6th, 7th, 8th Grade (Middle School) by HC121008164443


									                     6th, 7th, 8th Grade (Middle School)
                       Suggested School Supply List
                           Cherokee County School District

I. Suggested Perishable Supplies
         Item                                   Description              Qty
     Highlighter         Any color                                        2
         Glue            Stick/dries clear                                2
     Co. Pencils         8-count                                          2
       Pencils           #2/plain (12-count)                              1
         Pens            Blue (4)/Black (2)/Red (2)                       8
     Comp. Ntbk          100-count comp. (college-ruled)                  3
        Paper            100-count wide-ruled                             1
       Markers           Washable/8-count                                 1
    Folders (or)         Folders w/pockets (diff. colors) (or)           6 or
    Large Binder         Binder with Tab Dividers                         1

II. Suggested Reusable/Non-Perishable Supplies
      Book Bag           Reasonable size; easily stored                   1
        Ruler            Wooden or plastic                                1
    Pencil Pouch         zipper pouch                                     1
      Calculator         Algebraic functions if possible                  1
      Dictionary         pocket dictionary                                1
     Flash drive         USB Flash                                        1
III. Possible Donation Items
Facial tissues-hypoallergenic                      Bandaids (box)
Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer                       Antibacterial Wipes
Dry Erase Markers (4)

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