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					                                        Information on Forex

                   What is Forex

The word "Forex" means short foreign exchange
market or the global stock
of foreign money which fits to the word "FOReign
EXchange market" in the
English language. And be speculation by buying
and selling major
currencies, which holds the basic share from
operations in the forex
market is the U.S. dollar (USD) (base currency) and
the euro (EUR) and the
(pound sterling(GBP) and Swiss franc (CHF) and
Japanese Yen (JPY
And is buying and selling of those currencies in U.S.
dollars or other
currencies, including what is known as currency
pairs, and that against
the U.S. dollar or any currency against another
currency in value. And are
considered speculative currency trading on the
stock market
win, and also
the most risky, because of rapid fluctuations in the
currency of the
upward trendto trend downward or vice versa. In
addition to the currency

market there areother types of stock exchanges
are: gold and silver
exchanges, Petroleum Exchange, shares and
bonds, agricultural crops and
energy. The currency exchanges are characterized
by various indicators and
technical analysis,news analysis and rapid access
to the profits

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