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									Creating Your Unique Wedding

Planning for your own wedding is very exciting and exhaustive too. No doubt you must have

engaged a wedding planner, but still you will have to get into every detail no doubt. But then

it is worth all the effort and your wedding will really be special. If you have been looking at

various wedding invite designs and are planning to get one printed from the printers, stop for

a moment. How about designing and printing your own design and make a personal invitation

card. It could be unique as well as special because every invitee will receive your personal

invite through this. Wondering how to go about? Let us guide you through. It is very easy.

First sit down and consult with your fiance and arrive at a design and color combination of how

your wedding invite should look like. Make a mock one if possible and note down all the

content and matter of the invite. Make it in your own words so that it is very personal. Next

step would be to get in touch with a good graphic designer who can produce several samples

for you to choose from. Once you give him or her a briefing on what you have in mind, they

will be able to create samples within a few hours.

If the design work is underway, now it is time to look at the budget for the entire exercise. By

now you must have a list of invitees ready and therefore know the number of invites you will

need to print. Get the estimate of charges for design from the designer and find out the cost

of paper board as well as printing. To this add the cost of envelops and postage. Now you

arrive at the grand total which will be your total expenditure on this account.

Depending upon the volume of cards to be printed you can choose from several printing

options that are available to you. First and foremost you can get your graphic designer to print

the invites. Second option could be to go to the commercial Fresno printer and get the bulk

printing done. Thirdly you can opt to print them at home if the volumes are less and you have

good printer. Fresno will charge you a minimum plate setting fee irrespective of the volume.

In addition there will be the actual cost of paper used. Hence if you are planning more than

200 cards this option might work out to be way cheaper for you.

Wouldn't it be a good idea to have your both photos in the invite so that it looks as though
you are inviting the guest in person? Choose some of the best photos you have and share

them with your graphic designer and let him come up with the good layout options.
You can first choose the photos that you wish to have on the invite. It can be your individual

photos too or a photo of both of you together. If the photo

quality is not good, nothing to worry, the graphic designer can work on the image and correct

the anomalies in no time. How you want things done is totally your choice.

You can choose to design your own card using the computer too. Have a look at the multiple

cards that are available on the internet to get an idea. Next choose the color scheme and the

rest of the design. Stick to two fonts at the max. Do the sample design first and print it out to

see how it looks.

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