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									                                        J2ME Interview Questions and Answers

How can you create a jar file for mobile application ?
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I want to buy a cellhpone watch with camera.
I have a Casio Wristcam WQV-3 but it is broken and has only 0.25 Megapixel ;-)

Unfortunaly there are many different models.
The descriptions at ebay, dealextreme.com. sonicdigitals.info, eemobi.cn etc. are long but there is nothing about
menus/usability, thickness, quality and so on.

On youtube a few videos can be found, but not for all models.
Maybee someone here has one?


1.Cardslot, not internal only
2.1,3 Megapixel Cam. Sample Pictures? (Blog, Flickr, Own..)
5.Writing/Grafiti, not only virtual keyboard
6.Sketchpad, even with the low resoulution
7.Thin (some are very thick)
8.J2ME or another posibility to write programms

German letters would be nice, but optional.
Should cost arround $200 incl. shipping+tax to europe.

Thanks in advance!
Answer :: i have the perfect phone for you except it is missing some of the features
rel="nofollow">http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...</a> .... Read More

may be with a jdbc backend,butnot j2ee,j2me,j2se etc.
Answer :: I didn't understand why don't you want to use J2EE, J2ME or J2SE? .... Read More

I am developing a program which requires to connect to an online server and get some data to a mobile device( mobile
phone). This client required to authenticate with the server before taking any data from the server. After some data should
be sent back to update the server database.
I have planned to develop the server side by ASP.NET and so far I am succeeded in creating the database in the server,
authentication in the website itself, and retrieve some data as a web user. Now I want to develop the mobile client
program by JAVA, which should be able to communicate with the server. I hardly have experience on J2ME
programming. I'm glad if you can give me necessary information on how to connect to GPRS, connect to a remote site
and get some data from it. Thank you.
Answer :: I would use java.xml.soap.* classes and build asp to talk soap.
More primitive, java.net.URL will do the job too. .... Read More

I am thinking about buying the motorola MOTO z6c World edition or the motorola MOTOrizr (they are pretty much the
same phone, not very much is different) and it says that it is run by a linux java (j2me) operating system. Pretty much my
question is can i download free games and apps from the internet? There are sites that say "compatible with Motorola z6"
and i just want to know if i buy this phone, will it actually work for the phone?

Answer :: Here is some web site offer free games
<a href="http://free-mobile-phonegames.blogspot.com/" rel="nofollow">http://free-mobile-
phonegames.blogspot.c...</a> .... Read More

A friend of mine got one and am planning to get one myself. I'm basically just after the dual SIM functionality ang analog
TV receiver. Is it worth it? I mean, it's cheap crap and all, but still it wouldn't hurt to get the most of what you pay for. I'm
happy with my two phones now, but then I have to bring both of them if I want to be in touch with both networks. Also,
free analog TV is a plus, considering I don't have to access costly 3G/WAP/WiFi/VBH service to watch live TV. I heard
battery is great as well with them China phones and that the OS of most is Windows Mobile (I'm Sick of Symbian and
J2ME-based OSs).
Answer :: It's a great phone all in all it's worth it the Tv the DUal Sim it's not a waste of money :) i'm using one
before but now i decided to swap it to an original Nokia N series Cellphone. .... Read More

i m ready to do project in mobile aplications using j2me platform but need a proper guidence for that in the sense frm
which book to refer any java project but master level is required thanking you in advaance Reema u. rajput
Answer :: you can devoleped a software for parliment election in on line ,for Election commission .... Read More

I am a BE graduate (2007 batch). My percentage is &lt; 60. Because of my %ge I've hardly got any opportunities. I have
additional software skills such as java, j2me, oracle etc.
Out of those interviews that I have attended, I was able to clear the aptitude test and stuff but I was rejected during the
personal interview, either because of my low confidence levels or my low aggregate.
Can anyone please tell me how to find companies that are not too particular about the candidate's percentage (preferably
in bangalore).
In a few months from now, 2008 batch will be coming out and i will be in a much more dangerous situation.
Looking forward to useful responses.
Answer :: haha

same as me..
there is no hopeful solution for this...unless u want...

u can solve ur prob by urself...
first decide wht u wanna do for urself
and then try the skills u have to achive wht u want
thats wht i m doing and i think i m going toward my destination .... Read More

To confine wht I really require and learn it is realy taking time for me. I am confused now to whether to learn Symbian or
WIn Ce or RT linux or Win 2003 admin, Linux admin or J2ME or microcontrollers 8051, Arm32, Pic, Rabbit etc..
When you observe this are requirements of our future needs and they are interalted.. I am really confused which way I
need to go and which way I can converge all this and where to settle down!! Some one who can really understand my
mind or make sense for me Please suggest me any thing I will consider all u r Valuble suggestions
Answer :: what the **** did you just ask? for someone who love learn all things you should learn english. ....
Read More

j2me mobile phone game programming video tutorials
Answer :: <a href="http://youtube.com/watch?v=hh_2TLlcvzMsearch=game%20programming%20how%20to"
rel="nofollow">http://youtube.com/watch?v=hh_2TLlcvzMs...</a> .... Read More

project title : "locating missed cell phone"
platform : J2ME
tool : Java wireless toolkit 2.5
API : location API
duration : within jan 24
Answer :: For which platform?. You can not do this for Nokia as it needs symbiosis carbon c++. Finally, who will
buy this?.All mobile phone manufacturers have these tools and they do not want to promote this. If you loose,
then only you will buy a new one. This is business. .... Read More

can u plz tell me that ASP.NET,VB.NET,J-script can do all sort of programming task(web devlopement,windows dev) as
compare to JAVA(J2EE,tomcat,j2me.......). do you see any difficulty in ..NET enviroment to develope any thing as
compare to JAVA. ? plz reply...
Answer :: .net is probably much easier to learn, and yes you can do all of the above with it; web development,
desktop applications, the works. Check out www.learnvisualstudio.net

also refer to the microsoft developer website: <a href="http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/default.aspx"
rel="nofollow">http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/default...</a> .... Read More

Would lyk to hve all if not more specifications like my old phone..
Here is some info on old phone i have:
Battery Type: 800 mAh Li-Ion
Talk Time: 3.00
Standby Time: 144
Memory: 25.0 MB
Expandable Memory: microSD / TransFlash
Vibrate: Yes
Speakerphone: Yes
Voice Memo: up to 1 minute each
Voice Dialing: speaker-independent
Ringer ID: Yes
Picture ID: yes(only on main inside screen)
Alarm: Yes
Calculator: Yes
Calendar: Yes
To-Do List: Yes
Phonebook Capacity: 1000
Push-To-Talk: No
Camera: 1.3 MP / 1280 x 960 px / 4X Zoom / Video Recorder
Wallpaper: 176 x 220 px
Ringtone: MP3
Ringtone Formats: MIDI, MMF, MP3
Wallpaper Formats: JPG, Animation
Theme: No
Game: J2ME
Streaming Multimedia:No
FM Radio: No
SMS: Yes
EMS: Yes
EMS: Yes
MMS: Yes
Email: Yes
Chat: AOL / ICQ / MSN / Yahoo!
WAP Version: 2.0
Predictive Text: T9
OS Platform: (N/A)
Bluetooth: Yes
GPS Location: No
Wi-Fi: No
Answer :: get a nokia 6120 classic .... Read More


Please give me full details of JAVA..

how many versions java have
and how they all differs from each other........
please differentiate them on the basis of use...
specialy Java script , core java , advanced Java , and what is
J2EE J2ME.....

and please also tell me about .NET
i have heard that .net is a framework developed by MS.and
every lang. works with it.let me know is it correct.

and differ .NET and ASP.NET aswell...

need a quick reply.
thank you
Answer :: You have got a lot of questions within a question,
You can join java.com Forum to see differences in java versions.

WindowsITPro.com can be a good platform to discuss about .net

Good luck,
let's meet there. .... Read More

C,C++,C#,JAVA, .NET,VB,J2EE,J2ME or RDBMS???do you think the demand for languages like fortran,pascal n cobol is
going to rise in the years 2 come??
Answer :: C++. .... Read More

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