                                                                                       Mayor Mussatto is also a Director
                 MAyorS PAnel MoDerATor                        of Metro Vancouver, serving as Chair of the Utilities
                                                               Committee, and as a member of the Metro Vancouver
                     DereK CorrIGAn                            Intergovernmental and Administration, Port Cities and
                     Director, Metro Vancouver Board of        Mayors committees. Mayor Mussatto’s priority issues
                     Directors and Mayor, City of Burnaby,     are sustainability, affordability and homelessness. He is
                     Canada                                    passionate about making the City of North Vancouver
                     Derek Corrigan was first elected to       a place where the benefits of growth are shared by all,
                     Burnaby City Council in 1987, serving     supporting affordable housing initiatives, social programs,
                     as a Councillor for 15 years until his    and new parks and trails. He is committed to lowering
                     election as Mayor in 2002. He has         the City of North Vancouver’s carbon footprint by making
                     a law degree from the University of       the City of North Vancouver more bike-friendly, reducing
British Columbia and was called to the B.C. Bar in 1978.       energy use, managing our liquid and solid waste in a more
                                                               environmentally friendly way, supporting urban gardening
Over his political career, Mayor Corrigan has served on
                                                               and expanding the award winning Lonsdale Energy
many key committees at the local, regional and national
levels. He served as the Chair of B.C. Transit from 1994-
97 assuming responsibility for all transit systems in B.C.     A paramedic with B.C. Ambulance Service, Mayor Mussatto
He currently sits on the Mayor’s Council on Regional           also garnered the B.C. Ambulance Services Executive
Transportation. Metro Vancouver has also appointed             Director’s Commendation in 1995. In 1991, he received
Mayor Corrigan as a representative to SCI and an alternate     the Red Cross Community Service Award. Mayor Mussatto
representative to the Western Transportation Advisory          holds a Bachelor of Arts and Professional Teaching
Council (WESTAC). He is an appointed Director of the           Certificate, as well as a Health and Fitness Certificate from
Municipal Finance Authority. Mayor Corrigan is the             Simon Fraser University.
recipient of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities 2011
FCM Green Champion Award–Individual.
            Wednesday, May 2                                    1:00 - 2:30 pm
                                                                FOOD AND AGRICULTURE PANEL
                          FooD AnD AGrICulTure
                                                                UBC Boathouse
                                                                Emerging Local Agriculture Systems: How do we unlock
     8:00 - 9:00 am                                             innovative support for local agriculture – including both
     Continental Breakfast and Registration                     production and distribution? How can we develop
                                                                more robust connections between farmers, markets and
     Coal Harbour B, Coast Coal Harbour Hotel
                                                                individual consumers?

     9:00 AM                                                    Panel Moderator:
     DePArT By BuS For TerrA noVA rurAl PArK                    • Lois Jackson, Director, Metro Vancouver Board of
                                                                  Directors and Mayor, Corporation of Delta, Canada
     9:45 - 11:15 am                                            Panellists:
     SITE VISIT - Terra Nova Farm and the Richmond Food         • Robyn Campbell, Sustainability Coordinator,
     Security Society                                             City of Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada
     Terra Nova Rural Park, 2631 Westminster Hwy, Richmond      • Curt Benson, Manager of Policy Planning, Niagara
     • Arzeena Hamir, Professional Agrologist, Canada             Region, Canada

     • Kent Mullinix, Director of Sustainable Agriculture and   • Ann Rowan, Acting Manager of Sustainability Policy and
       Food Security, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Canada     Research, Metro Vancouver, Canada

     Includes refreshment break                                 • Morgen Zivhave, Program Coordinator, Sustainable Cities
                                                                  International, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
     11:15 AM
     DePArT For uBC BoAThouSe
                                                                2:30 PM BreAK

     11:30 am - 12:00 pm
                                                                2:45 - 4:15 pm
     Special Presentation: Innovation in Decision Making and
                                                                FOOD AND AGRICULTURE DISCUSSION FORUM
     Land Use Planning to Support Local Agriculture
                                                                Reflect, listen, converse, record! In the second of three
     UBC Boathouse, 7277 River Road, Richmond
                                                                discussion forums, delegates will reflect on the day’s
     • Harold Steves, Director, Metro Vancouver Board of        proceedings, listen to the experience of others at their
       Directors, and Councillor, City of Richmond, Canada      table and converse with peers on solutions and ways
                                                                forward. Through small group discussions delegates will
     12:00 - 1:00 PM lunCh                                      explore the barriers to innovation in food and agriculture
                                                                planning and the opportunities for harnessing creativity
                                                                and implementing new solutions. Graphic facilitator, Avril
                                                                Orloff, will be visually capturing the outcomes of this
                                                                “thinkubator” style discussion.
                                                                Room Moderator: Denise Philippe, Senior Policy Advisor,
                                                                Corporate Relations Department, Metro Vancouver

                                                                4:15 PM
                                                                DePArT By BuS For
                                                                The CoAST CoAl hArBour hoTel

                                                                                     FooD AnD AGrICulTure
                        SITe VISIT InForMATIon                                           PAnel MoDerATor
TerrA noVA rurAl PArK                                                               loIS JACKSon
Terra Nova Rural Park is a City of Richmond park that is                            Director, Metro Vancouver Board of
home to a number of innovative projects, including the                              Directors and Mayor, Corporation of
Richmond Schoolyard Society, The Sharing Farm, Rich-                                Delta, Canada
mond Farm School, and a 99-plot community garden. The                                 Lois Jackson has served Delta as
City provided land, water, staff support and office space to                          Mayor and previously as a Councillor
these non-profits. In return, the community has gained an                             since she was the first woman
educational site that also supports thousands of volunteers                           elected to that position in 1973.
and grows over 4,000 kg of food every year.                                           In addition, she served as Chair
                                                                                      of the Metro Vancouver Board of
                                                               Directors from 2006 to 2011. Mayor Jackson has received
                                                               much recognition over the years, including a 25 year
                                                               service award from the Union of B.C. Municipalities;
                                                               the Queen’s Golden Jubilee commemorative medal in
                                                               2002, the Canadian Medal for outstanding contribution
                                                               to community service in 1993 and the Paul Harris Fellow
                                                               Award by the Rotary Club of Ladner in 2008 and the North
                                                               Delta Rotary Club in 2011. Mayor Jackson is particularly
                                                               proud of her vital role in bringing four levels of government
                                                               together in 2004 to purchase Burns Bog and preserve it as
                                                               an Ecological Conservancy Area.

                   Thursday, May 3                                   1:30 - 2:45 pm
                                                                     WATER MANAGEMENT PANEL
                                WATer MAnAGeMenT
                                                                     Designing with Nature in Mind: What innovation in natural
                                                                     system design and green infrastructure development can
     7:00 - 8:00 am                                                  provide support to this emerging challenge? How can
                                                                     we build better, more cost effective water management
     Continental Breakfast and Registration
                                                                     systems that simultaneously protect human populations
     Grouse Room, Coast Coal Harbour                                 and ecological systems?
                                                                     Panel Moderator:
     8:00 AM DePArT By SKyTrAIn / BuS For
     Surrey ArTS CenTre                                              • Raymond Louie, Vice-Chair, Metro Vancouver Board of
                                                                       Directors and Councillor, City of Vancouver, Canada

     9:45 - 10:15 am                                                 Panellists:

     Special Presentation: City of Surrey’s Urban                    • Neil Macleod, Head of Water and Sanitation, eThekwini
     Development and Water Management                                  Municipality, Durban, South Africa

     Surrey Arts Centre and Gallery, 13750 - 88 Avenue, Surrey, BC   • Arq. Jesús Horacio González, Director General,
                                                                       Instituto Municipal de Planeación de Los Cabos, Mexico
     • Jeff Arason, Manager of Utilities, Engineering
       Department, City of Surrey, Canada                            • Rich Hoey, Director of Public Works, City of Olympia,
     10:15 AM BreAK                                                  • Troy Doss, Senior Planner, Bureau of Planning and
                                                                       Sustainability, City of Portland, USA
     10:30 - 11:30 am
     SITE VISIT - East Clayton Sustainable Urban Drainage
                                                                     2:45 PM BreAK
     and Low Impact Development
     East Clayton Neighbourhood, Surrey, BC                          3:00 - 4:30 pm

     • Carrie Baron, Drainage and Environment Manager,               WATER MANAGEMENT DISCUSSION FORUM
       Engineering Department, City of Surrey, Canada                Annacis Wastewater Centre
     • David Hislop, Uplands Drainage Engineer, Engineering          Reflect, listen, converse, record! In the last of three
       Department, City of Surrey, Canada                            discussion forums, delegates will reflect on the day’s
                                                                     proceedings, listen to the experience of others and
     11:30 AM                                                        converse with peers on solutions and ways forward.
     DePArT By BuS For AnnACIS WASTeWATer                            Through small group discussions delegates will explore
     CenTre                                                          the barriers to innovation in water management and the
     Welcome: Raymond Louie, Vice-Chair, Metro Vancouver             opportunities for harnessing creativity and implementing
     Board of Directors and Councillor, City of Vancouver, Canada    new solutions. Graphic facilitator, Avril Orloff, will be
                                                                     visually capturing the outcomes of this “thinkubator” style
     12:30 - 1:30 pm
                                                                     Room Moderator: Denise Philippe, Senior Policy Advisor,
     Lunch and Keynote Conversation with the Vancouver
                                                                     Corporate Relations Department, Metro Vancouver
     Annacis Wastewater Centre, 1400 Lindsey Place, Delta
     • Catherine Clement, Vice President, Public Engagement
       and Communications, Vancouver Foundation, Canada
4:30 - 6:00 pm                                                                WATer MAnAGeMenT PAnel
Closing Reception                                                                         MoDerATor
Annacis Wastewater Centre                                                           rAyMonD louIe
Closing Remarks                                                                     Vice-Chair, Metro Vancouver Board
• Greg Moore, Chair, Metro Vancouver Board of Directors                             of Directors and Councillor, City of
  and Mayor, City of Port Coquitlam, Canada                                         Vancouver, Canada

• Jane McRae, Chief Executive Officer, Sustainable Cities                            Raymond Louie is serving his fourth
  International                                                                      term on Vancouver City Council,
                                                                                     having been first elected in 2002.
6:00 PM                                                                              Throughout his years as a Councillor,
DePArT By BuS For                                                                    he has focused on supporting
CoAST CoAl hArBour hoTel                                      low taxes and new affordable housing. He envisions a
                                                              Vancouver where new opportunities to learn, succeed and
                                                              thrive are available to all. As a champion of communities,
                       SITe VISIT InForMATIon
                                                              an expert in civic issues, and a fierce advocate for those
                                                              who have been forgotten and ignored, he is working to
                                                              ensure that this vision becomes a reality.
                                                              Raymond serves as Chair of (Vancouver’s) City Finance and
                                                              Services Committee, and remains committed to ensuring
                                                              vital programs like affordable housing, the environment,
                                                              and public safety maintain strong funding. He has served
                                                              as a national representative for the Communications,
eAST ClAyTon neIGhBourhooD
                                                              Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada, as well as
East Clayton is where the theory of sustainable               a Trustee and Director on numerous regional, provincial
development and the realities of implementation have          and national boards including the BC Municipal Finance
developed from design to practice. East Clayton illustrates   Authority, TransLink, Federation of Canadian Municipalities
the evolution of building a sustainable community with        and Metro Vancouver.
drainage in mind. It highlights the competing aspects
                                                              Raymond is also a member of “Generating Citizenship” - a
of sustainable development, where higher densities
                                                              project funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada
and transportation needs require new approaches to
                                                              that brings together seniors and youth to help build a more
stormwater management. Participants will see early
                                                              caring, inclusive community. He has been active on the
attempts to meet sustainable drainage objectives and
                                                              Parent Advisory Committee for Chief Maquinna School,
come to understand the important factors that affect
                                                              and involved in Community Visions, a community liaison
performance. The tour will show several infiltration swales
                                                              group in the Hastings/Sunrise neighbourhood.
located in an urban environment. The use and long term
performance of pervious concrete will be discussed, as will
the role community detention ponds play in a successful
community development.

                           Friday, May 4
                                    ShoulDer eVenT

     9:00 am - 12:00 pm
     SCI Network Meeting
     Carver Room, Vancouver Rowing Club, 450 Stanley Park
     Drive, Vancouver
     We are pleased to announce that author Tim Campbell     Following a presentation by Tim Campbell, a Network
     will headline our Friday morning Network Meeting. Tim   dialogue will address approaches to learning and
     has recently released Beyond Smart Cities: How Cities   innovation in our member cities.
     Network, Learn and Innovate.

                                                Metro Vancouver
                                          Sustainability Academy:
                                                          AnnACIS WASTeWATer CenTre

oVerVIeW                                                  • Providing pilot facilities for optimizing full scale
The Annacis Wastewater Centre (AWC) is the first
of Metro Vancouver’s Sustainability Academies to          • Exploring integrated wastewater management
be built. It is a unique facility that blends research,     approaches, technology selection and verification on
education and training opportunities in a building          a larger more integrated scale
and its surroundings while exemplifying leadership        • Providing space and access to various inplant
in sustainability. The AWC will provide top-quality         wastewater streams for manufacturers and suppliers
laboratory facilities for research, teaching space          of equipment to demonstrate processes
and access to various in-plant wastewater streams
                                                          • Providing facilities for operator training to address
for manufacturers and suppliers of equipment to
                                                            local and provincial needs
demonstrate processes, as well as pilot facilities
for optimizing full scale processes. The Annacis          • Integrating research and development efforts with
Wastewater Centre will provide longterm benefits            high quality applied learning, through partnerships
for Canadians by enabling partners from various             with educational institutions throughout the province
agencies and organizations to respond to the multiple       including the K-12 sector as well as well as post
challenges related to energy use, water, materials,         secondary institutions
environment, sustainability and integration of            • Providing local, national and international
wastewater systems.                                         leadership in analysis of issues affecting wastewater
The vision for the AWC centres on a place of
                                                          reSeArCh AnD DeVeloPMenT
excellence in wastewater research and development,        In partnership with UBC, other organizations and
training and education – a place that challenges us       the private sector Metro Vancouver is building
to transform our approach to managing and treating        the programming for the Annacis Wastewater
wastewater, promoting energy reduction, reuse of          Centre focusing on areas of research, technology
materials and mitigating environmental impacts.           development, training and education. One of the first
                                                          research initiatives to come to the Annacis Wastewater
The Annacis Wastewater Centre’s programming will
                                                          Centre will be the UBC award winning process to
promote excellence in research and development and
                                                          recover phosphorous from wastewater and turn it
professional service by undertaking activities such as:
                                                          into commercially viable and environmentally friendly
• Building a strong interdisciplinary research program    fertilizer. This is an example of leading-edge Canadian
  that provides progressive adaptable developments        technology working to solve a global problem.
  to manage, treat and reduce wastewater.

     JeFF ArASon                                                 CurT BenSon
     Manager of Utilities, Engineering Department, City of       Manager of Policy Planning, Niagara Region, Canada
     Surrey, Canada                                              Curt is the Manager of Policy Planning at the Niagara
     As the Manager of Utilities, Jeff Arason leads planning     Region, where he is involved in policy projects
     work for sewer, water, and drainage utilities Jeff joined   relating to integrated community sustainability,
     the City in 2001 and has held several positions in the      agriculture, climate change, growth management, and
     Engineering Department over the last 10 years, one of       transportation. He is a Registered Professional Planner
     which included overseeing the implementation of the         with the Ontario Professional Planners Institute (OPPI)
     City’s Strategic Plan for Lowlands Flood Control which      and a Member with the Canadian Institute of Planners
     is a comprehensive servicing strategy to mitigate           (CIP).
     the impacts of development and improve farming              Curt is interested in how larger global scale issues are
     productivity in the Nicomekl River and Serpentine           managed locally – particularly with climate change
     River floodplains. Prior to joining the City, Jeff          and energy. Curt is part of a national team of planners
     worked for an engineering consulting firm. Jeff is a        that is rolling out the CIP Climate Adaptation Training
     Professional Engineer, and has a Bachelors of Applied       Program to be offered to planners across Canada.
     Science in Civil Engineering from the University of         He has also worked with groups like the International
     British Columbia.                                           Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), the
                                                                 Ontario Caucus of the QUEST Energy Canada, the
     ChrIS BABer                                                 Ontario Centre for Climate Impacts and Adaptation
                                                                 Resources, and the Real Property Institute of Canada
     False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility Project            in developing climate change guidelines and training.
     Manager, City of Vancouver, Canada                          Locally, Curt has written columns on community
     Chris Baber is employed with the City of Vancouver          environmental and planning issues as a member of the
     and is responsible for managing the development             Welland Tribune’s Community Editorial Board.
     and operations of the Southeast False Creek                 Curt has a Bachelor of Environmental Studies in
     Neighbourhood Energy Utility (NEU). The NEU is the          Planning (Honours) from the University of Waterloo
     City’s first low-carbon district heating system and is      (2002), and growth management and environmental
     the first system in North America to recover waste          policy studies at Oxford-Brookes University in the
     heat from untreated sewage. Additionally, Chris is          United Kingdom.
     responsible for implementing low carbon district
     energy strategic policy and projects in other areas of
     Vancouver.                                                  roByn CAMPBell
                                                                 Sustainability Coordinator, City of Iqaluit, Nunavat,
     CArrIe BAron                                                Canada

     Drainage and Environment Manager, Engineering               Robyn works as the Sustainability Coordinator for
     Department, City of Surrey, Canada                          the City of Iqaluit. Throughout her 15 year career
                                                                 in community engagement, she has focused on
     Carrie Baron is a professional engineer with over 27        cooperative relationships and participatory approaches
     years of experience in municipal, water resources           to solving problems. She remains interested in
     and environmental engineering. She is the Drainage          multiple perspectives, bespoke approaches, radical
     and Environment Manager for the City of Surrey and          design, and dynamic collaboration. She has applied
     her responsibilities include: overseeing the function       these interests to fields of sustainability, education,
     of the natural and manmade drainage systems;                community development, and contemporary dance,
     environmental and drainage planning initiatives;            across Canada and abroad.
     erosion and sediment control; spill investigation; and
     environmental education within Surrey.
Troy DoSS                                                   ArzeenA hAMIr
Senior Planner, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability,      Professional Agrologist, Canada
City of Portland, USA                                       Arzeena earned her Bachelor’s degree in Crop Science
Troy is serving as the senior policy lead on the Central    from the University of Guelph and her Master’s
City 2035, a land use plan for Portland’s Central City.     degree in Sustainable Agriculture from the University
Troy also serves as project manager for the bureau’s        of London, England. Arzeena worked abroad for
projects in the Pearl and South Waterfront Districts,       many years as a CUSO volunteer in Thailand and
and is involved in a number of other Central City           as a researcher in Jamaica, India, and Bangladesh.
projects including the Oregon Sustainability Center,        She was the staff agrologist for West Coast Seeds in
EcoDistrict Pilot Project, and Willamette Crossing Light    the late ‘90s and ran her own seed company, Terra
Rail Bridge.                                                Viva Organics. Arzeena also sits on the Board of the
                                                            Richmond Sharing Farm, the Richmond Schoolyard
Troy holds a Bachelor of Science in landscape
                                                            Society, and the BC Food Systems Network. In
architecture from Cal Poly, Pomona, with a certificate
                                                            conjunction with Kwantlen University, Arzeena helped
in habitat restoration from the University of California,
                                                            to launch the Richmond Farm School where she taught
Riverside. Prior to his time with the City of Portland,
                                                            Market Crop Production.
Troy worked in the public sector for the California
Coastal Commission and then the Columbia River
Gorge Commission focusing on natural disaster               SCoT heIn
mitigation policy and habitat restoration projects. He
also has experience in the private sector working on        Senior Urban Designer and Architect, City of
land use, urban design, and landscape architectural         Vancouver, Canada
projects in California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska.     Scot Hein is the City of Vancouver’s Senior Urban
                                                            Designer and manages the City’s Urban Design Studio.
                                                            His current work focuses on the planning and urban
ArQ. JeSúS horACIo González                                 design of two large initiatives outside the downtown
Director General, Instituto Municipal de Planeación de      core - the Cambie Corridor and Mount Pleasant
Los Cabos, Mexico                                           Neighbourhood Centre. He was also responsible for
Horacio González is an architect trained by the             the urban design and development planning of recent
Architecture and Design Superior Institute (ISAD)           large downtown core initiatives including Woodward’s,
in Chihuahua, and has completed PhD Studies in              Southeast False Creek/Olympic Village, Mole Hill,
Urbanism at Cataluña’s Polytechnic University in            Chinatown, the revitalization of Gastown/Victory
Spain. Horacio has completed postgraduate studies in        Square/Hastings Corridor and related public realm
housing and climate, urbanism and the environment,          projects. Prior to joining the City of Vancouver, Scot
and sustainable urban development administration.           was in private practice.
Mr. González has also received professional training at     Scot is an associate architect with the Architectural
Vancouver’s planning office in Canada.                      Institute of BC and a registered architect in the
Horacio is Los Cabos’ IMPLAN (Municipal Institute           United States. Scot holds degrees in environmental
of Planning) General Director, previously Technical         design and architecture with a minor in economics
Director of Chihuahua’s IMPLAN, and a faculty               and he is an Adjunct Professor at the University of
member of the Urban Department at the ISAD since            British Columbia School of Community and Regional
2002. He also worked for and been an associate              Planning. He lectures frequently including recent
delegate of Urban and Regional Planning (Delegación         presentations to the Beijing and Shanghai Institute
Regional Cuauhtémoc) for the State Ecology and              of Architects at the 2010 World Exposition focusing
Urban Development Secretariat in Chihuahua where            on better cities and the 2010 United Nations Livable
he held the Associate Director position. Horacio has        Community Awards.
also been an advisor for several urban developers and
construction companies in the private sector.
     DAVID hISloP                                               AnDrIA JACoB
     Uplands Drainage Engineer, Engineering Department,         Senior Manager, Clean Energy Programs, Bureau of
     City of Surrey, Canada                                     Planning and Sustainability, City of Portland, USA
     David Hislop has over 30 years experience, having          Andria manages a portfolio of clean energy programs
     consulted for 16 of these years as a structural,           for the City of Portland (Oregon) Bureau of Planning
     earthworks, irrigation, hydraulics and water resource      and Sustainability (BPS). Andria has over 13 years of
     engineer. He has been with the City of Surrey for 14       experience in energy efficiency, renewable energy and
     years as the Uplands Drainage Engineer responsible         sustainability program design and delivery. Andria was
     for commenting on land development, long range             closely involved in the development of the nationally-
     drainage planning, and the development of low              recognized energy retrofit financing program, Clean
     impact best management practices.                          Energy Works Oregon. She’s overseen a range
                                                                of successful energy and sustainability programs
                                                                during her tenure at the City of Portland, including
     rICh hoey                                                  Solarize Portland, the BEST Business Center and the
     Director of Public Works, City of Olympia, Washington,     Multifamily Weatherization Program. She began her
     USA                                                        career in energy efficiency at E Source in Boulder,
                                                                Colorado and worked for Ecos Consulting in Portland
     Rich is the newly appointed Director of Public Works,
                                                                for several years prior to joining BPS. She holds an
     overseeing the City of Olympia’s transportation
                                                                Masters in Environmental Policy from the University
     system, utilities, and maintenance of city facilities.
                                                                of Colorado at Boulder, and a Bachelor of Arts in
     In his previous role as Director of Water Resources,
                                                                economics from Lehigh University.
     Rich was instrumental in forging innovative regional
     partnerships with neighboring cities and tribes on
     water supply and watershed management, including           neIl MACleoD
     the creation of the groundbreaking Deschutes
     Watershed Stewardship Coalition.                           Head of Water and Sanitation, eThekwini Municipality,
                                                                Durban, South Africa
     Prior to joining the City of Olympia in 2005, Rich spent
     13 years with the Washington State Department of           Neil has held the position of Head of Water and
     Health, Office of Drinking Water where he served           Sanitation at eThekwini Municipality since 1992,
     as Deputy Director for Field Operations and Acting         providing a water and sanitation service to the
     Director. Rich has a Bachelor of Science in Civil          Durban Metropolitan region. With more than 35
     Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute           years experience in the Water and Sanitation sector,
     in Worcester, Massachusetts and is a registered            he is currently completing his PhD on the sustainable
     Professional Engineer in the State of Washington. Rich     provision of water services to urban poor communities.
     is proud to have been a United States Peace Corps          He shares his vast experience by serving on steering
     Volunteer, having served with his wife in the Slovak       committees for the Water Research Commission and
     Republic from 1996 to 1998.                                is a Director of Johannesburg Water. He is currently
                                                                Chairman of Building Partners for Development in
                                                                Water and Sanitation, a UK based organization. In
                                                                addition he is the Chairperson of the National Free
                                                                Basic Water Services task team implementing free
                                                                basic water services and sanitation in South Africa.

                                                                KenT MullInIx
                                                                Director of Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security,
                                                                Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Canada
                                                                Kent Mullinix joined the Institute for Sustainable
                                                                Horticulture (ISH) at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU)
                                                                in 2007 and is the Director of Sustainable Agriculture
                                                                and Food Security. Previously Kent held the Endowed
                                                                Joint Chair in Pomology and was an Associate Professor,
                                                                Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture,
                                                                Washington State University and concurrently Director of
                                                                Agriculture Programs at Wenatchee Valley College. He has
                                                                developed many technical, workforce and undergraduate
                                                                education programs and recently led the development
TruPer MCBrIDe                                                  and implementation of the Bachelor of Applied Science,
                                                                Sustainable Agriculture at KPU.
Chair, Calgary Regional Partnership and Mayor, Town of
Cochrane, Canada                                                Kent has lived and worked on a diversified family farm
                                                                in central Missouri, owned and operated a pear orchard
Mayor McBride is the Chair of the Calgary Regional
                                                                on the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains, and
Partnership. Mayor McBride was elected as a Councillor to
                                                                for 14 years provided direct oversight for the planning,
the Town of Cochrane in 2001 and has served two terms.
                                                                establishment and management of a 45 acre organically
He was subsequently elected as Mayor in 2007. He is now
                                                                farmed apple, sweet cherry and peach teaching and
serving his second term as Mayor, following his re-election
                                                                demonstration orchard.
in October 2010.
                                                                Kent earned a Ph.D. in Agriculture Education from the
Mayor McBride was born in London, Ontario and moved
                                                                University of Missouri and a Ph.D. in Plant Science from the
to Cochrane, Alberta in 1995. He is married with two small
                                                                University of British Columbia.
children. Mayor McBride holds a Bachelor’s degree in
Economics from the University of Calgary and a project
management certification from Mount Royal University. He        BrIAn PInCoTT
is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Environmental
                                                                Deputy Mayor, City of Calgary, Canada
Design part-time at the University of Calgary.
                                                                Brian has been on Calgary City Council since 2007. Prior
                                                                to being elected, while working in the performing arts,
MArGAreT MCKenzIe                                               he became a passionate and vocal spokesperson for
SCI Project Manager for East and South Africa, Durban,          environmental issues and sustainability. In that capacity,
South Africa                                                    Brian was a member of the Imagine Calgary Round Table,
                                                                the steering committee for Calgary’s 100 year visioning
Margaret works for SCI on a part-time basis overseeing
project work in both Durban and Dar es Salaam. Margaret
also works as a consultant in Durban focussing on energy        The passion and dedication of Calgarians for a sustainable
and climate change. During the past year and a half             future drove him to seek elected municipal office. Since
Margaret has been providing support to the eThekwini            being elected, he has continued his focus on building a
Energy Office through a UNIDO funded programme.                 sustainable city through his work on affordable housing,
One of the key outcomes of her work included the                urban planning, social infrastructure and environmental
establishment of the KwaZulu-Natal Sustainable Energy           awareness.
Forum. She is currently serving as a strategic advisor to the

     Alen PoSTolKA                                                    Ann roWAn
     Manager, District Energy, City of Richmond, Canada               Acting Manager of Sustainability Policy and Research,
                                                                      Metro Vancouver, Canada
     Alen Postolka is the District Energy Manager responsible
     for advancing the development of District Energy Utility         Ann’s work at Metro Vancouver has involved developing
     systems within the City of Richmond in support of                a regional food system strategy, an ecological health
     Richmond’s goal to be an energy-wise and low carbon              action plan and sustainability metrics. Ann trained as an
     community. Alen’s project portfolio includes the Alexandra       economist at the University of Denver and the University
     District Energy Utility, the City of Richmond’s first district   of Toronto but never got around to completing her PhD
     energy system, and River Green District Energy Utility -         thesis at Simon Fraser University where she was designing
     the City Centre district energy system that is in the final      a model to evaluate how ecological limits could be
     stage of a feasibility study. He has worked with the City        integrated into the management of urban water systems.
     of Richmond since 2005. Prior to that, Alen worked for an        Before coming to Metro Vancouver, Ann worked at the
     engineering consultant company. Alen is a Professional           David Suzuki Foundation in various leadership roles
     Engineer, Certified Energy Manager and Certified                 that included developing a social marketing campaign
     Professional.                                                    to engage Canadians in more sustainable lifestyles, a
                                                                      strategic effort to incorporate the goal of sustainability
                                                                      into federal policies and objectives, and a project to
     DAVID rAMSlIe                                                    protect the ecological and cultural values of the Great Bear
     Senior Sustainability Programs Manager, City of Vancouver,       Rainforest. Ann has two children who challenge her to
     Canada                                                           keep her sustainability principles intact and is the chair of
                                                                      Greenpeace Canada.
     Dave Ramslie is the City of Vancouver’s Sustainable
     Development Program Manager. In this role Dave is
     responsible for developing and delivering programs and           KhAlIFA ABABACAr SAll
     policy that support Vancouver’s sustainability objectives.
                                                                      Mayor of Dakar, Senegal
     His current projects include developing a strategic plan to
     achieve carbon neutral new buildings city-wide by 2020,          Former Minister and member of the National Assembly of
     implementing a comprehensive building retrofit program           Senegal, Khalifa Ababacar Sall has been Mayor of the City
     and creating a green jobs training program. Dave oversaw         of Dakar since 2009.
     the development of Vancouver’s Green Homes Program               Issues of political and democratic governance are at
     in 2009, widely regarded as the greenest building code in        the heart of his commitment. Mayor Sall is an expert in
     North America. When not at home with his wife and family         electoral matters, prevention and conflict resolution. In
     or on his bike, Dave serves on the Board of Directors for        recent years he has acted as a consultant to the World
     the Cascadia Regional Green Buildings Council.                   Bank, the United Nations and the African Union. He
                                                                      is a founding member of the Pan-African Network for
                                                                      prevention and conflict resolution, and the promotion of
                                                                      democracy. Upon his election as Mayor of Dakar, Khalifa
                                                                      Ababacar has committed to innovation in municipal
                                                                      politics. He has made transparency, and participatory and
                                                                      inclusive management the vectors of his mandate and the
                                                                      foundation of municipal management.
                                                                      Since his election, he has rallied with his team to
                                                                      improve the living conditions of his citizens through the
                                                                      implementation of major programs focused on social
                                                                      development and youth employment.

roBerT SMITh                                                   MorGen zIVhAVe
Director, Innovation, The Minto Group                          Program Coordinator, Sustainable Cities International (SCl),
                                                               Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Robert, with over 15 years of experience in the energy
management and sustainability field, is the Director of        Morgen holds an MSC in Urban and Regional Development
Innovation for Minto’s Sustainability Division. Robert leads   Planning and Management. He previously worked for
a team of professionals who provide insight and guidance       Water Aid Tanzania as an Urban Policy Researcher/ Advisor,
on award-winning sustainable design strategies for Minto’s     where his research on pro-poor small town water supply
real estate portfolio. Robert has been instrumental in         and management models formed the basis for the Water
Minto’s environmental achievements including the first         Aid Tanzania Urban Program. He also worked as a Project
LEED® multi-residential certification by the Canada Green      Facilitator for the Zimbabwe Decentralised Cooperation
Building Council (CaGBC); MintoRoehampton, the first           Program from 2000 – 2006, focusing on implementing
and only high-rise multi-residential building to achieve       development projects; stakeholder institutional
LEED®-Gold Canada; and a LEED®-Platinum Candidate              development, capacity building, lobbying and advocacy.
office building. Robert was also project lead for Minto’s      As the SCI Program Coordinator, Morgen manages a
Inspiration, a net zero home. As a leading expert in zero      number of projects in Dar, ranging from the formalization
energy construction and innovative technologies, Robert        of urban agriculture to supporting and promoting
has presented at international conferences held in China,      community managed solid waste collection and recycling;
Australia, the USA, Peru and at COP16. Robert is past          from promoting community managed non-motorized
Vice President of the Ottawa Chapter of the CaGBC, and         postal services to promoting local tour initiatives that give
currently sits on QUEST Canada’s Board of Directors.           interest free loans.
                                                               Morgen is a member of the Tanzania Association of
rIChArD STeWArT                                                Town Planners; and Spatial Planners for Regions in
Director, Metro Vancouver Board and Mayor, City of             Growing Economies (SPRING) International Association of
Coquitlam, Canada                                              Development Planners.

Mayor Stewart was elected to Coquitlam City Council in
2005. Richard is a writer, and operates his own government
relations and communications business. He has served
his community in the provincial government as MLA
for Coquitlam-Maillardville from 2001-2005, and was
appointed MLA Responsible for Francophone Affairs,
member of the Government Caucus Committee on the
Economy, and Chair of the Select Standing Committee
on Education. He has extensive experience as a
community volunteer in a large number of social, service,
environmental, business and community organizations.
Richard has also has served as the: President of the
Canadian Home Builders Association of BC ; Chair of
the National Housing Economic Research Council; and
publisher of a successful housing industry trade magazine.
Currently, at the local government level, Richard serves
on a number of City and Metro Vancouver committees,
including: Chair of the Strategic Investment Advisory Panel;
member of the Metro Vancouver Mayors’ Committee
and Housing Committee; and Vice Chair of the Metro
Vancouver Utilities Committee
your ConFerenCe TeAM

Metro Vancouver Corporate Relations Department
Heather Schoemaker, Department Manager
Simon Cumming, External and Intergovernmental Relations Division Manager
                                                                           Printed in Canada on recycled paper.

Denise Philippe, Senior Policy Advisor
Joanne Gauci, Senior Policy Advisor
Carmen Germain, Assistant to the Manager

Sustainable Cities International
Jane McRae, Chief Executive Officer
Pat Gordon, Cities Network Director
Sharon Bloedorn, Communications and Events Coordinator
Edna Aguinaga, Network Project Officer - Latin America
Karen Marki, Senior Project Manager

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