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                         are a part
• The meters Enerlux S of the category of measuring
working means and are meant for metering the electrical
energy, active and reactive, for domestic consumers and firms
using multi tarrif systems for billing the electrical energy in low
voltage single phase networks.
The meters have he possibility of consumer connecting /
disconnecting and can be equipped with a PLC modem.
Rated values:
- Rated voltage, Un:                 230 V, 120 V
- Base current, Ib:                  5A                               Operating characteristics:
- Maximum current, Imax:             80 A                             • Energy metering is carried out as follows:
- Rated frequency, fn:               50 Hz or 60 Hz                   a). total active energy (unidirectional) W++W-;
- Frequency range:                   45...65 Hz                       b). inductive reactive energy Qi and capacitive reactive
- The meter constant (imp/kWh(kvarh)): 1000 imp/kWh                       energy Qc or total reactive energy Qi+Qc;
* on request other values of voltage and current can be offered       c). types of energies according to points a) and b)
Accuracy characteristics and influences:                                 (programmable) for up to 4 time zones.

- class 1, 2 for active energy, according to EN 62052-11,             • Maximum demand registering
 EN 62053-21                                                          The meter is provided with:
- class 2, 3 for reactive energy, according to EN 62052-11,           - 8 demand registers
 EN 62053-23                                                          - 8 demand cumulative registers
Time base accuracy: max. ±0.5s/24 h according to EN 62052-21          - 8 registers for power thresholds for LCD signalling out
                                                                       and/or the operation of network disconnection relay.
Climatic characteristics:                                             Each of the 8 demands can be programmed to be
                                                                      calculated from any type of energy.
- Operating temperature range:      -40...60°C
                                                                      The programmable time interval with 5, 10, 15, 20, 30,
- Transport and storage temperature:-40...80°C
                                                                      60 min., block or sliding with subinterval of 1, 2, 4 min.
Mechanical and constructive characteristics:                          The demand registering functions can be suspended for a
                                                                      time interval at the supply resuming after a breakdown.
- Overall dimensions:               204(226)x120x70 mm,               The time interval is programmable from 0 to 60 minutes
                                     according to figure 2            with one-minute resolution.
- Dimensions for 3 points mounting: 136(116)x100 mm,
                                     according to figure 2            The reset of the maximum demand generates a self
- Display:                          LCD custom design                 reading.
                                    60 x 20 mm, acc. to figure 1      The meter memorises the energy and demands values
- Wiring diagram:                   LLNN, according to figure 3       since the last 12 resets (self readings).
- Optical port:                     according to IEC 62056-21
- Protection degree:                IP 51                             • Display
- Testing devices:                  LED 1000 imp/kWh +
                                    LED 1000 imp/kvarh                           Identification code                 Indication of
                                                                                 of the mesured      Low battery     active energy   Indication of
                                                                                 quantities          annunciator     direction       active tariff
Equipping options:
• plc - with PLC modem;                                               Measured                                                                       Measuring
• cp - with card                                                      quantity                                                                       unit
All variants are optional.

                                                                                                           Rst     TEST    D2        Communication

                                                                                         Fig. 1
• Clock-calendar                                                   19. Frequency out of range -6%...+4%fn, limits according
The meter is provided with the clock-calendar function and the         to EN50160
observance of the leap years. The meter calendar clock enables     20. Reverse energy direction
the automatic change of the summer/winter hour with the rule       21. Reverse run energy
“last Sunday in March/October”, with programmable changing         22. Meter programming (without clock)
hour and direction and with the possibility of this function       23. Meter clock programming
inhibition.                                                        24. Low battery
                                                                   25. Measuring circuit error
• Tariff programs
The meter enables energy tariffying in up to 4 time zones. The     • Errors diagnosis and warnings
types of measured energies according to points a) and b) can be    The meter has the facility of self diagnosis for the
configured for tariffying in time zones.                           measuring circuit, so that when detecting the error the
In the time zones tariffying program there can be defined two      display shows the message “Err dSP”. Also, on the display
independent tariffying sequences.                                  can appear the following warning messages:
The metering program on time zones is yearly. In one year          - annunciator “LOW BATT” which signalize the battery
there can be defined up to 12 seasons. Within each season is        discharge;
defined the weekly program made up of a sequence of 7 types        - message “SuPrA” which signalize the programmed power
of days chosen from the 24 types of days that can be defined.       threshold exceeding with the number of demand (1... 8).
Within each type of day there can be defined up to 8 switchings
for each of the two daily sequences. The resolution of the         According to fig.1, the following will be displayed on the
programming is 30 minutes.                                         LCD:
Within the taryffing program there also can be defined 64          - the measured value;
groups of days of holydays. The duration of one group of days of   - identification code of the measured quantity;
holyday can be programmed from 1 to 4 days. Each group of          - low battery annuciator;
days of holidays can be defined with or without repetition.        - indication of active energy direction;
                                                                   - indication of the active time zones (T1, T2, T3, T4);
• Self reading of the meter (for billing) is achieving             - the measuring unit for active and reactive energies and
  the followings:                                                  powers, voltage, current, frequency;
- storage of energy quantities;                                    - communication indication;
- storage of the recorded maximum power;                           - annunciators that mark the following:
- storage of the cumulative maximum power;                          • demands and meter selfreading initial adjustment,
- resetting to zero of the maximum power registers (maximum            “Rst annunciator”;
 power reset);                                                      • meter operation in test mode, “TEST annunciator”;
- storage of the time that the self reading was made.               • meter operation with the second display sequence,
The meter storage the values of the self readings from the last        “D2 annunciator”.
12 self readings.                                                  Display modes: two programmable sequences, manually
                                                                   or automatically passed by.
• Load curve (option)
The storage capacity for the load curve ensures one channel for    • Additional functions
a duration of 100 days and acquisition period of 15 minutes;       - The possibility to disconnect the consumer in certain
The number of channels of the load curve is programmable           specific conditions (exceeding power threshold for certain
from 1 to 3. The acquisition period of the load curve is           periods of time, command via PLC modem, credit expired).
programmable from 1 to 60 minutes. In the load curve is            In case of consumer disconnection, after cancelling the
registered the cumulate energy and time markers for each           condition of disconnection in the meter is realized only the
acquisition.                                                       validation of the reconnection, this being made by the
                                                                   consumer by pushing the meter button.
• Events                                                           - Facilities regarding the energy quality acc. to EN 50160:
The list contains 500 events. Types of events:                        - the metering of the time with fn out of the range fn±1%
 1. Supply voltage drop                                               - the metering of the time with Un±10%
 2. Supply voltage restoring                                          - event generated when fn is out of range fn -6%...+4%
 3. M1 power threshold exceeding
 4. Power under M1 threshold restoring                             • Communication
 5. M2 power threshold exceeding                                   Optical port and current loop acc. EN 62056-21: Direct
 6. Power under M2 threshold restoring                             local data exchange (3rd edition of IEC 61107).
 7. M3 power threshold exceeding                                   Optionally (the meter for AMM), is provided with PLC built
 8. Power under M3 threshold restoring                             in modem.
 9. M4 power threshold exceeding                                   Transmission of the data via PLC modem is made in band A,
10. Power under M4 threshold restoring                             according EN 50065-1 CENELEC (physical level), and the
11. M5 power threshold exceeding                                   used protocol for data transmission is EHS (logical level).
12. Power under M5 threshold restoring                             The following data are read:
13. M6 power threshold exceeding                                   - Indexes, maximum power, load curve, events, weekly
14. Power under M6 threshold restoring                             registers.
15. M7 power threshold exceeding                                   There are programmed power thresholds, clocks.
16. Power under M7 threshold restoring                             There are transmitted connection/disconnection
17. M8 power threshold exceeding                                   commands.
18. Power under M8 threshold restoring
          - plc, cp
Enerlux S (options)
230 V, 5(80) A, 50 Hz, cl. 1





                                                             Fig. 2

                          100                    69
                           120                   75

                      ENERLUX S

                      2   3   8   4   5    6
                                                            Fig. 3



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