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									IPhone IOS 4 how to create attachments
E-mail features model IPhone IOS 4 iPhone 2 g on the iPhone is
an application that can send and receive e-mail. Mail in your
application, you can create an attachment. Instead, you must use
the text of the e-mail message, the attachment is cut.

1.Click on the post ikon about your iPhone.

2.Click the Modern substance ikon in the frown powerful recess of the post application.

3.IPhone interior button.

4.Afford the applications programme that accepts the files to send an attachment. For
example, press on "" and then submit a photo as a adherence.

5.Choose the information data file to send for a attachment. Apply the data file till you
roll icon 'copy '. Click the 'copy '.

6.IPhone home button.

7.Click on the 'mail '.

8.Keeping the body of the e-mail message. Click the paste to attach a file to the e-mail
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