The health insurance system in America

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					The health insurance system in America
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Talk about the health system in the United States and the
influential role of insurance companies and President
Obama project, with emotional and complex and thorny
issue. And blurred and their features are:

First: health services United States are premium services
and advanced ... But the American health system world
health systems more complex and ambiguous, as the
system is based on market forces, the highest bidder Gets
the highest and best health benefits ... There's a big
difference between the level of health services system,
when talking about System i.e.: universality, efficiency
and fairness of the system and comprehensive coverage
of all segments of society.

Secondly: the US health system consists of a
Government health insurance costs are covered by 46%
from the Government through the "MIDI systems Cer
Medi-Care" (for the elderly), and "Medicaid" (for the
poor), plus private health insurance for different
insurance contributions between the employee and the

III: global indicators show that the United States of the
world spent on health services, where Americans spend
17% of GDP on medical expenditure rate of $ 7290 for
one person a year.
Despite this latest poll conducted by Harris that 80% of
Americans believe that their country's health delivery
system needed to change.

There is a comprehensive health insurance scheme
covers the entire population in the United States, the
number of people without health insurance 15, 4% of the
total citizens about 4.46 million.

IV: starting last year tried to both the House and Senate
work on health insurance reform, and building on this
effort, which lasted for a year, "Obama" President his
proposal that includes the work of both the House and
the Senate in one plan, and in March 2010 during the
meetings held by the u.s. House and characterized by
difficulty and differences of opinion between opposition
and Pro---Congress agreed that the comprehensive
reform programme for health care contributed to
broadening the base of Americans secured without

This new system:-
Health insurance for all: through attempts to provide
affordable health insurance for all Americans but the
elderly through a combination of a new programme of
medical care such as provided by the Government health
plans between employers.

Cover of residents: through the American health system
would be all legal residents in the United States and who
are not covered by those able to buy health care coverage
and give them freedom to choose medical providers.
The proliferation of health care: the plan would make
health care more widespread than before as it will make
prices more acceptable private insurers would expand
health coverage to all Americans. This plan is also able
to ensure continuity of health system, stabilizing family
budgets, and the federal budget, which affects the
stability of the national economy.

VI: System features:
The law does not provide for the establishment of a Fund
for health insurance, but it takes everyone to the same
insurance or pay a fine of 2.5 percent of annual income.

No longer can insurance companies refused to cover any
citizen because the former patients record (such as
chronic diseases) or reduce the amount of sickness, and
this point is extremely important, as the great obstacle to
such cases, which are needed for more health care than

The State will provide funding up to $ 65,000 per year
for families whose income is less than $ 88,000 a year to
help them pay for insurance companies.

Persons earning more than $ 200,000 would pay more
taxes to fund the health system.

Insurance companies that would benefit from a large
number of customers would pay more taxes is expected
to reach 67 billion dollars in the next 10 years. The
pharmaceutical sector in turn would invoice tax ratio of
23 billion dollars.
Give each State the right to cancellation charges assessed
for abortions if it so chooses.

Individuals who would abstain from participating in the
health insurance scheme will fine except poor.

It should also be noted that the prices of health insurance
under this plan would be more acceptable by:

Provide the largest tax cut in the history of the middle
class in the area of health care.

Reducing premium costs for tens of millions of families
and small business owners who are outside the scope of
the coverage (in today's prices).

Assist approximately 32 million Americans afford health

Cover more than 95% of Americans with health

Increase accountability and demand for health care is
leading to the development of logical rules to keep health
insurance premiums to be affordable and prevent abuses
by insurance companies, notably denial of health care.

Draw the line to distinguish between Americans in
accordance with pre-existing conditions.

The reduction of the budget deficit over the next 10 years
by nearly $ 1.3 trillion, by reducing wasteful
Government and curbing fraud and abuse.

VII: funding sources:
All employers expected the Americans would provide
health coverage to their employees equal or modest
salaries tax payment based on health care for the United
States and help employees to buy their own health care
(equivalent to 6% of payroll).

Given the benefit of the American experience, which
proved that the United States found itself in this
devastating health and economic slider over the past 100
years was unable to get out of it, Politicians, economists
and health leaders know the extent of damage to their
community by private health insurance and health system
management control.

Here we have a great awareness of the level of damage
wrought when private health insurance be mandatory or
when it is the strategic choice that the event is about. It is
true that many citizens see a solution to their problems
without knowing what it is hideous but as with

We are certain that officials in Saudi Arabia, health
planning and health policy they do not hide that fact and
maybe not be subject to pressure sounds for private
health insurance who are looking for the best terminator.

Perhaps God that steadfast right choice despite pressure.

Perhaps God creates us hurry rational.

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Description: Talk about the health system in the United States and the influential role of insurance companies and President Obama project, with emotional and complex and thorny issue...