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Economic Census Texas Data User Census Bureau by alicejenny


									2007 Economic
 Texas Data User
  Denton & Dallas, TX
  August 3 & 4, 2010

     Andy Hait
    John Medina

  Economic Planning &
  Coordination Division
   U S Census Bureau
 What Users Need to Know

• Economic Census
  • Overview
  • How the data are classified
    • By industry (NAICS)
    • By geography
  • How the data are published
  • Working with the data

• Annual and quarterly business data
         Census Jargon

Economic surveys
 data collected from businesses

Demographic surveys
 data collected from households
       Principal Economic Indicators
•   Advance Monthly Retail Sales
•   Manufacturing and Trade: Inventories and Sales
•   Monthly Wholesale Trade
•   Manufactures’ Shipments, Inventories and Orders
•   Quarterly Financial Report (two releases)
•   US International Trade in Goods and Services
•   Value of New Construction Put in Place
•   Quarterly Services Survey
•   Housing Starts
•   Housing Completions
•   New Homes Sold and for Sale
•   Housing Vacancies
       Surveys vs Census

Economic Surveys    Economic Census

•Annual, quarterly, •Every 5 years
  monthly            (years ending in 2 & 7)

•Limited detail     •Industry/product
•Mostly national
                    •Detailed Geography
2007 Economic Census
Key Dates
                 Period to which census data refer
   December 2007

 December 2007       Companies
                     census forms.

                     Due date for returning
 February 12, 2008
                     census forms

                     Economic Census
                     reports published
     Economic Census
      Data Collection

4.7 million establishments
     Large, mid-size employers
     Sample of small employers

Paper or electronic reporting

550 versions of the form
Schedule for 2007 Census Reports
        Public Sector Uses

• Benchmarking
• Tracking economic change
• Attracting new businesses
• Assisting business
          Private Sector Uses

Study your industry
    Market share
    Product trends
    Strategic planning

Study business markets
    Site locations
    Sales territories
    Forecasting sales
                         Where are my customers?
                         suppliers? competitors?

                 NAICS Hierarchy

                          5-Level Hierarchy

     Level                        Example

Sector           51       Information
Sub-Sector       515      Broadcasting (except Internet)
Industry Group   5151     Radio and Television Broadcasting
Industry         51511    Radio Broadcasting
U.S. Industry    515112   Radio Stations
           Assembling Time Series

SIC     1987 1992 (1997)

NAICS              1997 2002 2007 2012
              Changes for NAICS 2007

Sector                   Disappearing           New industries
Manufacturing            Laboratory apparatus
Information              Paging
                         Cable program distr.
                         Web search portals
Real Estate & Rental     REITs
Professional,                                   Biotech R&D
Scientific & Technical
Administrative & …                              Executive search
    Establishments vs. Companies

Establishment - A store, warehouse, factory, or
other type of business at a single physical location

Company (or Firm) - One or more establishments
under common ownership or control
       Exercise 1

P In what industry would you
find Hotels (except casinos) and
       Economic Census Coverage

Sector contribution to GDP

                    Manufacturing               Construction

        Transp, Utilities

           Wholesale                                        Not covered


                      Finance, Insurance, Real Estate
              What’s NOT Covered
            in the Economic Census

Whole Industries                 Partial Exclusions:
Excluded and                     Public utilities
covered elsewhere:               Post exchanges
11: Agriculture, forestry…       Gov’t Owned Buses, subways
482: Rail transportation         Gov’t Owned Ambulance services
525: Funds, trusts
6111-6113: Schools & colleges    Whole Industries
81393: Labor Unions
81394: Political organizations
                                 8131: Religious organizations (not
814: Private Households          covered elsewhere)
92: Public administration
   Economic Census Geography

Metro areas
ZIP Codes (not in the Geographic Area Series)

         Econ Census Geographic Coverage
                                Sector                        State   MA's   Coun-   Places    ZIP
                                                                s             ties            Code

21: Mining                                                     X
22: Utilities                                                  X       X
23: Construction                                               X
31-33: Manufacturing                                           X       X      X        X
42: Wholesale Trade                                            X       X      X        X
44-45: Retail Trade                                            X       X      X        X       X
48-49: Transportation and Warehousing                          X       X
51: Information                                                X       X      X        X
52: Finance and Insurance                                      X       X
53: Real Estate and Rental and Leasing                         X       X      X        X
54: Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services           X       X      X        X       X
55: Management of Companies and Enterprise                     X
56: Admin. and Support and Waste Management and Remediation    X       X      X        X       X
61: Educational Services                                       X       X      X        X       X
62: Health Care and Social Assistance                          X       X      X        X       X
71: Arts, Entertainment and Recreation                         X       X      X        X       X
72: Accommodation and Food Services                            X       X      X        X       X
81: Other Services (Except Public Administration)              X       X      X        X       X
Places in the 2007 Economic Census
• 2002 criterion: Incorporated cities with 2,500+

• 2007: Incorporated cities or CDPs
  – With 5,000+ inhabitants (from pop estimates) OR
  – With 5,000+ workers (from Census 2000)

       Texas                       Number

       2007 places added               42
       2002 places dropped            145
       Net change                    -103
Schedule for 2007 Census Reports
Email response from Notify-Me System
Schedule for 2007 Census Reports
    Subject and Summary Reports
P Separate reports for each sector
P In service-producing sectors
  Product lines
   B State data for many industries
   B Metro data for wholesale, retail, accommodations only
  Establishment and firm size
  Miscellaneous subjects
   B limited state data
                      Bridge Tables
P   1997: Bridge between NAICS and SIC
P   2002: Bridge between NAICS 02 and NAICS 97
P   2007: Bridge between NAICS 07 and NAICS 02
P   National data only; Basis for converting other data
        Comparative Statistics
P Economy-wide
P No sub-state geography
P For 1997, showed SICs by State
P For 2002, showed NAICS 1997 by state
P For 2007, will show NAICS 2002 by state
         ZIP Code Statistics

•Establishment counts by receipt size
•Complemented by ZIP Code Business
•Limited to 8 of the 18 sectors
             Other Reports

P   Economic Census of Island Areas
P   Business Expenses
P   Nonemployer Statistics
P   Survey of Business Owners
P   Commodity Flow Survey
P   Franchise Report
P Businesses with no paid employees
P Account for
  75% of all businesses
  under 4% of all sales



    Firms                       Sales or Receipts
        Nonemployer Statistics
P U.S., State, county & metro data
P Nonemployers are published in
      PNonemployer Statistics (annual)
      P2007 Economy-Wide Key Statistics
P Excluded from other census reports
       Survey of Business Owners

                     (Formerly the surveys of
•   Black        Minority- and Women-Owned
•   Hispanic             Business Enterprises)
•   American Indians and Alaska Natives
•   Asians and Pacific Islanders
•   Company Summary
•   Women
•   Veterans
•   Characteristics of Business Owners
SBO includes Nonemployers
P “All Firms”   P Most census
includes        figures limited to
employers and   “Firms with paid
nonemployers    employees”
2007 SBO Report Schedule
 What’s New for SBO in 2007
•    scheduled mid-2010 to mid-2011
•For all areas
  •Addition of total minority figures
•For the nation and states
  •Characteristics of Business Owners
     •age, education, hours worked, disability
     •New: born in US; year business acquired
  •Characteristics of Businesses
     •home-based, family-owned, franchising, financing
     •New: outsourcing, fringe benefits, e-commerce
  •Characteristics of Veteran Business Owners
  •Characteristics of Veteran-Owned Business
      Commodity Flow Survey
• Movement of goods in the U.S. – origin,
destination, mode of transport
• Covers selected sectors and industries
• Tabbed by commodity/other dimensions
• Exports and Hazardous Materials
What’s New: 2007 Economic Census
• Several revised industry classifications
• More detailed product lines for service industries
  North American Product Classification System (NAPCS)
• Data for Census Designated Places, more townships,
  fewer small places
• Non-employers added to the Economy-Wide Key
  Statistics (EWKS)
• Survey of Business Owners
   – Veteran-owned businesses;
   – Outsourcing; e-commerce
• New Data:
   – Pension and other fringe benefits; Franchising
• NotifyMe service as data become available
• Fewer publication formats
   – American FactFinder (AFF) only

Printed reports
PDFs on the Internet
Drill-down tables on the Internet

Interactive American Factfinder
FTP download
       Recap: AFF Functions

•Selecting a file
•Filter Rows: Narrow the data to an industry or area
•Options: Sorting data lines, selecting columns, etc.
•Print / Download
    AFF Feature: Selecting Files

                         Multi-sector data

                         Sector-specific data
AFF Feature: Filter Rows

                Filter within a data set
AFF Feature: Options

                   move columns)

                   Rows: sort data
AFF Feature: Definitions

                     Access to
                     text, maps
AFF Feature: Print/Download
         Exercise 2a:

P What were the total 2007 receipts
in Dallas County of
  P7211 Traveler Accommodation
  P72111 Hotels
  P72112 Casino Hotels
  P 72119 Other Traveler Accommodation

PTo get a total, add sales for both
employers and nonemployers together
       Exercise 2b:

P Rank all counties in Texas (and
the state as a whole) by the sales
of traveler accommodations
(employers only)

P Which county is ranked first?
                     Data Disclosure
• U.S. Code, Title 13, prohibits release of data that would disclose the
information about individual companies
• “Primary” and “complementary” disclosure
• Data suppressed with “(D)” in tables/files
              Data Disclosure

• Establishment counts and employment range are permitted
               Data Disclosure

• Higher level totals get preference
Data Withheld for Other Reasons
• Publication minimum not met
  - Data not shown in data files
    AFF Feature: Selecting Files

                         Multi-sector data

                         Sector-specific data
User GuideGeography
User Guide GeographyMaps
* Map illustration
               5-year intervals
Local Area     –Economic Census
               –Survey of Business Owners
Data about     –Commodity Flow Survey
               –County Business Patterns
-- more than   –Statistics of U.S. Business
               –Nonemployer Statistics
the census
                Quarterly Workforce Indicators
Annual Econ Data in AFF
* SUSB US->state
Excel chart from QWI data
           Comparing QWI and CBP
                       QWI                     CBP
Frequency      Quarterly              Annual
Time series    Varies by state        To 1986 (on CD)
                                      To 1994 (on web)
Geography      Counties, MSAs         Counties, MSAs, ZIP
Industry       4-digit NAICS          6-digit NAICS
Scope          All employers except   Private non-farm
               Feds                   employers
Data items     Employment, wages,     Employment, payroll,
               job flows, age, sex    estabs
Source         QCEW, UI, model-       Payroll tax and Company
               based estimation       Organization Survey
  What Next?

 PSee brochure

 PDo exercises
  for your own
  area or industry

 PReview slide show and text

 PTell your colleagues
      Andy Hait

    John Medina

   General Information

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