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									                       IFJH Expo                                                          You are invited to participate at
                       International Fashion Jewellery                                                             International Fashion Jewellery
                       & Handicraft Expo                                                                                    & Handicraft Expo 2012
                                                                                                                                 (B2B & B2C show combine)
The Four-day mega event is dedicated entirely to the Fashion
jewellery, handicraft and accessories industry. The event will present
an opportunity to national / international buyers to source their
requirements from all over India under one roof.
Costume jewellery has been part of culture for almost 300 years.
During the 18th century cheap jewelry made with glass started getting                    30th Nov.-3rd December 2012
made. After almost a century, in the 19th century, costume jewelry                       NSIC Exhibition Complex
made of semi precious material came into the market. The use of semi                     Okhla Indl. Area, New Delhi.
precious material made the jewelry available in the hands of the
common people.
                                                                                                    o vide R r
But the real golden era for the costume jewellery began in the middle
                                                                                              We Pr of You
                                                                                                Worth tion Cost
of the 20th century. The new middle class desired to own beautiful but
affordable jewelry, and this desire was realized by its perfect timing: it
came during the machine-age and the industrial revolution. All this                            Partic
made possible the production of carefully executed replicas of
beautiful and admired heirloom pieces
The event showcases the excellence in craftsmanship of the artisans
and weavers of the state which has emerged as a fascinating
destinations for overseas as well as domestic trade visitors to source
the products they need. The fair assembles a rich collection of ritual,
decorative & utilitarian products that reflect the style, subjects, values
and aesthetic concern of exporters, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs
from the entire India.
The expo is designed to cater to the needs of the different sections of
the market making it the perfect destination for the entire Fashion
Jewellery & handicraft industry. The exhibition will take place at
the famous vanue in New Delhi over duration of four days. Around
150 exhibitors and 15000 visitors are expected to visit the event.

 Product Profile
 • CZ Diamond & Gold plated Jewellery          • Antique Wooden Furniture
 • Artificial & Costume Jewellery              • Silver Furniture
 • Silverware & Silver Jewellery               • Driftwood Artifacts
 • Fashion Jewellery                           • Glass Artifacts
 • EPNS Silver                                 • Hand Painted Ceramics
 • Stones & Gems                               • Hand Woven Carpets & Rugs
 • Brassware                                   • Handmade Stationery
 • Handicrafts                                 • Jewellery Display Product
 • Interiors & Artifacts                       • Costume Jewellery
 • Purses & Bags                               • Packaging companies
 • Home Furnishings                            • Fashion accessories
 • Antiques Furniture                          • Gemmology
 • Accessories                                 • Lokers company
 • Antiques & Decorative products              • Jewellery Boxes
 • Machinery & Equipment                       • Jharokhas
 • Certification Labs & Assessing Centers      • Marble Inlay Work
 • Gold Refiners                               • Metal Art
 • Jewellery Education Institutes              • Murals
 • Asian & Oriental Art                        • Paintings
 • Bronze Art                                  • Photo Frames                           Tarrif Plan :
 • Earthenware                                 • Pots                                   National Participants :
 • Ethnic Jewellery                            • Studio Pottery                         Builtup Stall: Rs.7,000.00 per sq.mtr.      Bare Space: Rs.6,000.00 per sq.mtr.
 • Gemstone Paintings                          • Puppets,
 • Jute Items                                                                           International participants :
                                               • Sculptures
 • Thewa Jewellery                                                                      Builtup Stall: US $250     Bare Space : US $225
                                               • Terra cotta                            (Local Tax & Service Tax 10.3% Extra are applicable)
 • wooden urns
                                                                                        2% TDS deductable under Contract

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ToSyjh O;olk; dks loksÙke eap iznku djus esa ToSyjh ekdsV if=kdk dks Q[kz gS fd                                    Organised by :
fiNys lkr o"kks± esa ToSyjh fuekZrkvksa vkSj ToSyjh fjVsylZ ds chp ,d ,slk lkeatL; o                               JEWELLERY MARKET
vVwV fj'rksa dks tUe fn;k gS ftlls yk[kksa ToSylZ ykHk ys pqds gSa vkSj ys jgs gSA vc
                                                                                 a                                 2810/20, IInd Floor, Beadon Pura, Karol Bagh, Delhi-05
gS.MhsØk¶V o QS'ku ToSyjh ds O;kikfj;ks ds fy, ;g loksÙke eap cuus tk jgk gS tgka
                                                            Z                                                      Phone : 011-45032676, 7838617252, 9711213797
                                                                                                                   Email: info@ifjhexpo.com, sales@ifjhexpo.com
ToSyjh oUMj dh Hkkafr ;g izn'kZuh Hkh vius ,XthfcVlZ dh vkdka{kkvksa ij [kjk mrj dj                                Website : www.ifjhexpo.com
O;kikfjd YkkHk iznku djsxkA
                                                                                       Company Profile :
                                                                                           The “Jewellery Market” newspaper is the voice of the Jewellery
                                                                                       Industries manufacturer, Wholesaler & Retailer in India. It is a special
                                                                                       publication for executives in the Jewellery, Gem Stone, Fashion and Watch
                                                                                       industries. The newspaper is being published bilingually (Hindi & English),
                                                                                       bimonthly from the heart of India, Delhi and each issue is packed with
                                                                                       important details/articles/news.
                                                                                          The “Jewellery Market” represents the interests of approx. 25,000
                                                                                       member companies, large and small, involved in all aspects of Gold, Diamond
                                                                                       Jewellery and silverware production, designer craftsmen etc.
                                                                                           The Director Mr. Vijay Verma expanded his creativity with sincere efforts
                                                                                       to promote the gem & jewellery industry in 2005 by organizing Jewellery
                                                                                       Wonder show annually for maximum growth of the trade. This is a B2B

jewellery show where trade people gather to take benefit of this established
platform from 14 state of India. He is providing his sincere services particularly
to the jewellery trade for the last 16 years.
     Every year, Jewellery Wonder’s main endeavor is to provide impetus at
every level to the industry and to fulfil the major thurst of north Indian jewellery
retailers & the visitors pouring in huge numbers with the expectation that the
show will provide them the actual need and growth to the north Indian
jewellery industry. At the end of the day both exhibitors & visitors seemed
extremely satisfied with the response of the show. The 3-day extravaganza
brought together top Jewellery manufactures from within the country on one
platform to show case their collections.
Now, we are comming up with our new show by the name of International
Fashion Jewellery & Handicraft Expo 2012, on 30th Nov.-3rd December
2012 at NSIC Exhibition Complex, Okhla Indl. Area, New Delhi. Comming
up with B2B & B2C segment and also, again, our next show Jewellery
Wonder’12 (8th edition) is going to be held on 6-8 Oct. 2012, Pragati Maidan,
New Delhi.

     Tarrif Plan :
     National Participants :
     Builtup Stall: Rs.11,000/- per sq.mtr. Bare Space: Rs.10,000/- per sq.mtr.
     Machiner & Allied : Rs.9000/- per sq.mtr.
     International participants :
     Builtup Stall: US $400     Bare Space : US $350                                                                   8th Edition
     (Local Tax & Service Tax 10.3% Extra are applicable)
     2% TDS deductable under Contract

                          Organised by :
                          JEWELLERY MARKET
                          2810/20, IInd Floor, Beadon Pura, Karol Bagh, Delhi-05
                          Phone : 011-45032676, 09971088668                                6-7-8 Oct. 2012, Hall no.7 abc & fgh, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
                          Email: jm.bharti@jewellerymkt.com, jewellerymkt@gmail.com
                                                                                            jm.bharti@jewellerymkt.com, jewellerymkt@gmail.com, Call: 9971088668, 011-45032676
                          Website : www.jewellerywonder.net
                                                                                                                       organised by : Jewellery Market, Karol Bagh, New Delhi-05

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