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									Daniel Kauwe Department of Psychology Box 1853 Brown University Providence, RI 02912 Education Ph.D. Program Department of Psychology Brown University Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2008 B.A. Department of Psychology Amherst College Honors Thesis: “Ethnic Identity and Change over Time” RESEARCH INTERESTS: Empirically assessing the interaction between individuals and their social environment, in particular the study of how judgment, inference, and prediction are influenced by society. At present I am focusing on the relative stabilities of self-knowledge and groupknowledge, and the psychological factors that influence these two variables. For example, I am currently investigating the effects of emotion and attention upon the relative stabilities of self- and group-knowledge. The associative relationship between self- and group-knowledge is a fundamental component to the social projection theory, and I also study social projection as a model for social inference and prediction. The social projection model argues that self-knowledge is a cognitive basis for social judgments, therefore I am particularly interested in ascertaining the relationship between self- and group-knowledge. Research at Brown has also suggested a significant relationship between social projection, self-esteem, and ethnic identification. Thus I am interested in empirically verifying this relationship. Prior research has demonstrated significant relationships between ethnic identity and self-esteem, and social projection and self-esteem. Therefore, I am also researching a mediational model in which social projection mediates the relationship between ethnic identification and self-esteem.

RESEARCH EXPERIENCE: Current Research: Experiment 1: Attention and the stability of self-knowledge: A follow-up experiment to my first year research. This experiment will assess the influence of attention upon selfknowledge and group-knowledge. First Year Graduate Research 2003-2004 Experiment 1: Ethnic identification, self-esteem, and social projection: an investigation into a possible mediational model between self-esteem and ethnic identification, mediated by social projection. Experiment 2: Emotional primes and the stability of self-knowledge: An empirical assessment of the relative stabilities of self-knowledge and group-knowledge when prefaced by an emotional prime Undergraduate Honors Research 1998-1999 A longitudinal study of ethnic identity that examined the ethnic identity of college students across the first three years of college. The data set was derived from a four year study of college life carried out at Amherst College and Yale University. I collected additional data on the students who self identified as belonging to an ethnic group, and looked at changes over time in ethnic identity, ethnic group membership, and self esteem. In addition to a comprehensive review of the literature, I also created and administered a survey, and I conducted an extensive statistical analyses on a large data set. Significant relationships were found between ethnic identity and involvement in ethnic groups and behaviors. ACADEMIC HONORS Thesis with Distinction, Amherst College 1999 Inducted into Sigma Xi May, 1999 Graduated with honors, Amherst College 1999 AWARDS Accepted into the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program for 1999, by the Ministry of Science and Education, Japan Brown University Graduate Fellowship 2003-2004

TEACHING EXPERIENCE Ministry of Science and Education, Japan Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program Participant,1999-2002 Teaching experience: Three years as a language and culture instructor in the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET). Also administrator for prefectural JET educational programs (2000-2002). Teaching experience at all age levels from elementary to high school to adult classes. Designed and implemented English language and culture curriculum for Japanese students of all ages. In addition to regular teaching duties, instructed an intensive three month program for second-year high school students (junior level) with the goal of rapidly and thoroughly familiarizing students with the English language and culture (Fall of 1999, 2000, and 2001). Also organized pedagogy seminars and conferences for other JET participants, and delivered pedagogy presentations at these seminars and conferences. Ramapo-Anchorage, May 1997 Instructor in summer program for children (ages 4-6) with severe emotional and social disabilities.

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