Tshwane Presbytery by alicejenny


									         2011 May                      Reports

       Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the Presbytery of
            Tshwane will be held at St Paul's Presbyterian,
                     at 09h00 on Sat 14 May 2011.
       Lunch will be at 13h00 and the meeting will continue
                        after lunch if necessary.
            Please prepare for and pray for our meeting.

   Please note: Travel time is about 4.5 hours
        from Pretoria. Plan accordingly.
    Please share transport. Those who travel
    alone will not be allowed to claim the full

A Presbytery that is integrated, united, caring and efficient,
      using all its resources for the work of equipping and supporting congregations
      so that they become strong, vibrant, loving, growing congregations
      that are outward looking and resource sharing.
Purpose Statement:
Presbytery exists to Unite and Empower Congregations.
                            Directions on the inside cover
Map and Directions Part 1
Map and Directions Part 2
                               1. Draft Agenda
                           Tea is at 11h00 and Lunch at 13h00.
            Only Notices of Motion pre-approved by the Clerk will be considered
                                   Please bring 3 copies
                               Items crossed out = no report
1. Constitution                                  6.6.       St Andrew’s Emalahleni
                                                 6.7.       St James
2. Formalities and Protocol                      6.8.       St Paul’s
   2.1.      Present and Apologies            7. Doctrine and Remits
   2.2.      Minutes of the 13th Nov 2010        7.1.       Doctrine and Remits
   2.3.      Notices of Motion                8. Associations
3. Office Bearers Report                         8.1.       Convener's report
   3.1.      Moderator                        9. Other Ministries
   3.2.      Clerk                               9.1.       Children’s Ministry
   3.3.      Treasurer                           9.2.       Rocky Valley
4. Congregational Care and Integration           9.3.       Bible Society
   4.1.      Convener                            9.4.       P.E.F
   4.2.      Assessor's Report Soshanguve     10. JSR
   4.3.      Assessor's Report Jonas             10.1.      Convener's report
     Lediga                                   11. Elections of committees
   4.4.      Garankuwa                           11.1.      Church Development and
   4.5.      Highveld                               Planning
   4.6.      Khayakhulu                          11.2.       Congregational Care &
   4.7.      Mabopane                               Integration
   4.8.      Ruighoek                            11.3.      Doctrine
   4.9.      Thumedi                             11.4.      Fellowship of Vocation
5. Ministry                                      11.5.      JSR
   5.1.      Convener                            11.6.      Ministry
   5.2.      Seconded Ministers Reports          11.7.      Remits
   5.3.      Sedibeng Pastoral Support           11.8.      Rolls and Records
   5.4.      Training                            11.9.      Training committee
   5.5.      FOV                                 11.10.     Sedibeng Pastoral Support
6. Church Development and Planning            12. Rolls and Records
   6.1.      Convener                            St Columbas,
   6.2.      Grace                               St Johns,
                                                 St Francis,
   6.3.      Premier Mine                        St Paul's.
   6.4.      Pretoria Central                 13. Closure
   6.5.      Rustenburg
2. Formalities
2.1 Present and Apologies
2.2 Notices of Motion.
2.2.1.       NOM1: Rescind Overture – Theo Groeneveld
At a time convenient I will move that Presbytery rescinds proposal P3.4.2 of the Feb 2011
as the proposal does not fulfill the Manual's requirements for the process to be followed for
an Overture. Furthermore I move that the original proposal be moved:
       Presbytery adopts the following recommendations for the naming of congregation to
       the Standing Orders of the Presbytery and transmits them to the CDP of General
       Assembly for consideration.

2.3 Minutes.
      Feb Meeting
      Special Meeting
      Induction at Trinity

3. Office Bearers
3.1 Moderator
Nothing to report at this stage...

3.2 Clerk.
                                                                              Zwai Mtyhobile
   1. On the 15-16 the Moderator, Clerk, and Treasurer attended the General Assembly
      consultation of Presbytery Moderators, Clerks, and Treasurers which was held at St
      Benedicts Rosettenville. This consultation was an eye opener which dealt with
      different issues e.g. the roles of office bearers, the importance of working together as
      office bearers and some issues that affect the Presbyteries. The minutes/or notes will
      be made available to all the presbyters.
   2. I am also pleased to report to the Presbytery that the Spreadsheet on presbyters
      which shows clearly who is involved or not involved is finalized. That the Presbytery
      will be able to share its work load accordingly and to involve those who are not yet
      involved due to different circumstances.
   3. The names of Eddie Stopforth and Glynis Goyns have been forwarded to the
      Assembly as nominees for the executive commission which will be in P.E.
   4. That the Rev. L. Scott is transferred to the care and discipline of Thekwini Presbytery
      and the presbytery to be aware that even though the transfer was done the Clerk is
      still awaiting the resignation letter from Rev. L. Scott as he has mentioned that he
      does not have facilities at the moment to send the information to the Clerk.
Ecumenical issues.
   1. Towards the end of the year last year the Tshwane Office of the Speaker invited all
      the church leaders to a meeting which was to address them about the MRM (Moral
      Regeneration Movement) and to discuss its launch at Tshwane. The Launch was
      badly attended due to communication problems around the committee and the Office
      of the Speaker, nonetheless the launch was successful.
   2. On the 07 April 2011 The church leaders, Cosas, Sanco, IEC etc met at the Office
      of the Speaker to discuss the possibilities of having a day of prayer for the election
      that are about to take place in May. Here are the details:
Date: Thursday 5, May 2011, Time: 11h00-14h00, Venue: Pretoria City Hall, cnr Paul
Kruger & Visagie Street. Churches are invited to attend this event as it is in the interest of
the country that we have peaceful elections. The issues of transport from those who live far
from the city are dealt with, as there will be transport picking up people from different areas
and townships around Tshwane. For the Program, the RSVP forms for transport please
speak to the Clerk.
   1. Presbytery receives the report
   2. Encourages the congregations and Ministers to make themselves available for the
      prayer day

3.3 Treasurer's Report
                                                                               Eddie Stopforth
   1. I am attaching an Income Statement for the period 1 January to 31 March 2011,
      together with a balance sheet as at 31 March 2011 to which I have appended the
      usual explanatory notes. The reports are not very informative, however, as the two
      major expense lines – administration and grants to congregations – have not yet
      been put into effect. Once the final budget has been approved back-payments of
      these items will be made to bring them up to date.
   2. In view of the GA Financial Committee’s requirement that applications for
      assessment relief be submitted and approved before any work can begin, it has
      become necessary for us to have a mechanism to process such applications
      between Council Meetings. It is therefore being suggested that applications for
      assessment relief be submitted to the Treasurer/ Presbytery Finance Committee they
      be circulated by email to as wide an audience as possible, with at least a week (7
      days) notice for responses unopposed applications be forwarded to the GA Financial
      Committee (who, in turn, will circulated for comment) the response be forwarded to
      the Clerk of the Presbytery and the congregation concerned the matter be brought to
      the next Presbytery Council meeting for ratification this procedure to apply for
      assessment relief applications only and for no other Presbytery issue.
   3. An application for assessment relief was received from St Columba’s Presbyterian
      Church early in March, for an amount of R150 000 for the construction of a “mothers’
      room” at the church. In order to assist the congregation meet the GA Finance
      Committee’s requirement, this application was dealt with in terms of the procedure
      described above and approved.
   4. Only one application has been received from a congregation asking to be considered
      as the Presbytery Project 2011. The congregation in question is St Andrew’s,
      Schoeman Street, Pretoria.
The circumstances surrounding the request for support relate to the age of the electrical
fixtures and fittings in the church itself and in the church hall – the light bulb sockets being
so old-fashioned and out of date that suitable light bulbs are no longer available and it is
gradually getting darker and darker inside St Andrew’s. The extreme age of the wiring itself
also poses a risk of fire.
There are very few congregations in this Presbytery who do not owe their existence, at
some time in the past, to the enthusiasm and hard work of St Andrew’s. The beautiful old
buildings are part of our heritage and it is incumbent upon us, as a Presbytery, to assist the
current congregation to maintain a complex that has value to us all.
   5. Congregations wishing to take advantage of the GA-approved arrear assessment
      concession are reminded that they need to submit a suitable request to the
      Treasurer/ Presbytery Finance Committee, together with the following documents:
      Evidence of the total amount of assessments in arrear at the end of 2009
      An indication of why the arrear assessment has arisen
      Prescribed “yellow form” for 2009
      Proof of payment of at least minimum assessment (R300) for 2009
Please treat this as extremely urgent as the deadline for submission of applications is 30
June 2011.
   6. The proposed final budget is attached for consideration and approval. Notes have
      been appended where appropriate. As some of the items provided for in the budget
      are dependent upon decisions to be made during the course of the meeting, it may
      seem feasible to the Council to separate final approval from this report and postpone
      the same until a later time in the meeting.
THAT Presbytery
   1. Receives the report.
   2. Approves the “Round Robin” decision-making process for implementation in respect
      of assessment relief applications only.
   3. Ratifies the granting of Presbytery assessment relief in the amount of R150000 to St
      Columba’s Presbyterian Church, in the 2011 financial year and notes that GA
      assessment relief has been granted on the same sum, for the same period.
   4. Appoints St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Pretoria, as the beneficiary of the
      Presbytery Project for 2011 and encourages all congregations to give their full
      support to this cause.
   5. Notes the arrear assessment concession procedure
   6. Approves the final budget in the amount of R317 690.
4. Congregational Care and Integration
4.1 Convener's Report
                                                                                     Vuyo Mbaru
Molweni bakhonzi beNkosi uYesu Kristu.
Congregational Care and Integration report is as follows:
 Committee
New Congregational Care and Integration committee has been established. Committee
members are Revs Vuyolwethu Mbaru, Gerald Posthumous and elder Noluvuyo Mroleli.
    Congregations to be visited
Congregation                        Minister                           Year
1. St Mark’s Presbyterian           Rev. Gerald Posthumus              2011
2. St Columba’s Presbyterian        Rev. Gary Sinclair                 2011
3. St Thomas Presbyterian           Rev. Vuyolwethu Mbaru              2011

 Suggested Guidelines for Visitations
The purpose of a visitation.
The purpose of a Presbytery Visitation is to connect to the life of a congregation within its
bounds. It is not a fault-finding mission nor is it to simply pat a colleague on the back.
A good visitation will:
          a. Examine the life, care, ministry, and organisation of a congregation.
          b. Encourage the leaders and congregation, assuring them of Presbytery's
             interest and support.
          c. Strive to identify good fruit in the life and ministry of the congregation.
          d. Identify the ways in which the congregation has been effective and has grown.
          e. Use it’s “outsider’s perspective” to evaluate the impact the congregation has
             on its area.
          f. Help identify “comfort zones” that the congregation may have fallen into.
          g. Identify areas where the congregation may need to grow or fix problems.
A good visitation should leave the leadership of the congregation with a sense of being
loved and supported, but the process should also stimulate leadership structures to
evaluate themselves in the light of Jesus call and commission.
This purpose should be clearly communicated at every interaction the Visitation has with
the congregation.
The process
          Presbytery selects congregations to be visited and suggests visitors
          Presbytery determines the names of three ministers and elders who will
           conduct the visit and submit to the session of the congregation. The session
           will select visitation group from those names (10.30 Manual of Law and Order).
          A date is set for the visitation
          The Visitation Group (VG) meets with:
           - the Minister and family,
           - the Session, the Board, and any other leadership structures the Session feels
           that the VG should see.
           (The meetings of Session, Board, and other structures may be combined.)
           - the congregation in morning worship (allowing time for congregants to speak
           to members of the VG)
           (The VG should also send one of its members to visit Sunday School or any
           other ministry happening during the service.)
          The VG drafts a report and sends it to the Session for approval.
          If Session feels unhappy about any aspect of the report it meets and
           negotiates with the VG until this is clarified
          The congregation receives the report
          The report goes to Presbytery
          The VG is thanked and dissolved. (If follow-up is needed, the Presbytery may
           need to send a Commission)
Some suggestions for the Visitation Committee Convener.
Before the Visitation.
                1.1.    Obtain copies of the financial statements for the last two years and
                   have one of the group members evaluate them.
                1.2.      Ask for a report on additions and subtractions and numbers on the
                   roll for the last two years.
                1.3.     Ask the Session for some kind of statement of the congregation's
                   Mission, Vision, or Goals.
During the Visitation.
                 Try to ask the Session strategic questions.
                  e.g. “Where have you been? Where are you now? Where are you
                  or do a “SWOT” (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats1)
                  or Christian Schwarz's 8 growth characteristics2.
                 Ask any questions that the Finances, Roll, Mission and Vision
                  documents might raised.
                 In meeting with the minister and family, find out whether:
                   - all the congregation's financial obligations to them are up to date
                   - there are any signs of burnout
                   - the family's needs are being met by the minister
                     - ministry is still a positive experience for the minister and their family.
                   Be sensitive to the prompting of the Spirit and listen much more than you
                   The Sunday morning worship service is very important and the
                    relationships and mood and “vibe” should be observed.
Drafting the Report
A helpful report will:
           o   Briefly summarise the financial position, the roll and membership stats, the
               stated vision and mission of the congregation.
           o   Highlight the positive aspects of ministry, the leadership, and the life of the
           o   Evaluate the effectiveness of various ministries within the congregation
           o   Indicate any problems that may exist and make recommendations in the form
               of proposals.
    Vacant Congregations:
Interim Moderators serve for one year (renewable once)
Congregation             Interim Moderator           Term         Last Report

Garankuwa                Rev. Theo            Feb 2011-Feb        February 2011
                         Groeneveld           2012
Phola                    Gerald               Feb 2011-           November 2010
                         Langeveld(Stated     Feb2012
                         (Rev. Zolani
Premier Mines            Rev. Dennis vd       Feb 2011-Feb        February 2011
                         Spuy                 2012
Ruighoek                 Rev. Sisanda Mpafi Feb 2011-Feb          November 2010
Rustenburg               Riaan Fourie(CDE)    Feb 2011-Feb
                         (Rev. Alan           2012 (last term)
Khayakhulu               Rev. Nokalipha       Feb 2011-Feb     February 2011
                         Nonjonjo             2012 (last term)
St. Andrews              Gerhard (SS) Rev.    Feb 2011-Feb        February 2011
Emalahleni               Allan Cameron        2012
                                              (Last term)
St James                 Rev. Micah Nthali    Stated Supply       May 2011
St Pauls            Emmanuel Jack      May 2011-May
                    (CDE) Micah Nthali 2012
Thumedi             Rev. Mafasa            May 2011-May     February 2011
Makgahlela          Nyama                  2012 (last term)
Mabopane            Rev. Mantsi            Aug 2010-Aug      February 2011
                    Mohapi                 2011

Meeting was called by the committee and held on 16 April 2011 with Khayakhulu and
Ruighoek session members. It was developed that Ruighoek is ready to merge with
Khayakhulu members. On the other hand, Khayakhulu elders requested to be afforded
some time (week) to go back and meet with some elders who were not present and
St Peter’s session had agreed to release its outstation, which is in Lethabong through the
message (sms) from Rev S.K. Mpafi .
      1. Presbytery receives the report.
      2. Person who knows finances should be part of visiting group.
      3. Presbytery receives visitation guidelines.
      4. Presbytery determines the names of three ministers and elders who will conduct
         the visit and submit to the session of the congregation.
      5. Presbytery nominates an interim moderator of Middleburg Congregation.
      6. Presbytery notes that Rev. Allan Cameron is an interim moderator of two

4.2 Assessor's Report – Soshanguve
                                                                       Zwelethemba Mpono
The original assessors to Soshanguve congregation viz. Rev Glynis Goyns, Rev
Nokhalipha Nonjojo, Tebogo Milanzi and Zwelethemba Mpono, started on their assignment
when the Commission was still in existence. After the Commission was officially
discharged by Presbytery, the Assessors continued with their assignment.
Initially, the leadership at Soshanguve wanted to hold the Board of Management (as it was
called at the time) and Session meetings on different days. The Assessors objected to this
indicating their preference for both meetings to be held on the same day after the worship
services on one Sunday a month as meetings on different days would entail considerable
travel costs and difficulties for the Assessors in terms of their own congregations. There
was, therefore, an understanding initially that both meetings would be held on the same
Sunday every month immediately after the services, starting at about 12:00. This
understanding was honoured for the first few meetings, but changed when the Minister
returned from long leave.
Board of Management
It became clear from the start during Board of Management meetings that the congregation
is struggling financially. The pledge system is being used but is not consistently honoured
by those who have pledged. The congregation is divided into blocks, each block with a
manager in charge. Managers are responsible for collecting tithes from their blocks. The
Minister was still being paid his salary by cheque which thus necessitated the minister’s
physical presence to collect the cheque. A new and young church Treasurer Mr Bongani
Mahlangu, was introduced to the Assessors. It was indicated that he was studying towards
an honours degree in auditing at Unisa.
It was reported in one meeting that the Minister is registered with SARS for tax purposes.
In a subsequent meeting, the Minister indicated that a tax consultant was willing to handle
his (Minister’s) tax issues at a cost of R200 – 00 per month, but the Assessors expressed
reservations about engaging tax consultants to fill in tax forms only once a year yet receive
a monthly retainer.
The Assessor team advised the Board to consider internet banking facilities in view of the
fact that the new Treasurer has internet access at his place of work. Internet facilities
would enable the Treasurer to keep track of who has paid in their pledges and who has not,
and also to pay the Minister’s salary electronically.
In view of the unhealthy state of the congregation’s finances, the Assessors advised the
Board to consider a meeting with Session to discuss the church finances and indicate the
hard figures and reality to the congregation concerning the income and expenditure. This
would then raise the level of understanding on the part of the congregation with regards to
their financial situation.
There was also a change from Board of Management to Stewardship Board in line with the
UPCSA Manual of Faith and Order. The Assessors were engaged in clarifying the Elders
and Stewards’ understanding of certain clauses contained in the Manual. There was thus a
change in composition of the newly formed Stewardship Board which excluded some
members of the original Board of Management.
The congregation has various fund-raising activities eg birthday celebrations, etc. The
chairperson of the Stewardship Board presided over all the meetings.
As the Commission had recommended that some members of Session be removed from
office, Session had to function under dire conditions with a serious leadership vacuum.
Initially, there were very few members of Session and all of these happened to be new
elders. In one meeting, the new elders thought that they could include the Assessors in
counting the required numbers to achieve a quorum, to which the Assessors indicated that
they should not be considered for quorum purposes at Session meetings. Two of the new
elders attended the Training in Eldership held on 31 July 2010 at St Andrews in Pretoria.
There was also an interest in having a joint eldership workshop between Saints and
Soshanguve elders, which unfortunately due to time constraints and other factors, could
not materialise.
At present there is a huge leadership shortage, especially at Session. The lady elected as
Session Clerk was very reluctant to take this responsibility as she was newly elected to
Session and had no experience as an elder. The Assessors however advised that she had
no need to be afraid of taking such responsibility as leadership was a collective not an
individual responsibility and God would equip and empower her for this purpose.
The Minister presided over the Session meetings when he returned from long leave. In
one Session meeting, the Minister raised a complaint that the immediate past Presbytery
Moderator had come to Soshanguve and unveiled the tombstone of Rev Kgopong, thus
treating the Minister (Rev Mamabolo) as if he did not exist. The Minister, however,
indicated that he would discuss this matter with the two Ministers currently serving on the
team of Assessors.
During the Soshanguve minister’s period of leave, the Ministers in the Commission and
Assessor teams took it in turns to preach at Soshanguve. This was by agreement between
the Commission, the Assessors and the congregation.
The schedule of Board and Session meetings, however, was not adhered to as per the
original agreement. Meetings were cancelled or postponed without proper communication
with the Assessors, who would learn of such cancellations/postponements only when they
arrived at Soshanguve. On one occasion, a Session meeting started only at 15h00
keeping the Assessors waiting for two hours for the meeting to start.
   1. Presbytery receives the Report.
   2. Presbytery discharges the Assessors with immediate effect

4.3 Assessor's Report – Jonas Lediga
                                                                              Mafasa Nyama
I'm happy to bring this first report to the council since we were apointed to be assessors.
We had several meetings with the session and UPWF trying to normalise the state of the
congregation. We are glad to report that the moratorium has been lifted and UPWF
members are reinstated and are worshiping together. The congregation is doing well and
the ministry is going well.
   1. Presbytery receives the Report.

4.4 Garankuwa
                                                                           Theo Groeneveld
I have met with the Session twice and conducted services twice.
The congregation is a warm and caring community that enjoys worshipping together. They
are motivated and eager to grow. Over 16 years of vacancy and a variety of Interim
Moderators has meant that there are some unusual liturgical practices that have crept into
the worship services, but we hope to work on these as time progresses.
The Session has been very co-operative, agreeing to meet on Monday evenings and we
are settling into a good rhythm. I have inspected the Session and Board Minute books and
these are well-kept. We still have to review the congregational roll.
The Board of Management is very diligent and the books have been regularly audited and
are about to be audited for 2010. The funds are well managed and the congregation is
working hard at raising funds.
They have accumulated about R650,000.00 most of which is earmarked for their building
I have contacted the General Assembly Office and have obtained the congregation's
history of Assessment payments:
                            Year      Amount
                            2000      300                 2006   300
                            2001      -                   2007   1000
                            2002      300                 2008   2000
                            2003      -                   2009   -
                            2004      300                 2010   -
                            2005      -
We are in the process of obtaining the Presbytery figures and will then arrange to pay the
outstanding amounts to both Presbytery and Assembly. We are also in the process of filling
in all the necessary annual returns for 2010.
Their average monthly income is not enough to sustain full-time ministry, but the
congregation is very aware that the presence of a caring, pastoring, teaching minister will
bring about spiritual and numeric growth and will have a positive effect on their finances.
The Session have committed themselves to a pathway where they pursue two goals (a bit
like the two tracks of a railway line) :
 - 1. To have their own minister.
 - 2. To upgrade their facilities which will allow for growth.
GETTING MINISTRY: A Possible Probationer.
As these discussions were taking place, I was contacted by Eddie Germiquet with regard to
Probationer who has not yet been placed. His name is Walter Mkentani who is from the
Umtata Region and has studied part-time while working as a headmaster of a primary
school. We were able to meet Walter while he was up in Gauteng for PAT conference and
he led a morning service. The Session, Board and Congregation are very keen to have
Walter as a probationer and are in the process of negotiating with Walter and the ministry
committee. As Walter has to resign as a headmaster and give adequate notice and the
congregation would like to tidy up the manse, we are looking at Walter beginning his
probation at the end of August beginning of September.
The details of this are in the Ministry Committee's report:
The congregation has had some exciting plans drawn up and approved by the Tshwane
Metro Council to build a new sanctuary. We are in the process of getting a quote and
putting together a proposal. This plan still needs to go to the Church Design Committee of
Assembly and a proposal will be made in this regard.
There is a lot of work that needs to be done but there is a lot of potential at Garankuwa.
   1. Presbytery receives the Report.
   2. Presbytery allows the commissioners time to view the proposed building plan, ask
      questions and then forwards it to the church design committee for approval.

4.5 Highveld
                                                                        Andries Combrink
No report.

4.6 Khayakhulu
                                                                        Nokhalipha Njonjo
No report.

4.7 Mabopane
                                                                            Mantsi Mohapi
No report.

4.8 Phola
                                                   Gerard Langeveld and Zolani Makalima
No report.

4.9 Ruighoek
                                                                            Sisanda Mpafi
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
On the 12th of March 2011 we had our first session meeting, the meeting was held at
Ruighoek main station at 12:00 pm though the attendance was poor but the meeting was of
great success.
On the 27th of the same month, we had the first Holy Communion service of the year and
the service was also held at Ruighoek main station. The service was well attended though
the weather was not good.
On the 02nd of April 2011 we had a funeral service of one of the youth members and the
service was well supported.
On the 9th of April 2011, we had a session meeting held in Rusternburg, after the session
meeting we had a stewardship board. There was only one manager present and other
managers have not been attending the meetings for a while. There is no minute book for
the board and the financial report has not been received since September last year. Plans
to normalise the situation are in place.
Mrs Banda has resigned as the treasure of the congregation. Mr Mbale has been appointed
as the new treasure of the congregation and he gave a brief financial report on that
meeting. The congregation is experiencing financial problems; there is only one account
which has R4100.00. There is no income neither there is a pledging system in place. The
congregants are requested to start pledging. The leadership has asked the minister to
start teaching about the meaning of giving and pledging. We have managed to draft a
calendar for the meetings and communion services for this year.
   1. Presbytery receives the Report.
   2. The presbytery supports this congregation in prayer and in every way it could for the
      growth of this congregation.

4.10 Thumedi Makgahlela
                                                                              Mafasa Nyama
Thumedi Makgahlela is doing well. The services are maintained. The aged and sick
members are looked after. The out stations are growing well and cared for. We visited
Sephai and informed them about the presbytery's intention. They are happy about the
move but waiting for the committee to explain.
   1. Presbytery receives the Report.
   2. Presbytery instructs the Congregational Care and Integration Committee to speedup
      the integration process.

5. Ministry
5.1 Convener's Report
                                                                               Sisanda Mpafi
I greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
On the 29th of March 2011 at 16:00 pm, we conducted interviews for ministry candidates at
St Andrews Presbyterian Church. The committee that conducted interviews was made up
of me as the convener, Gary Sinclair FOV convener, Andries Combrik and the clerk of the
Five (5) candidates were interviewed and four (4) of they were successful and one (1) was
not ready to go for selection conference:
Names of the candidates:
1. Mr Kevin Nkitseng
2. Mr Sandisele Xhinti
3. Mr Bulelani
4. Mr Lawrence
5. Mr Sibonelo Khuzwayo
Appointment of Frikkie Botha as Assistant Minister at Centurion West PC.
The Session of the Centurion West Presbyterian Church requested Presbytery to appoint
Frikkie Botha for a period of two years as assistant minister to the congregation in terms of
Manual 16.66. The request is subject to the approval of a congregational meeting to be
held on 8 May 2011.
The purpose of the appointment is to assist the incumbent minister with the ministry of
Word and Sacrament, pastoral visitation, oversight of some of the ministries of the
congregation and a portion of the administration.
Centurion West requests Presbytery to allow Frikkie 50% of his time in secular work to add
to his income, in terms of what was agreed in preliminary discussions between Frikkie and
the Session and satisfies both him and the Session.
Centurion West will offer Frikkie the minimum emoluments as prescribed by the General
Assembly in the Manual in terms of the Manual 16.104, 16.105 and 16.106 which deals
extensively with ministers who also hold a part time secular position. A report with the
exact amounts will be submitted to the Ministry Committee of Presbytery before the Council
Centurion West requests Presbytery to Ordain and to Induct him at a service on Thursday
9 June 2011 at 18:30 for 19:00 at the Centurion West Presbyterian Church.
Probationer at Garankuwa
The Garankuwa congregation has requested the appointment of Walter Mkentani as a
The practical details are as follows:
Accommodation: Manse
Travel Allowance: R1000 per month
Probationer's Allowance: R3000 - R5000 p/m (depending on whether his family joins him)
Cell Phone Allowance: R200 per month
General Assembly's Ministry Committee will contribute: R2000 p/m
It is hoped that Presbytery will give R1000 / 2000 p/m from Pedal Project.
The probation period will run from Sep 2011 – Aug 2012.
We will request that Presbytery appoints Patrick Nyauza, Mantsi Mohapi and Harry Bopape
as Supervisors while Theo Groeneveld remains the Interim Moderator.
   1. Presbytery receives the Report.
   2. Presbytery appoints Frikkie Botha for two years as Assistant Minister of the
      Centurion West Presbyterian Church.
   3. Presbytery gives permission that he may spend 50% of his time in secular work as
      per agreement between the Session and Frikkie.
   4. Presbytery decides to Ordain and Induct Frikkie Botha on 9 June 2011 at 18:30 for
      19:00 at the Centurion West Presbyterian Church.
   5. Presbytery appoints __________ to lead the devotions and _____________ to
      preach the charges.
   6. Presbytery approves and supports Garankuwa's request to the General Assembly
      Ministry Committee to appoint Walter Mkentani as Probationer from 1 Sep 2011 to
      31 Aug 2012.
   7. Presbytery grants R2000 per month to Garankuwa from the Pedal Project to
   8. Presbytery appoints Patrick Nyauza, Mantsi Mohapi and Harry Bopape as
        Supervisors to Walter Mkentani.
    9. Presbytery sets up the licensing of Probationer Walter Mkentani in the face of the
       congregation at its August meeting.

5.2 Seconded Minister's Reports
5.2.1.         Graham Duncan
During 2010, the work to which I am seconded has remained essentially the same and
consists of Teaching and learning, research and community engagement. As Head of the
Department of Church History and Church Polity and Faculty Programme coordinator, I
also have a substantial commitment to administration and serve on a number of Faculty
and Senate committees related to teaching and learning.
In terms of professional development, I was promoted to full professor during the year and
completed the University of Pretoria Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education with
Within the Presbytery of Tshwane, I continue to serve on the college of ministers at St
Andrew's, Pretoria and do regular pulpit supply at Highveld Presbyterian Community
    1. Presbytery receives the Report.
5.2.2.         Mantsi Mohapi
This is to confirm that the Revd Mantsi J. Mohapi is still seconded to the original post he
was seconded by the General Assembly of 1996. Therefore the Presbytery is humbly
informed that Mantsi J. Mohapi is still a chaplain to the SANDF. The Revd M.J. Mohapi is
grateful to both the church and God, as he continues to serve his Almighty God within the
armed forces.
1. Presbytery receives the report
5.2.3.         Mafasa Nyama
Greetings and compliments of the new year to you all.
In respond to the call to disclose our status in terms of the Manual of Faith and Order:
clause16.115(a) please herewith resceive the following.
As a seconded to serve in the South African Police Services, I’m glad to inform you that I’m
still serving this organisation. There is no changes in my career. I’m still willing to serve
them though there are some frustrations within the organisation in terms of growth.
The organisation is presently giving _____1 Gross Salary per month excluding deductions.
Hope this will put a clear picture about my status in this church.
    1. Presbytery receives the Report.

    At the time of publishing, this amount had not been clarified.
5.2.4.       Sello Mamabolo
Report of Rev.S.S.Mamabolo as a Reserve Chaplain at SANDF (Head Quarters)
I wish to thank the Session of Soshanguve Presbyterian Church and the Presbytery of
Tshwane for giving me an opportunity to serve as a Reserve Chaplain. I am utilized on the
basis of a ‘’call up’’ system which means that I am called up whenever my services are
I conduct devotions at allocated meetings and functions.
I provide pre and post marriage counseling to the staff members.
I perform pastoral care to traumatized, bereaved members and their families , conducting
funerals and offer spiritual care to the members.
I facilitate seminar or workshop for people living with HIV and AIDS.
Through the exposure and serving in the SANDF I have experienced personal growth and
self – development. My skills and competences in the areas of counseling, spiritual care
and support have been sharpened which in turn benefits the Church and the community
where I serve.
   1. Presbytery receives the Report.
5.2.5.       Presbytery receives the report.Rev Z.A Makalima
(This report arrived just too late for the February papers and is circulated here.)
This report serves confirm that I’m still involved in specialised ministry currently serving in
the SANDF. As Chaplain in the SANDF – SA Air Force, I’m still employed for the purpose
for which I was seconded by the UPCSA and that is to provide Spiritual support as well as
Moral and Ethical guidance to members of the SANDF, the Air Force in particular.
By way of maintaining covenantal relationship with the UPCSA, I still take active
involvement in the affairs of the Denomination, by among others attending worship services
when ever I’m not on duty call and attending presbytery and General Assembly activities
when ever possible to do so. In spite of my hectic schedule in the Air Force, I still avail my
self for tasking both at Presbytery and General Assembly level because of the love for
ministry and the UPCSA.
It is my wish to extend my gratitude to the UPCSA for the noble contribution they are
making to the SANDF and as such the Nation by affording me the opportunity to serve in
the country’s Defence Force.
   1. The Presbytery receives the report.

5.3 Sedibeng Pastoral Report
                                                                                  Wonke Buqa
The Sedibeng committee of Wonke Buqa(convenor), Berenice Venter (secretary),
Zwelethemba Mpono and Margaret Magwaza held three meetings to date this year.
1. Nineteen students reside at Sedibeng this year. The faculty breakdown is as follows:
Theology students, twelve; two UPCSA, six EPCSA, three awaiting selection and one
Methodist. Non-theology students; seven.
The two UPCSA students as well the three awaiting selection, have been allocated to the
following congregations:
Simba Sharara         2nd year  Emmanuel              UPCSA
Celani Mbhele         1st year  St Andrews            UPCSA
Sandisele Xhinti      3rd year  Mamelodi Gardens      awaiting selection
Bulelani Taupha       3rd year  St Columba’s          awaiting selection
Lawrence Mokeng 1st year    Mamelodi East       awaiting selection

2. The EPCSA and awaiting selection students regularly attend FOV meetings.
3. All students are involved in prayer meetings on Monday and Thursday evenings from
4. Orientation Day, led by the Rev Germiquet, was held on 19 February.
5. Our thanks and appreciation to those who transport students to revival meetings and
   involve them in special events. We urge ministers and their congregations to assist
   students with transport whenever special events, i.e., night vigils, revival services, youth
   camps, outreaches, workshops, men's breakfasts, etc, are arranged.
Coming Events
Sedibeng welcomes the return to South Africa of the Rev Pat Baxter and already Pat has
agreed to hold a three day course for the students. Dates and program to be decided on
after the Easter break.
Minister’s roster for devotions and Holy Communion at 17h30 at Sedibeng
15 March           Wonke Buqa
12 April           Gary Sinclair
10 May             Lentikile Mashoko
2 June             Vuyo Mbaru
26 July            Patrick Nyauza
16 August          Andries Combrink
13 September       Sello Mamalolo
25 October         Theo Groeneveld
   1. Presbytery receives the report.
   2. Pretoria Central Church and Zwelethemba Mpono and Mamelodi East are thanked
      for their transportation and involvement of students in special events.

5.4 Training
                                                                          Zwelethemba Mpono
No report
5.5 Fellowship of Vocation
                                                                                Gary Sinclair
The Fellowship of Vocation (F.o.V) meets on a regular basis ~ at least once per month ~ to
discuss and discern the various facets of the call of God. An average of eight men and
women continue to faithfully attend each week.
Four candidates, who have been attending FoV regularly over the last two years, have
requested that they be considered for selection to the Ministry of Word and Sacrament.
Each of these four candidates met with the Convenor of the Presbytery Ministry
Committee, the Clerk of Presbytery and two members of the Presbytery Fellowship of
Vocation Committee on the 29th March 2011. Details will follow in the Ministry Committee
   1. Presbytery receive the report.

6. Church Development and Planning
6.1 Convener's Report
                                                                           Theo Groeneveld
   1. There is a General Assembly Church Development and Planning Workshop for
      Presbytery Conveners to be held in the second week of May. Myself, Craig Smith
      and Vuyo Mbaru will be attending. A verbal report back will be given at Presbytery if
      time permits.
   2. We propose the following members to our committee:
      Theo Groeneveld, Vuyo Mbaru, Craig Smith, Patrick Nyauza, Rian Fourie.
   3. The work at Lotus Gardens is still at the stage of a “preaching place” under the
      session of Jonas Lediga. They are not yet even a Nuclear Congregation. It is
      suggested that Lotus Gardens is dealt with under this report rather than a report in its
      own right.
News from Lotus Gardens is that services are being held and there is a hope that the
council will grant them land to develop in the future.
   1. Presbytery receives the Report.
   2. Presbytery deals with Lotus Gardens under the convener's report and not as a
      separate congregation.
   3. Presbytery receives a verbal report on the conference if time permits.

6.2 Grace
                                                                           Theo Groeneveld
No report
6.3 Premier Mine
                                                      Dennis vd Spuy and John Myers (SS)
No report

6.4 Pretoria Central
                                                                     Graham Duncan (SS)
No report.

6.5 Rustenburg
                                                       Alan Cameron and Rian Fourie (SS)
No report.

6.6 St Andrews Emalahleni
                                                Alan Cameron and Gerard Langeveld (SS).
A congregational meeting to ascertain the future of Rev Gerard Langeveld’s ministry will be
held on 8 May 2011. A report will be tabled at the meeting of Presbytery on 14 May 2011.
   1. Presbytery receives the report

6.7 St James
                                                                               Micah Nthali
No report.

6.8 St Paul's
                                                                           Emmanuel Jack
No report.

7. Doctrine and Remits Committee
7.1 Convener's Report.
The Doctrine Committee of Presbytery consists of the following members:
Revs Alan Cameron, Lentikele Mashoko, and Gary Sinclair
Elder Louise Ruch and Probationer Nathaniel Köhler.
   1. Presbytery receives the report.
8. Associations Report
8.1 Convener's Report.
Because the Church Associations report for the Presbytery meeting in Feb was held over
as unfinished business and dealt with at a special meeting held on 26 March, some matters
had to be added verbally at that meeting, including details concerning contact made either
in person or telephonically with the aggrieved women through Mrs Peggy Chiloane, the JBs
through Mrs Vuyelwa Makalima, the IYZAs through Mrs Mogoba, and the Youth through Ms
Lesego Lengana. Since then, contact has also been made with the MCG and the Men’s
There is still much to be done to consolidate the work of the Committee, but some progress
has been made in:
      establishing who the correct spokespersons are for the various associations/groups
      obtaining up-to-date contact details for the above
      making initial contact either telephonically or in person
      explaining the brief given by Presbytery to the Convenor
      requesting details to build up a consolidated year plan for 2011
      attempting to build up a functional relationship of trust.
The relevant chairpersons/spokespersons have been informed in writing of a Tshwane
Church Associations Committee meeting to be held on Sat 2 July to prepare for a
consolidated report on the events, activities and concerns of the Associations in time for
the next Convenors Meeting and deadline for Presbytery reports. They were also asked to
respond with written input to be sent electronically to the Convenor by Mon 18 April for
inclusion in the Presbytery report for 14 May. Unfortunately, notice for this input was short
because of other commitments, allowing only five days to respond, for which I apologize.
Input was received in time for the specified deadline by only the UPWF, MCG and Men’s
The President of the Tshwane UPWF, Mrs Thulebona Grace Ngidi, reported that there had

activities/events for 2011 were progressing according to the year plan.
Training of Treasurers and Secretaries
The Tshwane treasurer and secretaries had attended a Genex training workshop in the
Central Cape on 13 February. They were, in turn, planning to tranfer this expertise to the
various branches to equip and empower their office bearers.
Retreat and Rededication
A retreat was held at St Andrews on 5 March with the theme “Vision and Perspective”. A
video was viewed featuring Dewitt Jones, a renowned National Geographic photographer
and motivational speaker, followed by discussion in breakaway groups to relate their
various perspectives to relevant passages from Scripture.
From 05 to 13 March, the various branches of the UPWF held rededication services as
defined by their respective Sessions.
Funeral: Mrs Ramoshaba
Mrs Ramoshaba, a former minister’s wife, was laid to rest on 19 March. She was a
member of the current Presbyterial UPWF Executive Committee, Vice-President of the
Jonas Lediga Branch, and adviser to the women having over 50-years’ experience serving
the previous WA and current WF. She will be greatly missed by all UPWF members and
the community at large.
Revival: Khayakhulu
A successful revival service was held at Khayakhulu on 10 April with the theme “Lord teach
us to pray” (Luke 11:1-5).
Central Committee Meeting
The Tshwane President and Secretary attended the Central Committee Meeting held in the
Central Cape from 14 to 16 April. This included strategic planning, and points for
discussion and resolutions to be put to the AGM.
Thanks and a Special Request
The UPWF thanks Presbytery for its efforts in behalf of the Women’s Fellowship and
requests its assistance in addressing difficulties currently being experienced with annual
contributions to retired ministers and their spouses. Details for all retired ministers and
their spouses in Tshwane Presbytery are urgently required. Please relay this information
directly to Mrs Ngidi at Grace.Ngidi @t-systems.co.za.
The Moderator of Presbytery, in consultation with the Clerk and Convenor of the Tshwane
Presbytery Church Associations Committee, having noted that the MCG was currently in
breach of the Constitution having last held an Annual Conference more than two years ago,
called a meeting of the MCG to be held at St Andrews at 09:00 on Sat 2 April to elect a
new Executive Committee. Although proper notification was e-mailed to all the branches
and an announcement made at the last Presbytery meeting, only a limited number of men
from four congregations were in attendance (only six from two congregations arrived in
time for the start of the meeting), with the result that formal constitution couldn’t take place
since there was no quorum (50% of member branches).
Since the bulk of the men are currently aligned with the “fellowship”, there is a problem at
present in establishing a quorum at any meeting that may be called, unless it is taken that
those belonging to the UPMF are no longer part of the official MCG presbyterial structure.
There is a further difficulty in that the Chairperson elected at the last Annual Conference
was Rev Bonga Bosiki, who has now moved to the Highveld Presbytery, while the Deputy
Chairperson, Rev Selo Mamabolo, has aligned himself with the fellowship and has failed to
successfully call any MCG meetings for some time. The MCG has, therefore, become
disfunctional and is likely to remain so until a reasonable way forward can be found for its
Written input received by the Convenor from a representative of the MCG pointed out that it
had been in recess since April 2009 when it was asked to go into hibernation until a
process of reconciliation could be put into place. The MCG, he said, had remained
dormant at a Presbyterial level since then, with only four branches remaining active at a
congregational level, namely Thumedi Makgahlela, Khyakhulu, Phola, and Pretoria Central.
These branches would be willing to reconstitute themselves as the MCG at a Presbyterial
Apologies were conveyed to the Moderator and Clerk of Presbytery and the Convenor of
Church Associations Committee for the poor attendance at the meeting scheduled to take
place on 2 April on the grounds that prior communication of the meeting had not been
received by members, there was confusion concerning the date of the meeting, and
transport problems had been experienced by one of the outlying branches. A further
meeting was urgently requested to determine an appopriate way forward. No disrespect of
Presbytery, he said, had in any way been intended.
The Executive Committee for the Men’s Fellowship is as follows:
President Rev Mafasa Nyama
Vice-President   Mr S Mooka
Secretary Mr Moses Machaba
Vice-Secretary   Mr Benny Lediga
Treasurer Mr Ndho Modiga
Additional Member     Mr Mpepele
Additonal Member Mr Mooka.
Considerable time was spent in discussion at St Andrews with the President, Secretary and
Vice-Secretary to help the Convenor understand the dynamics of what had been taking
place. They pointed out that their men did not wish to be seen as “Aggrieved” in any way,
but rather as a completely separate association, which they requested for Presbytery to
recognize officially. A copy of the constitution was provided and is on file with the
Convenor. These men indicated that they no longer saw themselves as members of the
MCG, but did not wish to withdraw formally until their newly formed fellowship was
recognized. There was a deep concern that no more time should be wasted with power
struggles and politics, and that the men should be free to continue with the work of the Lord
and His church. Concern was also expressed that the UPMF had been barred from
meeting at any of the church premises, stating that this was discriminatory against
members of God’s family whose sole concern was to serve Him in the best way possible.
They indicated their desire to protest against this form of restraint.
A Presbytery meeting of the UPMF had taken place in Centurion on 14 August 2010 with
combined meetings hosted by Mamelodi East on 22 August; Denneboom on 2 October,
followed by a revival service; St Thomas on 19 February 2011; and Garankuwa on 7 May
2011. The UPMF held executive meetings in Pretoria on 27 November 2010 and
Garankuwa on 7 May 2011; and a revival service took place at Mabopane on 22 January
2011. Branch AGMs were expected to be held by 31 March and a meeting was due to be
held with the Mpumalanga branch on 27 April. A meeting with the Limpopo Executive is
due to take place in Belabela on 14 May. The UPMF Tshwane Presbytery Conference is
scheduled to take place in Mpumalanga on 18 June 2011.
No further meetings have been held with representatives from Emmanuel Fellowship since
the last CAC report to Presbytery, but it must be noted that a constitution is on file with the
Convenor and relevant dates for upcoming events are included below in the consolidated
Calendar of Events for Tshwane church associations.
On Sat 9 April, about 20 of our youth members attended a leadership training workshop run
by myself to prepare for their Annual Conference early in May. Participation by those in
attendance was enthusiastic, with training being provided in respect of the following:
      leadership qualities with reference to various Biblical leaders and John Maxwell
      spiritual gifting, natural abilities and selecting the right people to serve as office
      working as a team to achieve a predetermined purpose/vision and mission
      empowering and equipping people to serve effectively
      ensuring effective meetings by communicating well, preparing in advance, having a
       manageable agenda, and showing respect for each other
      understanding the dynamics of effective communication, especially listening well
      making things happen by planning properly, managing available resources well, and
       motivating people to participate
      responsibility, accountability, troubleshooting, and effective corrective action.
Ephesians 4:1-16 served as the basis for the workshop and prayers written by Steven
James were used to open and close the workshop. Comments from those in attendance
were positive.
In discussion with our Presbyterial Youth Fellowship, it was noted that they felt
marginalized from the national body and as though their voices were not heard. This was
attributed largely to their being predominantly non-uniformed.
Unfortunately the Tshwane Presbytery Choir report reached the Convenor too late for
much to be included in the last report and is, therefore, now being included in this second
The membership includes 105 choristers from the following affiliated choirs: Mabopane,
Soshanguve, St Thomas, Jonas Lediga, Mamelodi Gardens, and Mamelodi East. The
aims and objectives are, inter alia, to encourage church choirs to bear witness to Jesus
through the presentation of religious music and the rendering of psalms, hymns of praise,
or spiritual songs to the glory of God; to enhance the quality and meaningfulness of
religious music, to create a library of music to be incorporated into the UPCSA’s resource
centre; and to meet annually for competitions in the presentation of church music.
Monthly fund-raisers are held in Tshwane to raise funds for the annual competitions, in
which our Presbytery has excelled in the past, with the Mabopane Choir in second postion
last year for Vernacular, Western and Hymn, receiving three trophies, and the following
certificates being awarded at the 2010 team-building workshop held at Pelindaba in
November 2010:
      Soshanguve: Excellent Attendance
      Mabopane: Winning choir 2010
      St Thomas: Veteranship
      Jonas Lediga: Punctuality
      Mamelodi: Dedication
      All Tshwane choirs: Certificate of Merit.
Tshwane hosted an ACCM Music Conference from 26-28 August last year at Jonas
Lediga. The opening procession was lead by violinists from Kingdom Life, an orphanage in
Atteridgeville. An outreach project culminated in clothes donated by choristers, Tshwane
congregations, and Ackermans Store being presented to Kingdom Life Orphanage on 27
In total, 11 executive and four general meetings were held between January 2010 and
January 2011. Challenges confronting this association include financial constraints, the
standard of music, and an unwillingness from members of congregations to become
involved thus limiting the growth potential. In meeting these challenges, it has been
decided to:
      conduct a music workshop for choristers to improve on the standard of music
      recruit other choirs that are not currently affiliated
      encourage the youth to join the choir
      raise funds & request donations to ensure financial stability and obtain musical
22 May      Choir Executive Committee visit to Mamelodi East
31 May      UPWF        Final submission to Genex for AGM
04 June     Choir Gala evening (Fund-raising – please support)
      JBs Executive Committee at St Thomas
      UPWF        Executive Committee at St Andrews
05-11 June JBs Wellness Week
12 June     Choir Executive Committee visit to Mamelodi Gardens
18 June     JBs Presbyterial Meeting
      UPMF        Tshwane Presbyterial Conference in Mpumalanga
19 June     UPWF        Observance of PEF Sunday
01-03 July UPWF         Youth conference & revival
10 July     Choir Executive Committee visit to Jonas Lediga
16 July     JBs Mandela Day
28-31 July UPWF         Annual General Meeting
31 July     Emmanuel General Meeting at Mamelodi East
03 August JBs Executive Committee at Mamelodi Gardens
06 August JBs Arts and crafts flea market
09 August UPWF          Women’s Day
26-28 August      Choir ACCM Conference & Competition in Newcastle
01-04 Sept UPWF         Support at MCG Conference in East Griqualand
04 Sept     Emmanuel General Meeting at Mamelodi Gardens
23-25 Sept JBs National Conference in Central Cape
29 Sept – 2 Oct JBs Presbyterial Conference at St Pauls, Marite
06-09 Oct UPWF          Presbyterial Conference at Jonas Lediga
15 October JBs Breast cancer day
15-16 October     Emmanuel Annual Presbyterial Conference
28-29 Oct UPWF          Central Committee Meeting
06 November       UPWF         Bible Sunday
14 November       UPWF         Diabetes
16 Nov – 1 Dec UPWF            16 Days of Activism
19 November       JBs Executive Committee at Soshanguve
21 November       UPWF         Submission of Project Subscriptions
The Convenor is deeply concerned that she has not yet been able to meet with Mrs
Magoba to obtain information concerning the IYZAs. This is not an intentional slight, but
has been the result of difficulties in finding times to suit both parties. A concerted effort will
be made to provide adequate input concerning the activities of the IYZAs in the report for
the August meeting of Presbytery.
The Convenor met with the UPCSA General Secretary, the Rev Dr Jerry Pillay, to discuss
the latest developments within the denomination concerning the church associations
following ongoing difficulties in touching base with the Convenor of the GA Church
Associations Committee, Rev Lulumile Obose. Rev Pillay was positive about the approach
taken to date within Tshwane Presbytery and encouraged the Convenor to continue this
Discussions with the General Secretary included an idea to hold independent workshops
within Tshwane Presbytery for the men and the women regardless of their affiliations to
discuss a united vision for ministry on a regional level. The idea would be to encourage a
co-ordinated, united ministry for men and for women within our Presbytery so that we can
go forward in obedience to God’s purposes while differences are being resolved on a
national level.
It is proposed that:
   1. The report be received.
   2. The Chairpersons/Presidents or Vice-Chairpersons/Vice-Presidents of all the
      associations/groups within our Presbytery be asked to diarise the CAC Meeting to be
      held at St Andrews on Sat 2 July from 12:30-14:30 to discuss issues of concern and
      gather information for a consolidated report to the August meeting of Presbytery.
   3. The Elder Commissioners and Ministers of Tshwane Presbytery be encouraged to
      respond to the UPWF call for details concerning our retired ministers and their
   4. All congregational branches of the MCG be instructed to indicate by 30 June 2011
      whether or not they are part of the MCG with all that that implies constitutionally.
   5. The UPMF’s desire for recognition be noted by Presbytery within the framework of
      the UPCSA General Assembly/Executive Commission decisions.
   6. Presbytery keep its youth in their prayers and make every effort to allow them to be
      heard and recognized as a vibrant and intrinsic part of the church today (not
   7. Two one-day presbyterial workshops for up to 120 participants each, one for men
      and the other for women, be approved with Presbytery sponsoring the costs at a rate
      of R20 per person per workshop (R4 800 in total), with the delegates being asked to
      cover their own transport costs and a delegation fee of R10 per person.
   8. Presbytery considers the idea of a “Healing of Memories” workshop for our “divided
      associations” in the first quarter of 2012.
   9. Presbytery be urged to pray for reconciliation and unity among our
      associations/groups and to do everything possible to live out this prayer in their daily
   10.Presbytery and those within its jurisdiction be instructed to channel all matters
      pertaining to its associations directly to the Tshwane CAC Convenor to avoid
      confusion, manipulation and politics from clouding the issue of reconciliation and
      unity within its bounds.
9. Other Ministries
9.1 Children's Ministry
                                                                        Brenda Groeneveld
No report

9.2 Rocky Valley
                                                                           Theo Groeneveld
No report

9.3 Bible Society
                                                                          Andries Combrink
No report

9.4 PEF.
                                                                               Simon Shaba
No report

10. JSR
10.1 Convener's Report
                                                                              Violet Mashao
We intend meeting with the Tshwane Youth Executive Committee and committee member
from all congregations in June. The exact date will be set in due course, concerning
Behavioral Change i.e. drugs, teenage pregnancy and alcohol abuse.
2011 FOCUS
Data base of HIV & Aids coordinators as well as widows, widowers and orphans need to be
compiled as per instruction of the National Committee. Plans to be drawn to encourage
behavioural change.
     All session clerks to indicate to the committee their congregation's involvement with
      regard to AIDS & HIV Issues
     Mrs Ann Myers (Cullinan) to be co-opted. Violet communicated with herm they will
      meet on the 9th of May at Cullinan for further discussion
  1. Presbytery receives the Report.
  2. Instructs Session Clerks to compile data for orphans, widows and widowers and
     send it to the clerk of the Presbytery by the 4th of Jun 2011.
11. Appointment of Committees.

 1. Church Development and Planning
 2. Congregational Care & Integration
 3. Doctrine
 4. Fellowship of Vocation
 5. JSR
 6. Ministry
 7. Remits
 8. Rolls and Records
 9. Training committee
 10. Sedibeng Pastoral Support
12. Appendices
12.1 Balance Sheet
 Balance Sheet as at 31 March 2011

                                                                  2010                2011
 Accumulated surplus (Opening balance)                      R 95,550.41        R 95,550.41
 Establishment grant (ex previous Presbytery)               R 81,797.00        R 81,797.00
 Nett surplus / shortfall (2011)                                               R 36,903.97

                                                           R 177,347.41       R 214,251.38

 Long term liabilities
 Benevolent Fund                                            R 15,282.68        R 16,308.64     2
 Development Fund (Pedal Project)                          R 309,980.79       R 311,079.82
 FOV Book Fund                                               R 6,416.00         R 4,663.00
 Stipend Fund                                              R 287,400.00       R 287,400.00
 Growth Fund                                                                   R 21,100.00     1
 Training Fund                                              R 11,062.60        R 11,062.60

                                                           R 630,142.07       R 651,614.06

                                             TOTAL                  ###
                                                         R 807,489.48       R 865,865.44

 Current assets
 Creditors' Control                                        R 229,920.00       R 229,920.00
 Current account                                           R 107,965.90        R 77,696.66
 Deposit a/c: Benevolent Fund                               R 15,282.68        R 15,308.64     2
 Deposit a/c: Call account                                 R 209,670.96       R 210,205.19
 Deposit a/c: Development Fund (Pedal Project)             R 308,099.79       R 311,079.82
 Deposit a/c: Growth Fund                                                      R 21,100.00
 Loans: Khayakhulu                                           R 4,055.13           R 555.13

                                                           R 874,994.46       R 865,865.44
 Current liabilities
 Accruals                                                             ###
                                                           R -67,504.98                 R-

                                              TOTAL                 ###
                                                         R 807,489.48       R 865,865.44

 1 The 10% of Assessment Income from 2010 invested in our future in terms of the Ten-Ten-Eighty
     principle has been invested in a "Growth Fund."
 2 The difference between the amount reflected in the Benevolent Fund itself and the amount
     reflected in the relevant Deposit account is a donation to the Fund received by the Presbytery
     but not yet transferred into the Deposit account.

12.2 Income and Expenditure
Income Statement for the period ending 31 March 2011
Income                                          2010          2011

Congregational Assessments               R 68,858.37     44,340.97
GA Grants received                        R 9,600.00
Interest received                                          534.23
Other income                                               175.00

    TOTAL INCOME                  ###    R 78,458.37     45,050.20


AIDS project
Admin expenses                            R 9,992.00
Bank charges                               R 510.65        410.63
Benevolent fund
Committees                                                1,954.00
Communications                             R 444.60         672.60
Consultations/ Commissions                R 6,692.50       320.00
Discretionary payments                                     225.00
General Assembly                            R 755.00
Grants to congregations                  R 19,950.00      1,858.00
Pedal Project Grants to congregations     R 4,000.00
Insurance (Khayakhulu vehicle)            R 1,449.13
Mission Outreach
Motor vehicle exp (Khayakhulu vehicle)    R 2,175.11
Presbytery meetings                       R 8,738.00      4,706.00
Presbytery project                         R -800.00     -2,000.00
Sundry expenses
Surplus/shortfall Disposal Assets
Ten ten eighty investment

    TOTAL EXPENDITURE             ###    R 53,906.99    R 8,146.23

NET SURPLUS/SHORTFALL             ###    R 24,551.38   R 36,903.97

12.3 Budget

BUDGET : 2011

Accounting fees (audit)
Admin expenses
     Presbytery Clerk's allowance                19,200    R1 600 per month for telephone & travelling
     Staff costs                                 36,000    R3000 per month; 42 hours per month
     Consumables/Services                         9,240    R770 per month - paper, evelopes, cartridges, stamps
     2 Conferences x 100 ea @ R25 pp              5,000
Bank charges                                      2,670
Benevolent Fund
     AIDS project                                12,500    5% of assessment income
     Other Committees                            10,000    Congregational Care & Integration has requested R7000
Communications (website)                          1,930
     Ministers' Conference/ Retreat              10,000    GA Min & Spouses conference
     Other                                        1,000    Arbitrary provision
     Commissions                                4,300.00   1720km at R2,50
     Pulpit swop                                3,300.00   1320km at R2,50
     Pastoral matters                           4,800.00   1920km at R2,50
Discretionary payments                             3,000   Arbitrary provision
General Assembly                                   3,000   Arbitrary provision
Grants to congregations
     Ga-Rankuwe                                  18,000    R2000 pm, for 9 mos, ex Dev Fund
     Ruighoek                                    18,000    R1500 per month - travel reimbursement
     Soshanguve                                  12,000    R1000 per month
     St Peters
     St Thomas                                   36,000    R3000 pm ex Dev Fund
     Catering                                     4,000    R1000 per meeting
     Travelling                                  46,250    3700km per meeting, x 5 meetings per year, at R2,50
Mission outreach                                 12,500    5% of assessent income
Presbytery Project                               20,000    Agreed contribution
Ten Ten Eighty Investment                        25,000    10% of assessment income

    TOTAL EXPENDITURE                           317,690

Congregational Assessments                      250,000
Development Fund (pedal project) contribution    54,000
GA Grants received
Interest received                                 3,700
Draw from reserves                               10,000

TOTAL INCOME                                    317,700

    SURPLUS / (SHORTFALL)                            10

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