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									Hoover S1120 Hand Held Wet/Dry Hand Vacuum Cleaner
The S1120 hand held is a wet/dry vacuum from Hoover that can get up both dry and wet messes.
The unit will last through a number of jobs with the rechargeable 7.2 volt battery. The S1120 is
highly portable as a result of the cordless design which means that it can even be taken outside to
clean the car. Liquids can easily be gotten out of the carpet as well. The filter is washable and the
dirt cup does not use a bag making it easy to empty. The charging stand can be mounted on the wall
to allow for storing out of the way.
This hand held vacuum is only three pounds making it light weight, even spilled cat litter is easy to
clean up. There is no need to worry about replacing bags since it does not use them. The dirt cup is
easily removed in order to empty. The filter can be washed in the sink eliminating the need to buy a
new one. The ease of portability eliminates the need to stop off at commercial vacuums to clean out
the car.
The S1120 has a one year warranty, weighs three pounds and measures 11 x 6 x4 in addition to
having the following features:
* Dirt cup and filter are easy to empty
* Handles dry or wet messes, cordless hand held vacuum
* Can be used on hard surfaces and carpet
* A charging stand and battery are included; the unit runs off of 7.2 volts of power
Overall reviews for the S1120 hand held wet and dry vacuum from Hoover were positive. We will
go over the negative and the positive points of the unit beginning with the negative in order to paint
a realistic picture for the reviewer.
Users found the unit to be noisy but did not believe that it made more noise than other hand
vacuums on the market. The unit can only pick up things found in the middle of the tip because it
does not open from side to side.
After a year of use some reviewers found that the unit would start to lose power shortly after being
turned on. Users were shocked when they found out that the battery would be almost as much to
replace as the entire unit.
There were a number of positive aspects to the unit including the fact that it picked up a wide range
of messes on a variety of surfaces. The unit cleaned messes up quickly and was found to be easily
cleaned in the dishwasher without damage of the parts by those that tried this cleaning method,
although it is not the recommended method for cleaning the parts.
The fact that the S1120 wet/dry vacuum cleaner is cordless and hand held, and with mostly positive
reviews and even negative reviewers able to find positive aspects of the unit, we can recommend it
to consumers that want a fast, easy way to clean up virtually any mess.

Dirt Devil Accucharge
The Dirt Devil Accucharge features an ENERGY STAR qualified battery charger. These chargers
can save you money on energy costs,and they are also friendly to the environment. The Accucharge
System will also protect the vacuums battery from degradation, which results in a more efficient
battery that lasts longer. The Dirt Devil can charge twice as quickly as other handheld vacuums so it
can be used more often than other hand vacuums. The Accucharge Circuitry will monitor the
vacuums battery constantly until it reaches full charge, then it will reduce the power to a small
trickle to complete and maintain the charge, which results in a reduction of energy consumption by
The Dirt Devil features a comfort grip handle that has a thumb activated on/off switch.Other design
features include a flip-down crevice device tool that is useful for getting into tight spots and
cleaning between couch cushions.The bagless cup quickly pops off making it very easy to empty.
The Dirt Devil Accucharge has a three year warranty, measures 6 x 8.8 x 12.8 inches and weighs 3.2
pounds in addition to having the following features:
* Charges 2x faster than other handheld vacuums
* Features ENERGY STAR certified battery charging system
* Quick flip crevice tool for getting into hard to reach places
* Dirt cup can be easily be emptied directly into the trash
The Dirt Devil has received many positive reviews with most reviewers rating it 4 or 5 stars. A lot
of users found the unit to be very powerful at sucking up dirt and other mess easily.However, a few
users found the Dirt Devil wasn’t as powerful as they wer’e expecting and thought they may have
received a defective unit.
Some users found that the vacuum didn’t fit securely enough into the supplied wall mount for
they’re liking. After using the Dirt Devil for two weeks one user still could’nt figure out how to get
it in and out of the wall mount properly. Although this was a minor issue that didn’t really affect
they’re opinion on the vacuums overall performance in any way. Many wer’e able to get between
fifteen to thirty minutes of continuous cleaning from a single charge, and found the vacuums battery
charged very quickly.
Reviewers found the vacuum to be easy to empty, with most dirt dropping directly into the trash
eliminating the need to thoroughly clean out the dirt box by hand. Any dirt or dust particles that
remained wer’e easily cleaned away using a damp cloth. A few users found the vacuum to be quite
noisy, although this didn’t put them off using it because it performed most of they’re vacuuming
tasks well.

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