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Join a 6 year profitable internet marketer as a guide you through the Internet marketing World and show you how to make a side income from your blog as an affiliate marketer (selling other people's products or services in exchange for a nice commission). This ebook will show you what to do? And what not to do? Join me inside and learn a thing, or two!

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									The Official Beginners Guide To
Making Money On The Internet As
A Blogger And Internet Marketer?

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Table Of Contents: Posts @ Brief Intro. Full
Chapters Belo w
1. Learn How To Make Money On The Internet For Dummies What
Works?There is so much information floating around out there, if your
a beginner to making money on the internet it can baffle your mind, or
down right confuse the hell out of you. You want
answers on what works?

2. Affiliate Marketing And Clickbank For Dummies ( Take Dummy
Comments All In Good Fun I Know Your Smart) Your probably strolling
along the Internet looking for a legitimate way to earn some extra
money from home. You have also probably heard about the affiliate
marketing business model, and how it could make you a few …...

3. Seo Tutorial For Beginners @ Newbies I am gonna run all you
beginners out there through a brief tutorial on seo so at least you will
have some idea of what search engine optimization is all about so you
can get your new websites, or blogs to rank
highly in the major search engines like […]

4. SEO Need Help? A Must Read SEO Steps For Newbies! Get To
The Top Pages Of Google Proven SEO Strategies Instant Traffic
Shortcuts – Get Free Traffic Forever! Easily generate free traffic to any
website. New Unreleased step-by-step video training
shows everything you need to know to get traffic FAST. Check out the
salespage for results of students getting Google 1st Page Rankings

5. Basic Search Engine Optimization Training For Beginners And
Newbie Affiliates. So you just started your first website, or blog and
know you want to know how to drive targeted search engine traffic to
your new piece of Internet real estate. After all with no
free targeted traffic to your website how are you supposed to [...]

6. Earn Money Online – Passive Income – How To Make Money full
time On The Internet? After 5 years of affiliate marketing, blogging,
and internet marketing. I can safely tell you what works? And what
does not work? If your trying to earn a nice passive income online that
may someday turn into a full […]

7. Increase Website Traffic ( visitors ) 50 Free Proven Strategies That
Work Must Read! Increasing your website traffic is an essential
strategy that every internet marketer must follow if they want to earn a
nice income from their blogs, or websites. Hell it is a necessity. You
need traffic to make your internet business a […]

8. Learn Affiliate Internet Marketing Training For A Beginner. How To
Get Started With Your Own Profitable Online Business? First off let me
be the first to congratulate you on taking the initial steps towards a
brighter, more rewarding financial future by taking the initiative to start
your own online business from home. Again, congratulations […]

9. Rapbank Affiliate Program Review. I am gonna start this blog post
off right and get straight to the point. I love the Rapbank marketplace.
No beating around the bush for me. They are officially my favorite
place to find all kinds of good material to buy, and
review. And if I find the product helpful, and of value, I […]

10. Blogging For Beginners And Dummies. Blogging can be fun, and
lucrative, but also very challenging. What are the challenges facing
todays bloggers? If your just starting out picking a lucrative evergreen
niche that will be around for years to come can be
your meal ticket for long term blogging success. You do not want to

11. Cheap Low Cost Traffic Sources If you want to earn money online
as an affiliate marketer then your gonna need some cheap low cost
traffic sources. Because like it or not traffic equals money in the
increasingly competitive online World. I am sure you can
respectively agree without low cost targeted traffic your blog, or […]
12. My Newest Internet Marketing Strategies For 2012? Find out what
I am doing now in my Internet marketing campaigns, and what the
future holds?

13.How to blog for a second income that can potentially turn into a full
time income steps to take?

14. My favorite traffic strategies and techniques for 2012 – If your
struggling with your blog, or website traffic, you are definitely going to
want to read this post!

Let's Get Sta r t ed Shall We?

Ho w To Blog For A 2nd
Incom e Tha t Can Lead Into
A Full Tim e Incom e ( Steps
To Take! )
With the economy slowly slugging along at a snails pace, and millions of
people still out of work, many people are looking for viable ways to make an
extra side income from home.
Enter the Internet @ Blogging! The Internet has created more millionaires
since the dot com boom then the past 40 years combined. That is the power
of having the World at your fingertips from your spare bedroom, or office.
Are you going to be the next Internet millionaire? Chances are probably not,
but one thing is for sure there are tons of proven ways to make money online
nowadays. This is not your grandfathers era! The Internet has opened up so
many opportunities for people that take advantage of it’s huge potential it is
almost scary. The Internet ship has just docked, the question is are you going
to board this very profitable money machine?
Think about this for a second. Where else can you potentially sell a product,
or service to people from all around The World in your pajamas for little, to
no investment whatsoever? How powerful is that? How about having your
very own money machine, that requires no employees but yourself to get
going, and potentially have it making you money 24 hours a day 7 days a
All this can be accomplished through internet marketing, and blogging. Let
me take you through some proven strategies to make you a nice 2nd income
in the near future, if you follow these simple strategies.
Let’s get started shall we!

How To Blog For a 2nd income and turn your blog into a high powered
authority site that can make you money 24/7 days a week while your
sound asleep

See how comfortable being a blogger can be? Photo from Flickr by Netdiva
all rights reserved.

Picking A Profitable Niche – What are you passionate about? What topics
could you base a blog around that would motivate you to stick with your
blog? Is the niche your passionate about also profitable? By answering these
questions, and creating a blog around your chosen topic, could make all the
difference from you being broke blogging, to making thousands of dollars
monthly one day. Why? It is a whole lot easier to succeed online, or off in a
niche that actually peaks your interest. You are 10x more likely to actually
put the work in to make your blog a success, because you are actually
enjoying what you are doing, it does not feel like work to you at all. You are
feeling like Mcdonald’s and loving it! ( This whole blogging and making
money online thing. ) There is a ton of profitable niche’s out there – pick one
that meets these criteria, and you can set yourself up for blogging success
before you even get started.
Blogging Tip: Make sure you choose a good domain name that is easy to
remember, and related to your chosen niche. If your looking to turn your blog
into a potentially full time income one day, I would strongly suggest that you
invest in a self hosted WordPress blog, and do not go the free route. Why? If
you go the free blogger blog route you are building your business on
quicksand, and not a solid foundation for a profitable business to bloom.
Remember: Google owns blogger that is why it is free, they can delete your
blog for any reason they deem fit, and you cannot do anything about it! Trust
me, I have been there and done that!
Create Unique High Quality Content – With all of Google’s crazy seo
updates to their search engine algorithms. Panda, Penguin, and coming soon
to a search engine near you the Tiger @ Polar bear updates, guaranteed to stir
things up, and bring the animal out of you. ( Animal planet anyone lol. ) Ok
you caught me I made the last part up, but in all honesty you never know
what 95 mph curve ball Google is going to throw at us Internet entrepreneurs
next. If your trying to crack a big part of the seo code, keep it simple by
producing very high quality content that is not found anywhere else on the
Internet. Why? Because high quality content that is written by you is
Google’s favorite snack, they eat it up! High quality content will be rewarded
now, and forever in the search engines! In this modern day and age of the
Internet producing high quality content that can be shared by visitors of your
blog VIA social networks, that produces backlinks pointing at your blog, and
drives targeted traffic, is more important than ever. There is an old saying. If
you want something done right do it yourself! Think of this saying when
coming up with high quality content for your blog.
Take the time to produce blog content that is worthy of sharing!
Blogging Tip: Do not copy and paste other people’s content and claim it as
your own. Stealing content is not only unethical, but your blog post, and all
of it’s content will not be indexed by Google rendering it useless! Write the
content yourself for maximum traffic, and seo benefits.
Update Your Blog Regularly - Nothing is worse than a dead blog that lays
stagnant for months on end without a blog update of some sort. Not only will
your blogs traffic slowly deteriorate from a lack of fresh unique content, your
blog followers will be looking for some cool new blog posts from you. So to
make the search engines, your blogs traffic, and your blog followers happy,
you should update your blogs content at least 2 – 3 times a week if your
looking to turn your blog into a potential money making machine down the
road with some effort on your part.
Monetize Your Blog – If your looking to monetize your blog to it’s fullest
potential as a new Internet entrepreneur, you can accomplish this by adding
relevant affiliate programs to your blog posts, Google adsense ads, selling ad
space, adding cost per action programs to your blog, and most importantly
you should be capturing leads from your blogs visitors by building an email
list, so you can turn them into paying customers now, or down the road. The
majority of the money you will earn as a blogger – internet marketer will be
made by building a list, so this step is vitally important!

A few cool ways to monetize your blog, and the free affiliate programs
that can make you money you should sign up for.
   •   Maxbounty – Awesome C.P.A. program this one is my personal
   •   Peerfly – Popular C.P.A. program that you should look into
   •   Clickbank – This affiliate network has been around since 1997 and has
       paid out over 2 billion dollars in affiliate commissions to affiliates
       Worldwide since their introduction.
   •   Rapbank – The instant affiliate commission network. I only promote
       the 100% commission products – read how there payments work after
       signing up.
   •   J.V.Zoo – This is a rapidly growing affiliate network that is getting
       pretty popular. ( J.V.zoo also offers instant commissions )
   •   Amazon – If you have not heard of Amazon by now you must be living
       under a rock like the caveman in the Geico commercials.
   •   Warriorplus – Promote the hottest selling warrior special offers from
       the #1 internet marketing forum and earn some instant commissions
       from your efforts.
   •   Google Adsense – Add relevant Google ads to your blog and Google
       will gladly pay you each time one of their ads is clicked.
   •   Commission Junction – There are some big fortune 500 companies
       that will pay you handsomely for successfully referring a paying
       customer VIA your affiliate link, or banner ad promoting a particular
       product, or service.
   •   Revenue Wire – This is a newer affiliate program that is starting to get
       pretty popular. There is a lot of top selling software that you can
       promote on this site and earn up to a 75% commission.
Clickbank marketplace affiliate program. Top affiliate programs for bloggers

Social Networking – Add the popular social networking icons to your blog
posts ( See my blog for an example. )
Your social icons should include the most popular social networking sites like
Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, GooglePlus, Myspace, for maximun benefits so
your blog visitors can easily share your blogs content. If you are using a self
hosted WordPress blogging platform, there are free plugins that you can
easily install, and activate on your blog posts to make social sharing a breeze.
Blogging Tip: Make sure you have your social icons prominently displayed
above your blog posts, and if possible below your blog posts for maximum
sharing value.
Listbuilding – Like I stated earlier in this blog post, building a high quality
email list from your blogs visitors should be #1 on your to – do list if your
looking to earn some extra money from your blog. The bigger @ more
responsive your email list is, the more money your going to make from
sending a simple email to your list of subscribers. There are some
inexpensive WordPress plugins that can make building a profitable email list
a lot easier by giving you the option to place lightbox popup forms on your
blog, footer ads, placing your email form inside your blog posts, one click opt
– ins where your blog visitors name and email is already filled out
automatically all they have to do is verify their subscription, and tons of other
cool features to help build you a profitable email list by installing the right
***** Free Items To Giveaway To Build Your List - If your looking for
something free to giveaway on your blog to entice a subscriber to opt -in to
your email list you can create a free ebook by converting your blog posts into
a PDF by using a free software called open office. You can write your ebook
on any platform of your choosing such as microsoft word, or even make it a
blog post, and copy and paste the contents to your open office software and
hit P.D.F. when the book is exactly like you want it ( Voila instant Ebook! ).
You can also create a free video, or video series to give away using a
software called ashampoo which works great, and is very cheap.You can also
Google free ebooks with PLR to giveaway for free to your opt – ins. ( The
choice is yours! ) *****
                Try AWeber’s Email Marketing Tool Risk-Free
Linkbuilding – If you want your blog to grab a ton of free traffic from the
search engines, see an increase in Google page rank, then only link your blog
to other high quality, high traffic blogs and websites.
***** Linkbuilding Tip For New Bloggers: Do not try and game the search
engines by using software that spams 1,000 sites with your blogs link, or
hiring someone on sites like Fiverr to build you hundreds of low quality links
to your blog. This does not work at all, and it can actually have the opposite
effect by hurting your blogs ranking in the search engines if Google discovers
some shady unnatural link building is going on. Worst case scenario is your
blog gets de-indexed completely by Google. Play it safe, build your links
manually, and watch your blogs traffic move up the rankings for various
keyword terms in the search engines, and watch your new business grow like
a Chia pet. *****
Conclusion: Developing an authority blog takes time and effort on your part,
but the fruit a blog can bare can be very plentiful, if you put the work in that
is necessary to make your blog a success. Follow these tips in this blog post
and be on your way to a nice 2nd income from your efforts, that may one day
turn into a lucrative full time job, if you stick with a solid business strategy.
I have layed it out for you on a silver platter, now it is your job to get out
there and start taking massive action. Will you be the next profitable blogger
making thousands weekly? Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain!
You cannot accomplish this by not taking action! Go out there and start
making your blogging dreams a reality, and do not forget to share this blog
post with a friend if you found it helpful!

            To accomplish great things, we
           must not only act, but also dream,
            not only plan, but also believe.
                   - Anatole France

List Of Useful Sites To Drive
More Blog, Or Website Traffic
( Updated For 2012 )
Traffic equals money online. The more targeted traffic you send to your
website, or blog the more money you are going to make for your online
business period!
I am not going to rattle on about how important traffic is to any online
business. I am just going to make you a very useful list for you to share with
your friends on Facebook or keep it all to yourself lol.

List High Traffic Internet Marketing Forums
   1.   Warriorforum -If you are an internet marketer and you are not a
        registered member what are you hiding under a rock like the guy on the
        Geico commercials?
   2. - This is another one of my favorite
        online forums and the owner Paul Lynch runs a great forum where you
        can even promote your affiliate products for free, or add a freebie you
        may be giving away to build up your email list. Highly recommended
        internet marketing forum.
   3. - Lisa Irby runs a very well respected forum which
        specializes in pretty much everything from creating a website, to
        internet marketing tips, traffic strategies, and affiliate marketing. She is
        very helpful to beginners also.
   4.   Wickedfire – I do not personally frequent this internet marketing forum
        much but it does get a lot of traffic and a lot of people like it. My point:
        Sign up it is free!
   5.   Digitalpointforums – This forum has a lot of traffic so sign up.
   6.   Blackhatteam – This forum has a ton of traffic and if you use it
        correctly it can deliver a ton of traffic to you in return.
   7.   Blackhatworld – Same thing as stated right above but this forum even
        has higher traffic levels. Signup and be active, and take advantage of all
        the free traffic this forum can bring you.
   8.   Hubpages Forum – This forum can bring you a lot of free traffic to your
        blog if you stop in once in a while and help out the community.

List Of High Traffic Social Networking Sites
   1.   Facebook- Duh! Start a Facebook fanpage and build up your followers
        who are interested in what your website, or blog has to offer. This is a
        great traffic strategy!
   2.   Twitter – Another Duh lol have you tweeted lately? You should! Build
        up your twitter followers that are interested in your niche, and tweet
        about your updated blog posts, or website.
   3.   Google Plus - Obviously Google owns Googleplus but it is a great
        website to get some nice traffic if used correctly. Add people in your
        circle who would be interested in what your business has to offer. Send
        them a thank you if they add you to there circles remember some of
        them may be potential customers.
   4. Pinterest – Have you received your Pinterest invite yet? If you have not
      sign up for your free internet marketing training course here and I will
      send you a Pinterest invite. Just send me an email with the title Pinterest
      invite and I will send it over to you a.s.a.p. Pinterest is the 3rd largest
      social networking site in the World now and most people have not even
      heard of it. Basically you share interesting things that you find on the
      internet. Your business, your blog posts, video’s, etc… You can then
      categorize your pins in relevant categories so people can find them and
      check out what your pinning.( Can you see the potential traffic Pinterest
      can bring you and your online business? )
   5. Myspace – many people think myspace died years ago but it is slowly
      making a comeback. You can still get a lot of traffic to your website, or
      blog by sharing your blog posts to your Myspace friends etc…. Believe
      it or not when I check my website analytics I always see Myspace
      sending me a good amount of clicks fromthe blog posts that I share.
   6. Tumblr - I always share my blog posts on Tumblr everytime I update
      my blog. Tumblr is one of the most popular social sites on the internet
      so be sure to add it to your arsenal.
   7. Orkut – This is another popular social networking site that is very
      popular in south america that gets a lot of traffic make sure you share
      your blog posts on Orkut for an increase in traffic.
   8. Linkedin – This website is a traffic powerhouse and business
      professionals from around the World congregate in one place for
      networking. Tip: Most people on this website have money to spend so I
      would recommend you spend a little more time than usual marketing on
      this website.
   9. Stumbleupon – I always stumble all my blog posts for a nice backlink
      and some extra traffic to my blog, or website.
   10.Reddit – Reditt is another popular social bookmarking site definitely
      worth submitting too.
*****Sexy bookmarks***** – I use this plugin to easily share all of my
blog posts after I am done publishing them easily. You can see it for yourself
directly below this post. Tip: If you are reading this post outside of my blog there is the link. Sexy bookmarks is very
attrative on a WordPress blog I guess that is why it is called sexy bookmarks

List Of Some Great Paid Courses I Have Bought Previously In 2012
( Pretty Cheap And Pack A Lot Of Bang For Your Buck )
       1.   Traffic blackbook - This was just released recently and it has a whole
            lot of bang for your buck. It costs $47 dollars but he should be charging
            $500 for it seriously. It has 11 hours of traffic strategies super affiliate is
            sharing that make him a lot of month every year. P.S. You do not need
            Google for this. You can watch the free video here if your interested.
       2.   Trafficdashboard – This course covers every free traffic strategy that the
            traffic queen herself uses. She shows you how she generates thousands
            of visitors to her blog, and affiliate offers daily in easy to understand
            step by step video’s. ( Very high quality hours in video’s one of my best
            buys ever ) You can check it out here

List Of My Favorite Internet Marketing Blogs
       1. - Great blog from super affiliate marketer zac Johnson.
            Zac get’s a lot of traffic and he also has some good information that
            covers a wide array of topics. Stop in and comment on a few of his
       2. - This is a top make money online blog ( Only mines
            better lol just kidding John they both are awesome ) In all seriousness
            Johnchow gets a lot of traffic on a daily basis he also has some great
            make money online tips so stop in and comment on a few of his posts.
       3.   Shoemoney – This is another blog that gets a lot of traffic so stop in and
            check it out.
       4. - Chad has a blog in a niche similar to mine the internet
            marketing @ make money online niche. He has a ton of good posts and
            his blog is very well put together. By th way Chad if you happen to read
            this I like your new blog header it looks great.
       5. - The top internet marketing, seo, and make
            money online blog on the internet. Why? Because it is mine lol. In all
            seriousness I have hundreds of posts on seo, traffic tips, how to make
            money blogging, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and product
      reviews. If you cannot find it on my blog it probably does not exist!
   6. - James is a great internet marketer, and product
      creator. His blog is packed with tons of useful information on internet
      marketing, traffic strategies, and making money online. I bought a few
      of his point and click squeeze page templates a while back and they
      convert like crazy so thanks James for making the great products that
      you do. Stop in and learn a thing or two and say jay sent you.
   7. Potpiegirl – This is another great internet marketing blog you may
      want to check out.
   8. – This is another great blog that is all about traffic and
      helping you get more of it. Kim does a good job, and writes some
      excellent blog posts on her top traffic strategies that she shares with her
      readers. They do not call her the traffic queen for nothing! Check her
   9. – Highly popular blog with some great internet
      marketing tips.
   10.Problogger – Very popular blog that covers all aspects of internet

Blog Commenting Strategies For Backlinks
My Tips: Only comment on blogs that have high traffic, and blogs that are in
your niche. For even more traffic be the first 5 to comment on a new blog
post so you can get the most traffic possible from your blog comments.
Commenting on popular blogs will give you a nice backlink for seo benefits,
and some extra traffic at the same time. I still use blog commenting to this
day because it is free, and it works!

Blogging Communities That Will Give You Extra Traffic
   1.   Bloglog – Pick a category and add their widget and you are off to the
        races. The more traffic your blog gets on a daily basis the higher your
        blog will rank in whatever category you submit your blog to on bloglog.
   2.   Blogtopsites – Same principle as above. Submit your blog and add their
        widget and the more traffic your blog gets on a daily basis the higher
        you rank in your category.
   3.   Blogfrog – This is a cool blogging community with a lot of traffic
        definitely worth signing up.
   4.   Blogtrottr – This blogging community has a lot of traffic, and the best
        part is when you publish a new blog post on your blog it is
        automatically shared with the blogging community once it is setup.

Worthwhile Video Sharing Sites
   1.   Youtube – Sad but true so this list is going to be short really the only
        video sharing site worth submitting too for traffic in my opinion
        because they control the majority of the video traffic online. Fun Fact:
        Youtube gets more search engine traffic than Yahoo, and Bing
        combined and it is really not even a search engine. People are typing
        into the search bar looking for their favorite video’s ( massive traffic on
        Youtube )

Worthwhile Free Press Release Site
   • - This is the only press release site I use and they rank real
        well in the search engines too.

Fiverr What Would You Do For $5 Dollars?
Fiverr – This website deserves a category all of it’s own just because of how
popular it is. To drive traffic, and make money from Fiverr all at the same
time, sign up for free, and start posting some gigs. Ask yourself what can I do
for $5 dollars? You can also look into buying some Fiverr gigs that have a lot
of good rating that can drive some good traffic to your blog, or website.
 I use Fiverr to drive traffic to my squeeze pages, and my blogs. Fiverr is
also great for linkbuilding. There are some great gigs if you know where to
look – just look for the one’s with a lot of positive reviews, and the gigs that
are Panda proof ( High pagerank backlinks from trusted authority sites )
Free Web 2.0 Websites For Free Targeted Traffic
   1. - I really used to like this site they suffered a lot in the
        last google Panda update but their traffic levels have been climbing ever
        since. It is a great site to use to grab some extra unique visitors to your
        website, or blog. See my review of this site and you decide if hubpages
        is worthwhile for you.
   2.   Squidoo – they still get a lot of traffic even though I never really got too
        into this site. But definitely worth submitting too.

Search Engine Optimization
   1.   This is the best free way to get laser targeted buying customers to your
        website, or blog. The higher you rank in the search engines for lucrative
        keyword phrases the more money your internet business will make.
        Learn seo once and get good at it and reap the rewards for years to
        come. If you need help with your seo this course covers it all and then
        some ( Highly Recommended ). Click here for your seo training

List Of My Favorite Document Sharing Sites For A Real Boost In Your
   1.   Docstoc – Top document sharing site worth submitting too
   2.   Slideshare – I really get a lot of targeted traffic from slideshare. Tip:
        Turn your content into P.D.F. ‘s and submit them to the top document
        sharing sites for free ( You will get a ton of traffic for free ).
   3.   Scribd – This document sharing site is suppoused to be the biggest on
        the internet in terms of traffic. Use the same principle above and turn
        your old or new content into P.D.F.’s and submit them in a relevant
        category on Scribd. ( I use a free program called open office 3.3 to
        turn my content into P.D.F.’s also great for listbuilding )
List Of Classified Sites Worth Submitting Too
   1.   Craigslist – This is the king of all classifieds but it is hard to submit
        multiple classified ads without your ads being ghosted. I would play by
        the rules and only submit one ad weekly promoting your website, or
        blog for some extra traffic.
   2.   Backpage – This classified gets a lot of traffic I like to post paid
        sponsored ads in relevant categories, and in multiple cities to build an
        email list, or promote a hot selling affiliate program.
   3.   Kijiji - Ebay owns this one worth submitting too.
   4.   U.SFREEADS - This is a pretty good website tp place classified ads.
        Still pretty effective but not as good as backpage, or Craigslist. To get
        the most traffic out of this website I would recommend you go with the
        $9.99 a month where you can post unlimited classified ads.
   5.   Gumtree – This is Great Britains largest classified ( Englands version
        of Craigslist )so it has some great traffic from our English speaking
        brothers and sisters in England.
   6.   Webleegs – This is a cool classified site where you can post ads that last
        up to a year and basically never expire. They also offer some pretty cool
        featured ads that appear on their homepage for pretty cheap.

Last But Not Least Only Post 100% Unique Content To Your Blog That
Is High Quality Like This Blog Post For Even More Traffic, And

Blogger Or WordPress For New
Bloggers Who Is Better?
Do not make the same mistake I made and put a lot of time into a blogger
blog, if you plan on earning a lot of online money from that particular blog.
Especially if your a new affiliate marketer Google is deleting a lot of blogs
that do not comply with their terms of service. But the problem is their terms
of service can change at the drop of a dime – and if you are not prepared your
blogger blog will be deleted with the push of a button. Are you prepared for
all your hard work to go down the virtual toilet? I did not think so! Here is
what happened to my blogger blog.

Are You Willing To Put Your Online Income In Bloggers Hands?
If you answered no to that question you are a smart marketer congratulations!
My blogger blog was deleted for no real good reason about a month ago and
it was getting some great traffic. Alexa ranking 600,000 and shooting down
the rankings fast. My blogger blog was a page rank 2 not real impressive, but
it would of prob been a 3 or 4 had it not been deleted.

Why Was My Blogger Blog Deleted My Thoughts?
I believe that Google is trying to get rid of affiliate marketers by weeding out
a lot of the make money online blogs, as well as the Internet marketing blogs
for starters. Is it right? No its pretty unfair, but that is the risk you take when
you put all your eggs in one basket so to speak. Why put your online money
in someone elses hands? Is that smart Internet marketing? Hell no its not! So
any newbies reading this blog post take it seriously because I wrote this post
for you. At the time I started my blog I was not aware of the risks involved
with using a free hosting platform.
Yeah it is free which is great. But if your planning on earning a considerable
amount of money online with this blog it is pretty stupid to use Blogger as
your main bread winner. One violation and see ya later to all that hard work.
Now we have to start all over. You can probably see how this big blow can
make you as an affiliate or Internet marketer want to throw in the towel
ouch!!!!! TKO’D before I even went the distance.
But thank god I had my blog backed up and was actually anticipating this
move due to my friends on the Warrior forum. I was prepared thankfully. I
made the mistake of using blogger because I was new to blogging, not
Internet marketing. I had my own website but I wanted to give blogger a go,
dumb mistake and one I will not make again, trust me!
Why Start A WordPress Self Hosted
The answer to that question is simple you control your own content point
blank. How powerful is that? Now is that smart Internet marketing? You
betcha! Now we are all on the same money making page. It will only cost
you about $5.00 a month for web hosting I use Hostgator you can check them
out here if you want to get your online business up and running today! Is
$5.00 measly bucks a month gonna kill you? If it is you have no business
trying to start an online home based business. $5.00 is nothing to have a
legitimate income coming in from your WordPress blog on a monthly basis.
Would you agree with that statement? If you answered yes congratulations
you have the brains needed to start building a residual income from the
comfort of your own home with your WordPress blog. Here are a few
benefits of hosting your own self hosted WordPress blog.
1. You control your content no one else
2. No – One can tell you to follow their terms of service hint hint. You are
your own terms of service, you are essentially your own Google. Post what
you want, when you want, where you want, you own it. Now that is freedom!
3. If your an affiliate marketer you can post all the affiliate links you want
without the fear of your blog getting deleted. Your own self hosted
WordPress blog is your own online real estate you hold the title to that
property no one else!
4. WordPress has tons of cool widgets, and plugins for you to use to make
your blog look like a million bucks! Huge online community with a ton of
5.Nothing says professional like your own domain name on a self hosted
WordPress blog. If you at least look professional – you are way more likely
for your visitors to trust you, and you will make more money. If your an
affiliate this means more commissions for you the smart Internet marketer.
In Conclusion:
I bounced back fairly quickly from my deleted blogger blog – but I was one
of the lucky ones who was prepared. Are you prepared? Blogger is a good
free platform if your just using it casually just for fun. But if your serious
about earning an online income, you would be a fool not to get some cheap
webhosting, and start up your own WordPress blog. Trust me you will thank
me later. I am actually glad my blogger blog was deleted in a weird way. I am
sitting way prettier now concentrating on what really matters and that is
building my online business. Can you see the power in that? I hope this post
taught you a lesson newbies. If your in this business for the long haul do it
right and start your own self hosted WordPress blog today!
To Your Online Success Entrepreneurs, Jay!
Feel free to comment below

 Learn How To Rank Blogs Highly In Google And Make Money
 On Autopilot. Watch This Free Webinar And See How George
                           Does It!

Newbies Want To Make The Really Big
Money Online NO B.S Here Is What To Do?
Your Step By Step Guide To Speed Up Your
Learning Curve.
I am seeing people asking this question over, and over again, from Newbies
who are trying to make it in the internet marketing field. After all you want to
make money online as a nice side income, or even a full time income one day
But you do not want to go around chasing pipe dreams buying course, after
course, that promises the stars and only delivers on setting you back even
more money.
I am gonna make a list of what I do personally and what I am going to be
doing more of that I know from personal experience will make you money if
you stick with it.
I am going to be recommending a few courses that I have bought, and
reviewed, that I know will help you out considerably if you have the money.
If you do not no big deal. I know the economy is tough these days you can do
all of this on your own it will just take you a little longer.
But a few of these recommendations you absolutely need and they will not
set you back much at all trust me. If you want to make it in the internet
marketing field you have to spend a little bit of money to get a legitimate
online business off the ground and running.
If you cannot perhaps you are in the wrong line of work, and you need to
consider if having your own Internet business is right for you?
Sometimes you need to spend a little bit of money online to make a lot of
money online. Internet marketing is a business treat it as such to reap the
financial rewards one day.
Be prepared to work, and work hard. Especially at first to build your
business. You put the effort into your online business now your online
business will pay you back ten folds down the line. Lazy people internet
marketing @ earning money online is not right for you if your not prepared
to work stop reading here and go play on your Facebook page.
Internet marketing and making money online is not easy it does take work. If
your prepared for a fun challenge keep reading you might learn a thing or
I am also going to link to a great post I read on the Warriorforum at the end
of this blog post that will expand on the ideas that I am going to cover here.

Let’s Get Started Newbies Do This If You Want To Make The Really Big
Money Online Someday – Hopefully Soon!
   •   Find a niche that has the potential to make you a lot of money, and one
    that interests you. Tip: If you see a lot of active forums about a
    particular niche it’s more than likely a profitable niche
• Buy a keyword rich domain name targeting a phrase that is highly
  searched with low competition in the search engines. Use the free
  Google adwords keyword tool to do your keyword research.
•   Start a self hosted WordPress blog, or even a regular website. It is your
    choice it is your online business. I prefer blogs because they rank better
    in the search engines P.S. Google loves blogs. But if your niche requires
    a regular website that will work just as fine. I use Hostgator and I like
    them but go without whoever you want.
•   Monetize your blog, or website, with your own products if you have
    any. Or affiliate offers, Google adsense ads, or maybe even Kontera like
    ads for your content. There are tons of great ways to make money with
    a blog, or website. I personally like Clickbank, Rapbank, Payspree,
    Digiresults, Commission Junction, or even Amazon if your state is not
    banned yet lol. Proceed with caution with them these days.
•   Only post 100% unique content to your blog. If you post unoriginal
    copied content from other websites, or blogs, and pawn it off as your
    own Google will slap your site big time and you will not rank highly for
    any keywords in the search engines. P.S. This means less money in your
    pockets. Do it right or do not do it at all. If you want to learn more
    about ranking highly in the search engines this course will help you out
    a lot. If not you can always learn seo on your own it will just take you a
    lot longer.
•   P.S. Your going to have to build some backlinks to your blog too so
    your site ranks well in the search engines and potentially makes you
    some really big money one day. The higher the competition of your
    niche the more backlinks you are gonna need to rank well in the serps.
• Once you get some 100% unique content added to your blog and you
  have a good base to work with now it is time to drive traffic to this bad
  boy and hopefully make some money. You can drive free traffic a
  number of ways article marketing, seo, blogging, forum posting, press
  releases, video marketing, blog commenting, social networking, the list
       goes on and on.
Congratulations you have a solid online business going now lets make the
really big money online by ramping things up a bit – continued below.

Ramping Up Your New Online
Business – This Is How To
Potentially Make The Big Money
   • Once you have built up a steady stream of traffic to your new blog, or
     website you need to start an email list a.s.a.p. if you do not its your loss
     I have mine do you have yours? The majority of the money you will
     probably make online will be through your email list. I am going to give
     you a few pointers and make starting your own email list as painless,
     and cheap as possible.
Start an email list for a $1.00 through this link this is how I got started
   • Once you have your own email list up and running you are going to
     need to collect email addresses on your blog, or website, to earn money
     online. I would start by placing an opt-in form prominently on your
     blog. I would recommend the upper right hand corner of your blog.
   • Your next step is too add an aweber lightbox on your site. This works
     awesome! The Aweber opt-in form will appear on your blog and darken
     the rest of your page you will get a lot of opt- ins if you have a good
     freebie you are giving away that has some value.
P.S. Set your lightbox form between 5 -10 seconds to appear on your site
this works the best if you are concentrating on building an email list
which you definitely should be.
   •   Next I would recommend you make your very own squeeze page telling
       people about your freebies. I have one set up at that you can
       take a look at it converts at over 50% I bought the template here for a
       mere $7.00 and it has made me a lot of money through my opt-ins.
   •   I almost forgot if you need a great free ebook to promote and build that
       list I recommend giving away my ebook the beginners guide to affiliate
       marketing @ making money online. I give you full permission to give it
       away or even resell it for a 100% commission. Here is the link to your
       free ebook to build up your email list. Click here to grab it!
   •   After you have built up a list of at least 500 active double opt – in
       subscribers I would recommend you sign up to a site called safeswaps
       this adswap site can really bring your listbuilding to the next level.
       Adswaps are sending a free offer from another internet marketer to your
       email list in the form of a one time broadcast message. In exchange they
       send your free offer to their list. Everyone benefits you get more
       subscribers and they get more subscribers it is a win,win, situation for
       everyone involved.
Tip For adswaps:Newbies: Make sure you have a good affiliate program
that converts well on your thank you page related to what they signed for.
Some of these opt-in subscribers will take you up on this offer and buy
through your affiliate link making you some good money in the process.

Take Your Online Earning To The Next Level And Sit Back And Relax
And Watch The Money Roll In!
Product Creation: I am just starting to get into product creation besides my
free ebooks etc… This is where the really big money is made online. Create
your own information product ebook, software, etc… Think of a skill that
you have that can benefit people and write a how – to- guide.
   •   Submit your free ebook to places like Rapbank, Clickbank, Payspree, or
       Digiresults. Offer a 100% commission to your affiliates and build a list
       of buyers from the sales that your affiliates are generating promoting
       your ebook. You can collect these buying customers email addresses
       once they purchase your product, and build a list of buyers that can
       make you money for years to come. This is much better than a freebie
     seeker list, and much more profitable for you the online entrepreneur.
Just sit back, relax, and let all the affiliates promote your product. This will
earn you money even while your sleeping. Now that is the life!
This great post I found on the Warriorforum explains this in more detail.
Here is the link
I have a whole game plan laid out for you to make money online so start
taking action!
keep learning, and building your internet business newbies. You will be
shocked at what you can really acheive when you put your mind to it!
Success is at your fingertips now go out there and grab it!
Please comment below if you enjoyed this post it took me a long time to
write it.
I want to make sure my hard work is not in vain. I look forward to all of your
To Your Online Success. And You Finally Starting To Make Money
Online. Jay!

Ways To Earn Extra Income Online
What To Do? What Not To Do?
Here are a some simple ideas geared towards beginners, of ways you can start
making some money from home in no particular order.

Successful Strategies To Earn Money
1. Start a website
Very easy to do nowadays. Most webhosting companies out there in this day
and age have built in site builders as an option that include a huge selection
of templates – that you can use to have a professional looking website up and
running very quickly. Trust me when I say this when I first started out I had
no idea about Microsoft Word, or any other platform webdesigners use to
upload their websites from. Having a built in site builder geared towards
people who do not have experience building websites makes the task almost
effortless a huge time saver. I use Hostgator as my webhost of choice. They
have been pretty good to me throughout the years, and whenever I have a
problem their customer service staff is available 24/7 which comes in
extremely handy when you run into a problem.

2. Start A Self Hosted WordPress Blog -
Do you like this blog you are reading this post on? If you do thank you – and
also tell you that this blog is a self hosted WordPress blog hosted by
Hostgator for only $5.oo a month not too bad huh? Having your own self
hosted blog is the only way to go if your gonna be in business online for the
long run. WordPress has tons of widgets, and plugins, you can implement
into your blog very easily. WordPress blogs are very search engine friendly,
and very easy to use even if you are a beginner. I highly recommend
WordPress self hosted blogs over free blogging platforms like Googles keep reading to find out why!

Do Not Start A Blogger Blog And
Invest A Lot Of Time On It If Your
An Affiliate. Do Not Make The
Same Mistake I Made!
Blogger – I am not gonna go into huge details about blogger lets just say I
lost a blog with a page rank 3, a 600,000 Alexa rating, and I was ranking
highly for some pretty competitive keyword terms. They claimed it was spam
and I violated their terms of service. Google is making up as they go their
definition of spam which is basically any blog that has affiliate links. So if
your new to affiliate, or Internet marketing in general heed my warning play
at your own risk with Blogger blogs these days they are on a rampage and
your blog, and hard work could be deleted with the push of a button next!
Thankfully I was smart enough to backup my blog – and I bounced back
fairly quickly. Warning: Go with a self hosted WordPress blog if you plan on
basing your business around your blog! I posted a forum post on the
Warriorforum which is the largest Internet marketing forum online if you
want to read more about what is going on with Blogger. Here is the link!

How To Monetize Your Blog, Or Website?
1. Google Adsense – You can place text ads or visual ads right on your
website, or blog and get paid for every unique click that is generated by
visitors to your site. Adsense is one great way to earn some extra income
online. Once you have your blog, or website up and running go over to
Google create an account if you do not have one and setup an Adsense
account. Their should be directions on how to setup adsense on your website
if you run into problems. Here are a few helpful links I found that will guide
you through the setup process on WordPress. Click here! This is a helpful
video I found on how to set up Adsense on a WordPress blog. Click Here!
Affiliate Marketing – This is what this blog is based around so this is my
absolute favorite way to earn some extra income online. Sign up for a few
affiliate programs – Here are a few of my favorites for you to get started.
1. Clickbank – Largest digital product marketplace online over 10,000
digital products for you to promote. Tip: Go with products with a higher
gravity they are proven sellers. Another great tip is to find products with very
low competition a specific niche, and market them. It will be easier to rank
higher in the search engines for your articles, blog posts, or classified ads that
you post. You will have a better chance of earning a better income from your
affiliate ads especially if you are a beginner.
2. Commission Junction – This is the largest physical product affiliate
network outside of Amazon. They are very well respected in the affiliate
marketing industry. Huge fortune 500 companies you can choose from to
3. Amazon – Need I say more their name speaks for itself. You can throw up
some related Amazon ads on your website to monetize it.
4. – This one is fairly new but I love the fact that if you do
make a sale you get instant commissions sent directly to your Paypal account.
How cool is that? No waiting 2 weeks to get paid its instant income. You can
sign up for a free account to Rapbank here if your interested.
5. Linkshare – Another fairly large affiliate network with a ton of quality
vendors to work with. Some big name companies on this network.
6. Pepperjam Network - This company is getting pretty big and is one of the
fastest growing affiliate networks in the U.S. It is based out of Chicago,IL.
They also have some very good companies for you to choose from to market

Here Are Some Proven Ways For You To Promote Your Blog, Or
1. Article marketing- Here are my 5 favorites below:
  2.   Blog Commenting – You can start by posting a comment on this blog I
       use comment luv so make sure you put a relevant comment. Comment
       on blogs that are related to your niche. This will give you backlinks,
       traffic, and an increased Google pagerank down the road.
  3.   Forum posting- Use a signature link and contribute to forums that are
       similar to whatever your blog, or website is based around. There are
       tons of online forums out there so you should not have trouble finding
       one. You can start off by signing up at the biggest one the
       Warriorforum. The Workathomeforum is another good one. I also
  4.   There are also a lot of other ways to promote your new site you can use
       social marketing like Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, and Tagged. Social
       bookmarking, classified ads, free press releases, add more and more
       content to your website, or blog regularly. Hint: The search engines
       love content.
  5.   Learn the basics of SEO so you can get your new site to rank highly in
       the search engines for your chosen keyword phrases. The list goes on
       and on, but these are proven free methods that actually work.

What Not To Do? Listen Up
1. Traffic Exchanges – Do not waste your time on Traffic exchanges they will
not earn you any extra income. They will only waste your time, and money.
Regardless of what you hear stay away from them! I have been there and
done that – so I am passing on my wisdom to you. They do not work so do
not spend countless hours in front of your computer clicking on various
websites. Take your girlfriend, or boyfriend out to dinner, or the movies.
Spend your time on techniques that will actually make you extra money. And
believe me when I say Traffic exchanges are not one of these ways to earn an
extra income online.

What Works Like Gold For
Residual Income?
1. Start An Email List A.S.A.P – I have been talking a lot about the
importance of starting an Email list a lot lately, and for good reason! I waited
way too long to start mine, and I do not want you to make the same mistake I
did if you want to make the real big money online one day then set up an
Email list pronto. The money is in the list – and the sooner you get one up
and running, the faster you will be on your way to a great income. It took me
a long time to realize that fact, once I had my Email list set up I realized how
true that statement truly is. I would not ever want to be without my list now
that I realize its true potential. If your ready to get started, and I highly
suggest you do here is a link to get started for a lousy $1.00. Take advantage
of it!
I will leave you with this inspirational quote: This post is getting fairly long.
There is nothing like a dream to create the future. Start making your online
dreams a reality by taking action today Entrepreneurs!

Fiverr Review What Would You Do
To Earn $5.00 Dollars?
I was browsing the Internet and looking for some cool websites for my blog
viewers when I stumbled across Fiverr. Weird name, Don’t ask me how they
came up with it because I have no clue lol. Cool concept for a very cool
website. It lets people sign up with them all you need is a Paypal account,
and a few good ideas to earn a little extra money.
From the straight up funny, to the serious entrepreneur trying to earn a few
extra dollars online, Fiverr has it all. From the funny such as I will sing
happy birthday in Chinese to the person of your choice for $5.00. To the
serious Entrepreneurs such as I will offer start up business advice by phone
for 10 minutes for $5.00 dollars . The possibilities are endless, and fun!
I was on this website for a few hours it is pretty addicting to say the least.
Some of the things people will do for $5.oo bucks are pretty hysterical. You
can also use Fivver to earn some extra cash. What would you do for $5.00
dollars? All you need is a Paypal account and a few good ideas to post and
your in business right away.
Fivver is also a great source for us Internet marketers who are reading this
post. Do you need cheap advertising for your website, or blog? There are tons
of marketers on Fiverr who are offering great servives for only $5.00 dollars.
You can really find some diamonds in the rough on this website just by
browsing around. Here are a few examples I found.
1. I will tweet about your product or service to 3800 followers 5 times a
dayfor 4 weeks for only $5.00 dollars.
2. I will submit your website, or blog to 1,000 search engines for $5.00
3. I will invite my 19,000 Facebook friends to your website, or blog for $5.00
4. How about I will tell all my 33,00 Twitter followers about your blog, or
website for $5.00 dollars.
Talk about some cheap effective marketing techniques. I actually spent $10
bucks on this site yesterday just to see what kind of results I would get. I will
update you on my results in the next couple of days. Whether you are looking
to earn some extra cash, or you are looking to hire someone for whatever
reason, Fivver is the website that has it all. It is bookmarked on my computer,
and I will be a frequent visitor on Fivver. Now the question still remains what
will you do for $5 dollars? Visit here and sign up for your free
account it is a blast!
Here are a few categories for you to place your ad, or browse through on
Fivver. Warning: Have some free time on your hands, Fivver is really a fun
site to look through, and post on!
Basic Search Engine Optimization
Training For Beginners And Newbie
So you just started your first website, or blog and know you want to know
how to drive targeted search engine traffic to your new piece of Internet real
After all with no free targeted traffic to your website how are you supposed
to earn any money? And who wants to pay for traffic if they can help it? Not
me! And I am sure you would answer the same way.
Paying for traffic is a suckers game at least when you are first starting out and
are limited on funds right? You probably want to make some money with
your online business before you go handing it over to the multi – billion
dollar Google pay per click empire.
But your problem is you do not know anything about basic search engine
optimization so you can drive this free targeted traffic to your new website,
or blog so customers can buy your affiliate merchandise – whether it be
digital (information) or actual physical products like Amazon for example.
Either way you need traffic to make money online there is no way around it.
The more traffic you can bring to your site the more money you will earn.
Pretty cut and dry.
The Internet can be brutal especially in a competitive niche like the affiliate
marketing, make money online, weight loss, Internet marketing niche, and
the beauty niche just too name a few of the many competitive online niches
out there in the Internet marketing World.
Learning and training in at least basic search engine optimization tactics is
more important know than it has ever been. Unless your blog, or website is
based around underwater basket weaving with little to no competition. Your
gonna need to know a few pointers so you can compete in the new SEO
game, and turn your personal online real estate into a money making
Your gonna need to know how to get your blog posts to the top of the major
search engines for you to drive targeted cash in hand visitors. Proper search
engine optimization is an essential skill that can pay off big time for years
and years to come. Free traffic is the best kind of traffic and that’s what SEO
brings to the table.
Here are a few SEO tips geared towards newbies that will at least give you a
basic understanding of what’s going on and how you can get the most out of
your new website, or blog.

Basic Search Engine Optimization
Training Tips For Beginners And
Newbie Affiliates.
1. Research keyword phrases related to your website, or blog that potential
visitors will be looking for related to your site. I use the Google adwords
keyword research tool it is free and it is the best online in my opinion.
2. Think highly searched keyword phrases with low competition. This may
require some research on your part but it will pay off big time when done
correctly. Your goal is to find lucrative phrases that people will type into the
major search engines that will lead them to your site. Make sure the
competition is low 500,000 listings or under should be your goal.
* You do not want to go after phrases like make money online if that is your
niche that will take years for you to climb up the rankings for example. Be
smart and go after phrases that you can rank on the first pages for with little
3. Make a list of 4-5 phrases that fit this criteria and optimize your website,
or blog with these keywords. This does not mean stuffing your content with
all your keywords so that your content doesn’t even read properly.
* Sprinkle your keywords into your text moderately, and make sure your text
is readable for your visitors. Readers first, search engines second should be
your main goal.
4. Meta Tags – These are the tags that are at the top of your blog or website in
the header section. My meta tags are An Entrepreneurs Journey To Earn
You More Money Online – Affiliate Marketing Lessons, Product
Reviews, Traffic Tips
This is the title of my blog, and these keywords are also my meta tags. These
are a few of the keywords I am going after in the search engines. Meta tags
are absolutely essential so make sure you have them added and your
keywords are in your meta tags prominently. Meta tags alone can do
wonders, but don’t expect no miracles. Especially if you are in a very
competitive niche. But they do help out a great deal so use them wisely!
5. If you have not started your own blog, or website yet than make sure you
pick a short domain name with the keywords that you are targeting in your
domain name. This will make it easier for people to remember your site, and
it will give you a nice boost in the search engines rankings. Having your
keywords in your domain name is a great search engine optimization tip that
all beginners should take advantage of if they have not picked a domain name
for their new site yet.
6. Build relevant backlinks for proper SEO. This is even more important if
your niche is extremely competitive like mine is. You want to link to sites
with high page rank if possible that are directly related to your blog, or
website for proper search engine optimization. He or she with the most
quality relevant backlinks usually wins the SEO wars.Are you prepared to go
to combat for your first page rankings on Google? You should be it can pay
off big time for years to come without an adverse effect on your pocketbook.
I hope you enjoyed this training tutorial on SEO. There is a lot more to SEO
but this will at least get you started. For more in depth training see my link
As Always To Your Online Success Affiliates, Jay!
Good Course that goes more in depth with search engine optimization.
Highly recommended for beginner affiliates and Internet marketers
alike. Click link to check it out. Discover the automatic way to boost your
SEO on every single page with these secret strategies that even the search
engines don’t want you to know about. This video course is packed with
incredible information about how to create instant backlinks, optimizing your
site or blog and how to set up an automated SEO system that is 100% self-

Learn Ho w To M ak e Money
On Th e Inte rne t For
Dummies What Works?
There is so much information floating around out there, if your a
beginner to making money on the internet it can baffle your mind, or
down right confuse the hell out of you. You want answers on what
works? And what the hell is just downright wasting your time? These
are scams, or time wasters as I like to call them.

Well, I have put together a list of what to do if you want to cut out all
the bullshit and start putting together a profitable money making
machine that can earn you money on autopilot even while you sleep.

Owning a blog, or website, is like having internet real estate. With a
little hard work you can own your own park place. If you decide to just
leave it there and put no time @ effort into your online real estate such
as blog, or website maintenance which involves building backlinks,
and adding unique content on a semi regular basis. You also must
remember the internet marketing aspect of making money with your
blog, or website, such as social networking sites like Twitter, and
Facebook. Create a Facebook fanpage, participate in online forums
related to your niche, video marketing, comment on blogs related to
your website, or blogs niche for starters. If you do not market your
blog, or website you may as well throw in the towel. Instead of
parkplace you will have the equivalent of mediterranean avenue or
baltic avenue in monopoly. Not the kind of internet real estate that you
want to have to pull in the big money online. The online money
will not magically appear by the website fairy. It’s gonna take some
hard work, and effort on your part to make a good income on the
Don’t Be A Dummy Follow These Proven Steps To Start Cashing In
On The Internet On A
Regular Basis

1. Don’t Be A Dummy – Start a real internet business by researching
a niche you have some interest in @ at the same time can potentially
earn you a nice amount of cash at the same time. It is far easier to
succeed if you have an actual interest , or a passion, in your website,
or blogs main area of focus. P.S. Do not forget to update your website
often with unique original content. The latest Google farmer update
penalized 1,000′s of sites on the internet with unoriginal copied
content. Be original and write your own blog posts Google will reward
you with higher search engine rankings.

2. Don’t Be A Dummy – Start a self hosted wordpress blog. Let me
sink this point into your head or your internet business will sink faster
than the Titanic. Pay for website hosting and buy your own domain
name. A dummy will invest all his or her time and energy into a blog
that is essentially owned by someone else. If you are using a free
hosted blogging platform like blogger, or you are
setting yourself up for internet failure right off the bat. Don’t come
crying to me when one day your blog gets deleted because you
violated one of their ever changing terms of service. ( Which can
happen for pretty much anything trust me I am speaking from
experience when I myself was just a beginner to the internet and
earning money online). Smart affiliate marketers and internet
marketers in general only use free hosted blogging platforms to mess
around with or for backlinks to their main money blogs.

3. Don’t Be A Dummy – Learn as much as you can about search
engine optimization. Smart internet @ affiliate marketers know that
the best kind of traffic that you can possibly have to your website, or
blog is free targeted search engine traffic. These are actual people
coming directly from the major search engines that are looking for
what you have to offer. This traffic converts into you making more
money from your internet business. Keyword tip: Target keywords
that are buying keywords and try to rank highly for them to get the
most money from your website, or blogs traffic.

4. Don’t Be A Dummy – Start an email list a.s.a.p. I waited a couple
years to get mine started which was a big mistake when I finally
realized half the battle of making money on the internet is building a
responsive email list from your blog, or websites traffic. The bigger
and better your email list is the more money you will earn online from
your internet marketing efforts period! Internet Marketing Tip: Once
you reach about 500 email subscribers starting doing adswaps with
other internet marketers to grow your list a lot faster this will also
make you some great extra cash in the process.

5. Don’t Be A Dummy – If your trying to make money online from
affiliate marketing. Which in a nutshell is making money from
recommending a product, or service to anyone on the internet in
exchange for a commission. If they buy that particular product, or
service through your affiliate link you will earn a commission and
make money. But, to be successful you need to learn all you can
about affiliate marketing. Be a student of the trade. The more you
learn, the more your gonna earn period! The best Dr’s do not become
the best overnight. It takes years and years of training for them to
master their chosen trade. Think the same way with your affiliate
marketing career – only the learning curve is a lot shorter. Learn while
your earning on the internet. Always brushen up on your internet
marketing skills so you can put yourself in the best position possible
to make the most amount of money from your online business as
Here Are A Few Of The Top
Affiliate Programs You Can Make
Money With On The Internet:
  1.   Commission Junction –
  2.   Linkshare –
  3.   Clickbank –
  4.   Share-A-Sale
  5.   Amazon -

Congratulations, you are on your way graduating from a dummy into a
full pledged internet marketing machine.

P.S Your not a dummy anymore either …… Dummy
com m ents are all in good fun!

Affiliate Marketing And Clickbank
For Dummies
( Take Dummy Comm ents All In Good Fun I Kno w Your
Smar t)

Your probably strolling along the Internet looking for a legitimate way
to earn some extra money from home. You have also probably heard
about the affiliate marketing business model, and how it could make
you a few bucks to pay off some bills? All this is true and more.
Online affiliate marketing is a multi – billion dollar yearly business.
Want to get in on the action? Let me walk you through the basics of
affiliate marketing, Clickbank, and how to turn your free time into some
cold hard cash. Buckle up, sit tight, and prepare for the coolest ride
of your life.

What is affiliat e m arke ting ex a c tly? A form of marketing
where individuals promote a business in exchange for either a
percentage of the sales they generate or a specified
amount for each lead generated.

In Dummy Terms Translation: Promote an affiliate product.
Customer buys that product through your affiliate link, or banner. You
earn a commission. You can also get paid just for directing traffic to a
vendors website if you choose this option this is called cost per lead.
Its your life the choice is yours! You can generate affiliate sales in any
number of ways.

Through Classified Ads You Plac e. Think Craigslist, and
Backpage these are 2 great places for dummies to start. If you have
not read the bum marketing method by Travis Sago Google
it fast. The bum marketing method is free and its a great place for
dummies to start learning the basics of affiliate marketing.

Through Your Blog, Or Website: Once you get past the initial
dummy phase of affiliate marketing you are definitely gonna want to
start your own affiliate marketing blog, or website. It is not mandatory
but highly recommended. This way you can control your content and
your affiliate income will increase with proper ground work on your
part.I recommend a self hosted WordPress blog for various reasons
for affiliates if you are planning on making this your one and only
money site. If your a dummy you use free hosted platforms like
Blogger for your money site. Why wouldn’t you? Only a dummy would
let Google control there blog, all there hard work, and can delete your
blog for any reason they seem fit. A smart affiliate wouldn’t do that
would they? I think not!

( Authors No t e ) Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme it
is a proven business model that is gonna take some work on your
part. If your lazy and think that money grows on tree’s go back to
playing your Xbox and stop reading this blog post. Affiliate marketing
is not for you! Only the strong survive, if your lazy and weak minded
you will get chewed up and spit out in the long run. That Xbox is
probably sounding better and better to you ha? Lol…Affiliate
marketing is not that hard in fact it is one of the cheapest start up
businesses you can run from home. In fact you can actually run it for
free in the beginning if you choose to. Once you get better at it and
start making a few sales then you can pay for webhosting etc… very
cheap only $5 to $10 dollars a month for you dummies, and
cheapskates out there. Remember affiliate marketing is a legitimate
online business treat it as such. There will be some costs down the
road if you want to make the real big money one day, be prepared.

Ok So What Th e H ec k Is
Clickbank? And Ho w Can
Clickbank M ak e A Dummy
Like M e
Some Big Fat Affiliat e Commission Checks?

Clickbank is an online affiliate marketplace where you can sign up for
free to be an affiliate. Clickbank has over 10,000 digital products for
you to find something to promote and earn some money. They have
so many products even a dummy like you should be able to find
something to put your new found Internet marketing skills to the test. If
you sign up for a free Clickbank account your no dummy your a smart

Why Should I Sign Up For A Free Clickbank Account?

Its simple, Clickbank can fill your affiliate account with some big
money. But you must be motivated, willing to learn affiliate marketing,
and willing to work hard to get your share of the big Clickbank pie.
Clickbank only deals with digital products. Did I mention you can make
up to 75% commissions on a ton of products in the Clickbank

What Are Digital Products For Dummies? What is the
Internet based around? If you guessed information, than give yourself
a big fat pat on the back, you earned it your no dummy. People are
willing to pay big money for quality information that solves a problem.
Content is king online and quality information is what people want.
Maybe they are looking for some information on how to earn money
online? How to get an ex girlfriend back? How to drive more traffic to
your website, or blog? Self help information, Software, Language
software or info, Green energy products, Sports. You name it
Clickbank has it. Digital products can be instantly delivered over the
Internet after payment is successfully made. This is great for your
customer. No waiting on shipment by mail, they get a quick fix
instantly. After the product is ordered its delivered in literally nano
seconds to your customer.

Everyones happy!

Ho w Does T his Benefit You As A Clickbank Affiliat e
M arket er? You get your affiliate commission instantly and the
vendor or owner of that product can pay his or her affiliates a lot
more money. In fact up to an astounding 75% commission on the
successful sale of an affiliate program. Why? After the initial program
is created most of the revenue, or affiliate income generated by
successful sales is pure profit. No shipping costs, overhead etc….
With digital products you can earn a lot more cash on each sale over
physical products like Amazon for example. This savings is then
passed on to you the online affiliate marketer. Now You Dummies
know the basics of affiliate marketing and Clickbank. Your next step is
to go sign up for your free Clickbank account and start making some
cash. After you do this I promise to stop calling you a dummy! Just
kidding everyone, good luck with your new found
affiliate marketing career.

SEO Tutorial For Beginners How
To Rank Highly In Google?
Seo Tutorial For Beginners @ N e wbies

I am gonna run all you beginners out there through a brief tutorial on
seo so at least you will have some idea of what search engine
optimization is all about so you can get your new websites, or blogs to
rank highly in the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
If no one can find your new site than how are you gonna earn a lot of
cash from your new business? You can have the best online business
in the World but if no-one can find it it is rendered virtually useless.

This is where learning how to rank highly in the search engines
comes into play and this little seo tutorial for beginners will get you
started in the right direction.
Seo Tutorial For Beginners
Tips And Steps To Take

SEO Tutorial Tip 1. Put your key words in your domain
nam e.

Some marketers are saying Google is putting less importance on
domains with the keywords in them, but that is not what I am seeing.
Just do a quick search on Google for some keywords you want to go
after that are related to your blog, or website. For example: I just did a
search for e a rn c ash m ak e money
online do you see who is number 1 for that keyword phrase? Here is
number 1: www.earncash- Here is number 2: www.earn-cash-make-
Ho w about the key word learn affiliat e m arke ting? The
number 2 result is
Ho w about the key word phrase affiliat e lessons? The
number 1 listing is
Ho w about the highly compe titive key word phrase e a rn
money online? The number 3 listing when doing a search on
Google is
Let us t ry one last one the key word phrases SEO
Tutorial? Results number 5 and 6 on Googles first page are seo- and
Are you starting to see a pattern here? Go ahead and try it
yourself….. I bet you come up with similar findings. Now do you see
how important having your keywords in your domain name is
for you to build a solid seo foundation and to get free targeted traffic to
your blog, or website, from the search engines? Choose a keyword
phrase with low competition, and high searches, so your domain
name can dominate Googles first page for that particular keyword
SEO Tutorial Tip 2. If you have a blog, or website make sure your
site title or meta tags have your keyword phrases that you are trying to
rank for in them. Pick 3-5 keyword phrases and use them for your
sites title, and the description of your site for optimal seo performance.
SEO Tutorial Tip 3. Make sure your sites content has your
keyword phrases in it. Google loves content that is what the internet is
based around so give Google what they want. Highly optimized, great
content, and they will give you what you want. higher rankings in the
search engines, and better seo for your website, or blog.

Quick seo tip for beginners - Do not stuff
your keywords everywhere in your sites text use them moderately.
Remember: Your site is for people first, and the search engines
SEO Tutorial Tip 4: Build high quality backlinks to your blog, or
website. You can comment on forums by making a signature link with
a link to your website, or blog. Every post you make in that particular
forum will be free advertising for your website, and a high quality
backlink. Join some of the major sites like,,, etc…etc….. When you set up your free
profile on these sites make sure you have a link to your blog, or
website, in your forum profile for a free, high quality backlink from the
search engines. You can comment on blogs related to your niche, this
is a great seo strategy. Comment on popular blogs with a link to your
website in the url box. There is no limit on the number of backlinks you
can have pointing at your website. The sky is the limit. There is an
old saying in the internet marketing community. He, or she, with the
most backlinks usually wins the seo war. So keep building quality
backlinks to your site at a steady pace, Google will reward you for it.
These seo tips will get you headed in the right direction beginners.
Good luck with your new blog, or website. I hope you start earning
some good cash from your seo efforts down the road.

I hope you enjoyed my quick seo tutorial for beginners.
As al w ays cheers to your online succ ess, and putting
more cold hard c ash in your pockets, and purses.

SEO Need Help? A Must Read
SEO Steps For
So you have probably just started your new Website, or blog and do
not know the first thing about getting targeted traffic through proper
search engine optimization. Having a website, or blog online is your
little piece of Internet real estate that no-one can control but you. If
you are in it for the long haul and you are looking into blogging I would
highly suggest a self hosted blog. The free blogging
platforms like blogger can be deleted by Google and all your hard
work will be flushed down the virtual toilet. Trust me when I say this I
have been there, and done that, and it is definitely no fun!

Enough of th e small t alk let’s get do wn to business!
H er e is ho w to drive free t arge t ed traffic to Google,
Yahoo, and Bing from the search engines using some
simple search engine optimization t e chniques!

If your website, or blog is not getting any free targeted traffic from
proper search engine optimization then how in the World are you
supposed to make any money from your new Internet business? And
who wants to pay for traffic if they can help it? Not me! And I am sure
you would answer the same way.

Paying for traffic via pay per click methods is a temporary fix to
running an online business. Search engine optimization is a free
strategy that can have targeted visitors to your site in minutes with
proper keyword research. At least when you are first starting out
online and you do not have hundreds if not thousands of dollars to
hand over to Google? Google has enough money why make their
pockets even fatter if you do not have to? They do not want your site
to be getting a bunch of free traffic from their search engines. Why?
Because they want youto be dumb and run pay per click campaigns to
make their pockets even fatter.

Google is only worth billions and billions of dollars are you? It is time
the small business owner gets a break and that is why learning proper
search engine optimization techniques is crucial if you want to make a
lot of money from your online business.

But you have a little problem. You do not know anything about basic
search engineoptimization so you can drive this free targeted traffic to
your new website, or blog so customers can buy your merchandise –
whether it be digital (information) or actual physical products like
Amazon for example. Or you may produce your own goods, or
services, that you are selling for yourself for example.

Either way you cut it you need laser targeted seo traffic to make a
considerable amount of money online. The Internet is a numbers
game. The people that are doing well online, or online businesses for
example know how to drive targeted traffic to their sites that will crash
some servers.

The Internet can be brutal especially in a competitive niche like the
affiliate marketing, make money online, or the Internet marketing
niches. just to name a few of the many competitive niches out there in
the Internet marketing World. Traffic is the lifeblood of any online
business and it will determine if a business is a success or not. If you
are able to bring targeted traffic to your website, or blog than you will
make a lot of money. If you cannot than you might as well pack it up
and put in more hours at your stable 9 to 5 job. I cannot even stress
enough how crucial search engine optimization really is for a long
lasting viable business.

Learning and training in at least basic search engine optimization
tactics is more important know than it has ever been. Unless your
blog, or website is based around underwater basket weaving with little
to no competition. Your gonna need to know a few pointers so you can
compete in the new SEO game, and turn your personal online real
estate into a money making machine or your personal ATM machine.

Your gonna need to know how to get your blog posts, or your websites
content to the top of the major search engines (meaning page 1 for
your keyword terms) for you to drive targeted cash in hand seo visitors
who are actively searching for what you have to offer. Free traffic is
the best kind of traffic and that’s what search engine optimization can
bring to the table very quickly.

Cool Fact: 9 0 % of all online searchers click on the
natural organic free listings w h en performing a search
online. Only 1 0 % click on the paid listings (For beginners
th ese ar e on the right hand side of the Google search
Here are a few SEO tips that are aimed more towards beginners that
will at least give you a basic understanding of what’s going on with
search engine optimization and how you can get
the most out of it to rise up the rankings in the search engines fast!

Earn Money Online – Generate
Passive Income –Steps To Make
Money full time On The Internet?
Earn Money Online – Passive Incom e – Ho w To M ak e
Money full tim e On Th e Int e rne t?

After 5 years of affiliate marketing, blogging, and internet marketing. I
can safely tell you what works? And what does not work? If your trying
to earn a nice passive income online that may someday turn into a full
time income online. With a little determination, ability to learn, and a
strong work ethic. You can start to generate a lot of money online that
can turn into a great passive income for years to come.

What I Kno w Works In Building Your Online Business,
Generating Traffic, And M ak es M e Money?

1. Building an email list – This is the single most important activity you
can be engaged in ( Listbuilding ) The money is in the list. Once you
build up an email list of about 500 then you can start swapping with
other internet marketers. The first 500 – 1, 000 is always the hardest
after that your list will grow a lot faster. A couple cool adswap sites to
build up your list faster are and which is the new kid on the block,but it is
looking very top notch you can do everything on this site from
Facebook swaps, to Twitter swaps, to adswaps, and more.

2. Traffic equals more money online, and more ways to generate a
passive income online. If your selling residual income type products.
What I mean by residual income products is if your an affiliate
marketer promoting products that pay you on a monthly basis – as
long as that customer stays a member of that particular product or
service. Examples are email memberships this is my best investment
my email list and I will keep paying on a monthly basis with no
questions asked. Why? Because it generates me a nice passive

• Webhosting companies not all but some will pay you on a monthly
basis for referring paying members to their site.
• Most major email marketing sites will pay you if you sign up as an
affiliate of theirs on a monthly basis for referring members to their
service. Examples are Aweber, and Getresponse for starters.
• Make money online clubs - these clubs teach beginners basically
how to start and run a profitable online business. There is a lot of
garbage out there so be on guard before jumping on the first make
money online program that promises you the stars and delivers
• Any kind of paid Membership sites where the customer gets
charged on a monthly basis to be a member. You can promote these
type of membership sites as an affiliate by referring customers to the
membership site of your choice and they will pay you a commission
monthly as long as that customer stays a member. The more
customers you refer, the more passive income you generate. It is
really that simple.

Ho w Do I Generat e Visitors
To My Blog, And Websites?
1. Video m arke ting – Youtube for example as well as the other
various video submission websites.
2. T wi t t er @ Facebook – Social marketing is gaining a lot of
steam if you do not have a Facebook fanpage why not start one about
your new blog, or website? Start a Twitter account and start following
people in your blog, or websites niche. The majority of these people
will follow you back increasing your Twitter followers. Once you get a
few followers start tweeting about your newest blog posts or affiliate
offers for some free targeted traffic.
3. Int ernet m arketing forums - http://www.
for example and are
two of my favorite forums that I am active in. Your first step would be
too make a signature link in your control panel that links to your
website, or blog. The more active you are in the forum the more
publicity, and clicks you will get to your website, or blog. This can
translate into more money in your pockets.
4. Blog Comm enting - I make intelligent comments on other blogs
in my niche with a link back to my site. This accomplishes two things.
Blog commenting will give you a backlink which is good for SEO, and
it will give you some nice traffic to your blog, or website. It is a very
effective free technique. For more money, and more traffic, comment
on blogs that are very popular, and have a lot of traffic.

* * * * * * * * * * * M ake sure you are building an e m ail list on
your blog, or w ebsite so you c an star t turning your
c asual visitors into paying custom ers a t some point.
Building an e m ail list is crucial if you w an t to generat e a
steady passive incom e from your internet
m arketing efforts * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
5. SEO – It is crucial you learn at least basic seo skills so you can
start getting free traffic from the major search engines like Google,
Yahoo, and Bing. Free targeted traffic from the search engines is the
best kind of traffic their is online. Think of it like this. Internet marketers
spend billions of dollars yearly for paid sponsored ads on Google.
Why spend the big bucks to advertise your website, or blog when you
can get it for free from Google, Yahoo, and Bing? This is kind of a no-
brainer why you need to learn how to rank highly in the search
   6. Adsw aps - This is a great way to build up your email list as I
      mentioned earlier. Adswaps can make you a lot of money trust
      me. They will bring you tons of free visitors to your landing page,
      website, or blog. Wherever you decide to send them to sign up
      for your free offer so you can start building subscribers who are
      interested in what you have to offer them. This is some of the
      best kind of traffic that you can get online period! Remember
      some of your signups will buy from you, and you will see some
      money going into your affiliate accounts, or paypal account.
      Adswaps are a great way to build up your email list and generate
      you a nice passive income. The bigger your list the more money
      you will make. These Are The Ways I Earn Money Online – How I
      Am Generating A Passive Income Online – And The Steps I Take
      To Make Money full time On The Internet?

Incre ase Website Traffic
( Visitors ) 5 0 Free Proven
Strat egies Tha t Work Must
In cre ase Website Traffic ( visitors ) 5 0 Free Proven
Strat egies That Work Must Read!

Increasing your website traffic is an essential strategy that every
internet marketer must follow if they want to earn a nice income from
their blogs, or websites. Hell it is a necessity. You need traffic to make
your internet business a success. You can’t make money without it!

H er e is a list of my favorite high traffic w ebsites enjoy!

My Favorite Int e rnet M arke ting Forums:

1. – The biggest internet marketing forum in
the World use it to your advantage.
2. Honest workfromhomesucc - Awesome forum with
good traffic levels. Run by internet marketer Paul Lynch he is a good
guy and runs a great internet marketing forum.
3. – Lisa Irby is the webmaster of this forum
that focuses on all kinds of topics from website creation, affiliate
marketing, internet marketing, sitebuilder, reviews, and much, much,
more. Go check it out!

My favorite random w ebsites to incre ase your w ebsit e
tr affic.

  4. Facebook – Need I say more? Did you guys see the social
    network? Awesome movie, and awesome site. Internet marketing
    tip: Increase your website traffic ( visitors ) By building a
   Facebook fanpage.
5. – Huge social networking site. Internet
   marketing tip: After creating your Tagged account go to the match
   app and click yes on everybody. A lot of these people will request
   you to be their friend. You will add a lot of friends this way
5. Myspac - The original high powered social networking
6. - Started by a few high school kids now
   worth millions.
7. T wi t t – Build up your Twitter followers and tweet about
   your website to increase your website traffic.
8. Craigslist Forum – Secret way to increase your website
   traffic. Most people do not even know that Craigslist has a forum.
   Works real well!
9.       Craigslist Classifieds – Post a few classifieds now and
   then advertising your website, or blog.
1 0. ads – If you have a premium membership which
   is $9.99 month you can write unlimited, attractive classified ads
   that rank well in the search engines. Definitely worth the money.
1 1.      Ezinear – Write articles related to your
   website, or blog to increase your websites visitors. This directory
   is the biggest in the article marketing World.
1 2. – Hot on the heels of is they get a lot of traffic also.
   Quick Note: Be sure to write 100% original content when
   submitting an article nowadays. Due to the changes in Googles
   search algorithm they are deleting duplicate content from their
   systems. You can read more about it in my blog post below.
1 3. – Another high powered article directory
   for you to submit some articles to.
1 4. – Another decent article
   directory but the top 3 above are the best 3 if your looking for
     popular article directories to submit your articles to.
  1 5. – My favorite press release site to advertise
     your website, or blog for a nice increase in traffic. Internet
     marketing tip: You can blatantly advertise your website, or blog
choose your keywords wisely they rank well in the search engines.

1 6. – Business directory and classified site that
gets a lot of traffic from business professionals. Definitely grab a free
account here.
1 7. Bet t e rnet – Good site that gets a lot of traffic
geared towards business professionals, internet marketers, and
affiliate marketers. I get a good amount of website visitors from better
networker by submitting articles, and participating in their online
1 8. – Secret seo strategies some may
disagree with but they do get a lot of traffic and it is worth joining and
looking around this forum. At the very least you will
learn a few new things.
2 0. – Awesome traffic source! You can monetize
your hubs 4 different ways to make money. Through affiliate programs,
adsense, kontera, and amazon ads. You are allowed up too 2 different
affiliate links on each hub that you write but they must not lead to
the same site. Easy enough right? They rank extremely high in the
search engines. I have earned quite a bit of money online through
Hubpages alone. Check them out! This is a must have tool to increase
your website, or blogs traffic levels.
2 1. – A good blog for you to comment on various
posts for a backlink and an increase in your websites traffic levels. Do
not spam make intelligent, relevant comments and your website will
be rewarded properly.
2 2. – Very high trafficed blog and he updates it
quite often. Same applies here. Make relevant intelligent comments
on John’s blog with a backlink to your website in your comments and
you will be rewarded with an increase in traffic.
2 3. – Very high traffic blog this guy has made
millions online so his blog is a great place to learn about internet
marketing, affiliate marketing, and tons of other cool stuff.
Make a comment for a backlink pointing to your website, or blog for
some extra website visitors.
2 4. Z a – Affiliate marketing tips from super affiliate
zac Johnson. This is one of my favorite blogs his blogs design is top
notch, and the information he provided to his blogs visitors is even
better. is a must visit if your gonna be serious about
learning internet marketing.
2 5. Jaysonlinerevie – You didn’t think I was gonna
forget about my blog did you? My blog is a great blog to learn all
about affiliate marketing, internet marketing, product reviews,
affiliate programs, and ways to earn more money online. I update it at
least 3 times a week with fresh unique content. So stop in and
comment on one of my posts for a nice increase in traffic to your
website, or blog.
2 6. – She has a nice blog w i th some
good information relat ed to internet m arke ting.
2 7. - Kim Roach is the webmaster of this blog
and she has good traffic levels along with some great website traffic
2 8. - Down-To-Earth Advice For
Bloggers and Internet Marketers. Run by top internet marketer Yaro
Starak another great internet marketing blog
with some useful information.
2 9. Smar Blogging and making money online tips
for more success. Another good blog with some good blog posts for
you to comment on for an increase in traffic to your
website, or blog.
3 0. Businessw e e - Good traffic source that teaches you
how to get started with your small business.
3 1. - The name says it all. A good traffic source
and backlink for your blog, or website.
3 2. – The internet marketing eggspert. Work
at home resource for internet marketing home based business
3 3. - Work at home moms – they get a lot of traffic so
take advantage of it they have a work at home forum for moms, a
blog, and an online directory. Very cool website.
3 4. - Great traffic source a question and answer site
that can bring your website,or blog a lot of visitors. Take advantage of
3 5. Yahooansw - The most popular question and answer
site online and it is a great traffic source if you play by the rules.
Answer questions related to your website, or blogs niche for some
targeted traffic. You can make a profile on Yahoo answers and include
a bio about your website. When you get up to level 2 after answering
a cetain amount of questions. All the links to your website become
active and clickable. They can also visit your Yahoo answers
profile where you will have a backlink to your website, or blog. This is
a great way to increase your sites visitors.
3 6. revie w m - A cool site where you can make money by
reviewing, and promoting products, and drive buzz, and traffic to your
3 7. star - made for entrepreneurs by internet
marketing entrepreneurs. Some good online business tips. They also
have a forum, and a blog, so you can participate and
drive targeted traffic to your own website, or blog. Plus many more
options you will have to
check it out to find out more info.
3 8. - breaking news and opinions on this
major website. They get tons of traffic so make a profile and start
commenting on some posts and see your websites visitors rise.
3 9. 2 creat e a w - Lisa Irby runs this website. She is
also the forum owner of which I mentioned above.
Her website gets a lot of traffic so make sure to stop in and comment
on a few of her posts on this blog. She also has very good
information on this blog that has a lot to do with website creation
etc…. - Free website advertising. You rate other
peoples blogs and websites with this website. In return you earn
credits for them to review and check out your website, or blog. Sort of
like a traffic exchange but it does produce a little better results. Worth
it to check out!
4 1. Youtube - One of my favorite ways to drive targeted traffic to my
blogs, and websites. Youtube gets more traffic than Yahoo, and Bing
combined. I bet you didn’t know that? So take advantage of it and
submit some videos promoting your website, or blog.In t ernet
m arketing
tip: Videos go viral, and can be shared the same way articles can.
Whenever you submit a video to youtube when you are writing your
videos description in the box provided make sure to include a link to
your website first. For example my blog is about earning money
online, and internet marketing. If I am submitting a video promoting
my blog in the description box. I would leave first. Visit:
http://w w w.jaysonlinerevie make money online, great
internet marketing strategies, etc… etc… You get the point the link is
then clickable when put in this format. And if the video is shared
somewhere else you still have that link to your website, or blog. This is
a great traffic strategy for targeted traffic to your website use it!
4 2. – Another good website this guy knows his
stuff. He also runs a membership site teaching people all about
internet marketing, and affiliate marketing. This website also gets a lot
of traffic.
4 3. Safes w - This is one of my personal favorite traffic
sources online. If you are trying to build up your email list this is a
must join. The cost of a safeswaps membership is $15.00 a month
which is chump change compared to the money I make by being a
member.Not to mention all the free website traffic that I can handle.
4 4. Digitalpointforums - This is a very high traffic forum for you
to participate in – where you will see a nice increase in your websites
traffic through your forum signature link. You make a forum signature
link for all forums that you join online that will be a link to your website,
or blog for all you beginners reading this!
4 5. RSS Feeds - If your a blogger just submitting your blogs rss
feed to the major rss directories will increase your website traffic.
4 6. – Create a squidoo lens promoting your website,
or blog. Many internet marketers swear by Squidoo. I swear by
Hubpages. But too each their own, we all have our own opinions. But
one thing we can both agree on is that Squidoo is a great traffic
4 7. N e - Run by super affiliate marketer
Rosalind Gardner. She has made millions online throughout her
internet marketing career and she runs a blog that can point
you in that same direction. Rosalind Gardner is a very well respected
marketer in the IM community. Her blog is top notch so check it out!
4 8. - Everything you would do to make $5 bucks. You
can set up gigs for yourself, or buy gigs. It is also very useful for
increasing your websites traffic levels. Fivver is used by a
lot of top internet marketers -myself included.
4 9. Social Bookm ar king Sites - Make sure you submit your
blog, or website to the top social bookmarking sites.,
Google bookmarks, Yahoo bookmarks, Msn Bookmarks,
Stumbleupon, Delicious, Furl, Reddit, etc… etc…
5 0. Search Engine Optimization Most I mport ant Of Th e m
All - If you do not know anything about it at least learn the basics. I
offer a few recommended courses on my blog that cover SEO in great detail. This
is long lasting free traffic from the search engines which is the best
kind of traffic that your website, or blog can get. If your website is
optimized well you will make a lot of money assuming you are selling
some decent products. Your website will see a major increase in
targeted visitors all on autopilot – just by taking the time to learn how
to optimize your website for the search engines. In t ernet
m arketing seo tip -Find some keywords related to whatever you
are selling, use Googles free key word research tool, and look
for keywords with low competition, that are highly searched. Sprinkle
these keywords into your website, or blogs content. This is just a
starting point there is a lot more to learn with seo so start doing your
research. But there is nothing better than free targeted buyers visiting
your website because they found your website through the search

* * * * * Cool w ebsite you guys have to check out * * * * * it is
called w idget milking the web they have all kinds of free
cool widgets for your websites, or blogs that I love. A must see site
with some very useful widgets for all internet marketers.

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