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Cashback websites offer the savvy consumer the chance to make money whilst shopping so why don’t
more people know about them, asks

In a poll of 1,087 readers, a third (33 per cent) said they hadn't even heard of cashback
websites. Of those who had, two in five (40 per cent) said they had never used one. When we asked
why not, 43 per cent said they didn't understand how they worked and almost a quarter (23 per cent)
didn't think cashback would be available on the products they wanted to buy.’s head of consumer finance, Ed Bowsher, comments: “Cashback websites definitely do
save you money if you shop online, because they allow you to earn money back for every purchase you
make. All you have to do is use your chosen cashback website as a gateway to all your online shopping.”’s guide to using cashback websites:

      Check out Quidco, TopCashBack, GreasyPalm, and Rpoints.
      Every time you want to make a purchase, check to see if that particular retailer is listed on the
       cashback website, and if it is, click on the affiliate link shown. This will take you through to the
       retailer's site, where you can make your purchase as usual.
      So, you're not actually buying the item from the cashback website itself, but your purchase will
       be tracked, using a cookie and then linked back to the cashback site.
      It's this tracking cookie that earns you cashback. The retailer pays the cashback site for
       introducing you as a customer, and the cashback site passes that payment onto you.
      When buying an item, use a price comparison site such as Kelkoo or Sccope to find the best
       price. Then use your cashback website to see whether your chosen retailer is listed.
      Clear your cookies, as this one of the main reasons why cashback transactions fail to track.
       Quidco offers a step by step guide to ensure you don't lose out on your cashback.
       Don't navigate away from the page while you shop, or type in other addresses in your
        browser window. Cashback websites have special affiliate links which enable them to track
        your purchase. So if you break this chain, the trail will be lost.
       Bear in mind that cashback websites can take two to three months to pay out once you've
        completed a transaction.

According to the poll, two thirds (66 per cent) of those who use cashback websites
would recommend them to a friend. More than two in five respondents (44 per cent) said Quidco was
their favourite. TopCashBack was the second most popular with just under a quarter of the votes (23
per cent) and GreasyPalm came in third with just seven per cent of the votes.


Notes to editors

For further information or to arrange an interview with Ed Bowsher, please contact Vicky Taylor on 020
7297 8198 or

When choosing which cashback website to register with, have a good look at the terms and conditions
of the site, as membership details can vary. For example, Quidco charges a £5 annual admin fee, which it
claims by keeping the first £5 cashback earned. So if you don't earn any cashback over 12 months, you
don't have to pay this fee. TopCashBack, Rpoints, and GreasyPalm are all free to join. Quidco tends to
offer the most competitive deals.

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