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									Telemedicine Monitoring: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2012
to 2018

                                 Home telemonitoring programs need to use
                                 advanced technology. Effective monitors
                                 support patient education. They support timely
                                 clinician intervention based on real vital signs
                                 data gathered on a daily basis. Health care for
                                 patients with congestive heart failure has been
                                 shown to be successful in reducing
                                 hospitalizations and trips to the emergency
                                 department, making these critical measures
                                 unnecessary in many cases.

                                 Table of Contents :

Telemedicine Executive Summary

The study is designed to give a comprehensive overview of the telemedicine
equipment market segment. Research represents a selection from the mountains
of data available of the most relevant and cogent market materials, with
selections made by the most senior analysts. Commentary on every aspect of the
market from independent analysts creates an independent perspective in the
evaluation of the market. In this manner the study presents a comprehensive
overview of what is going on in this market, assisting managers with designing
market strategies likely to succeed.

Telemedicine Executive Summary

Telemedicine Market Driving Forces

Telemedicine IBM Watson, Honeywell, Vitarian, and Bosch

Diagnostic Support Expert Systems

Telemonitoring Market Driving Forces
Measures of Tele Monitoring Effectiveness

Home Patient Monitoring Supports Patient Education

Wireless Telemonitoring Devices

Real-Time Monitoring Of Physiological Data

Telemedicine Market Shares

Telemedicine Market Forecasts

Telemedicine Market Description and Market Dynamics

1. Telemedicine Market Description and

2. Market Dynamics

1.1 Remote Monitoring as Standard of Care

1.1.1 Telemonitoring Systems Premise

1.1.2 Sedentary Get Exercise And Heart Failure

Patients Pay Attention To Swelling In Their Feet, Ankles Or Legs

1.1.3 Telemonitoring Systems Improve Home Health Care

1.1.4 Vital Signs And Health Status Are Measured Daily

1.1.5 Telemonitoring at Home

1.2 Telemedicine

1.2.1 Nursing Stations

1.2.2 Telemedicine Services

1.2.3 Service Provider Adoption of Tele-Monitoring
1.2.4 Telemedicine Delivery Mechanisms

1.2.5 Telemedicine Point-To-Point Connections

1.2.6 High Definition Video Communication

1.3 Telemonitors Customized To Meet Individual Needs

1.4 US Makes Telemedicine Priority

1.4.1 Federal Funding for Telemedicine

1.4.2 US Telemedicine Medicare –

1.4.3 US Veterans Health Administration (VA) Use of


1.4.4 Telemonitoring Demonstrates Positive Results In

Improving Health Care And Reducing Costs Of Veterans

1.4.5 US VA Tele-monitoring Targeted Innovation:

1.5 Tele-Monitor Devices

1.5.1 Customizing Tele-Monitors

1.5.2 Intel® Health Care Management Security

1.6 Telemonitoring Research

1.6.1 New England Journal of Medicine Research

1.6.2 NEJM Has Published Several Letters That Critique

The Study

1.6.3 25 Studies of Remote Monitoring Of Patients With

Chronic Heart Disease
1.6.4 Bosch Health Buddy Desktop Research

1.7 Physician Notification on CHF

1.8 US Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

1.9 Federal, State, Local, And Foreign Laws Compliance

1.9.1 Government Regulation of Medical Devices

1.9.2 Before And After A Medical Device Is Commercially

Distributed, Ongoing Responsibilities Under FDA Regulations

1.9.3 Tele-monitoring Third-Party Reimbursement

1.10 Health Information Privacy HIPAA Requirements

1.10.1 HIPAA Enforcement

1.10.2 OCR Responsible For Enforcing HIPAA Privacy and

Security Rules

1.11 Postacute Care Co-ordination: Healthcare Reform

Readmission Penalties

1.11.1 Federal Crimes Under The Health Insurance

Portability and Accountability Act HIPAA

1.12 Partners Mass General Cardiologist Program for High

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