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					                     University of Utah Staff Council Agenda- May 4, 2011
                                     Winder Board Room
                          300 Park Building, 201 S. Presidents Circle

Present: Edwin V. Lyons, Tom Loveridge, Chris Shirley, Becky Lubbers, Janzell Tutor, Julie Gerstner,
Genevieve Reyes, Tiffany Stanton, Jennifer Reed, Holly Bigelow, Thomas Ferrill, Michael Berg, Rhonda
Dzierzon, Kate Sturgeon, Paul Larsen, Trina Rich, Maggie Gillespie, Marcia Cook, Marilyn Hoffman,
Carol Bergstrom, Renee Chase, BJ Pullman, Denise Hooper, Jerome Roque, Shayla DeGooyer

Excused: Tricia Baker, Cathy Martinez, Sharon Benevides

Came to Order: 2:05 PM

   I.     Welcome (Edwin) 2:05

   II.    Updates | Announcements (Edwin) 2:06
          Farmers Market needs volunteers and musical talent. If anyone is interested, please contact
          Jenn Colby.

   III.   Review of ‘April Minutes’(Edwin) 2:08
          Minutes have been condensed by Julie and sent to executive board. Minutes approved.

   IV.    Guest Speaker: Tom Loveridge - University IPC Updates and Discussion 2:08
          Staff Council is the voice and eyes of the staff, is the official stakeholder for the staff. If you
          have any word changes, please send to Tom in a document or email so he can edit them. There
          is an asterisk near policies that will have most impact on staff in the summary. Some policies
          will be changed for procedure and some are substantive. Process of policies being changed-
          Tom takes policies to different stakeholders and then to Academic Senate and then to the
          Trustees. Policies that are brought before the IPC are not in an orderly fashion. The most
          critical are being focused on and some are brought up because of current issues.

          Violence in the Workplace and Academic Environment 1-004 This policy has not changed
          much, separated out specific parts and put into a rule. Need to put guidelines in the regulations
          library, need a policy to do this.

          Personnel Definitions 5-001 2:15 Changes the language used in HR. Able to change the
          definitions of words and not change any meanings in any policy. Updates the terms to be more
          accurate to describe the employees. Clarification, At Will EE: no access to grievance process.
          Further discussion on at will.

          Question: will this affect the epaf for hiring? Yes, the categories will be updated. Will the new
          terms be available in Position Management? Tom will get back to the Council on this.
          Question about part time- What is part-time? Part time now defined as working less than 30
          hours. Clarification needed about definition of part time and benefits eligible.
          Discussion on difference between staff and employees: Staff are non-academic employees.
          What is academic staff? Post docs, research associates, etc.

          Skipped over policy Staff Employee Separations 5-109; changes are still being made.
          Grievance Policy 5-123: Not ready yet.
      Corrective Action and Termination Policy for Staff Employees 5-111 2:28
      Policy made more general and put the nuts and bolts into the rules.
      Rule for University is mostly the same as policy. Language included for Board of Regents due
      to General Council input.
      NER= Not Eligible to Reapply. This is due to egregious behavior (violence, etc). Person can’t
      apply for 5 years; the person can petition HR and show how he/she has changed. This was not
      in the policy before, was a practice. NER will be folded into the grievance process when the
      employee is terminated. If the employee didn’t grieve the termination, then the employee can
      appeal to Loretta Harper directly.

      2:33 Discussion about what is reasonable expectations and grievance process.
      Rule A is for everyone but hospital.
      Rule B is for hospital and is a big change for the hospital. Hospital HR can help with questions
      in regards to their rule.
      2;36 Question about Board of Regents policy about conduct outside of work. Since it’s in their
      policy, we are bound by it. This is added so employees are made aware.
      Discussion about employees that work in the hospital, some are School of Medicine, which
      falls under University.
      Hospital HR doesn’t have a representative here, wanted the policy to speak for itself.

      Drug-Free Workplace 5-113A 2:42
      Won’t have a big impact. Our policy doesn’t specifically state not to consume alcohol on
      campus. It states not to illegally produce, sell or consume drugs or alcohol. This policy clarifies
      that there are certain positions in which there should be standards in place to prevent
      drug/alcohol use. The other positions should have a focus on performance.
      Q- What is patient sensitive job? Where an employee could impact patients but not working
      directly with patients. For example; custodians in the hospital.
      For average employee, can’t random drug test. EE must fall in the three categories listed:
      safety-sensitive, security-sensitive and patient-sensitive.

      Leaves of Absence (Health-Related) 5-200 2:48
      Policy no longer includes the specifics of FMLA, it now states that we have to follow FMLA

      Telecommuting 2:54
      Suggestions and guidelines wanted, needed to create a policy in order to put it in the
      Regulations Library. Nothing required, just guidelines. Discussion regarding electronic devices
      being mentioned more strongly in the guideline.

      Policies for next meeting: 5-109 Separation, 5-123 Grievance.

V.    2011-2012 Staff Council Officers – Vote (Edwin) 3:00
      a. Nominees for Secretary Treasure- Tiffany Stanton
      b. Nominees for President-Elect- Trina Rich, Jennifer Reed, Kate Sturgeon
      c. Each candidate spoke briefly about their vision for the council
      d. Edwin 3:05- Staff Council can extend their membership one year by being a candidate-
         elect. You can extend the three year term with an application.
      e. Voting commenced 3:07, Tom counted the votes

VI.   Subcommittee News & Updates (Edwin) 3:09
      a. Development committee meeting after Staff Council meeting.
       b. Events Committee (Janzell Tutor) 3:09
              i. ‘Shred Day’ Recap
                     1. There was an article in Daily Chronicle. Raised $1,930 for Staff
                        Scholarships! A “Shred It” scholarship will be created, rest of money will
                        stay with the scholarship fund. Was a great event, 9.6 tons received to shred.
                        Turnout was great, people want this event to happen again.
             ii. ‘U’ Night with Real Salt Lake (May 14th)
                     1. Over 715 tickets sold. Great seats available. Swoop will be there and will be
                        with the Lion.
            iii. ‘U’ Night with the Salt Lake Bees (Aug.17th)
                     1. Tickets will be out mid-June through the Union and Positively U. Pictures
                        taken on the field before the game, with drawings during the game. Swoops
                        may attend.
       c. Communications / Selections Committee (Trina) 3:25
              i. Facebook- committee is trying to collect all the FB pages associated with the U
             ii. New Member Applications/Nominations- received 48 applications.
                     1. Selections will take place May 17th
            iii. Applications/Nominations for University Committees
                     1. Selections will take place in June
       d. Legislative Committee (Shayla) 3:23
              i. Meeting on 5-17-11 in Social and Behavioral Bldg at 2:00-3:30.
       e. Task Force Update (Becky) 3:32
              i. Will begin meetings in June.

VII.   Vote results (Tom) 3:19
       Trina Rich was voted as the new president-elect for the 2011-2012 academic year. Tiffany
       Stanton was voted Secretary/Treasurer for the 2011-2012 academic year.
       Edwin- reassuring to hear the visions of the candidate-elects. Glad to hear same vision and
       drive exists to further establish the Staff Council.
       Marcia- excited for the new year and wants feed back from everyone.

VIII. Council Representation on University Committees 3:33
      Nine committee openings need to be filled.
         a) Child Care Task Force                                             Thomas
         b) University for Higher Education                                   Carol
             Opening for a Staff Council member, Carol is finishing her term.
         c) Parking Violation Appeals Committee                               Marcia | Julie | Becky
             Review in process to change ticket price for parking in fire zone, currently is less then
             parking in a handicapped spot.
         d) Graduation Committee (Spring)                                     Becky
             Few changes to policy- students won’t have to appeal to graduate for international
             credits to count.
         e) University Diversity Committee                                    Marcia | Cathy
         f) Campus Health & Safety Committee                                  Kay
         g) Campus Recreation Committee                                       Tiffany
         h) Campus Store Advisory & Review Committee                          Marilyn – Chair
             Marilyn will continue as chair. Applications will be available for this committee.
         i) Human Resources Diversity Committee                               Cathy | Tom
         j) Financial Aid & Scholarship Committee                             Carol
         k) Parking & Public Transportation Advisory Committee                Mike
         l) Student Behavior Committee                                      TBD…

IX.   Miscellaneous 3:45
      Domestic Partner Benefits- Cathy didn’t turn statement in before, just got it to the executive
      committee, they will discuss.
      Farewell Committee for President Young (Janzell) Janzell is on this committee, suggested that
      the Staff Council give a gift or sentiment. Send suggestions to Janzell.
      Employee Appreciation Day (Tom) Needed a hospital employee to communicate and help with
      EAD. Chris volunteered to help.

Adjourn 3:53

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