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StyleHairCare new Hair Colors in Blue Red Violet


StyleHairCare introduces new range of Permanent Hair Colors on its web store to keep up with current fashion trends

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									StyleHairCare introduces new range of Permanent Hair Colors on its web store to keep up with
current fashion trends


StyleHairCare has announced inclusion of new range of Permanent Hair Colors on its web based store.
The new range has been introduced to keep up with the latest trends in fashion world.


StyleHairCare, a leading online store for hair care products has announced new range of products
related to Permanent Hair Colors. The move has been taken to remain updated with the changing trends
in the fashion industry.

“Due to our extensive experience in the hair fashion world, we follow the latest trends at the fashion
scenes in Tokyo, New Your, Paris, and Milan very closely to keep our followers up to date all the time.
We offer step-by step guides and instructions of hair color dying, hair straightening, hair perming and
hair treatments in order to have our customer’s hair salon safe at their house.” Says Sunantha of
StyleHairCare.Com. “One year straight hair is in trend, the other years perm wave hair is in trend. On
StyleHairCare all the hair products for the latest trends are nicely separated to quickly find the right in
trend Style product for your needs.”

StyleHairCare has been able to generate huge amount of interest in the hair care industry especially due
to some of the hard to find permanent hair colors.

As per recent trends it has been seen that more and more people are getting attracted towards hair
coloring and styling. One of the reason being it helps to remain in limelight and attract people’s attention
apart from looking good.

“We offer huge options on permanent hair color dye & which are also our bestsellers. We are also
specialist in scene fashion permanent hair color dye for the Emo, Goth, Punk, Cosplay, Elf scenes
offering permanent hair color dye in red, pink, blue, purple, orange, silver, and white colors.” says

StyleHairCare is expecting that the new range will help them to maintain their edge in the hair coloring
industry & will help them serve their customers better.

About StyleHairCare-

StyleHairCare is a website that offers products related to hair care & styling. The business was founded
in the year 1999 by professional hair stylist. The website offers products related to hair care, nail care,
eye care, face creams, lotion creams for Anti Cellulite and Anti Stretch Mark and other branded
products. More information under:
Company Details:

Sunisa Sookdee (Owner)
150/375 Moo 13, T. Aomnoi, A.Kratumban, Samutsakorn 74130, Thailand /
Telephone: +66875409275
Twitter:       @style_haircare

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