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									Karnataka Tourist Spots: Belur to Experience Peace and
Belur is situated on the banks of the river Yagachi. It is a small town in Hassan District,
Karnataka. It is the capital of Hoysala Empire in earlier. The place Belur is considered as
Banaras of South India because of the numerous temples. It is also known as Dakshina
Varanasi. Chennakeshwara temple is the most famous and popular temple in Belur. You can
see Hoysala Architecture in this temple. Chennakeshwara it means handsome lord and is
another name of Lord Shiva. You can see Darpana Sundari or Lady with the mirror carved on
walls of Belur Temple. It is one of the finest examples for Hoysala Architecture. The temple was
built by Vishnuvardhana in 1114 AD. It took 103 years to complete. Every year large number of
tourists from all over the globe is visiting here to get rid of their sins. It is believed that tourists
are also visiting here to earn the place in heaven after their death. There are a lot of temples in
and around the Belur. Person who loves the architecture and design must visit Belur in their
journey of life. In your visit to Belur you will get a spiritual experience. You can feel a peaceful
atmosphere. If you are planning a trip to Karnataka Tourist Spots include Belur in your list. Don’t
miss to travel to Belur. The place Belur is also called as Velapuri.

The famous Chennakeshwara temple is star-shaped. The temple is of one hundred feet height.
The best time to visit Belur is between the months October to April. If your tour to Karnataka
Tourist Spots then it will be a great and unforgettable experience in your life. Hoysala
Mahotsava is the one of the most celebrated and popular festival in Belur. It is celebrated in the
month of March. If you visit Belur during this month then you can also celebrate this festival. The
temple of Belur opens for public from morning 7.30 am to evening 8.00pm. The tourist place
Belur is listed under the UNESCO world heritage site.

If you are looking for a change in your busy working schedule, tensions plan a tour to Belur the
most famous Karnataka Tourist Spots. Your Each and every step in Belur will refresh your mind
and makes you live happy. Other attractions in Belur include Veeranarayana Temple,
Shravanabelagola, Hoysaleswara temple, sculpture of Shantala Devi and Yagachi Dam. The
Belur attractions will make you speechless. Your trip to Karnataka Tourist Spots will be a very
interesting one.

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